Hip-Hop Rumors: [Video] The Game Punches 40 Glocc AND TAPES IT!!!!!

This can’t end well. The Game decided to record and post an assault of 40 Glocc on the internet and well, it says a lot. But, what is not said on the video is that there were apparently guns pointed at 40 as he was beaten. And, he smiled back. I mean, you can punch a man, but you cannot shoot him on camera, right? Anyway, 40 was alone after they attended a mutual party and Game was with crew and well….the rest was on tape.

Where is G-Unit when you need them? Anyway, 40 took his licks and then posted a picture of himself after the fracas. AND, they went back and forth on Twitter, which is obligatory.


  • scullyson

    ….Some ole BS right here. 40 caught slippin….Game betta stay on his P & Q’s , smh

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s really hard to be a fan of Game. 

  • Casor_Greener

    LMAO, old boy got rocked. He was the main one talking shit on Twitter and trying to record himself punking dudes.  Now he getting his ass beat on camera. What goes around comes around.

    • MrTroyMercy

      This is real spit when it comes to Karma!

      • Casor_Greener


  • You know it’s the future when beef takes place on Twitter. Next it will be FaceTime assaults. On some ole; “AY YO! ANSWER YOUR FT N*GGA! I’MA BUSS YO SCREEN WATCH! DON’T HANG UP MY N*GGA! I BEST NOT SEE YOU ON SKYPE N*GGA! YOU A DEAD MAN TYPIN N*GGA! YOU A DEAD MAN TYPIN!”

    • CaliTransplant

       word..i hate twitter…

  • Smashit

    Some people just can’t learn – grown ass man and he not paying attention to what’s going on around him – look at Henchman look at Rosemo – when will people be happy with the opportunity to have good money and a family that depends on you – I guess they will never be happy till they family crying at they funeral – stupidity on the highest level

  • digitallife

    Lesson #1 Nobody in the rap game has balls when they are without their crew. Only time you ever see rappers nowadays picking a fight is when they got the yes men behind em ready to pounce..i’m old school.. two men, 4 fists..5 minutes..and lets go smoke something after that…

    • toreal

      Z-Ro kick ass without his crew all the time.

      • Rich Madoff

        plz what did zro do when rap-a-lot beat his ass

  • Monkeyuncle

    Absoulutly nothing Gangsta bout that nothing. Real Niggas move in silence not online. Game is a Barnum and Baily clown,

  • mreastsidecuz

    Man if you think 40 aint going to get back at game you must be out your got dame mine game better be watchin his back

  • toreal

    40 tried to do the same stuff to lil wayne. It’s call karma.

  • Southcidal

    Dude talk too much shitt not to be bout a gangsta scrap. On the real though, cut the bullshiit out and get money. But ole boy brought this on his self.

  • Yeah and if decides to press charges there is evidence!!!…. Game is a GROWN ASS MAN he should know better!!

    • DesignatedH8R

       If he presses charges, then we’ll really see how “Big and Bad” 40 is.

  • King Cold

    and a week later Game gets his ass whooped and sent to the hospital. smh….some dumb shit

  • JimJames29

    Game wants Wayne on his next lame single, and since he aint got 15k  to spare…

  • 40 had it coming to him and Game should have done that after what happened between 40 and Menace.

    In any case….everybody is always tough when they have a crew of shooters behind them. Nobody travels alone anymore which makes it reall easy for a sucker to look tough. Everybody has a crew of tough guys and nobody handles their B.I. alone.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer


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  •  game time

  • can’t really tell too much from the video..anybody can get caught slippin..maybe 40 got jumped then game turned on the camera for 30 seconds after it was over (don’t know how u jump somebody and they walk away though…), or maybe game handled it himself like a man and 40 didn’t want none..all that matters now is the reaction

  • Undercard of the Breezy vs Dreezy fight?

    • ccwaterbound32

      hell yeah! make them fools fight before the main event!!!

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      that would be a definite money maker, and 50 could bring out 40 to the ring while performing many men…..

