Epic Fail: Nas And Frank Ocean Collabo LOST!

Just when you thought Frank Ocean was going the right way in his career, he does this. You may remember Nas had proclaimed that the young singer was on his upcoming album, Life Is Good, but that song will never be heard. But, the fact is…this is a fail of epic proportions. They did do the song and it was “lost” due to a “technological mishap.” Talk about LOST is right. Anyway, I don’t know that a Frank Ocean collaboration is right for Nas’s new album, because most of the songs I’ve heard have a 90’s feel to it, straight spitting. But, some of the lyrics were revealed in a recent profile on Frankie. The name of the song was “No Such Thing As White Jesus,” which actually has me very curious.
Whatever you do, young king, don’t wind up dead

Young queen, cross your legs,

Put a crown on your head and remove the chains

’Cause even diamond chains are for slaves,

Don’t set foot in no penitentiary

And don’t taste the poison


Both Nas and Frankie are coming out on July 17. No pun intended. Cop Life Is Good and Channel Orange!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “Both Nas and Frankie are coming out on July 17. No pun intended”


  • Guillaume Pilon

    fake  rumor

    nas dropping a track with a name like that ???????????

    go kill urself with that bs

    • Casor_Greener

      You want a white Jesus don’t you!! Simple truth of the matter…he wasn’t white, he wasn’t the son of God (no more than you or I), his mother wasn’t a virgin, and he didn’t rise from the dead.

      • EL_BARK


        Are you the son of a preacher??? Lol
        Let me find out, you sippin on that judah juice,???

        Uh you got 1/3 right. Depending on what system
        You suscribe to
        Unless you converted to Islam & didnt tell nobody.
        Sound like you been reading the quran. Or taking judah classes. Lmao
        I would call marry a virgin, only because both books tell of him not being conceived (sp) by conventional methods.
        Meaning sperm & eggs.
        The bible say it was the immaculate conception
        Quran says that with the power of allah, the angel jabril
        Went into mary womb, or something to that effects. Either way,
        The both agree, he wasnt born like me, you , or anybody else.
        I often you this point when debating, the islamic extremist in my fam. Lol jk

      • GOD has the power to make the human body conceive, just like today we have artificial insemination / surrogate mothers / Implanted Embryos.

        Amoebas, 1 cell creatures, use ASEXUAL reproduction, no male & female, so VIRGIN birth is %100 believable, if one ascribes to the power of GOD Almighty, etc.

        Flip side = Never finding a living GOD in a Dead Book. Metaphysically speaking I’ll go clearer, if you wanna see GOD take a look in the Mirror.

      • EL_BARK

        Glad you seen my point, and caught the meat of it.
        Yeah he is not God, its only one God, despite what name you call him.
        And i not talking that mason supreme being shet. LoL

      • johnblacksad

        I be tryin to tell n!ggaz… We LIVING PROOF… literally! (No Group Home)

        People stay expectin some kind of irrefutable proof that’s gonna be handed to them… they will NEVER EVER be any better proof than thyself, simply living, having emotions and being able to communicate… like we doin right now!

        I co-sign never finding a living God in a Dead Book… i don’t care how many pages that book is… my “G” is just too powerful, too strong, too beautiful, too deep, too smooth, too infinite, too much everything… to be exhaustively described and ‘summed up’ in a book!

      • immackulate

        on mama’s you can research JESUS DNA and scholars have already confirmed he only had 24 chromosomes which is about half what you, i and every other person in the world have (46) – he was defnitely conceived thru divinity

      • Casor_Greener

        You know I”m not on that Judah Naz tip.  I believe in God, but all that other stuff you all can figure out.  If I was anything it would be Semi-Jewish or Bahai.

      • EL_BARK

        @ semi jewish.

        I was just clowing on the judah naz tip,
        But i did have a flash back oh him, when i read your post…..
        How is the calculating math biz going?

      • Casor_Greener

        Same as ever mayne, Rich folks getting money and don’t where to put it or what to do with it.  I just help them sort thing out with Uncle Sam

      • well u right about the white thing… (and he wasnt black either)

      • EL_BARK

        If your not white, You are BLACK my man.
        Or shall i say non-white. Anything else your a mix breed,
        Ie asian & chinese, from when the white people came out of the moutains & caves,
        And started to explore, and fuk shet up. With their barbaric (sp) actions.

      • yeah… thats not true at all.

      • EL_BARK

        I take it your white???

        I wouldnt lie, its the truth i swear.

