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Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Frank Ocean’s Gay Announcement A Press Stunt?

Props to Frank Ocean! Dude, I don’t think anybody should have to live a lie! Come out of the closet! Come out, come out where ever you are! Now, that dude has come out, the rumors have started. The first is that this is all one big, ol’ press stunt! Now, (free plug) Frank’s new album actually decided to come out on July 17th so its a lil’ late on that end. Nevertheless, a lot of people will be dissecting Channel Orange to see if they can find any gay references. Now, this rumor that it is a PR stunt is mostly fueled by people inside the music game that have seen it all, been through it all. I don’t think it is inconceivable that they needed to raise his profile a bit before the actual release. I’m told that he’ll likely be falling back from the whole gay thing anyway.  Click here to read the full deal, but he dropped a letter via his Tumblr insisting he’s either gay or bisexual. He said: “I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together.” Read the whole letter here.

Now, Tyler the Creater, who has been accused of being a homo-phobe, was very supportive. “My Big Brother Finally F***ing Did That. Proud Of That Ni**a Cause I Know That Sh*t Is Difficult Or Whatever. Anyway. Im A Toilet.”

Frank Ocean comes out right after Anderson Cooper and Obama supporting Gay Marriage.

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  1. illymac

    @illseed why ask is he really gay?

    if the boy say he gay then hes gay..

    nothing to see here people,
    move on..

  2. King Rickey

    If we keep on supporting these morally wrong individuals, what example is that sending to our children. It’s pathetic we have forsaken God and gotten to the point where it’s cool to support “gay” anything…it’s an  attack on God’s love and plan for us and ‘m not going to be a part of it. If everyone else wants to accept homosexuality as if it’s natural, when that’s pure garabage, go ahead. But we all have to deal with God in the end.

      • Kid

        How mature. Telling someone to shut up. What are you, 9 years old? 

      • Idahosa Bazuaye

        that might not have been mature, but I get sick and tired of people judging others as if they were God and using the bible to do so. It said in thhe bible don’t judge and even after i think Paul’s verse in Romans he said do not use what he said to condemn others…. God loves all people, homosexuality is not a choice and that is the dumbest argument cause I doubt any1 would choose to be discriminated against….. God is about love for pete’s sake

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        definitely not mature, of course it wasn’t, but when they they are saying some bull ish like that sometimes you gotta tell a bytch to shut the fcuk up.

    • Fareed72

      You ROCK!!! I soo 100% agree with you. I get soo fuckin tired of the music today, a lil.. Everybodies doin this GAY shit like its OK, or a normal thing. My mate has to be a producer.., of makin babies of coarse… I sware.., Im really shakin my head to folks now? You can barely trust anybody nowadays…, you think your dealin with a guy, when its really a girl…, or you meet a guy, you thought was a girl.., shit is definately outta hand. Well, ( NO DISRESPECT LADIES..) I—LOVE—PU$$Y!!!

      • MrTroyMercy

        My dude you might as well come out the closet , you and your music producing MATE you don’t like no Punnay homie ..stop fronting . You make sandcastles my dude …just saying.

  3. sakiru oresanwo

    Everyone is entitled to live their life how they want so long as they dont impose it on others. I’m a straight man and dont have anything against gay men or women (except those bitchy ones who just act like they’re the shit lol). Now if there are some people who think being gay is “fucked up” answer me this, if Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on Earth, doesn’t that make us all brothers and sisters?
    P.S dude still makes good music

    • Kid

      I guess you don’t know how to populate. In the beginning of a race, things like that are necessary. Homosexuality is messed up, and has no benefits.

      • Wallace

        Actually it’s you who don’t have a clue on how a species populate. Incest is not necessary.

    • Celz

      you prolly got tendencies yourself. why attack this man that you dont know? says alot about your character.. you might wanna focus on being secure in yourself then you wont have to bring the next man down to have parity..