  • OUCH!!!

  • Oknas

    Game couldn’t beat 50 so he went for 40 lol

    • lol

    • DesignatedH8R

      I don’t think 50 would go anywhere near Game buddy

      • Oknas

         i think the same goes for game, 50 got money, which is power in itself, plus 50 is a boxer. So it was probably mutual

      • Sean Peterson

        yeah based on fif doing a lil boxing and his home boy being floyd ima say that game is trying his best to never be where 50 is at ever..cause it most deff wouldnt go down like that 40 glock bull ish..

      • DesignatedH8R

         Mhmm, so that’s why he’s got this guy 40 Glocc dissing Game and Young Buck for him right?

      • sounds like a boss to me

  • RT

    Great commentary

  • the part when he fell in the bush is funny part lol

  • this must be a scene from VH1 love and hip hop LA

  • wut up everybody check the kid out on youtube just a nigga trying to come up leave some feedback say if im good or not look under 1moneyrob peace and 1

  • Game kicked his ass with a camera in his hand LOLOLOLOLOL. Big Bad 40 scared lol

  • rep87

    40 getting punked its funny because he calls himself Big Bad azz 40 glocc

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  • Sign the world is coming to an end…this is just sad, on all counts.

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    Why does he always take pics after he get his ass whooped??? Nigga they bussed a blood vessel in yo eye!!!! He didn’t even bother to dust the rust from the concrete off his shoulder smh

  • Dadon850

    Game one dumb nigga. All he doing is setting some gang shit in motion.

  • Two grown ass men acting like teenagers.  Beautiful.

  • DesignatedH8R

     This dude 40 Glocc, known for talking a gang of shit about Young Buck, Game, and Lil Wayne on Twitter. Calls himself “Big Bad 40” always talking about how hard he is. Guess who’s in a video getting thrown to the bushes with one hand?

    • Sean Peterson

      GUESS who sound like they had about 5 plus nigguhs with them?? 

      • DesignatedH8R

         Doesn’t matter, guess who got dropped with one hand while everyone’s yelling “Let it go, Game! Let it go!”?

  • $18916246

    Sad….the last time we seen this type senseless physical fracas online….young black blood gang  members ended up dead….game is looking to live past the mascot status that him lil wayne and few other blood gang extorted rappers have.   So game, you won’t be the 1st ignorant black man to rep a tomb stone…again this is sad…it’s only a matter time before game and others like him end up dead for stunts like this….shed no tears people, the writings on the wall….the wheels of ignorance are in motion. Men wear belts in their pants…ni**as can’t fist fight or run with pants around his ankles…..wake up black people.

    • Mos High

      Well said

      • MrTroyMercy

        This bullshyt ain’t well said it’s phucking stupid …they fukcing fought with FIST not guns , real men scrap not shoot . You two cracks need to shut the fukc up with this encouraging gun violence … I swear I wish I could put hands on y’all, seriously . Yeh I know its sensless but you two ducks keep getting your nastrdomus on and predicting death but only bitcch made people want death from ignorance …STFU !

      • MrTroyMercy

        Paradyme if you the cracka from my city you better shut th fukc up before you get yo azz stump’d again . Period.

      • immackulate

        ISK – I see you on your “i meant what the phuck i typed” shyt

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yep I am and homie know the history – it wwwas ov some BS but he been talkin…. he ain’t said nada back so he knows whats up.

  • Brick Soulja

    40 Glocc is a wanna be bully (only when he has friends with him) and deserved to get knocked out.

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    Game couldn’t beat 50 so he went for 40 lol

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    That pic of 40 Glocc is funny… his mouth is smiling but his eyes are cryin out for help smh

  • Sean Peterson


    • id have to say so too. the dude got rap skills but hes dumb about it… to prove what? nobody cares how gangsta u were wen ur dead… well said sean!

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  • games dead

  • 40 got bitched out!! Bottomline.