        Look @ the indigenous people of the middle east? & africa.
        They are black my man.
        They have brown/ dark conplexion skin.

        & the part about whites living in the mountains & caves, is truth too.
        You ever seen a black cave man??? Of course not.

        Whites got their names from the Caucusaa mountains in europe between asia.
        They were up their for years, while blacks was chilling building pyrmaids, & eating grapes, & flounder & catfish.

        But one day they wander down, somehow manage to build a boat, and shet got all fuk up.
        You ever seen a black barbarian??? With the animal
        Bones on their helmet. whites didnt now how to make fire, in the mountain so they ate are their meat raw. Once they gots on boats, they fuk tge game up
        Like rich & them. (sigel voice)

        Look it up, i bet you see everything i said is true.

      • dude have you EVER seen a cave man?? Have you EVER seen a barbarian?? NO!!!! lol jesus was hebrew!! You think every person with a tan complexion is black?? lol You think every asian person is black?? Get over yourself. Its like when dumb white people think jesus was white, black people like to think jesus was black lol.. but the crazy thing is WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!! We are all homosapians!! You said cave man well guess what thats a broad ass term my man, ur thinking of neanderthals n ish, well guess what they all died out!!

      • immackulate

        hey WILL it’s a fact that the people of the BIBLE were black – matter fact the BIBLE isn’t even a religious book its a HISTORY BOOK / BOOK OF LAWS explaining the covenant of GOD’s chosen people (… TRUE he created all races CAUCASIANS included from the Caucus Mts.) of the Black Hebrews, Jews (which is a term to coin the people of JUDAH) <<< all facts my melanin challenged bruvah – look it up – start with EXODUS

      • no its not a matter of fact. its a history book written a long time after the fact.

      • immackulate

        written after the fact TRUE – is that supposed to negate the FACTS or FACT FINDING ???

      • negate?? more like dilute the facts. When the prosecution interviews a witness years after something happens the details tend to change. So use your brain.

      • immackulate

        yeahc you can dilute facts about how many people there were was it 10 or 100 – but its hard to dilute the fact that they were BLACK – genius you said what i needed you to say – the facts are diluted about slavery needless to say one fact wasnt the slaves were BLACK – are you following what im saying????

      • nah im not folowing, u talking bout the bible?? wtf is you taking bout.. if jesus had black genes that still doesnt make him “black”.. if latinos have black genes because of their brown skin that doesnt make them black.. it just means they had black genes, so if anyone is try to declare jesus “black” cause he had some black genes thier still wrong!!!

      • immackulate

        man you are an idiot – cant explain logic to a dumb azz

      • u just mad cause i took you to school, instead of dropping you off at the bus stop. LoL your not ready for an illuminated mind such as mine.

      • immackulate

        man you gotta be phucking kidding ME … cant no pink toed, pale faced, melanin challenged, mayonaise spreading, cave dwelling, air guitar playing, peckerwood SKOOL ME TO SHYT

      • well that ish just happened!!! stop being so senistive grow some nuts and appreciate what the pink toed pale faced melanin challenged mayonaise spreading cave dwelling mofucas have done for this great nation!!!! Now if i responded back with all the racial names i could think of that wopuld be racist huh?? lol so lets be hinest YOU are the evil racist in this convo.

        Look took you to school AGAIN!!!! You gotta start walking to the bus stop on ya own and be a big boy!!! lol

      • immackulate

        man you a phucking weirdo LOL

        do some history and find out who taught the RED MAN how to be civilized – then research BLACK SPANISH MOORS and then rethink that thought about WHAT THE CAVE DWELLERS HAVE DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY and where they learned colonization

        took me to school LLAMF i aint even gonna begin to justify that dumb azz quote

      • EL_BARK

        No your wrong. Jesus was an hebrew????
        I suggest you get off ahh and look at a map.

        Lol also jesus was a black man, the language he spoke was “hebrew”

        So if i am black, but speak french. Am i a french person.????
        Sillly fools, you have a lot to learn my friend.

        As far as barbarians, & cave man. I dont have to see one,
        To know they are white. Plus there are plenty of evidence that the vikings,
        Were white. Just like uh, all people from europe,
        Were white at that time.

        Hebrew is not an race, or nationality.
        You either white or non white…

        It doesnt take genius to figure out what color jesus was.
        Just look at map, oh by the way if you want to get techincal.
        Jesus would be consider a palestinian because he was
        Born in present day palestine.

      • if u think jeseus was black then your just as foolish as white peeps who thinks he was white. Period. No ifs ands or buts.

