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No “Love In Hip-Hop”?

The sites, social networks, and talk around town, any town for that matter, have been engulfed in the drama filled reality show, “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” So many raw topics are being brought to the forefront. Many find it degrading, but many more, entertaining.

You don’t have to watch the show to be able to give a complete rundown of what goes on weekly. So many people discuss it, you couldn’t avoid it if you tried. The same was true when the show was in New York. Viewers saw money, power, sex, lies, and lots of scandal, centered comfortably around the world of music. Is there any responsibility that Hip-Hop should bear?

The entertainment world is just that – for entertainment, but when it’s portrayed, exaggerated, or just plain extra on television, sources have to be pinpointed.

It isn’t as though rap is the only genre of music that touches on the many vices of the world. But it is also no secret that Hip-Hop stays in the spotlight for lacking kid-friendly verses, and isn’t exactly the top choice when it comes to uplifting women.

It could be that the overt raunchiness that’s long been celebrated on the airwaves and stages has made it to television. Entities should be appreciated for the differences they offer. Urban music has a place in the world. It’s not about changing content completely – after all that’s what makes music what it is. But it is about understanding the pros and cons of what’s put out. This could possibly be a spin-off from the negative parts.

We haven’t been blessed with a big urban love song from a rap artist in a while. It seems as though the lyrics go one way, and TV seems to intentionally follow. There’s a saying that you get more of what you put out…

In that case, Hip-Hop could use some more love.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).

  • King Rickey

    We choose how we eductate and represent ourselves, so when whites still  call us dumb monkeys behind our back  for acting like coons on TV and on the radio, it’s our own fault.

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      • The Brain

         Stop spamming your scam on this website! Damn crook!

    •  if anything recognize that these folks are totally screwing up … and learn from thier mistakes ….. and enjoy the entertainment @ the same damn time lol 😉 ……. if you watch this and think …. oh this is the way to live ……. you need help … but i def feel sorry for the kids they may not know the diff … hopefullly they have adults around them that will school them 😉 …… whats messed up … is these folks are out the hood making big $$$$$ or @least have “oppurtunity” on thier side …. and look how they treat it …… not all there are some who seem to have they minds in the right place … just stilll trying to figure the game out … ie scrappy, rasheeda & kmichelle … are all about thier talents, well scrappy still trying to live the single life but @least hes up front about it … the rest seem to be doing whatever to get into the game minus the baby moms stuff that has to do with thier personal life ……

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Let a hoe be a hoe!

    •  ha ha @ the end of the day …. but then again …. cant “let” especially if it impacts you … imagin if chrissy was mimi’s friend lol … i think someone would have been checked by now lol …. but def dont let ….. but yeah …. a hoe gonna be a hoe is more like it lol 😉

  • L. S.

    “We haven’t been blessed with a big urban love song from a rap artist in a while.” Ever heard of Drake?

    • Not about a stripper or about an ex, a Mary J/Method Man type of song…

      •  right def close but no cigar …. think Michael Jackson … now he had real love songs and songs that was healing the world !! 😉

  • ccwaterbound32

    black people! black people! it starts with you and ends with you! how can you sit up and say things like “don’t call me a n*gga/n*gger!” when you hang out with white folks and other ethnic groups who are not black and ENCOURAGE THEM to say that awful disrespectful word around you! you are basically reinforcing  the stereotypes they had about you from the very beginning! you want to buy big azz rims,1000 dollar weaves, designer clothes and shoes from people who despise your very presence in their stores, you tell all your business, expect handouts, and don’t want to work hard for anything, you seek shortcuts and ways to beat things instead of educating yourself about things, and WHEN YOU DO EDUCATE YOURSELF YOU WITHHOLD ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE FROM THE OTHERS!!!! ever hear of that saying “give a man a fish and he will eat for the day but teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” it’s as simple as that but NOOOOOOOO we gots to be greedy and forget where we come from instead of going back to rebuild our neighborhoods and communities, i was watching a dvd the other day with Trill Ent’s artist Foxx from wipe me down fame, he still eatin, gettin money, doing his thang s*it i got nothing but love for that brother for doing that. feeding his fam providing opportunities for his kids supporting his fam in their endevaors and doing all he can to stay out of them devil’s faces but one part of the dvd really caught my attention he said and i quote “my whole street is white im the only black person over there im proud of that n*ggas say all this (makes hand gestures) foxx this foxx that foxx is the n*gga outstanding.” i know them white folks don’t like him even being over there in the first place second i mean can’t you move away and get your money right and then come back to the hood and change it up a bit? i mean pac said it best “i can’t tell a man what to do and how to live and he’s starving and don’t have nothing but when i get what i need to get and im ready to feed him then he’ll pay attention to what it is i got to say.” we gotta do better with how we carry ourselves how we present ourselves we need to know our history we need to know economics and what we can do to make our money work for us. 

    just a thought black people…..

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  • I want Joseline to take responsibility for her actions and STOP blaming her bad choices on her upbringing, her past boyfriends, and even Stevie J. All I saw since episode one was Joseline gloating and proud at the fact that she was creepin with Stevie J. When MiMi asked Joseline about the nature of her and Stevie J’s relationship, Joseline should have been honest in stead of the snake that she is.

    • ccwaterbound32

      lady why is this even relevant to hip hop? YOU NEED JESUS!!!

