Flo Rida

Flo Rida “Rihanna That’s My Attitude”

[ahh_audio src=/7-9-12/FloRida-RihannaThatsMyAttitude.mp3]


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  • timwest1000

    This dude sucks BIG TIME!!! Makes Miami look real bad, real bad. Im embarrassed for him. They say it sells but I would never see why, this is really bad. And I heard he takes it in the butt on top of all that. SMH

  • justyouraverage

    this guy sell everywhere but america

  • Alex Katsulis

    this song is garbage, yes, but if you say all of his songs are, then you just like a different style of music because he has a lot of good songs. People are really just fcking stupid when they say that someone is really bad when they just don’t like that type of music. It’s not the person it’s you. And ha! you’re embarrassed for him?!?! The dude has millions of fans and probably made more money this week then you will this year. He likes to party and makes music his fans can party to, shut the fck up