  4. Big Crimes

    If you support homophobia you may as well support racism cause its the same ignorant attitude, just another community facing discrimination.

    I’m not afraid to applaud this guy for coming out. I live in a major city with a huge gay community. If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s lesbian, gay, bi, transgender then you know that its absolutely bullsh** to discriminate against them. Being friends with a gay man, having a conversation, shaking his hand, accepting his sexual orientation, none of that will turn you gay. Grow up and help out a community that is being attacked. They would do it for you.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I don’t agree with that. The term “homophobia” isn’t even technically a correct term for how it is used today.  It used to be for the guy who doesn’t want to be around gays for FEAR of getting hit on. But now it’s used for anyone who disagree. A lot of people disagree with it, but it doesn’t mean that they have a fear of it.  Therefore to me racism is much worse. It is a FACT that people are born the race they are.  It’s still up for debate what the source of homosexuality is.  And if some are born that way, not everyone who claims gay was born like that.  Some people choose it now that society views it as acceptable.

      • Brian C

        No body chooses to be gay….I don’t care what THEY say….no body chooses to be gay. Did you choose to be straight….if so, what day did that happen, what was going on in your mind when you made that decision?

      • Kid

        Yes, you have a choice. I don’t see anybody holding a gun to anybodies head and saying they have no choice but to be gay. When you see a woman have 2-3 kids from previous relationships..and then decide to date women, she had a choice. When you see tons of bisexual people, they had choices. Heterosexuality is the norm, thats why so many people are straight, homosexuality is outside of the norm, and is learned. A PREFERENCE. Its a choice. 

      • Antoine

        Hetrosexuality is “nature’s way” because the first law of nature is self preservation! The ONLY way to NATURALLY preservate human life is through the union of man and woman sexually. That makes hetrosexuality “nature’s way”. 

        You dont have to “choose to be hetrosexual”!!!  It’s natural!

      • Big Crimes

        But having a gun held to your head has nothing to do what you WANT inside. Forget about the gun. Gay or bisexual people are naturally ATTRACTED to members of the same sex.  Yes, you could choose to have sex with a member of the same sex, but if you’re straight it won’t feel right, and it won’t turn you on. Thats what it would be like for a gay person to CHOOSE to have sex with someone of opposite gender. Its pretty simple.

        Anyways kudos to Frank Ocean on having the guts to publish that letter. It’ll be interesting to see how his sales are or aren’t affected.

      • Celz

        so what about all of the people who said they chose to be gay? what about all of the half way gay girls runnin around kissin each other to have fun. i think some people are born gay but most gay people arent but that doesnt really matter because its not our place to judge anyone.

      • Big Crimes

        Growing up in a suburb there were a lot of racist attitudes around me, and hiphop helped steer my mind in the right direction. It seems like hiphop is holding back the minds of a lot of people by excluding the queer community, bashing them, using slander like the word f*ggot. You have a point with the word homophobia, but its the only word that comes to mind.

        Whether its worse to hate on race or hate on alternative sexual orientation is a complete waste of time. The point is a group of people is attacking another group of people for something they have no control over.

        Yes i said it, people have no control over it. They might hide it, or suppress it, but love is blind, attraction is like an internal instinct.

  5. TruthSerum

    I wouldnt put it past him, people will do anything to sell records and the gay community is a big audience that actually supports each other. If I were gonna lie about anything to get an audience attention, the gay community would be the way to go, lol, guaranteed money.

    I’m cynical by nature tho, I still dont really believe Kim K & Kanye are “Dating” either, I think there managers put that relationship together.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yep , now that a publicity stunt ….real talk KIMYE fruity as hell …? Most of the cats in th game are to be honest .

