Rick Ross and Gunplay

MMG’s Gunplay Inks Solo Deal With Def Jam Records

(AllHipHop News) Following his appearance on stage with the Maybach Music Group during the 2012 BET Awards on Sunday night (July 1), Miami native Gunplay has officially inked a solo record deal with Def Jam Records.

Ross, a longtime friend of Gunplay, announced the deal this afternoon when he tweeted, “Breaking News!!!! @GUNPLAYMMG just signed Big Solo LP Deal @MaybachMusicGroup @DefJamRecords Debut Album Coming!!!! Streets Been ready!!!”

Gunplay was previously a member of Ross’ Triple C group with Torch and Young Breed, who released their debut album, Custom Cars and Cycles, in 2009. He also appeared on MMG’s 2011 compilation, Self Made Vol. 1, and more recently on “Power Circle” from Self Made Vol. 2.

Gunplay’s most recent mixtape, Bogota Rich: The Prequel, is available for download now. There is currently no word on when his debut album will be released.

  • JimJames29

    Worst investment of all time, in any category, any market, any place, anywhere

  • Smashit

    This shit got Ross’ Nuts in DJ Kalid’s Mouth written all over it – I just hope lack of sales will shut down this fake Haitian Coke Head who was out cold on video faster than a rabbit gets f’ked!

    • toreal

      Hater I see. It seems like you are mad because your favorite rapper ain’t doing nothing.

    • Hahahaha!  

    • WillVetterGoodin

      Thank You, an tell that lame to give Freeways name back.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Wow.  These labels are really gunning for yall souls for real man.  They claim sales are down but keep signing artists that make the kind of music that ain’t selling.

  • rep87

    Congrats Gunplay !

  • thuglifefukdapolice


  • YungKizz

    gunplay can rap he gotta shot

  • finally mayne gunplay been the bizness….don logan salute! FREE BOOSIE FREE B.G. LOCK WAYNE BACK UP FREE MAREK DILLARD

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Gunplay always brings a lot of energy on his featured tracks, hope he can put together a decent album. 

  • Apollo Showtime

    I fronted on him heavy at first, especially after how 50 played him with the KO vid. But Gunplay has a lot of raw talent an energy that the game is kinda lacking nowaday’s. I could see him, Lil’ Scrappy and Waka making some real ratchet, ignorant hits out here together. Get Lil’ Jon back out here and smash! lol

  • Wack rappers everywhere are rejoicing in hope!

    Still, glad there is positiveness that’s  been brought into the game!

    Back in the day, you used to have to get shot or go to jail for a deal, now you just have to get KO’d.

  • breed500

    this dude been killin it on the low for a while now..If you can get past the racthetness…he actually can spit..that sniffahill mixtape was fire..he has a real shot now..good songs,good concepts, easy on the BS and he can become that dark horse victory on MMG..

  • Music is getting like sports where you just throw a deal at someone and hope they drop 20 a night but bring you 3 points 1 rebound.lol

  • King Cold

    wow they signing alot of bullshit artists these days. smh

  • WACK!!!!

  • Vsevolod Tkachenko

    good news. been waiting for him to drop an album

  • Brian Miller

    the south killed rap

  • You know what? Good for Gunplay. If he’s getting a chance, I’m glad for him.

    I’m actually kinda eager to see if he’s able to take the ball and run with it. 

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