      • EL_BARK

        Um we are not the same the bible says it.
        That we all the same is what the white man tries to preach.
        That why they use the bible to spread lies. And tell us we dont need the old testament.
        That jesus came & die for all.

        Not true. Jesus was sent by God, to get his “chosen people in tact & order”
        Because we were living foul. Like all the the other prophets that came before jesus,
        Their message was for God people.
        You heathens & Pagans. and Romans werent included in the conveant God made with Moses.
        Yall with also pay for misleading, the peoe for all these years.

        Shalom. (judah voice)

      • lol oh the bible said it.. yet the white man uses the bible to spread lies.. yeah that made sense.. the bible is a book of stories to refect on the past, it isnt a book about evolution, if u belive in the bible as its wriiten then you wouldnt belive in evolution so then hebrews are hebrews whites are white blacks are blacks and asians are asian. get your thoughts straight buddy sounds like you are too busy being mad at the white man. I guess native americans are black?? And trust me the white man wasnt trying to preach we were all the same the racist mofucas were clearly trying to say we were NOT all the same.

      • EL_BARK

        Read what i say, but dont twist it.

        I said ” we are all the same” is what the white man tries to preach.
        Using the bible to spread lies. Translation.

        I didnt say the bible was a lie. I said the white man USES the bible to preach his LIES.
        Just like hitler uses it to justify killing jews.

        Just like the white SLAVE master uses in during slavery to justify it.

        Also I like how you skip over the FACT that you were wrong calling
        Jesus an “hebrew”.

        When hebrew is an language. See what you are doing is often common technique used by the heathen. Stay away from the facts, & how i clearly just showed you were WRONG
        By calling him an hebrew. And go back to this reverse pschy…
        That i am being an reverse racist, because i am dealing with facts.

        “Your just as crazy as white people who think he whites”
        Naw my G, i have just demonstrated i’m to smart for that.
        Dont pull the rascist card out, because i far more advance then you in this area.
        & making you look like a fool.

        So if jesus wasnt black. What is he. & please dont say he is an language.
        What color are the people that from that area.????

        No i dont believe in evolution, you fool. Its a “theroy”
        I can come with a theroy, that we was created by aliens, that live on the planet
        Kyrptonite, and it would be just as credible as the bogus notion.
        We came from a fish that jump out of water, grew gills and, legs,
        Then some how tranformed into a human being.???
        Sound like some shet, i will tell a child & night for a bed time story.
        To answer your question, native american are black to.
        Dont they have “brown” skin???
        If you read the bible you would know, every nation of people come from the 12 tribes of isreal.
        Execpt for white people…… Yall are a recessive weak gene.

        Native american are part of the 12 tribes. That why
        I said your either white or non white = black or a shade of brown.

        Also the white man does preach that jesus loves everybody,
        And that GOD love is for ALL. But white people didnt want the slaves to read the old testament,
        Because in the old testament it clearly states who the 12 tribes are.
        And that God has a ” chosen group of people”
        Which is the people of isreal. Or the seeds of abraham.

        You the heathens (white people) are mention in the bible as well.
        And my friend dont worry, yall heathens better get yall ish together.
        And stop putting science & all that BS over God word & laws.
        No matter what faith you are.
        Basic instruction before leaving earth.

        In closing i will leave you with this bible verse.
        ” the First Shall be last”
        & the last shall be FIRST.”

        Now when your able to figure out what i am talking about,
        I bet that cocky white ego, of your goes bye-bye.

        Yall reign on this earth as a the dominant powers is almost up.

        &. WE GOT NEXT.

        Its was written, 2,000 years ago.
        Your so blind & clueless you prolly have the slightest idea of what i am talking about.
        I bet your scratching your head now, with a puzzle look on your face. Lmao

        Dont take my word for it heathen, but go ask you priest at your pagan institution,
        & ask What happen to the lost tribes of isreal…….

        We not the SAME your right.
        We are God chosen people, you heathens well,
        Yall will feel his wrath as he sees fit….

        He prolly just erased all you hearhens off the face this earth once the messiah comes back.
        Make sure you bring up evolution to @ judgement day.
        Just make sure you ass aint no where near me when you do.

        In closing just remember, blacks are dominants and yall (whites) just some off brand weak
        Recessive mutation. That why when we make baby,
        With you heathens. are feature dominate yall the mix baby because yall are recessive mutation. Thats why yall have no melanin. Your body is @ conflict with nature. That why yall get sunburn, and had to run to the caves in the first place. Thats why yall have lice,
        Look your president is black. But his momma is white. ???