  6. Loch121

    No straight dude would support a rumor that he is gay.Dude is gay flat out.I can’t listen to his music the same.I’m mad cuz Think Bout You is my shit but, now I can only see him writing it for a man

    • TruthSerum

      But people still support R. Kelly when we know he’s sexually attracted to children, everytime I hear “Bump N Grind” I picture him singing it to middle school kids during “Bring Your Dad to School” day, lol

      Not saying I disagree with you, If Frank’s music gets overly gay I’ll have to shut it off as well but I wont stop Playing Pyramids because of this announcement

      I just think the double standards are hilarious, even If I’m kind of a part of them

      R. Kelly sleeps with children – OK

      Frank Ocean sleeps with Men – NOT OK

      • Antoine

        R Kelly never made a sone referencing little girls though…not flat out. He may have hinted it but Frank Ocean supposedly flat out wrote some love songs for a “him” or “he”…that’s a bit different!

      • Celz

        Frank maybe more open in song but RKelly has been involved with children his whole career. Dude is a black Jerry Sandusky. How old was Aaliyah when they got together lmao…

    • MrTroyMercy

      If you listen to the lyrics he does “my eyes don’t shed tears , but Boy The bald when I think about you “…. I mean song still dope but gotta different veiw too.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Me either homie , Frank got a hook on my joint ” he ,she and them” off my joint – I wasn’t surprised at homie was gay … chris don’t carry himself in that mane but if you can do music with Frank ocean you will see how his song writing skills are beyound compare… but lowkey I will look at them ballads different though …but I’m still gonna buy his album cause my girl love dude…I bump him and miguel music with no shame and I listen to the weekend …good music is goo..d music

      • MrTroyMercy

        Just grinding – I’m working on a sample clearance from Lenny Kravtz FEAR ….

      • MrTroyMercy

        He wrote some ish on ” we all try ” too.. that’s on of my favorit joints ….

  7. Mad Max❗

    Not just “Im gay” – He wrote a whole letter! Much respect. Damn…and he the first openly gay artist to be featured on a platinum rap cd? He’s real.

    • TruthSerum

      Not to be argumentative but Frank Ocean is not the first openly gay artist to be featured on a rap cd, DMX did a song with Marilyn Manson once and that guy is well known to be Bisexual, he sucks on Dildoes on stage, lol

      • Mad Max❗

        Forgot to put R&B before artist. But your right. I dont think DMX had anywhere near the same success as Jay & Ye from WTT though.

      • Celz

        WTT will be lucky to see the sales of Flesh of My Flesh.. The albulm did 670,000 in a week and it was Xs SECOND album in like 6 months.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Cosign – it easier for a R&B dude to be gay but rappers lose credibility …he makes dop music with thugging , clubbing ,treating women wrong and selling drugs …

  8. King Cold

    im sorry but i wont be checking for his music because if youre saying he instead of her on a track  then that shit is gay gay gay. so yall can bump his music all yall want to but im straight

  9. MrTroyMercy

    The dude makes dope music , but this kindc of a publicity stunt . He been said some suspect ish though , like Thinking of you and We all try . He needed a buzz cause mostly he’s been writing other ppl’s music .. dude might be gay cause I don’t see anyone coming out if they ain’t gay but he needed some pub . Hell I like Syd The Kid’s music …Elton John sells millions and ain’t no telling who the hell is gay now and days -I been listening to his music and will continue …

  10. rep87

    It very well could  be a stunt it wouldnt surprise me Tyler look suspect as well alot of homo phobe shout the loudest to take attention off them ,its not going to work  the public  just not buying cd”s fake beefs and any other stunt wont work people are trying to take care of their family not waste money on bullshit ! 

  11. Tears carpenter

     Its such a big move for  Frank Ocean  to come out and say hes bisexual or gay his decision to go public about his sexuality is such a big thing in this day and age

    just being black is hard enough so being black and gay and a rapper  gives hope and light to so many young people still living in fear

     Homosexuality within hip-hop and rap music has always been a sensitive subject

    • Antoine

      Luther never made a song referencing the song was about a “him”. Supposedly, Frank Ocean has love songs refernecing a “him” as the object of his affection.  I think that makes a big difference! If Luther made love songs referencing a “him” as his love interest…..he would have lost alot of fans too.