  • there’s a longer video on youtube now..doesn’t look good for 40 lol

  • ulostatlife

    A)Dudes snitching on themselves by taping an assault is azz backwards and moronic.
    B) Grown men in their 30’s set trippin’ is not only lame but embarrassing..
    C)40 glocc and Game are two prime examples of dudes who try too hard to be tough and always end up looking stupid.See 40 always getting beat down and Game and his butterfly tattoo,Mohawk etc..

  • Just saying, I thought 40 was a Crip. He sportin maroon? Nobody care about 40 as far as rap goes, dude sucks. Im glad Game did him like that, because 40 always running up on other people when he is 50 deep, taste of his own medicine. By the way, where the hell is Crooked I? Been waiting on his Album to drop.

    • immackulate

      Just saying, I thought 40 was a Crip. He sportin maroon?

      man i didnt know how naive niggahs was to this GANG BANG bufoonery until i read the 1st line in your comment – and to think this shyt spread nationallly smh

  • Weedras

    he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day, Game rolled up with his dudes 4o had to take that whoopin’ lol! This is a cycle and retribution will be coming… hope Game is always with them dudes… sucker punch rocked 40 though lol! but he still walked away… somebody gonna die and it will be recorded to youtube… Gayme is Lame, 40 to old for that shit but hey they’re gang bangers waste of oxygen mother f**kers..

  • Barbare

    the game a real compton gz 

    See the Full video now at http://40GloccGotKTFO(dot)com !!!!!!

    •  oh snap that sites legit lol

      • LMAO at 40 Glocc falling in the bushes.

        Yeah, Game beat the brakes off him, 1 handed, 40Glocc nutted up.

        How could he be that soft?

      • RapIsDeadRessurectPac

         was a bad day for 40.he got beat up then flew into bushes where he was hugged by cactus

  • Claude J

    LOL look closely This Nigga 40 Glocc Got Footprints All On His Shoulder and Shit His Eye Fuckd Up Nigga U Lost LOLOLOL


      Game is  BEAST, 40 Glocc always quick to run his mouth and snitches

  • Black people need to wake up,they are a sleep in slumber education is key.I love the game no home but he just lost ma respect him and glocc need to talk man to man not fight like they in high school what kind of image are they passing to the youngins that guns and gangs rule the streets thats utter bullshit.Blacks should not even try and talk that racist shit they keep on talking about when a white kills a black if the blacks are fighting blacks then what do you expect from GEORGE zimmerman? utter bullshit fu*k gangsta talk fu*k streets blacks need education and move away from this type of ignorance

    • Barry Maslow

      Speaking of needing to wake up and focusing on education, your spelling, grammar, and punctuation (like most of the IMBECILES that are on this trash website) are beyond reprehensible…

      • lol … i would agree with ya but outside of the lil wayne incident 40 has been riding on dudes for no reason from what i was seeing but who knows … but this looks like karma if you ask me … i dont condone violence … but sometiime violent people and violent promoters need a taste of thier own medicine … 40 got his when ever this happened … dont know about the jumpin stuff but look like the game whoop ole boy with one hand tied to his iphone 😉

      • Casor_Greener

        If it’s trash why are you here posting?

      •  @Amen Ra did i mention that the article was trash you need prayers.Read again plus there is a need for all this type of violence to end empower black people

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        Amen was not talking about your post, slow down and read before you reply so quickly….

      • immackulate

        you just pulled an azzhole move … LLAMF

      •  Education does not neccessarily mean good spelling,its
        the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for MATURE life. So Barry Maslow get educated everything is not about grammar you brain dead

      • RapIsDeadRessurectPac

         very true lol

      • RapIsDeadRessurectPac

         shut up you is not restricted to the english language.there are lots of chinese,indian and german scientists and doctors who are very well educated but can hardly speak english or write properly in english so shut up and knock that dictionary off your table where you checked how to spell the word IMBECILE

  • Bumpy Johnson


    This type of shit happens to everybody and that is why people get killed. In the hood niggas get caught slippin solo and get beat the F up by someone they had beef with week all you here is gun shots and the assaulters DOA…any hood nigga on here knows thats how it go down. 
    If you ain never been jumped or beat up that means u ain really out there like that. 