        PS heathen.
        Its dark & hell is hot. 🙂

      • jesus is jewish. not black. never was never will be. Youd think a white man with a tan is black gtfoh. Wheather he evolved from blacks doesnt matter, that be like saying a black person is a monekey cause he evolved from one. nah. But i think your true colors of hating the white man has come forth. With all tha heathen talk. And white people have melanin its important for eyesight. albinos dont have it and thats why they have poor eyesight.
        You sound mad. Upset. You said white people use the bible to preach lies. My friend you have done the same. Just now. You see how easy it is to think you know something and belive in it so much your cursing people and wishing bad on them. Thats how it starts brother.
        And the bible is written by man, not god. A man wrote that and all men are flawed. Add that up. I just taught you something about the world and yourself.
        and PS my fellow “Human” if blacks are/where dominat then how the hell did WE do the real dominating!!! huh??? The racist white people enslaved yall and the good white people helped free you. Its a much more complicated picture then someone with such a small minded hatefull view can imagine!!! Biiitch *Jesse Pinkman voice

      • EL_BARK

        Your so dense, that you just saying anything now, not to look like a fool.
        I get the feeling you might be a teenager.

        First, of all i not teaching hate.
        Naw all jokes aside, you guys are heathens, or atleast in the bible that whats yall were called.
        Also have you ever tooken a biology course son.

        When i said black people are dominant i was refer to
        “Genes” newsflash. Black people or wait all people.
        Wait the first human to walk this earth come from africa.
        When i said blacks are dominant genes, i was refering to the genetic make up one ones body & cells. White people have “recessive genes” your guys are genetic mishap.

        I gave the example of Obama: because you see what happens when a black person
        (dominant gene) haves a baby with a white person ( recessive gene)
        The baby most of the times will come out with black features, and look more like a black person
        That because blacks have “dominant genes” and white people genes,
        Or chemical make up is inferior when compares to ours.

        You was just talking about science, its a fact.
        White people are a recessive gene. Look it up.

        Now first you said jesus was hebrew. But i had to tell you that hebrew is an language
        Not a race.

        Now you say jesus was jewish. Lmao
        Um okay wait are you serious???? Tell me your bull shetting.

        So now jewish “race” is a religion???? Is that what you just said.???

        So if i am a white person and i got to a catholic church
        Does that mean i am not white but a catholic.

        Have you ever seen an job appilication & under race, & seen a jewish box you can check.

        Wait if i am black and go to a church. I guess my race is christian?

        You know the original jews were black right??? The jews during the times of jesus were blacks as well. Or did you forget that jesus was born & lived in the middle east.
        Which is mainly desert land.

        See how much i am just showing, you dont know shet, although it was obvious when you made you first comment thinking your smart, but really not knowing shet.
        By stating jesus wasnt black. My job here is done,
        Just wanted you see & realize how much a fool you really are.

        So lets recap. Jesus isnt black.
        His race is an language. & a religion.

        Okay i am an english / buddahist then.
        Since i speak english & practicing budhha. Wow
        You cant be this dumb. But you are which makes it even more funnier.

        Furthermore, whites enslaving blacks had nothing to do with yall be dominat over us,
        Yall just devils/ @ hearts. Murders, rapist, theives.
        Yall also killed millions of native americans, & stole they land.

        Thats why i said up above people were doing good until,
        Yall cave men came down from the mountains & started to fuk shet up. Its not your fault .
        Its a curse yall have. Thats why in the bible it warns us to stay clear & away from the heathens.

        Furthermore, if you read the old testament you would know.
        Slavery of blacks, & God chosen people were prophecize.

        You do know “God chosen people” were also enslaved in egypt to right?
        So yall enslave us was just a punishment. But if that was our punishment,
        Just imagine how bad you heathens are going to GET IT.

        Our punishment is over, and look
        How we rose up out of slavery, & now got a black face leader of the so called free world.
        Although i not an obama fan. Yall still think, yall going to be dominating for ever?

        News flash: its more non-white people, then its is white people in the world.
        You guys white people, are really the minority. & your days of being in power on this earth,
        Are numbered. trust me, i prove you wrong two times today.
        Wait it was more then that. By the way i dont hate white people.
        & as long as you heathens repent, the most high, will forgive you.
        He prolly going to wipe out most of yall, knowing how he destroyed cities, & civilization before in the past. But you dont read his book, that was written by man, so you prolly will perish also.
        But you think man came from a monkey.

