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Album Review: 50 Cent’s “5 (Murder By Numbers)”

Rating: 8 / 10

The fact that there were politics surrounding this release shouldn’t dissuade fans from giving this free album a play. Never mind the fact that 50 Cent just dropped The Lost Tape (which, with the exception of one song, had all new material on it), or that he released The Big 10 at the end of last year. 50 keeps it moving and strikes quickly with 5 (Murder By Numbers), a free album that has the idea of a Curtis Jackson retail album sounding better and better.

There are only 10 tracks here, but the production is top-notch, as 50 secured Focus, Hit-Boy, Havoc, DJ Pain 1, and more to make this sound good on the surface. 50 also keeps things interesting throughout Murder by flipping his delivery and presentation. Whether he’s going back and forth with Hayes on “Business Mind”, sharing the spotlight with Kidd Kidd on “Roll That Sh*t”, or enticing his girlfriend to turn another girl out on “Be My B*tch” (yes, you read that correctly), it’s all 50 Cent to the core. Even at the end as 50 addresses a few of his old habits and contradictions alongside a surprise TDE representative (“Can I Talk To You”), he suddenly turns into the trash-talking 50 that was missing from the other songs. No element of 50’s character is left untouched here, and it makes for an enjoyable ride.

Unfortunately, that serves up a familiar fault as well; a couple of the hooks are as repetitive as we’ve heard on past projects, and 50’s still over-singing at times (“Definition of Sexy” is a prime example of this). The content here also isn’t for everyone, as 50 taps into his explicit side when talking about his sexual endeavors – but he’s never been one to shy away from that as evidenced by previous songs and collaborations such as Missy Elliott’s “Work It Remix”, Lil’ Kim’s “Magic Stick”, and his own “Candy Shop.” Aside from the upped raunchiness on “Be My B*tch” (which is, ironically, executed almost perfectly and made far too catchy to let younger kids hear), 50 Cent has delivered another solid project that shows his consistency. As long as the passion matches the output, it should be fun to see what he does next.

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  • King Cold

    Good album.

    • My ńeighboŕ’s mŏther-iń-ląw Maḱes $8O houŕly on the laptoṗ. She has bėėn out of w0rḱ for 7 months but last Ṁonth her ińcome wąs $8734 just worḱińg on thė laṖt0Ṗ for &#97 ƒew hours&#46 Gŏ to this we&#98 siṫe and ŕead morė.. Ca&#x73hLaz&#121.&#99o&#x6D

      • JondoE303

        lies all lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Thought it was gonna Be doper, kinda boring, same as his recent mixtapes, they all sound the same… Its ok though

    • K1ngEljay

      True. This one’s production is better, and has a few more “original” songs, so it’s worth a spin. I wasn’t bored with this one, though.

  • NOX

    Good Mixtape…

  • Sean Peterson


    • JaffarR

      It’s almost been 10 years since that album. Why does everyone want or how can they even think that 50 will put out material like that. No one can put out material as good as their prime.. Em can’t make another MMLP. Kanye can’t make another College Dropout, Nas- Illmatic, Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt, Game’s Documentary and so on and so forth. Leave Get Rich out of it and enjoy the fresh material for what it’s worth.

      • bigdoe6

        Co-sign this.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i agree their prime their primes are long.now days rappers best albums are their first albums only. the rest is garbage. 50 too after get rich or die trying he went down hill very very fast…..his mixtapes before get rich or die trying , now that 50 was raw as fu** but thats obviously coz he was fresh out the block..

        the difference between rappers back then n today is back then they had passion for rapping so their primes lasted 10 years (bone thugs n harmony, Easy E, Jay Z, Nas, UGK, even Eminem). Now days niggas primes is 6 months. 

      • Bumpy Johnson

        with that said 50 now tho is one of the best rappers rapping considering the fact that everybody else raps like they are high off heroin and crack together and have down-syndrome with a big Southern style dick in their mouth

      • JondoE303

        cuzz they are da cracc babies from da eighties i.e. lil wayne…

      • JondoE303

        co sign to da fullest most of these new cats is straight buttfucc juice !!!

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  • JaffarR

    That song with Schoolboy Q, Hayes, and that Money song are all heaters. 
    50 came correct on this one. 

  • Charles Cole, III


  • ferarri !!!! ill tape  i wish i could buy it @ the stores for a hard copy cause my whip wont play cdrs !!!!!!!! 😉

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  • I give it 8/10 too. Great songs but some of the beats was wack. But his lyrics are there! Top 5 songs – Can I Speak To You, NY, Be My Bitch, Business Mind, & Money.

  • martymar93

    50 cent and school need to do a music video for that song real talk

  • martymar93

    50 cent and Schoolboy q need to do a music video for that song real talk other than that the album is ok but if 50 wants to resurrect his rap career he has to do better than this