Solange and Beyonce

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Beyonce And Solange Give Kim Kardashian The Cold Shoulder?

Anyone with two eyes could see that Beyonce was giving Kim Kardashian the cold shoulder during the four-hour telecast at the BET Awards last night. The two both sat in the front row just two seats from each other, but Beyonce did not interact or even glance in Kim’s direction all night long. In fact, Kim looked pretty uncomfortable and sad throughout the entire telecast.

An eyewitness told Hollywoodlife the following:

“I was there and could see B and Solange throwing shade. She “wasn’t even talking to her and B didn’t even give Kim a hug or a f***ing high-5 or nothing when she won her awards,” the eyewitness reported.

Well, Beyonce did greet Kim Kardashain as you can see from the photo below, but that was all of their interaction for the entire awards show.

Relationship expert Cooper Lawrence thinks that Beyonce doesn’t “respect” Kim. “She needs to respect someone who’s going to come into her inner circle. She has a career and an image to uphold,” says Lawrence, the host of the Loose Talk podcast.

When Jay-Z and Kanye West went on stage to receive one of their awards, you can clearly see that Beyonce snubbed Kim. Check out the video below:

Poor Kim. She tried to interact with Beyonce, but Bey refused to even look in her direction. What do you think? Did Beyonce snub Kim?

  • You can see the vibe wasn’t there.How the hell them puppets get two nominees a piece wtf

    • Jas1ne

      Right? FOHWTBS They paid BET to do that

  • AG

    Lol I mean All 3 of them* Where does Solange fall into all this? Her names not even in the article once.

  • AG

    BasedGod Fucked all them bitches, hes the Winner in all of this.

    • based god is a homo and a horrible rapper. actual hes literlly the worst rapper out there lol

  • Beyonce doesn’t know the bitch.  She isn’t obligated to do shit.  People keep trying to force her on that woman, leave her alone lol

    • illymac

      real niqqa post

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  • a born rich snob (beyonce) being a snob to another born rich snob (kim)” cant belive im gonna say this but i almost feel bad for kim… lol.. huh never thought id say that.. i9f i had to choose who was more down to earth id def say kim… never liked beyonce… “She has a career and an image to uphold” imagine if someone told you i cant talk to you i have an image to uphold.. lol. thats some fake ish.

  • rep87

    Only old Sydney who never write anything positive could come up with this Lame Azz Article next article Beyonce did a diss record Sydney you are a real piece of shit

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    look man……it’s like whut jay said in a rhyme:i’m not a business man i’m a BUSINESS man……apparently his dear “b” feels the same way…..beyonce is a musical as well as a business entity….which means you have to protect as well as uphold said image that continues to build wealth…..u think disney films would sign tarantino to produce films or rodguigez….well in beyonce p.o.v her image would change drastically if she is seen chopping it up with a slut-buckett like kim k……..she might as well hang out with pinky or roxxy reynolds….beyonce is an image of wholesomeness and expanding womenhood…which is different from kim k. who recieved her fame for getting her back blown out on camera with numerous of rich black men from the arena’s of music and sports….everyone knows this…dats why jay nor ye wont say shit…the bottom line is the money..and we know these cooned out brothers wont jeopordize dat….not dat line

    • hellomrholst

      that is fuckin on point

    • timwest1000

      Wholesomeness and expanding womanhood???LMAO While rolling around on stage in a leotard and swaggerjacking anything in her way? i wouldnt go that far. Even calling Beyonce talented is a stretch, she made it on looks luck and determination. Kim is a gold diggin no talent gimmick though. Kanye made golddigger about himself.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i said dats her image she sells to the masses…..hav no personal idea whut dat bitch is like in real life…and i also dont care

  • all this gossip shit is for the birds..that bitch is gorgeous tho

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I hate to be sexists but this is straight female stuff. When you sit not 1 but 2 seats away from someone in what was basically an arena atmosphere can do you interact?  Is she supposed to reach around Jay and Ye just to make small talk?  

    As far as respect, Beyonce and Kim K are polar opposites.  One is super successful because of her talent. The other is talentless.  

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  • Beyonce needs to sit da fucc down somewhere, Kim needs to fall of the earth, and why is Solange even relevant besides being the less attractive sister?

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  • ccwaterbound32

    i got a headline everybody wants you to do sydney! and you’ll get lots and lots of hits and comments about it too! ready?….IS SYDNEY LACE A COKE FIEND? like it? anyone? anyone?

  • uShallKnoDaTruth

    im pretty sure kim and bey cool why would they be together at the throne concerts jus kill this talk and leave kim alone yall act like she dont have feelings like everyother living thing

  • King Cold

    sydney lace is dumb as hell. STFU and start reportin some real hip hop shit

    • illymac

      real niqqa post..

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is the most unimportant thing I have ever read. 

  • atle fjeldstad

    I <3 Cookies!!

    That`s all i have to say..

    Thank you for the attention

  • The notion that Beyonce has to befriend Kim is silly. She spoke to her when she came in what else did she owe her? Kim was clearly out of place and that is on Kanye that is his girl. Beyonce and Solange enjoyed the show and showed all the peformers love and she came out to support BET just like the supported her career. Stop with the Kim stuff they owe that hoe nothing

  • mike malarkey

    how bout this…. every sydney lace article should be boycotted….. no comments whatsoever… dont feed into the foolery

    • Jas1ne

      I’m all for it!

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  • AfricanSoul

    Let’s keep it real for a minute. Honestly.

    What did Kim do to you? Just take a minute and reflect on that. Seriously, she did absolutely nothing. She didn’t make it on her talents? Guess what, that is the same story with at least 85% of these garbage artists. The difference is, they claimed they could rap/sing and the superficial industry embraced and promoted that. So, now they are where they are. Kim didn’t come in claiming she can sing, she can rap or even model. She took an opportunity when she saw one and the people that have an interest (read: who make money out of her exposure) did just that. You see her everywhere because she is making money for the big wigs who have an interest in her being seen. She makes her cut out of that, period. The fact is I have never heard her slander anyone, never heard her hate on anyone, never heard her claim that she was talented. She jumps from one man to another? She is a hoe for that because she is a woman; not because she did anything than what some dudes do (in the industry or otherwise). 

    She is a hustler. She gets her $. I don’t know if Beyonce really snub her, but if she did, I would call her a hypocrite. Why? Because Jay sold crack at one point of his life to get through or ahead. You tell me which one is worse.

    • immackulate

      el capitan … quit saving that hoe.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      beyonce makes her own money….and she had the business sense of marrying an richer ugly dude so her money continues to stack……oh and there is no less in these two evils…shit is one and the same….beyonce was also on cam’rons sex and drug ent. album singing a hook bout selling/cooking crack…..futhermore kim is still sleeping around…she was married to that tall light skinned dude when she was running around on jay still moving crack?…more like stocks and brooklyn nets seating package(they just signed joe johnson and d-williams just re-signed and they bout to get dat confused bastard dwight howard$$$$$$$$)…..u need to wash your face before you wanna clasify a classy creature like beyonce as an hypocrite in defense for this cum-bucket….wow

  • KIM DIDN’T WIN THE FUKIN AWARD!!!!…so y shud she hug kim…she didn’t do shit…she probably never even heard a jay z kanye song b4 she started dating him….KNOCK IT OFF!!

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  • Wow… Honestly if Im at an award show Im pretty sure I wouldnt be fuckin with people either bcuz I wouldnt want to miss anything..