Hip-Hop Rumors: Yelawolf Throws Shots At Machine Gun Kelly, Talks Disappointment With Shady Records

Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly have a history of throwing shots at each other. It all started last year when MGK did an interview while he was drunk and did a Yelawolf impression that Yela didn’t appreciate. The misunderstanding was further amplified during the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, when people began saying that MGK took a few subliminal shots at Yela.

Well, the two are back at it. During a recent interview with Shade 45, Yelawolf took a shot at MGK when asked about the comparisons between the two. Check out what he said below:

“Who?” “It’s probably the most insulting thing on the planet, to be asked to sign a Machine Gun Kelly autograph. ‘Yo MGK?’ I’m like ‘Yea, motherf***er. Let me sign your Birkenstocks.’”

Yelawolf also took the opportunity to express his frustration for his label for the lack of support for Radioactive.

“I’m all about figuring sh** out, for myself and my art. My last project, Radioactive, was deliberately given to Interscope … and it was on a f***ing silver platter, given to them to work,” he explained to Rude Jude. “It was radio records after radio records, purposely, was my attempt. These motherf***ers have given me one single in 11 months. I don’t really understand where the importance is lined. That’s just me being real, every artist gets frustrated at some point, I imagine.

“I fully comprised, but I let everybody know, even prior to doing Radioactive, what I was doing. I was being honest with my fans,” Yelawolf continued. “I was like ‘Yea, I’m letting people in. We’re gonna so something more melodic.’ The album’s called ‘Radioactive’ — to be ‘active’ on ‘radio’. Like, it was a purposeful shot for me, because I felt like I had a window to use. Like, I could gain … pull some people in with this sh**. I don’t know what the f*** they’re doing up there. Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some sh** going on upstairs.”

Yelawolf is currently working on a gang of projects. His first project will be a mixtape/free album, titled The Heart Of Dixie with Alabama producer M16, which is due on July 4.  It will be followed by a collaborative effort with Travis Barker called Psycho White, released as part of capsule collection with Famous Stars & Straps; and finally, an upcoming installment of his Trunk Muzik series, aptly titled Trunk Musik Returns, is on its way as well. Work!

  • Smashit

    Cornball shit – they look like twins!

  • Doug Cartagena

    “The misunderstanding was further amplified during the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, when people began saying that MGK took a few subliminal shots at Yela”… 
    No. Yela took shots at MGK when he said “Plenty of white boys to pick up this year, but before you pick up a pepper you better pick up a heater”. The writing and articles on this site is just horrible. Without music posts y’all woulda been gone

  • Home Skillet

    Syd get a life, stop luring people into bullshit articles.  “Talks Disappointment With Shady Records”, “Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some sh** going on upstairs.” which one is it????

  • ChillaxPeeps

    F*** this guy.  Sick of his “I got signed to Shady” and I am a tough guy attitude (fat lot of good it is doing you dude — if Em gave an ish about your record it would have been promoted; if he can’t or won’t promote it then you have no one but yourself to blame).  Also sick of the MGK b********.  Guess what fool?  MGK has publicly stated 10 different times (most recently on Peter Rosenberg 2 weeks ago) that the “beef” (that Yela created) is long over.  Yela’s total inability to move along demonstrates only that he feels threatened and jealous.  Nobody is asking MGK for Yela’s middle-aged-irrelevant-arrogant autograph.  SMH.

  • rep87

    Yela handle ya bizness and make them busters at Shady get off they azz and drop yo shit cut out all this red tape, and once again AHH is searching for a beef Sydney Lace YOU SUCK  for promoting Ignorance

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dude wack, thats why he aint gettin no singles or airplay. You gotta be molded at the right time/at the right place. No one want to do shit with a wanna be. They already got Em, thats enough for them and the rest of the world right now.

  • KingChandler

    People create beef between these artists, they don’t know how to correctly decipher lyrics so they turn anything into a shot, Yela could have spit “I smoke O’s” in a verse and people would be like “Oh shit he meant he smokes O’s like he will smoke somebody from Ohio, Cleveland is in Ohio and MGK is from There so he had to be dissin MGK”. Ridiculous shit of that nature, artists nowadays should just perfect the quality of their music and leave the throwin shots thing in the past, thats my opinion, everythings a Subliminal now anyway, direct shots are an extinct species.

  • my question is where does yealwofl get the idea he’s any higher up the chain than MGK my loyalty doesnt lie with either one but as far as im concerned they both on the same new artist status yela acts like hes above MGK i’d like to know where that philosophy of his comes from just cuz you signed wit shady doesnt make you better lol 

    • CaliTransplant

       I think because Yelawolf sees himself more as an MC than a rapper. Yela is lyrical, while MGK is more about being passionate and theatrical like Waka. Its work for them, but as a more serious MC, yela’s got MGK. However, I agree..Their ‘beef’ is ridiculous…They should be making music together..

  • RevrendIke3x

    Who wrote this BS? If you’re going to steal from HHDX then at least get the MFing story right. Funny how HHDX’s story says right on the title that it’s an Interscope problem and not a Shady Records problem.

  • Oknas

    Is dis like how Pac felt when he approached Nas and they squashed the beef  and then after Pac “claimed” that Nas dissed him on wax after by calling him a fake thug.