        Okay my job here us done,
        Time to hit the lounge, with the fellas.
        Good Day you heathen. And everytime i see you post i going to remind you,
        How much of an heathen you are. For trying to intentionally mislead people.

        Next times you see the kings building on a topic,
        Keep your closet racist ass, out the convo…..
        I know deep down you a racist, just try to cover it up.
        I can tell by your tone, how you said “we” when refering to “white people.
        And you boast in the last post about enslaving blacks, like your proud of it.
        As a rebutall, couldnt make it more clearer.
        “if blacks are dominant why did we enslaves you guys then”
        Cracker that something you proud of.
        Being a murderer, & rapist. see it dont take much to make a devil show his horns.

        Consider yourself EXPOSE & ETHER. @ the same damn time.

        Jesus wasnt black, he was jewish!!!!!!!
        Epic fail quote of 2012.

      • EL_BARK

        You said.

        if u think jeseus was black then your just as foolish as white peeps who thinks he was white. Period. No ifs ands or buts.

        Also dont try to edit your comment. I already copy & paste it.

        Then you said.

        “jesus is jewish. not black. never was never will be. Youd think a white man with a tan is black gtfoh”

        Not only are you a closet racist. You Just contradicted yourself. So now jesus is a white man with a tan,

        But above if a person said jesus was white, they were crazy right.
        See a true racist cant hide is tfue feelings.

        Your problem from jump street was that we said jesus was black.
        Your inner racism, couldnt stand to see us say that
        So you make a comment saying not he not black. and then try to disguise you denial
        Of him being black, by saying.

        “Your just as crazy as white people, who thinks he white. Lmao”
        Which was a muse.

        Then when i questioned you to what race he was and now your clueeless.
        He hebrew , no he jewish now he a white person with a tan.

        Well if you put it that way. We all white with tans. Cause we all black,
        And shades or brown. Also an albino is still a black person,
        Them having no melanin, is just a genetic thing.

        You my cracker friend have very little, and its has nothing to do with genetics.
        Well it does, but your comparing apples to oranges.
        Black people can make an albino baby. An and a albino baby can makeca normal black child.

        You white people only can make white people.
        Cause yall are recessive weak genes heathens.
        I knew calling you a hethens will get you to reveal your horns. Lol
        Works every time.

      • ok ill trade you a black jesus for a white 2pac??? ill even throw in a black jerry seinfeld…??? deal??

      • johnblacksad

        damn, ya ninjaz went in!!! no  homo

      • i think our disagreement stems from me thinking your saying jesus was black, like wesley snipes black, whitch he wasnt he was jewish, hebrew or whatever the hell u wanna call it.. ur talking bout resesve genes n ish.. lol.. if u see a mexican or latin mofuca or whatever, do u consider him black? Under those pick your race things in job apps someone like that is not goning to chose black/african american. (plus i never said jesus was a white person with a tan i said if YOU seen a white person with a tan youd think or say he was black, nothing to do with jesus there buddy)

      • EL_BARK

        No ya dont.
        Dong try to weasel your way out this.
        Wesley snipes is blacknbut he has a dark skin complexion.

        You knew damn well i didnt mean black as DARK.
        I stated several time, “shades of brown”
        And i ask you what “comolexion of the indigenous people/ native people
        Of the land over there.

        Dont try to save face you racist, or crack jokes now that your true color are shining so bright througg you computer. Also a person say black.
        And you immediately think dark like wespley snipes huh?
        See the more you explain, the obvious it becomes.

        Also again. “Jewish” is a person that practice the religion
        Of judaism.

        Saying jesus was jewish, is telling what religion he was.

        Not his race/ color/ or nationality.
        Again for the last time. Your either white or non white. Or white or black.

      • Mexicans arent black. Asians arent black. If they filled out a job app they wouldnt put black. They may have some black genes or some ish but they arent black.

        And dont try to act like you know my true colors you dont know me at all. I used wesley snpes as an example everyone can understand. I think your racist to be honest all that heathen talk. I dont care what you think the bible says you go around calling people heathens thier not going to take to kindly to it.

      • immackulate

        uh actually his mother THE BLACK MADONNA was a virgin when JESUS was born – now when his brothers were born thats something totally different

         – dna samples decades ago and found that there was only 24 chromosomes in JESUS’ blood type – 22 autosomes and 1 X,Y chromosome while every other male has a total 46 – males have X and Y chromosomes and the rest are made up of autosomes

        basically confirming that he had 22 + X (from his mother) = 23 AND one Y chromosome from divine intervention making a totoal of 24

        research it yourself my bruvah … i couldnt make this up if i tried

      • EL_BARK

        Where shall one go to seek this revelation out.
        That you speak of ?????

