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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Frank Ocean Come Out Of The Closet?

Odd Future affiliate Frank Ocean has made a huge splash with his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, and has gained a huge set of followers in the process. The young R&B singer is currently promoting his debut LP, Channel Orange, in the UK and according to one of the reviews on the album via Max/BBC 1 Xtra‘s, Ocean uses the word ‘him’ instead of ‘her’ on several of his love songs. Check out part of the review below:

“Frank has also opened up about his sexuality on the album, we think it’s brave and admire him for being so honest and sharing such a personal aspect of his life through his music. On the songs ‘Bad Religion’ ‘Pink Matter and ‘Forrest Gump’ you can hear him sing about being in love and their are quite obvious words used like ‘him’ and not ‘her’.

So either Frank Ocean is gay or he’s bisexual – either way he makes it know that he’s romantically into men as well. Does it make a different if Frank Ocean likes men and not women? Would this stop you from buying or listening to his music? Channel Orange hits stores on July 17.

  • rep87

    Im not into Odd Future wack azz and im not into Frank Ocean at all and it doesnt have nothing to do about his sexual perference to each his own

  • TruthSerum

    If he’s singing love songs to other men, then no, I wont listen to those songs, cause I have no intrest in hearing that. Same reason I never watched “Brokeback Mountain”, to each his own but I dont see how me having no intrest in the homosexual lifestyle would make me homophobic. Its just not what I want to hear.

    But I wont stop listening to pyramids because of it either. Do whatever you want in your private life but if you make being gay the focal point of your music I’ll have no use for it. But this is still all speculation anyway, gotta remember its in the “Rumors” section

    • Casor_Greener

      I’m sick of all this “homophobia” non-sense.  I don’t avoid gay stuff because I hate them or fear them, I don’t do gay things because I’m not gay.PERIOD!  

      Some of you suspect suckas out there watching Brokeback Mountain and Magic Mike to prove you aren’t gay are really just acknowledging your own internal struggle.  Get off them Will and Grace reruns too.

      Then again, this weird dude could be doing this just for some gay fans. Some folks will do anything for money.

      Real Talk!!!

  • Yes it makes a difference if he’s gay! NO, I will not be listening to music by a due singing love songs directed at another dude and saying “him” instead of her. Sorry…or matter of fact NOT sorry! lol

    There SHOULD be distinctions between gay men and what hetrosexual men!  That’s what makes us different. If we did or enjoyed what they did then we’d be gay as well. If that makes me a “homophobe”…then ALL hetrosexual men should be homophobes.

    Once again…there is SUPPOSE to be distinctions between gay and hetrosexual men!!! We ARE different.

    • Brinley

      All men are capable of bisexuality.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you are too.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    they all wack  but yeah   each his own 

  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • J.C.

    listen to his verse off “Oldie” and that may clarify the rumor. . .

  • hey its 2012!!!!!!! you name one of these mainstream artist today that aint  gay or bi. this aint news anymore people, this is normal. Oscar Mayer Frank Ocean I knew it

    • Mo

      it aint Normal  its jus accepted there is a difference 

  • immackulate

    i was cleaning up a few days ago listening to LUTHER VANDROSS’ song SUPERSTAR/UNTIL YOU COME BACK TO ME
    and when he sings “… and your guitar” i cant help but think THAT NIGGAH WAS GAY

    with that being said Luther got my ONE AND ONLY PASS … dont care what FRANKIE OCEAN got going on and i dont really care to listen either


  • mrgibson

    I’ve never really listened to dudes’ music, but it really doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not.  There’s rappers out here who are on the DL so it doesn’t make much difference.  And for the love of truth please stop trying to make a distinction between “gay” and “bisexual”….if you’re bisexual you’re still gay.  

  • Care less if he likes balls.  Boy George liked balls. Freddie Mercury. This dude is garbage. I think he made Novacaine. That song was offbeat long drawn out raw ass.  

    • and what who are you? 

      ohh yea i dont know you so ur nobody

      • One look at that young ass tank top of yours lets us all know why you got so defensive…LOL

    • John Denson

      Exactly right, Willie.  You nailed it.  Dude got nothin’ original goin’ — just rippin’ off other peoples’ sh1t …

      • Have you even heard any of his other songs? To say he has nothing original going is a really ignorant thing to say because you obviously have not heard any of his other music. 

      • TruthSerum

        Maybe he has heard his music and doesnt see anything mind blowing about it, lol

        I like Frank but he aint re-inventing the wheel, lets be honest

      • sashalovely

        you just FORCING yourself not to like it because hes bi lol nice try

  • Oceanbaby

    Hell no it doesn’t matter. His music is amazing. It doesn’t change that.

  • CaliTransplant

     then maybe you should listen to his music 1st before you make a snap judgment on whether or not you’d like it…

    he happened to have had one of the freshest, most innovative mixtapes i’d ever heard..

