Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Rihanna Drunk At Her Last Performance?

Poor Rihanna. She just lost her Grandmother Dolly over the weekend, and at the same time, she’s been dealing with being called “Helen Of Troy” due to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and her more recent fling Drake bottle-fighting over her in a NYC club. So, who can blame the girl for having a drink or two to take the edge off?

Well, according to several fans at Rihanna’s recent performance at the Peace and Love Festival in Sweden, Ri Ri had one drink too many, and was allegedly drunk out of her mind while on stage. Rihanna had no choice but to perform on the very day that her grandmother passed away, and we hear that her performance was terrible. But who expects Rihanna to be sexy and gyrate on stage the same day her “gran gran” died?!

Rihanna allegedly was so drunk on stage that she got the name of the country she was in wrong, referring to Sweden as Norway, and was wobbling all over the stage and allegedly slurring her words. Her Swedish fans were so turned off that they allegedly walked out of her performance in droves and roasted the pop star on Twitter.

Poor girl. I hope Rihanna can take some time off and heal from her recent loss.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    that’s the price you have to pay for fame.

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    • How do you know she’s a slore? We don’t know about her sex life…besides the fact she likes S&M.

  • Oh well, people are to judgemental of this girl.  She lives her life the way she wants and she seems to enjoy every bit of it.  It’s not one person who would turn her azz down if she buss it open for you.  When all these rappers fucc these strippers and groupies it’s alright.  But when a woman fuccs more than one guy, she’s considered loose.  Even if she is loose, she seems to only be bussin it open for the cats with bread rather than some stripper with 4 kids, a fake booty, and a stab wound.

  • junj03

    another lame lace story

  • I’ll drink to dat wit you girl… keep doing you!

  • rep87

    SY Is really a sorry excuse for a so call reporter AHH must not have anyone to proof read the ignorance she put out most times it LIES , WACK , just  IGNORANCE ,

  • I feel bad for her loss but Rihanna is always horrible on stage. If she couldn’t peform due to the loss of her grandmother she should have canceled. The people who paid for the show deserve a good peformance but then again its Rihanna what did they expect

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  • I just saw her performance on YouTube and she was great! What are the Swedes talking about? She put on a show as to not disappoint her fans and they insult her? DISGUSTING. Especially since her grandmother just passed away HOURS beforehand. Had she cancelled they would have slated her for that too! The girl just can’t win. These people have NO hearts. Karma is a b1tch, they better watch their backs. Rihanna is a trooper and a real professional for being strong and keeping to her obligations. They should be sending their condolences not slandering her. Those “fans” give Sweden a bad name! RIP Dolly and stay strong Rihanna.