      • immackulate

        Ron Wyatt Archaeological Research …

      • Casor_Greener

        Jesus DNA? Man you can’t be serious.

      • immackulate

        i dont gain nothing from lying to you … i was skeptical at first too … i had to research what i was researching until the shyt started to make sense

      • EL_BARK

        & let the people say


        I going to check it out over the weekend,

      • immackulate

        its a long shot but the more i researched it – it started to make more sense

  • ChinotheJet

    It’s not like they can’t re-record the shit

  • King Cold

    hmm did it have to do with the gay thing?

  • ccwaterbound32

    i know this aint got nothing to do with the topic but……BIG BOOTY HO*S HUMP WITH IT!!!!!! LET ME SEE YOU TOUCH THE GROUND!!!!!!

    • mademan3000


    • immackulate

      ahhh you just got the party hype

  • water_ur_seeds

    Cant wait for that Nasty joint

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  • RO♫♫IE

    nas the best in NY

    • Sean Peterson


      • Murk707

        So who’s the best in NY tough guy????????

      • Murk707

        ASLOP Rocky?  LOL!!!!

      • THere are no best as these rappers suck all across the board.

      • Rakim Allah 

      • Nas has long been overrated.  Stole Kool G Raps style.

      • immackulate

        er’rapper has influences

    • johnblacksad

      just in NY?

  • jay real


  • rep87

    Rumor crap trying to single out Nas with bullshit alot calabos dont ever see the light of day this is only news because Frank popped out in desperation to move some units  NEXT !

  • illymac

    Nas aint want a gay dude on his album
    so he took frank ocean off..
    the song isnt lost..
    it aint just come up missing..
    the song been done..

  • WillVetterGoodin

    frank ocean been trying to date Nas, when Nas found out, he dropped the project. 

  • Pierre Elliott

    wow. Can you imagine Nas picking up the phone?; and Ocean goes: Son, I love you.

    • Q.

       Hilarious. He had the Illmatic poster on the wall as a kid for a different reason.

    • ReadMore82

      HAAAHAAA! lmao Awkward as hell, they need to cut this sh@t out.

  • Q.

    So was Nas turned off by the gayness or the “diamond chains” line? (Ha!)

     The game is twisted:

    White is the new Black.
    Black is the new Cannibal.
    Hip-Hop is the new Pop.
    Bath salt is the new Crack.
    Drugs are the new Food.
    AIDS is the new Flu.
    Gay is the new Cool.
    Fake is the new Real.
    Out is the new “In.”
    Hate is the new Love.
    Love is a new Sin.
    Soft is the new Hard.
    Dumb is the new Smart.
    Smart is the new Wack.
    Wack is the new Tight.
    Tight is the new Baggy.
    Thirstin’ is the new Mackin’.
    Trickin’ is the new Pimpin’.
    Money is God.
    God is a Goat.
    Sheep are Men.
    Kids are Killers.
    Obama is Bush.
    Sluts are Queens.
    Coons are Kings.
    The Kings are all corpses.

    …Life is the new Death.

    © CopyRIGHT N0W!

    • Q…you don’t know me…but…I hafta steal this!

      • ReadMore82


      • Q.

         Aight… Just gimme my credit. I got lawyers. LOL

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  • D_Ably

    lol ‘No such thing as white jesus’ People are clowns, theres no jesus period. Oh yeah,there is but he just kicks back and enjoys the rape, murder, slavery, peadophiles and junkies.

    • immackulate

      um’ma keep you in my prayers …

    • johnblacksad

      He doesn’t enjoy it… He is hurt too… it’s not much more He can do for us! He already gave us Power of Attorney to do everything we want in His name, He gave us the same power He has… He gave us ability, a functioning brain, He even went as far as to put good and evil out there so we can really learn the difference and choose wisely, but only thing we chose to do, is rape, murder, slavery, drugs.. etc..

      But in the end, i mean in the very end, don’t worry about it too much… He got us all! Ain’t nobody outside of his jurisdiction!

    • EL_BARK

      Bless you my child.

    • EL_BARK

      You are thall heathen that they speak of in the holy books.
      2500 years later, and yall still havent changed.

      Typical jew mentality, yall didnt believe him
      The first time he was on earth.

      Best believe when he comes back.
      Yall going to learned? Yup
      Yall going to learned that day. !!!!!!!!!!!