    • water_ur_seeds

      if hes signing about kissing men on the lips sucking dick and taking it in the ass ima pass, thanks all the same

  • CaliTransplant

    his mixtape was genius. thats why he’s so popular. not because he may or may not be gay. who cares! He’s dope. plus, unless he was lying, he’s constantly singing about women (hence one of his songs being called “songs for women.” ) props to frank ocean if he is gay, but I just want the new LP.!

    • ReadMore82

      What do you mean “who cares”? Obviously all the mufuckas on here denouncing this nigga care about it. I’ll be another one of those “ignorant” people that won’t listen to him now because of this if it’s true, like buddy said above, can’t relate to the music if he singing about dudes bangin dudes. I REALLLLLLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE!

  • 7yoyo7

    Unless somebody confirms it, yall shouldn’t believe this sh1t.
    Im not even a ofwgkta fan. Sydney Lace just like to keep ni99as talkin and arguin off straight bullsh1t.

  • ccwaterbound32

    that’s on him….mo fa me!!!

    • hell yeah!! haha

  • Major Savage

    If Sydney writes it, it don’t believe it.

  • Jeffrey McCune

    No you are sicker if by chance one of your kids is gay and lives his/her whole life never feeling they are normal.

    • Mo

      Cause it aint normal 

      • deron Wilson8

        Kids shouldn’t be listening to a lot of the stuff they do. People talk about that but I see videos on YouTube all t he time of WOMEN letting their kids dance to that Travis Porter song Bring it Back.

      • KLewis

         No see its ok though, they are shaking their asses to heterosexual music. But a song poetically written song by a homosexual is wrong and should be banned. Your kids will be better off listening to cocaine rap. (SARCASM)

    • He was my prof 🙂 ^^^

  • this gay sshit getting outta hand

    • But its a good thing for women in america and will lesson hiv cases

      • Visor47

        90% of worldwide STD infections happen within the straight community. So no, it won’t “lessen” anything until irresponsible people learn to wrap it up.

      • sashalovely

        NO because its men straight men who have multiple girls and then their spouse TAKES THEM BACK because she so called loves him so yall need to gone with that std came from gay pple

    • blanksie_11

      Since Obama bitch ass made that statement, everybody changing to gay.

      • worddddddd

        please tell me you’re trolling……………

  • n to think the whole time i was questioning miguel had the wrong guy smh

  • I never heard of him but I listened to a song on iTunes, it was pretty good. If its true I’ll be buying it.

  • Mo

    you would buy his music jus because he gay your wack!!!!!!

    • It’s YOU’RE, as in “you are”. “Your” implies ownership. For example: your car, your girlfriend, your job. I’m not insulting you- I only want to explain the difference, because when you speak, your words are given weight by the intelligence and syntax you frame them in.

      It isn’t “real talk” if it isn’t real.

  • Gianni Versace

    I’ll still buy it.

  • John Denson

    Gay or straight … no talent.

  • Very odd, indeed.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    elton john, freddy mercury of queen, michael stipe or r.e.m, rob halford of judas priest,  all gay, all had songs which involved love.  big fuccing deal.  why is it easy for the rock community to accept gays but the fuccing hip hop community is still stuck in the dark ages.  listening to a song sung by a guy about loving another guy won’t make you gay.  just as listening to an aaliyah song or a mary j blige track about loving a dude won’t make you want to go home and put on a dress and start falling in love with dudes.  your ignorant a$$ needs to open your eyes and grow the fucc up.

  • Onelove1heart

    It amazes me how all men are so defensive. It’s not your life so why are you concerned? What does it matter if another male loves another male, and the same goes for women who love women. I never understood why you men feel the need to defend their manhood and comment on a situation that doesn’t concern them. Plus half the rappers you listen to either sucked one or took one where the good lord split them anyway. Get over yourself. When people can learn to stop basing things off race, color, and discriminating against groups of people. Then maybe we will see some progression in this messed up world. Peace and one love. Side Note: Gay, Bi, Straight Frank Ocean makes some amazing music.

  • Or he could be writing from the female perspective. ONE person makes a review like this and it catches fire. Whatever. I could not care less. He’s a genius in the studio so I will not stop loving and listening to Frank Ocean.

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  • Noah Cerciello

    Forest Gump is clearly written from Jenny’s perspective.  No other reviews from the journalists mentioned the use of ‘him’.  The journalist who wrote the review probably did not get concepts or was not paying attention


    Leave Frank Ocean alone!

  • Oceanbaby

    First of all, don’t call me a bastard. Second of all, please point out where I said I’d let my kids listen to ‘love songs from a man to another” ..bc I can’t seem to find it. Lastly, check yourself before you start posting comments just to get likes. This isn’t Facebook. Grow up.