    If MGK isnt lying and they did squash it then Yela is a bitch, thats some bitch shit. He just mad that a next whitebwoy is blowing up more than him after Eminem. Sourwolf

  • yela got the better flow MGK just sounds forced and more like a cartoon.. yela seems more chill mgk seems like he act “wild” for attention.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. Dis rapper from the boot truely got skillz on the mic!!! Real HipHop heads gon feel it!!

  • TruthSerum

    Interscope is a joke now, I give him that. Not a Yelawolf fan but his overall point is something I been saying to myself for about 5-6 years

    I’m old enough to have been in Jr High when Interscope was on it, like all across the board, they had every label in the game jocking them. They brought Death Row Records to the world, they signed 2pac to his first deal and made him this cultures most succesful Icon. Then they brought Eminem to the game, 50 Cent etc etc………. In the Rock & Pop world, they actually figured out how to make Goth Rock crossover with Nine Inch Nails & Marilyn Manson, and turned a Ska band with a female lead singer (No Doubt) into a diamond selling success story.

    No label in music held the 90’s and early 2000’s down like Interscope

    Since 05 tho, its like they went from followers to leaders real quick…… You got Lady Gaga & Fergie in the pop game, Chief  Keef & Soulja Boy in hip hop??


    Jimmy Iovine is desperatly chasing lame trends already being beaten into the ground by companies like Young Money,You know he’s the one behind making Eminem contradict everything he ever stood for and saying “Look Marshall, Dissing Britney Spears and rapping bout Murder dont sell like it use to, time to sing love songs with Rhianna, sample the Night at the Roxbury theme song and call Wayne for a verse”….. If Em has any backbone left in him he’ll jump off that ship when his contract expires 

  • Eric Cartman

    SPECIAL ED SYDNEY I KNEW IT WAS YOU BEFORE I OPENED THIS BS ARTICLE I READ ON HHDX a few years ago.. Only difference is that he doesn’t diss shady records just interscope

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  • Stop crying Catfish, you didn’t need Shady or Interscope, you were already poppin! Get back on that trunk music homie, real talk….

  • DesignatedH8R

    I like Yelawolf and I think MGK sucks.  And I’m pretty sure Yela’s referring to Interscope when he says “s**t going on upstairs.”

  • King Cold

    yeah interscope been actin shady as hell lately. but i gotta agree wit yelawolf on the beef perspective. hes way more lyrical and has better tracks than mgk

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “Yelawolf is currently working on a gang of projects. His first project will be a mixtape/free album……” <<– thats your problem right there.  rappers give away 3 free albums and then try to turn around a sell the 4th.  yeah thats good "business".

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

       So by your logic, no business should have samples, coupons, or sales.

      • Mark garrett

        Slow or ration your saturation is what he is saying. You allow for your earnest work to be given for free three albums deep; That is the usual rap artist’s career is 3xalbums worth. 

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

         I think mixtapes and free music is important to the genre, in the same way rewarding your customers is important to every business. Most mixtapes are released “as a gift to the fans,” like what TI and Lupe did recently. Just something to keep the buzz going. Also, they are artists. If they wanna connect with the fans and throw something out there that is sample-heavy and experimental, let them.

  • rmac138

    Sydney dont know of your titles match to what the artist are actually sayin, your tryin to mislead people, he never took a shot at shady records.

  • ladynamor

    All this black on black violence! (In Stevie Wonder’s voice)

  • Haven’t heard enough of either one deeze dudes music to really cast a solid opinion.

    Follow Jo.Blakk @DaRealJoBlakk 
    Book Of Ether4 mixtape on da way

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s pretty clear that he has a problem with Interscope and not Shady Records.

  • Kevin Farley

    white twista verse white waka=no one cares

    • TruthSerum

      aiight I really laughed out loud at that one

      For real tho I Youtube’d Yelawolf a few times and he has a few joints that are dope tho, MGK got zero that I have heard. Yelawolf is corny but MGK is on a whole nother level of cheesy, that kid literally makes me wanna punch his lights out every time I log on this site and see him posing for a flick with his stupid faces he makes, smh, I dont see how anybody can take one look at that kid and not get the urge to slap him

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  • Carlos

    very clear he is bitchin about interscope not shady, but i dont expect any less from this site, this post is actually jacked from another site that said he used almost the same title. I dont even know why i keep coming back to this site, the rumors are news stories and when they are rumors, i have read them in another page about 30 hr before here. smh

  • Yela is my dude!  He make some good music but MGK, not so much.  I don’t know what Diddy was thinkin when he signed him.  And that Radioactive cd was pretty dope too.

    • Guest

      Kells is my mahn…lace the fuct up bitch…

  • i love yela but not that album i feel he compromised way too much.i understand but next time yela give us that real yela and you’ll be just fine

  • you may be the worst journalist ever.  he is disappointed with interscope, not shay records. you dumb fuccing idiot.

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  • D_Ably

    shady records is just a piece of commerical sh!t thats benefitted noone but Eminem and 50 Cent, everyone else is just a ghost, they gettin shelved or leaving because they get shelved. Thats it.

  • D_Ably

    ‘I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some sh** going on upstairs’

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  • Anirudh Kalarikkal

    MGK has the best flow…….