      While his story may varies & as well as his role,
      Their is a large amount of evidence that Proves jesus walk this earth.
      And both books agree he coming back.

      I guess mary magedlene fleeing after jesus death is made up also?
      Or that dude pontias pilate (sp) the roman gov who had no beef with him?
      Romans keep execellent records, cause they stole everything.
      But none the less, it still is written.

    • johnblacksad

       oh yeah, another mothafcukin thing… call me a fool if you wanna, but one day you’ll see was only just tryin to help!

      I be tellin ninjaz to chill being quick on refuting Jesus/Bible ‘tales’ with certainty like they know it all.

      If you think Jesus’ miracles, or Moses splitting the sea etc… are ‘fairy tales’ just think for a second what would happen if you went back 4000 years ago and told them ninjaz that you have a brand new ipod that was shipped by plane from China and you get to listen to 2pac who is dead all the while soakin in a hot bath (damn, you take baths n!gga?!) with hot running water…. go tell this sh!t to Moses and his people right now and see if they don’t slap the pharaoh sh!t out of you for tryin to bullsh!t them! real talk…

      i wasn’t there when Moses split the red sea, i don’t how it went down exactly and how many remixes of this story have been made…

      all i’m sayin is chill on being quick to dismiss everything as a fairy tale… that’s ignorance disguised as assurance.

      • m n

        Youre a thinking brother and wise to be such. People know GOD exists they just make excuses, some have called on him and didnt get their prayers answered because they didnt seek him with their whole heart. Faith doesnt mean believe for a day or a week, GOD doesnt work on our terms but his, but its all about faith. Whenever Jesus was asked why something didnt happen in the New Testament, his answer was always because of lack of faith. 

    • WTF?  Man….. you trippin.  Judgement Day ain’t gonna be good for you.

    • Smart dumb nigga !If your trying to say that the bible is fiction bro you are misguided.They just recently in the lat 90’s found some of the original text of the new testament dated back to about 60 AD.. His name was Yashwa

  • immackulate

    i can rock with why NAS would want to hide that song long enough to remove LAMAR from REVENGE OF THE NERDS off the hook but in the end i hope the song does surface just off the name of the song – which prollly was the TITLE but you know record exec’s and AR’s get ahold of it and end up changing the title to GOD BODY or something

  • uShallKnoDaTruth

    frank ocean is gay he needs to repent and fight the demons jus because u think ur gay dont mean u have to sleep with men its called temptation……if jesus could turn down satan u can too

    • PorchBoySlim

      Jesus real name was Yashua so why do you call him Jesus? and the bible NEVER said Satan was a person it LITERALLY means adversary so who exactly did he turn down?

      • uShallKnoDaTruth

        u should study ur bible more….. and as for jesus it could be yoshua ben yosef as long as u know who im talking about……and if satan is not a man how does he have children on earth???? dont let me find out u go to church on sunday

      • PorchBoySlim

        I study the bible…YOU need to study more instead of going misconceptions taught in the church…Satan literally means adversary can you show me where it says it is a actually person…everything about it is misquoted…when the bible speak sof the Devil its actually plural Devil(s)…when it says lucifer it speaks of the morning sun…..the bible is more allegorical than literal…how can you say “as for jesus it could be yoshua ben yosef as long as u know who im talking about” when its clear you not saying the lord and saviors real name? you could be praying to the devil and dont even know it…the devil is as trickster remember….i know im jumping all over the place but its alot of stuff to cover im not trying to disrespect your views or nothing like that but ur def. misguided

      • uShallKnoDaTruth

        well who is this beast that is spoken of over and over in the bible……who did god allow to curse job and his family…..who will give the anti-christ its power?????? who tempted eve to eat the apple????????? 

      • uShallKnoDaTruth

        also who reigns over this world since u study the bible…….and also where are black people in the bible…… if u saying the devil aint a man…..your also saying the messiah inst real

    • m n

      Exactly, he was able to do it because he had the spirit of GOD in him, thats what it takes to fight the flesh. We are all bent towards a carnal nature, but with the Spirit it is overcome. 