    • looking for likes on some bs, and at the time of this post my comment below has more than any other comment.  I guess tolerance and equality gets more love than bigotry and hate.

  • Sosa_Limone

    iam not homophobic and i dont like odd future anyway, but i cant rock out to a man singing about how he is in love with another man… it might be cool for the GLBT community, but he gonna lose a lot of his audience becaues niggas aint checkin for that type of stuff real talk

  • digitallife

    If you aren’t into that don’t listen to it but props to him for at least being honest about it..plenty of folks in the industry living public lies, running around with a bad broad on their arm but going to bed with a dudes. Luther Vandross was gay as the sun is bright but it didn’t stop him from being successful he just choose to not either confirm or deny his sexuality.

    • yes secret love, was a dead give away..He was an amazing singer too

  • KLewis

     That’s a retarded statement. There is stuff you let you expose your kids too and stuff you don’t. Besides, I HIGHLY doubt one of his songs will turn you gay.


    Lol for yall even responding to syd question

    Yall cant see yall sipping the kool-aid?????

    Whats understood doesnt have to be said.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Today On: People Sydney Lace Thinks Are gay…

  • His last post on twitter talks about how he fell in love with a dude a few years ago but the dude didn’t feel the same way

  • “I’m hi and I’m bye wait I mean I’m straight” -Frank’s verse on “Oldie” he ain’t gay. That song the reporter’s talking about is written from a girl’s perspective or point of view. Reporter didn’t understand the concept at first.

    • Oceanbaby

      He Is.

  • Yall just mad cause Frank has banged more bitches than you and he’s gay. And he has more women on his dick than any of you homophobes will ever come across. Keep hating, it’s just hiding your latent hidden homosexuality anyway. 

  • Light

    i’m supporting and buying his album. bottomline.

  • I thought this dude was incredible too…hell no…I cant listen to his music the same no more…go take that ride to the ocean frank

    • Brinley

      No-one cares about you.  Maybe you should make love to a man youreself.

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  • Brinley

    All men are capable of bisexuality.  They’re just too afraid to admit it.

  • Brinley

    How come female singers are allowed to say or pretend they’re bisexual, and even use it in their marketing?  Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry, Madonna….the list goes on and on.  Why don’t you admit that a lot of you are hypocrites and liars?  You’ve got double standards.

    • $11625525

      Some men get kicks out of two women together… Ask a straight woman if she would get kicks out of seeing sex between same sex couples of any gender and see what the reply is.

      In the same way GLBT people have choices what they like, so do straight people, so stop being defensive and worrying what people think about you, and get on with living your life.

      • The difference is this: no hip hop song I’VE heard takes stabs at women who engage in bisexuality or lesbianism as fiercely as that of male-male homosexuality.

        How many times, how many songs, how many beefs do you know of that throw the term FAGGOT around like a brick?

        I honestly wonder if the severe aggression against gay males in the mainstream hip hop community goes part and parcel with the glorification and fascination with prison / thug mentality that was so prevalent in the 90s.. After all, you can’t spend time in the pokey without at least running into that scenario, even if you’re strong enough to avoid being raped.

        I wonder, truly, if a lot of this residual hatred of gay men in hip hop is another, unspoken part of the “hard” culture that was so lauded for so long?

        EDIT: To make it clear, I mean to say– I wonder if some of the performers who have done time and who we all know have been rape victims? I would bet it’s more prevalent than anyone would admit. It at least would explain the irrational hatred that seems to choke so much of the hard-set.

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  • Onelove1heart

    Ignorance is bliss. Even if he doesn’t sing about being in love with another man you still won’t buy his music, because you feel you have to defend your manhood. Fyi being gay isn’t contagious.

  • Onelove1heart

    But i am sure your ok with two women screwing each other.

  • $11625525

    Why is it called a phobia if you disagree with someone’s sexual preferences?

    Also, listen to “We All Try” where he sings “I believe that true love isn’t, between a man and woman but between love and love”.

    That right there should tell you his stance on homosexuality… Whether he is Gay or Straight.

    I don’t think that I could listen and sing along to a whole song blatantly written as being from one man to another ; in a sexual sense, because I couldn’t identify with it. That’s like me watching Gay porn. Bottom line, you listen to music and your mind creates its own visuals, that’s the only difference between the two.

    You can listen to a woman singing to a man and view yourself as that man, so there is a difference; for those of you who try to compare the two.

    • apparently you have very little imagination if whatever you hear is all that you can think about.  Like the quote you posted, incorrectly by the way, (its marriage not true love) “between love and love”, how can you not imagine what love and love is.  who cares where the love is coming from.  how dense are you that you cannot expand beyond what you hear and see? its just pathetic.

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  • eljay7i

    congrats frank, it’s your life

  • StylesDc

    Luther Vandross was gay IJS 

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