      • trinasongbird

        Luther actually has an entire album of cover songs where he didn’t change the lyrics from “Him” to “her”… Look up his rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly’. He claims that he wanted to keep the song true to it’s original form…:-/

  12. Antoine

    Hetrosexuality is “nature’s way” because the first law of nature is self preservation! The ONLY way to NATURALLY preservate human life is through the union of man and woman sexually. That makes hetrosexuality “nature’s way”.

    With that said…..I personally dont care if he’s gay or not but I definately wont be listening to love songs from a man directed at another man by referencing a “him” or “he” as the object of affection. Now if he makes dope music and DOESN’T reference a “he” or “him” then I can listen to it.

    I love Luther Vandross (gay or not) but I wouldnt listen to any song he made that referenced a dude as the object of his affection by saying “he” or “him” instead of “she” or “her”.

    Also…I dont hate gays….I’m just not interested in being apart of or supportng their culture or way of life. Just like i dont hate alot of people who’s lifestyles i dont agree with. That’s not hate…that is personal preference.

  13. Idahosa Bazuaye

    Yes it may be the norm but that doesnt mean its the only natural thing. Homosexuality IS in nature as it has been observed in many species…. Yes that is the way to continue the race but you make it seem like gay people cant have kids….. Earth is over-populated btw maybe it was God’s way of balancing it out. Jesus did say that not every man is fit for marriage with a woman. Some men are born this way, became this way later on in life, and choose a life of celibacy for the kingdom of God. What do you think Jesus was talking about there? not a castrated male :p

    • Antoine

      You cant be “born gay!” At birth human sexuality, just like everything about us, is still developing. You cant be “born gay” no more then you can be born with 20/20 vision or born speaking english lol

      If everything is still developing then naturally our surroundings can shape HOW we develop. Sexuality is about WHAT YOU LIKE OR ARE ATTRACTED TO. That is shaped by experiences and how we deal with them on an individual level.

    • churchboy2

      Four significant errors:

      1) You are confusing the words of Jesus & Paul.
      2) You got Paul’s word’s twisted; he actually said that not everyone is fit for a life of celibacy. (1 Corinthians 7)
      3) Homosexuality does not occur anywhere else in nature. (That is why you were unable to identify any of the “many species” where you say it has been observed.)
      4) There is no chromosone for homosexuality; the argument that humans are “born that way” is not supported by science.

      • Wallace

        Bonobos, our closest relatives along with chimps. There’s your answer, now what?

      • churchboy2

        I have no idea what you are talking about or responding to.

      • Mark H

        Interesting….your GOD isn’t supported by science either, yet you still believe HE is possible.

      • Celz

        For the record science isn’t supported by science.

      • churchboy2

        My God not only created science, but science has yet to discover everything that he did create.

        Also, many scientists have claimed that the more they discover about the universe, the planet etc., the more they are lead to believe in intelligent design (i.e. a single creator with a plan). #justsaying

      • Mark H

        MANY scientists have that opinion, but definitely not MOST scientists. And how do you know your God created science? There’s no proof, and you’ve already made it clear that you need scientific proof in order to believe things. You’re so full of contradictions. Anyway, the Bible does not say that you have to listen to Frank Ocean’s music. That’s your choice. It DOES say “Love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22: 39), “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people…” (Leviticus 19: 18), “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart…” (Leviticus 19:17), and “As we have therefore opportunity, do good unto all men.” (Galatians 6:10)…that includes homosexuals….THE WORD OF GOD.

      • churchboy2

        You’ve got me mistaken; I agree with ALL of the Bible, and therefore agree with what you’ve said here.