    The game beat 40 glocc up ,yall saying,
    “Game is a real G” , ” 40 glocc a bi*ch” , 

    God Forbid, Game end up dead, yall same Dumbys gone b sayin .”Man why do things happen like this, this stuff is sad man, over some stupid beef , sad r.i.p Game” or  “40 glocc is a G, he handled his business the G way”

    the world is such a wack place, us black people are so damn lost. 

  • D_Ably

    he always the champ as long as he outnumbers them lol games such a chump

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    If you have financial means. ie MONEY… Why would you tape and post you beating dude up on the internet. Its one thing to tape, cool…You want to document the day you stomped out the dude but you post it on the internet? and you’re suppose to be gangstas. Maybe Im old school but the G’s I know would have NEVER done no shit like that. On another note 40 Glocc had that coming. Its Karma for running up on other people, Plies etc…Its part of the game, pardon the pun. lol Hope these brothers find a way to fall back from that type of situation because it can only get worse being that someone would possibly feel as if they had something to prove.  Qaadiru Rashaad (CEMG)

    • Imagine if 40 Glocc sued…..& won.

      • justmathoughts

        you were right!!

  • MrTroyMercy

    Homeboy caught a beatdown from Game , A bush, some flowers , a car and some dirt , smh @ that street fighter fatality ….. hed ain’t got all them pistols on utube he be posting and where are them zoo babies ? You get karma when you talk bullish about folk via I.E Internet …

  • MadVillain

    comment waiting approval WTF is this shit!!

  • MadVillain

    full video link here for youtube, check it out. its pretty legit that game fucked 40s shit up on his own with no guns or no homies jumping in…

  • La Femme

    & this is a rumor how? Stop sticking shit that actually happened for sure in the rumor section makes you look dumb! 

  • jsj23

    Ok, so what are we to make of this?  Are we suppose to cheer for one of them? are we suppose to go out and buy more of the other’s records? Because I am not doing either! But thanks for the entertainment.

  • Joseph Thomas

    how the hell is 40 smiling as gayme is supposedly whooping his ass? this just aint real…and who was recorded….gayme? how are you punching and recording and the same time…this shit is dead….and so his gaymes career

    • Game = Spike Lee with the left hand, Mayweather with the Right.

  • bigdoe6

    This nigga game stay snitching. Why you putting the shit on video homie?

  • jsj23

    I usually charge people for this, but here’s a free business tip for Game, next time charge for the footage.   Think like a business man and even stupid shit like this may bring in some heavy cash!…Just saying… more tips will cost you!

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  • immackulate

    karma … what go around come around – i love ignorant shyt like this sometimes
    especially when it involves payback

  • look at what happened to rosmoe400.The Game has to much money to do some bitch shitt like that.real gangstas are in prison our dead.good rolemodels for the kids.real men support their familiys legal.

    • immackulate

      cool whyte …

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dude snitched on himself…smh. 

  • GuestwithacapG

    Both of these niggas is internet thugs. Real Gs move in silence and violence and don’t be running around recording criminal activity to get validation from other people.

    • immackulate

      NEWSFLASH … that useta be the rules … this the information age homey
      shyt done switched up FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE <<< you decide!

      internet is a big part of our life NOW it aint like when we had to relate everything to the source magazine – and then it was believe 1/2 of what you see, and none of what you hear/read –

      its niggahs filming murders, home invasions, gang fights, and all other twisted shyt that useta never get documented – now a days as soon as the word FIGHT gets shouted – its 15 camera phones waiting for the right shot

      • immackulate

        and there aint never really been rules to these street shyt – cuz some niggahs have dignity and some niggahs just dont give 2 shyts about dignity/honor

