Hip-Hop Rumors: Diss Or Punchline? Is 2Chainz Going In On DTP?

G.O.O.D. Music artist 2Chainz has been on a meteoric rise in the last few months and is practically on every hot record and remix out right now. 2Chainz is featured on DJ Drama’s new joint “My Moment” alongside Meek Mill and Jeremih, and has some choice words for his old label, Ludacris’ DTP.

On the track, 2Chainz raps, “Made more than I ever made on DTP this year.” Take a listen to the track below:

So, is that a diss or a punchline?

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  1. Apollo Showtime

    No diss or punchline, it’s just a FACT! No one knew who Tity Boi/2 Chainz was on DTP, he was just another weak ass nigga on the label like Lil’ Fate and I-20 (I-20 had some HARD shit tho low key) but them nigga’s weren’t poppin’ and you can’t blame Ludacris or DTP for that, it just wasn’t their time.

  2. MadVillain

    ill never get why the weakest mc on dtp got the chance to shine, i-20 had the sickest flow and voice. imho tity boi is just another example of why people think niggaz from the south just cant rap.

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    what did he have one hit with dtp and he had to split that with his partner in rhyme …. now he has was like multiple hits and is featured on mulitple hit records …. ijs …. if it was the other way around where hes not seeing as much money as he did in his DTP days … off just one song then he needs to go and bless luda for that fabolous deal …. IJS …. 😉

    • immackulate

      he didnt split up with DOLLAR aka DYLON SACKS lol he just jumped on his opportunity to ride his own wave for the time being – dude is a basic rapper but those couple MIXTAPES he dropped gave him a surgence in the game when basic rappers are thriving right now … he took advantage of his hustle and it paid off –

  4. William

    PUNCHLINE…… But I have def been wondering what his relationship w/ DTP has been for a while!!…. Shaka was not exactly the greatest CEO!!

  5. KingChandler

    All punchline, and really all the truth. 2 Chainz is beastin the game right now. He’s on a Bieber official remix, don’t think people realize how big that is.

  6. Sosa_Limone

    to keep it a buck i didnt even know homey was on DTP.. and in my opinion dude is still type wak… he just gets on hot beats and catchy hooks… he dont say anything “chains teh same color as Akon”  lol dude is still garbage like 99 percent of the artists out today… i would listen to 2chainz over drake any day of the week though…

  7. Nemesis_Enforcer

    How about it’s just the truth. Why would that be a diss?

    And Luda got paid when he left DTP so there are no hard feelings. TRUST!

  8. mrgibson

    He’s stating facts, and Luda got a piece of the pie when 2Chainz left DTP so stooooooooooooop trying to rustle up fake shit.  2Chainz is even doing A&R work for Luda’s new album, come on sydney lol

  9. Poppa Doc

    Do you even know what a diss is let alone a punchline? Its called STATING FACTS!!!! How could he be dissing when he’s A&R for Luda’s next album..

  10. 7yoyo7

    How the fcuk is that a diss??? This is just a fact!
    Ever since Sydney Lace started the rumors this section became straight female gossip bullsh1t!!!

    What the fcuk? Punchline? Do you know what it is at least?
    Fcuk this rumor!

  11. thuglifefukdapolice

    funny thing is when he was titty boy he could spit its a song called make them guns go  with luda  n chingy n tity boi ripped it

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