        In fact, the Bible says that homosexuality, pre-marital sex, murder and lying are all wrong, so homosexuals, sexuallly-active unmarried people, murderers and liars are ALL (equally) due our love.

        No where did I EVER say to hate homosexuals.

        You assume too much, my friend,

      • $11625525

        As much as I would like to agree with you, homosexuality does occur with other species. I have witnessed it first hand; and the dogs were siblings.

      • churchboy2

        Ignoring the fact that you watched dogs getting it on, your observation is interesting.

        Do you conclude then that the behaviour of the dogs was “normal and natural” because you saw them engage in said act?

        I would argue that your exception proves the rule. (Unless you want to argue that dogs are frequently homosexual?)

      • jay

        Uhmm, actually, YOU sir have TWO “significant errors”.
        1) Homosexuality DOES occur in EVERY other species EXCEPT the species’ that are asexual. 

        2) there IS a chromosome (not “chromosoNe”) linked to homosexuality. This would be the Y chromosome that has been researched as severely deficient, or missing in the mother before birth. This is ESPECIALLY true in the mothers of siblings where two or more are gay.

        check YO facts SON ! ! ! ! 

      • essHwhy

        god isnt supported by science either but you believe that shit !! 

      • Idahosa Bazuaye

        That shows how ignorant you are….. I did not state it because it occurs in too many species to state but if you want me to here. Bonobos, Giraffes, wolves, dolphins, penguins, lions, hyenas, monkeys, apes (basically every primate in which humans are included), bats…. wow I can go all day and and Paul was talking about not everybody is fit for a life of marriage… not celibacy and homosexuality is a part of nature.

  14. Mark H

    You homophobes can delete your playlists and not support his music and call him soft, and faggot, and whatever…Frank really doesn’t need you. His career will EXPLODE because of this. Do you know how long people have been waiting for a major young black hip-hop/r&b star to come out publicly? This is huge. There are MILLIONS of gay, and gay-friendly people in this country who will support his music. He just became a hero. And no matter how much you try to delete him, he’s gonna be in your ear 24/7, ‘cuz he’s gonna BLOW up these radio’s, and you’re just gonna be BLOWN. 

    • $11625525

      Is it also homophobic if we straight people choose not to watch a p****graphic movie with two men getting it on with each other?

      So why should it be deemed “homophobic” if we choose not to listen to songs where a man is singing about something similar?

      And what about women who disagree with your sentiments, are they homophobic too? Because there are plenty women who are repulsed by such acts…. A phobia is a fear, so what are they afraid of, being attracted to men?

      I think it’s time you readjusted your argument.

      • SenseOffendersPrettyStupid

         Nah dumb shit, they’re afraid of a world where men are free to be attracted to other men. Women who are “repulsed” by these acts are afraid of their man havin done something with another man… they’re afraid of men being attracted to men, not themselves being attracted to men.

        I think it’s time you try to think logically.

      • Emperor_Menelik

        what if everyone in the world was gay….what would happen then? would man still be able 2 pro-create?? What 2 ppl decide 2 do in they’re own home is their business as long as it doesnt affect me or the rest of the world so Im not concerned about what 2 grown ppl decid 2 do. My issue is, when it affects HUMANITY and the education Im giving 2 my children there’s a problem.

      • SenseOffendersPrettyStupid

        Yeah… I don’t think anyone’s advocating the whole world to go gay here, sir Emperor.

      • Mark H

        Stupid argument. Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and the world is still here. In fact, the world is WAY more populated with humans than ever in history. Do you really think that the whole world is in danger of turning gay? That’s idiotic. Straight people are in no danger of ever becoming an endangered species, so please save your fake concern for humanity and your children. You’re just using that to justify and perpetuate discrimination.

      • Ware Supporter

        How can women be repulsed by men having sex with men but they have sex with women. Don’t you think we are all human and share the same sentiments (some at least are universal). What is wrong with me messing around with another man like a women would mess around with another women. I am human and I have feelings. I don’t want to be some thug, hard going, macho man. I want to live a good life and be happy!!!! Im gay and LOVE MEN. So be it! I am all of me, not half of me and the other half trying to be like or put up a front for someone else.

