40 Glocc

40 Glocc Comments On Altercation With Game

(AllHipHop News) Rapper 40 Glocc has commented on an altercation that took place over the weekend between himself and Compton rapper Game.

According to reports, the pair, who are members of rival gangs, ended up at a mansion party together.

40 Glocc claims that Game and at least 12 men surrounded him, with guns drawn, and assaulted him.

“My motto is you ain’t got a gun and they got some, you better run,” 40 Glocc told VladTV in an interview.”I had to do what I had to do, I was trying to get out of the situation. It panned out, I’m still breathing I’m still talking.”

The incident, which was caught on tape, was put on the Internet over the weekend.

40 Glocc downplayed the assault, noting that Game was also knocked out during an altercation outside of the Fox Hill’s Mall in September of 2011.

“It’s regular hood s**t, street s**t to me, when you’re dealing with punks,”

The two men also exchange jabs via Twitter.

This is not the first time that Game and 40 Glocc’s crews have clashed at an event.

In May of 2011, footage of members of Game’s Black Wall Street entourage fighting with 40 Glocc hit the Internet.

  • Casor_Greener

    Does he really think they were going to execute him outside the party!? They probably didn’t even have guns.  He wasn’t saying that “12 homies are punks” stuff when he and his boys allegedly ran up on Baby.  Now all of a sudden it’s a punk move to run up on folks with your team?!??!

     Bottom line is that he got caught slipping or whatever and Game and his boys whipped his ass. That type of stuff is bound to happen when you are living that life.  Get off twitter with the b.s.

    • True!…..but I still would have left so fast that it made the “PEOUN” sound.

  • Joseph Thomas

    this is almost as bad as drake and chris brown…..two bitches fighting

    • DesignatedH8R

      Boneheaded comment of the day. These aren’t two R&B singers throwing bottles over a girl.

    • Celz

      I’m not a fan of either but bet you won’t say that in Cali. 

  • water_ur_seeds

    put them on the undercard of brown and grahams bout!

  • homieonthereal




    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo. 


  • didnt have his 40 gloc on him i guess. get a kahr, they are way better

    • Ummm,  Uh UHH, nope,  never….but the Kahr you have, is better than the glock you don’t, in that situation.

      Speaking of which…does Glock pay 40 Glocc everytime he reps for them?

  • therealest1

    Its terrible to see young dudes with success who are grown enough to know better engaging in shit like this.

    •  These dudes are pushing 40 years old.  Whats your definition of young dudes though?

  • jsj23

    I usually charge people for this, but here’s a free business tip for Game, next time charge for the footage.   Think like a business man and even stupid shit like this may bring in some heavy cash!…Just saying… more tips will cost you!

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  • Mike9130

    It they were 18-19 I’d probably entertain it to an extent, but these are grown men in their 30’s. Smarten up. They both take a L on this one. Innocent kids like Tameka 11yr old son brain dead over a jet ski accident, and you have adults acting petty. Sorry, no wins on this. 

    And not to make light of the situation but Game takes a double L for not filming in landscape mode. 

    • scullyson

      Landscape mode? lmmfao!!!


      LMAOOO @ Landscape… It was an Iphone though

  • JayfromtheD

    I wonder if Roscoe Dash gone tweet Game he don’t respect sucka shit lol. Rap niggas choose who they beef with. 1 thing about Game I respect is he just a Dum nigga, who’ll lose everything cause anger. That nigga a rider though. Just hope he can keep his fam and friends safe. Whoever, whenever! And what does 40 do? Right back on Internet talking shit! (u wanna talk about a nigga on the Internet now nigga?) Um yes Game it’s what u both do.

  • Cedric Thomas

    Game Is Still A Bitch!!!!!!!!!!! He Aint Did Shit Spetacular , Should Of Had A Straight 1 on 1, & Then If U Lost Then U Could Of Got Yo Boys Help. Broads……………………..

  • Ed Pryor

    These cats is 30+ years old grown a** men, and wealthy at that.  I guess we should all be impressed by this or something. Straight pathetic.., thats why I never feel sorry for these clowns going to jail.. and taping yourself assaulting someone.. How dumb can you really be?  Kill yaself.

    • Jeffrey Pulliam

       So I guess you listen to hip hop for its morality then huh? Get a life clown, this is what niggas come to this site for. It aint like they havnt been beefing for over a year and some change. What did you think was gon happen

  • *YAAAAAAAAAWN*  Just let me know which one gets killed or popped first!  Idiots!

  • Jas1ne

    Rap fans, these are our heros, SMFH

  • DesignatedH8R

    The real story to me is: 40 Glocc getting knocked out with one hand. Same guy always talking bout how’s he gonna whoop Lil Wayne, Young Buck, and Game got what he had coming. On top of that, no body listens to 40 Glocc. Keep making great music, Game.