  • The letter “J” wasn’t invented until the 16th century so therefore his name isn’t Jesus..and everybody know shakespeare wrote the bible for King James that’s why they call it King James Version….i guess 85% really are dumb and blind 

    • If your trying to say that the bible is fiction bro you are misguided.They just recently in the lat 90’s found some of the original text of the new testament dated back to about 60 AD. I just watched the a documetary about it on the history channel. But what you said about the letter J is corect. His name was Yashwa

    • PorchBoySlim

      what u said agout the J is correct BUT Shakespeare wasnt a real person bro…he was an alias for multiple writers thats why knowone actually knows the correct way to spell his man…with different things “he” wrote it was spelled differently….there were 47 scholars that translated the bible…while I partially agree with what your saying, you need to research a lil deeper pimpin…..

  • Jamison Sargent

    So wont b supporting no faggot as Frank Ocean. The last thing I want to hear is a man singing bout loving another man and before you fag lovers call me homophobic remember this. Homosexuality did not exist until after Adam and Eve both ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. REMEMBER THAT SON………………

    • daveofthematthews

      Man your a gullible dumb ass, not just because of the anti homosexual part of your argument but more because you talk like Adam and Eve were real people. We are just a part of evolution. Adam and Eve are just a chapter from a fictional part of some religious bullshit fools like you subscribe too. the whole idea of them was conceived by a cult otherwise known as a Religion to suck people like you in, to give weak minded and uneducated people peace of mind, comfort and a sense of belonging. Kinda funny how you religious nuts swear by and probably pray to a fictitious “God” that not one of you idiots has EVER proven does or could even exists! you need to wake up this is 2012 REMEMBER THAT SON!  

      • Vaughn Pyne

        str8 ppl are the only reason evolution worked 

      • daveofthematthews

         This i agree with but then this is just common sense, But who are we to say every human was put on this planet to breed and reproduce?

      • ccwaterbound32

        you and the three people who agree with you are fools!!!! there is a god trust me! he’s very real its just up to you if you decide to accept and acknowledge him if not so be it but i know for a FACT there is a god…..

      • daveofthematthews

         The truth is you actually do not know that god does without a doubt exist and your claim he does is most certainly not a Fact because in order for you to present a Fact you also need to be able to present evidence!… So where is yours?…..

      • m n

        You sound stupid, GOD is real, you will find out one day, common sense should tell you that if humans came from evolution we would still be evolving, but thats not the case. Seek the face of GOD and you will find out that he is real, but you will never find him if you dont humble yourself and pray. Im speaking from experience.

      •  PREACH!!!

      • daveofthematthews

        1, i can ensure you i am not stupid 2, you mention common sense as if i have none, yet you devote your beliefs to something that is invisible and has never been witnessed 3, you claim to know we are not still evolving as if evolution happens in 15 minutes when in reality it normally takes thousands of years! you are also wrong in that claim The most obvious example of this is lactose, the sugar in milk. Some
        10,000 years ago, before humans started farming, no one could digest
        this beyond a few years of age. But today, the rate of lactose tolerance in different parts of the world
        is a clue to the different histories of farming across the globe. While
        99% of Irish people are lactose tolerant, in South East Asia, where
        there is very little tradition of dairy farming, the figure is less than
        5%. 4, what exactly has this so called god ever done for you that you can’t already do for yourself. And finally 5, next time you want to argue do some research first so as not to make yourself seem any less foolish than you have to. 

      •  you better HOPE your right…

      • daveofthematthews

         I will be the first to admit i can not prove right here and now that a god does not exist but common sense would tell me he does not. So in short i guess i hope i am right too!

    • Jay Goldsmith

      Frank Ocean was an atheist before he came out, so you wouldn’t have supported him anyway.

  • Frank

    “Cop Life Is Good’?!?!?


    • ReadMore82

      LMAO! I thought I was the only one who caught that. Terrible

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i cant fuk with dat gay nigga…whut he gonna sing about… ode to his boyfreinds balls…..cant listen to franky no more

    • thats what im talkn bout….you stand for something. You dont support that bullshit, so it must not love. #respect.

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  • At least Frank can be honest! What about these 80 percent gay rappers,singers,sports entertainers, and actors.actresses? These industries make billions and billions of dollars with YOUR support! The same supporters talk down on this guy for being honest about his past! And i agree…no i dont wanna hear no ode to a man from a man as an artist but STOP acting like these people dont exist and in the closet! When Birdman and Wayne kissed on LIVE TV, they still went Double Platinum! When Gillie reminded yall! Wayne when TRIPLE PLATINUM! HES BIGGER NOW! So wheres the double standard?

  • therealdealishere

    It sounds like there are a lot of furious gay jamaicans posting here, that are insecure about their manhood.

  • He just spit some real shit that everybody needs to pay attention to.. Whatever the case may be, hopefully everything gets settled and good music can be created..

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