    •  its sad that a lady would even do that too another woman knowing how hard things can get …. joseline is sort of the worse type cause she knew about the wife … not the other girl … the wife … on some alicia keys ish … reguardless if the relationship / marriage has gone stale … respect that other half and let them work that out 1st before you get your little thirsty hands on tearing that relationship apart …… but i guess when your stuck between a rock and a hard place your bound to do whatever to come up …. in joselines case it was stay in the strip club or deal with stevie j and come up out that into a newer better situation ………..???????

  • thaGOD83

    cc water i feel ya but heres my take on this….WE NAGA-NIGGA-NIGGER-GODS in every sense of the word need to keep saying naga-nigga, for the simple fact it means GOD, and it is one of the only ancient words that made it…THEY tried to mind trick us out of saying it by putting a spin on it to make it seem like a bad tern, so THEY can call each other nigga, and we wont want not part of being GOD…example my patna plays call on duty online and THEY are all over calling each other nigga..THEY want to be US so bad, they have tried every method even exterminating US, so they can take our story to make it HISTORY…feel me..THEY only go back 6000 years if that..WE just have to keep waking up andmoving away from MONEY, ECONOMY…every1 on here needs to grow a fruit/vegetable and be self reliant…WE are gearing up to rise and leave this plane, dimension,plan-et,etc..THEY cant vibrate high enough meaning THEY are stuck here, and the are trying to mix breed, run in the sun, take pills with “melanin”, tan, have sex with us, any thing you can think of to LEAVE or have a chance…all I AM doing is taking care of my body, reshaping my whole way of thinking, cleansing my spirit! THEIR industry is exposed now, something the masses new nothing of 30 years or so ago, and their time is up…So tv shows like these, music, news, the media in generel is THEIR last great weapon…THEY cant come out and rage war against US because we will WAKE up, so deceiving, being sneaky is their method…coniving ways/evil, fearful tactics..THEY fear US, always have, and you know why because THEY fear GOD, or worship ..and they always  do one or the other…the church illusion is fading and the bible even tells you the church will be taken, not in a cloud, but in reality because its not gonna work…it never has…MY PEOPLE…just give the MOTHER CREATOR her love, respect, and think all positive thoughts you dig, CREATE your own HEAVEN..that is where we are going….the book FRANKENSTEIN is US..the dr that created the monster that we tried to destroy but ended up almost destroying US…we went dorment to give the the opp to wake up and THEY blew it..WE have suffered enough…OH YEA   FUCCCCCCKKK T.V. PERIOD .

    • ccwaterbound32

      well that’s you cuz i aint NOBODIES n*gger! i respect myself enough to call another person who LOOKS LIKE ME,BEEN THROUGH THE SAME STRUGGLE AS ME, AND IS BEING OPPRESSED BY THE SAME IMPERIALISTIC REGIME AS ME as my brother, i refer to him as my brother in arms, when i see a black woman i refer to her as my sista because i respect her and consider her to be a queen. see I KNOW my history i know what cloth i was cut from and what type of adversity my ancestors faced! i don’t have pierced ears because during slave times that was a way for the white man to identify if you were a slave if you didn’t have pierced ears you were a man of free color and even those “men of free color” got put into chains anyway if they didn’t have they “papers”… yall better understand who you are and figure out how you can carry out god’s purpose because homeboy i can’t control the physical plane of existence I can’t part no sea in half, I can’t break bread up and divide it into a thousand pieces, I can’t raise another man up from the dead. i just can’t! i know there is a god because my whole life my WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN AN ONGOING BATTLE! 

  • Mongo Slade

    That show has nothing to do with Hip Hop and I hate that they include hip hop in the title…. also Stevie J is a bozo – dude is just sloppy, disrespectful and wack…. I really hope that show is scripted which most “REALITY” TV is yet it is promoted under the guise of being real… that show is ridiculous and sends out too much negative energy

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  • Pierre Elliott


    • Yea its me

      Shut up good god.  It’s TV.  Sick of you black power people.  You are the same muthafuckas that call each other nigga 24/7.

      • The Brain

         You shut that pretty lil mouth of yours before I eat your cooch without your permission! How would you like that? Hmm? You like that?!?! Good! Now shut it!!

      • smh

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

         “Shut up or I will rape you with my mouth.” Stay classy, AllHipHop.

      • immackulate

        phucking goofball

      • Pierre Elliott


      • HAHAHAHA AMEN!!!!!

      • immackulate

        aye this niggah just went HAMburger LLAMF

      • immackulate

        damn shame you think its only about BLACK POWER smh

  • People have to wake up and see the connection.  If you listen to music that disrespects you, watch shows and videos that show people demeaning  and disrespecting each other,  and support artists who celebrate being ignorant, then you shouldn’t really be surprised when you end up surrounded by adults and kids that don’t respect themselves and do not know how to treat one another.

    • exactly.

    • at the end of the day its all about tv and ratings.. Reality TV aint reality tv.. A lot of this is edited and scripted; especially the fight scenes.. The main object is to make money and thats all that matters to them. Including the ones getting treated like crap and the ones who are treating people like crap… It aint real; it just gives us something to talk about…

      • immackulate

        if it aint real and you mf’s know it aint real – why continute to watch it then

        you better off watch cartoons

      • its entertaining…

  • cambodia72

    self demeaning low lifes with no souls, integrity, or honor 

  • Best Show on TV…

  • immackulate

    on mama’s … i channel up/down passed VH1, BET, MTV networks
    i dont even watch BEHIND THE MUSIC no more

  • RBG4Life

    Destructive cultural programming passed off as entertainment.

  • Yet Set Cam

    no, not at all, and it sucks 😛