  • Man, deez niggas need to go somewhere and raise their damn kids.  SMDH.

  • This nigga is trying to sound so ganster and hard!! On that video this nigga was shaking and jumping like a lil bitch!! Fake ass ganster rappers. Karma is the real deal.

  • King Cold

    lmao at Game jumpin this dude like a simp. but when 50 in cali Game is nowhere to be found smh…

    • EL_BARK

      Yo i was thinking the same thing.

      Didnt 50 get his man shot in the ass? Lol

      Niggas always know who to play gangster with, & who to leave alone.

      • immackulate

        50 aint get that dude shot – the undercover police that was guarding 50 shot the niggah in the azz – either way

    • scullyson

      I thought when you pull that piece out you suppose to use it?  smh…Maybe some serious reprecussions if you dont…


    Man i say it befote & will say it again.
    Its ony a few rappers, that might be about some of that shet they rap about.
    And when i say few. I talking maybe 3 or 4.
    And its not neither of these clowns.
    1st. Game is not all that gangster, he reinvented himself once he became a rapper.
    His brother already expose him. Which brings me to my second point.
    He a sucker for letting or riding with or fuking with that niggah white boy.
    I dont care what me or my brother is going through. I dont care if we aint speak in 5 years.
    If a niggah lays hands on anybody in my fam, you best to believe you going have to run all of us.
    50 was responsible for his man getting a hole in his ass.
    Also rosemo knock him the fuk out alledgelly. But he go through,
    Inglewood with his eye phone to redeem himself.
    Plus the countless other thing game hss done he gets a shaq face!
    Lol but i have been to his block in compton, & although its small.
    Its official.
    As 40 goes. He a failure. He stays taking losses, but for some reason,
    He manages to display such charmisa @ taking losses, that its kind of funny. Look at this niggah,
    Got his ass punk, with no ashton kusher, but he get on twitter,
    And takes a pic smiling. Almost making it seems likes its cool or acceptable to get your ass whip in run from another man. Then he goes into pulicist mode, and does damage control,
    As the same damn time. Man a niggah would know better to run on me like that,
    But if he did, i wpuld be smiling & joking and taking pics.
    I would be in the crib with my mizzez, load ing up to run in a niggah house.
    Also even if game & them was strap, i doubt they was going to
    Kill dude, or shoot him. So he should had stood up,
    & fought that niggah back. If you got jump 3 times, is one more really going to hurt you?
    Plus 40 look from past experiences, look like he a pro @ getting jump
    And walking away. Where i from if niggah jump you,
    You leave in an ambulance. Also if game did have burner out.
    Game broke a important rule. If you giving out beat down.
    Leave @ a beatdown. Never take it to the guns, and or pull out,
    One & dont use it. 40 not bout that drama, but if a cat rosemo
    Game, its understandable.
    What good is having a the 40 glocc and not having it with you???
    And if you talk as much shet as he do, you never get caught with out it.
    Or atleast have a your homie with you to hold.
    I think this beef/ music shet is all fun & games to them.
    Its like having royal rumble or beefing when you was in elementary school.
    Catch a niggah give him a little beat down. In the hallway.
    Then at lunch he come back with his crew, & yall go at it.

    Then at 3:00 the beef is over until school start the next day.

    I sure 40 will make a video try to punk somebody from game crew or something.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      40 glock beat attempted murder on a cop n game aint no gangster but he lost a scholarship 4 sellin crack he got shot 5 times 4 being in the trap ganngsta no but game from the streets he kno about the streets n 50 didnt do nuttin the police shot games friend sucker n u need 2  learn wats a real n b4 u speak n keep tupac out ur mouf west side

      • immackulate

        “n keep tupac out ur mouf west side”

        this niggah just jumped out the window …

  • YaheardSyndicate

    They was all out of breath

    • Jeffrey Pulliam

       It was hot as hell out there and the dude kept tryn to run

  • DesignatedH8R

    Newsflash: NOBODY LISTENS TO 40 GLOCC. You can believe this guy or you can believe the man who makes great music that’s clearly clobbering his ass with one hand on video. BTW: G-Unit is done.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. This sounds like something Nas or Jigga woulda been on back in the day.

  • Jeffrey Pulliam

    I aint buying it that guns were drawn. That dude was just shook. I aint buying it that he got jumped, if so he would have verbalized it on  camera. Dude straight lying trying to save face.

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  • Brick Soulja

    40 Glocc looked like a little brother getting punked by his big brother….lol

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  • Joe


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