      • Mark H

        Uhh no…i know what a phobia is, but the term homophobia as it is most commonly used, is not directly referring to people’s fear of homosexuality (although fear of difference is very much the root of homophobia), but is usually used to describe bigoted attitudes and behavior towards homosexuals. By using the adult movie comparison, you fail to take into account two key points. #1. You used the word “choose.” I recognize that people have a choice to listen or not to listen to Frank Ocean. I am not trying to deny anyone their personal choices. However, there are many people on here (dudes mostly…hmm why is that?) who have said they were fans of Frank’s music, but now that they know he is same-gender-loving, they are choosing to delete all of his songs and not support his music anymore. Which means they are boycotting his music not because they don’t enjoy his music, but because of his sexual orientation. That is bigoted behavior towards a queer person. That is homophobia. Which brings me to point #2. Adult movies center around sex and sexuality. Their main point is to give people sexual gratification. So if a man is straight, of course he is not going to want to watch two men engaged in sex (although many straight men have no problem watching gay sex between women…hmm). That would defeat the purpose. Music is NOT centered around sex and sexuality. It’s main purpose is NOT to give listeners sexual gratification. It is usually used as a medium to tell stories, to express feelings and thoughts, to make people dance, and to entertain. I’m pretty sure most people aren’t listening to music in order to get off sexually, so your adult movie to music comparison is flawed. Gay people can listen to straight artists and still be entertained and LOVE THE MUSIC. A straight man can listen to a female singer singing about men, and still LOVE THE MUSIC. A straight woman can listen to a man singing songs about a woman and still LOVE THE MUSIC. So why in your mind should it be so difficult for a straight person to listen to music from a gay artist and not be able to just LOVE THE MUSIC?

  15. D_Ably

    this isn’t really about gays, this is about sayin your gay to get album sales, and that sh!ts lame as fook man. And ocean ain’t never been on no playlist of mine, even before he turned into an industry puppet

  16. Sosa_Limone

    word i like what the homey sense offender said… i dont watch no gay porn and i aint gonna listen to a nigga singing about another nigga.. it is what it is.. it dont make me homophobic or anti-gay… or anybody else that feels the same way as me.. it is what it is… i think its cool he stood up and isnt ashamed, i give him props for that bc too many pple are scared to do that, but that dont mean i gotta rock with his music…

  17. Guest

    It’s stupid to say this is for album sales in a country where it’s illegal to for gay couples to marry and in a genre where most songs are about sex and love for a women it would be a terrible move to announce your gay before the album drops. That’s just common sense. If anything he has lost a couple fans, sure his name has gotten a little more exposure but him being gay definitely hurt his album sales potential. Besides if you look at who he is as a person in his music and interviews it’s obvious he’s not the kind of guy to use a personal issue like this just to gain more attention.

  18. Pierre Elliott







  19. suge380

    Who cares Lil GAyne and Baby been trying to come out the closet years ago…They went back in when nobody was feeling dat crap. What you do in your bedroom is your biz long as you aint hurting kids or raping mf. I don’t give a crap who gay and who ain’t, but don’t get mad when you album flops or someone call you out on the crap. Im not homophobic i just don’t believe in it and don’t understand how you can be attracted to the same sex, but at the same time, I don’t really care about other people and they issues.  But for you nasty mf that be jumping back and forth and infecting black women with AIDS, KILL YOUR SELF. You don’t have to come out the closet, but don’t be raw dogging females and you been fudge packing or packing fudge. Fine Azz these women are out here, in all shapes and sizes, and you wanna lay up wit another ashy azz dudes. Just Nasty, and you females better stop bumpin snatches, you ain’t gonna do nothing but start a fire.

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