    • anthonyward1

      Damn, you took the words right out of my mouth………

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  • I didn’t see anyone get beat up. Also why was 40 smiling in the beginning? This may be for publicty but I’m not sure. If someone can give me some background, I just might fall for it. Either was this is so weak. 2 big doofy grown ass men fighting over good knows what… And you wonder why they call us…. Never mind…

    • anthonyward1

      According to other sources, 40 got caught by himself and Game had 5 niggas with him, two holding pistols, 40 says he was worried that if he got the best of Game, one of them youngins would be itchin to bust on him to prove themselves or just by accident, so he decided to take them licks and get out of dodge, to be honest with you, I dont blame him, if he would have knocked Game on his ass, aint no tellin what them boys would have done to him……..I would have put on my running shoes too, aint no shame in that when you getting jumped by 5 with heat and you aint go no burner……….

  • HipHopStalker

    Another dumb ass stunt by Game. Like I said before something is wrong when you spend more time doing stupid shit like this and being on twitter every few minutes AND talking about shit like this so everybody including the pigs can see. Why not ask to be locked up ? isn’t Game a felon already ? now I see why Dre Dropped his ass. Too much drama like a class room full of women when it comes to this guy. The older he gets the dumber he gets. But a few internet thugs will condone this corny behavior and call it gangsta. C’mon Game this is why nobody is checking for you anymore and the R.E.D album came and went like afree wack mixtape.

    • Slaughtr


    • AMEN!!

    • Tony G.


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  • Slaughtr


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  • IEMAFIA187

    On The zoo this lame nigga game will be dead by the weekend!! lame move!! believe me niggas is on his ass!!

    • GAME is irritating… He’s a lot of irritating adjectives and shit, But from what I see of the nigga, he’s wit tha business. I thought this incident was pretty odd, too… But  that nigga is a rider.

  • Game is a pu$$y. You can tell he had niggas with them, you can hear them b1tch n1ggas breathin in the background

    • immackulate

      aint thats how he supposed to move – with so called goons / homies / niggahs

      you bloggers cant have it both ways – cuz guess what BIG BAD 40 move the same way

      GAME does – with entourage – GAME WILL GET HIS DAY TOO

  • game a bitch i know his iphone don’t record like that some edited shit y not show your homies bitch move by a cali bitch.all niggas from cali can’t fight one on one thats why the gang life is so bad there cube dre and snoop are the realest niggas out of the golden state oh i forgot mac 10

  • immackulate

    shouts to ole boy who posted the minute long video below …

    chuck did give that niggah 1 good body blow (not the 1st one but the 2nd one)

    LESSON … if you gonna take a loss take a real one
    40 should have boxed up soon as the cameras came on

    it would have ended 2 ways

    1. with an ass whipping dolo
    2. getting the best of the 1 on 1 and then getting jumped in the end

    either way he was gonna come out the VICTOR cuz he was riding solo
    plus them niggahs was not about to shoot shit – they was begging “ChuckIE”
    to stop –

  • immackulate

    any niggah that call game a punk for being deep just
    dont understand The Life these niggahs living and the FACT IS that yo mouth only write checks yo azz cant cash when you SOLO … 9/10 if you know how to move and you got somebody(s) riding with you
    you might make home SAFE

    it is what it is – but after watching for the 6th time again im’ma say
    40 dont want that 1 on 1 … f’real f’real!!!

  • RichieRich32

    Funny To Me That People Say GAME Had His Boys With Him!!! No Shyt Sherlock, Duhhhhh 40 Glock Got Caught Slippin’ That’s His Fault. This Is The Art Of War. Not To Many Emcees, Artists, Sports Figures, Politicians, ANYONE Rolls Solo Anymore!!! You Call Yourself 40 Glocc And You Get Caught Solo Like That And Slipping??? Then Take A Picture Fake Smiling After You Just Got Made A Mockery Of??? SUSPECT!!! WITH A PINK EYE(His Right Eye) AND A SCUFFED UP DIRTY LEFT SHOULDER(His Left) LMAO!!!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    well um……….damn i’m speechless

  • JondoE303

    how old is theseniggaz again ??!!??

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