Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Goes After Drake’s Eyebrows In New Freestyle

Chris Brown has decided to take his beef with Drake to the studio, and has taken a few lyrical jabs on Drake on a freestlye for Chief Keef’s hit, “I Don’t Like” featuring Game. This must be a result of the 24-hour session that Game had with Breezy a few nights ago in L.A. – although Tyga was in that session as well, so I don’t know. Would Tyga have stood by while Breezy dissed his labelmate right in front of him? Hmm.

Anyway, Brown’s remix goes after Drake’s eyebrows and implies that the YMCMB star is afraid to fight him on-on-one. Check out some of the lyrics below:

“A f-ck ni**a, that’s that sh-t I don’t like/They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models just ’cause I give a Itchbay long pipe,” raps Breezy. “I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, fight/ But hold up, I ain’t give a ni**a no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pu**y ni**a/ My ni**a Tunechi, yeah that ni**a nice/ Shout out to Nicki, man, that A$$ tight/ Them eyebrows, man, them sh-ts is yikes/ OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice.”

Breezy does give shout out’s to Young Money boss Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Check out the freestyle below.

I wonder what kind of response Drake is going to come back with. Do you think Breezy can keep up with Drake lyrically?

  • I like it… Don’t like the violent connotations but I like the man puffin’ his chest out a little bit. If Drake responds? I expect it to be precise.

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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. Sounds like sumthing Jigga woulda been on back in the day. Dis nigga going hard on the mic. True hiphop!!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Stick to singing “no air” and love ballads. everybody wants to be a rapper. keep singing and dancing.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    You know this is technically not hip hop. Don’t be caught sleeping.

  • Numbuh Four

    Chris Brown must be a huge Kanye fan, everytime he tries to go in he steals the boys essence. Anyway, it wasn’t the worst freestyle ever, it was what it was. If Drake replies, he just gone say atleast he don’t fight chicks and whatever other duck sh*t he could conjure up with his Harry Potter wands in the studio..

    These dudes need to just chop it up, drop a R&B album together and move on. I don’t wanna see these dudes fight outside of a ring, and I damn sure don’t wanna hear these dudes go back and forth on wax. Eh…I don’t give a f*ck..I don’t listen to none of they sh*t anyway…let em go at it.

    • id like to see them kill eachother

      • you got problems son…. 4 real… kill each other?….. yeah duke, you need some time in the corner

      • hell yeah they both need to go

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i hate these dudes too son… musicians….not as human beings…i was raised not to wish death upon no man..nor woman…u shouldn’t either brother

      • i feel you

  • nino970

    ok all this over a girl?  i mean first your throwing bottles in the club at each other now your making diss records wasting studio time there both rich. i would think they would be alot of bad a$$ woman around them so why trip over one? who has been link to other guys anyways some  of these young niggas need a role model.

  • Big Crimes

    this diss > wayne’s diss to pusha

    • panick78504


  • hate them both but chris sound delusional, drake ant do it cause he smashed rhianna he did it cause he beat the F outta rhianna.. lol.. funny how chris brown acts like that ant happen.. but seriously i hope they kill eachother

  • johnblacksad

    RNB battle?! Drake stands all his chances!

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Grab the popcorn guys, this is setting up to be almost as lame as the Eminem/Mariah Carey beef!

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  • Mos High

    “I hate them” “wish these guys would die”  these are the stupid as comments I see people writing on this post.  How do really have time to hate Drake or Chris Brown.  My personal opinion is that your probably jealous of there fame and fortune.  To me hate is a ultra strong word for someone you dont have a clue how they are in real life.  

    I really never understood why people say its RNB dud so he is soft etc.  I guess the only tuff guys are the ones who talk about selling drugs riding with guns etc.  Anyone who has any sense knows 85% of people that talk that sh#t really would do shit@LetsBeRealpeople:disqus one on one in a fight. 

    let these 2 guys go at it on records and see where it goes.  My prediction Chris Brown gets murdered in half of verse by Drake. 

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      I’m not sure why you brought my name into it, but since you did this what I have to say:

      None of these mugs do anything for my bills at any given time of the day, and vice versa.

      What I am done with is this supposed campaign to make thes two people hardcore. Both of them are little boys getting into each others space and marketing and profiting from their beef. It’s stupid.

       I want them both up and out of being associated with Black Music, no matter the genre. They are grown in age and need to conduct themselves accordingly.

      They need not be a b*$ch, and keep up the mess. Why is their a wager factor on these two anyway? It’s stupid. It’s embasrassing. It’s juvenile. It’s pitting Willow Smith against Romeo or Bow Wow…Like seriously? This is some Tiger Beat sh^t. Pepsi Cola War.

      When Jay-Z takes up Rza in the Chess game…then we have something, until then…fall off.

       The only thing I have is consumer power to call it what it is: wack. No stars, and throughly dissapointed that someone in music management is pushing this to be a thing.

    • Look man…WHY is it anytime someone has an opinion about a celeb that ain’t kissin their ass for their “success” (which is a relative word to begin with), it automatically has to equal jealousy of their money and fame??  I for one can think of at least 10 things I don’t like about Aubrey’s Charmin-soft ass, and trust me his bread ain’t nowhere on that list fam.  I know today’s society’s been programmed to worship that almighty dollar and whoever has it, put it above all else in life and become slaves to it, but some of us ain’t fallin for the okie doke. And I damn sure don’t give a shit about how much money ANOTHER person got. LOL

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Of all the things that you dislike about Drake, what have you seen with your own eyes in real life?  (not on TV or the radio)

      •  Not a thing, and I know where you’re tryin to go with it.  That’s irrelevant though cuz you don’t need to know someone personally to dislike their actions and/or what they represent.  I mighta never made this man’s acquaintance but that don’t mean I’ma just co-sign his ho’ish ways.  Talkin out the side of his neck and tryin to kick up dust with people who pose no kinda threat to him or his livelihood (let’s not forget the tattoo artist), but duckin and hidin from any real challenges.  Then when he DOES call himself tryin to get buck (allegedly), it’s over a glorified bustdown that don’t even belong to him.  This cat’s the poster child for simpin, the Michael Bolton of rap, both in and out the studio…..and he’s well aware of this, that’s why his ass keeps puffin his lil chest out lately but the problem is the shit ain’t even remotely believable.  Everything about dude from his music to his entire persona is just so fraudulent it’s impossible for me to like him.  This shit’s the equivalent of an actin gig to him, it’s blatantly obvious and I just can’t stand behind that.

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