Hip-Hop Rumors: Is 50 Cent Turning On G-Unit? Says Yayo And Banks “Need To Get Themselves Together”

Back in May, 50 Cent admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Lloyd Banks in nine months and even called him “a baby,” Now, the G-Unit general has made some suspect comments about his group mate, Tony Yayo. Check out what he told Big Boi from Big Boy’s Neighborhood below:

 “They (Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo) need to get themselves together.” 

“I’ve enabled them to a point where they feel like they don’t have to do anything.”

50 also expressed his frustration with Banks and Yayo in a recent interview with XXL Mag:

“I end up doing their job, too. They haven’t had a manager. I’ve been managing them for their entire careers.”

“That $8.7, $9 million a piece. I did that for them. I’m telling them since the top of last year, ‘Yo you got to find managers.'”

“Yayo has to do a lot more. He just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.”

50 Cent kept it all the way real expressing his frustrations. How much longer do you see 50 Cent and G-Unit staying together? Do you think Banks and Yayo have a reason to be upset with 50’s comments?

  • water_ur_seeds

    not looking good for them… 50 is keeping it real, but spilling his business out in public, may not be the best thing to do… most rappers needs a crew in this game…

    • $11625525

      He got his crew …”Money” Mayweather.

      50 has started to surround himself with people who are successful in their own right. Jay-Z said something similar about Beanie Siegel and I don’t blame him either. 

      Some people just need to be spoon fed in this world; can’t think for themselves, can’t feed themselves, dead weight! If a man or woman has all of their health and are too lazy to work or even hustle to survive, they’re using up valuable air space as far as i am concerned.

      People like them will always plague this world though so, no surprise here.

      • water_ur_seeds

        jay still got bleek, ty ty and them around him, plus he got kayne now to… you need artists around you to hype you etc, they still benefit you, you need a crew of ‘rappers’ around as your entourage… from the other stand point, i get what your saying, but 50 wouldnt be where he is with out the whole g unit, they are a brand, and 50 still make mega money off them aswell, they not just leaching off him, he makes money from them to… not many rappers these are a purely solo act, games got bws, puffs got his crew and with frenchy etc and waynes got ymcmb and them, em seems to of gotten rid of d12 for slaughterhouse, so hes still got a crew, 50 needs the unit imo unless he gets new people like the dudes hes worked with on his new projects

      • $11625525

        I hear that, but I don’t even think he’s hungry any more (to make music). The new mixtape is nice though, but even listening to his rhymes there’s something missing… Maybe it is that crew love. Should have kept Buck, he was the hungriest out of the whole bunch; ironically it appeared to cost him his spot though.

      • water_ur_seeds

        i find all his new material kinda boring, like it all sounds the same… i agree i think the crew love is the thing thats missing

  • If 50 is getting paid for his service the its all good.

    If they are riding his coat tails as far a bookings. then he needs to drop them. Its obvious that the name brand here is “50” and “G-Unit” not Yayo or banks as individuals.

  • therealest1

    Morning shit. Disgruntled shit. It does seem like Tony Yayo doesn’t have his stuff together though since he hasn’t had an official album since 2005 which was his only album to date. Its like he’s been complacent, riding 50 Cent’s coattails like that.

    The only thing Yayo has done notable was have James Rosemond’s teenage son slapped on the street, and we know how that ended up at his mom’s house in Queens, and what happened to his goon who did it.

    • EL_BARK


      Get ya momma house shot up,
      Bodies all chopped up…….

      My thing is. If you made 9 million. Why your mom still in the hood, or why is her house so easy accessible to get at. Lol

      • rep87

        Its hard to tell he made 9millon like you said why is his mom still living in the hood and he living with 50 ?

  • bigdoe6

    That’s real though, them niggas need to put the personal shit aside and keep the brand going.

  • Harrison Boateng

    Basically , he saying his boys are lazy and need to get their act together

  • TruthSerum

    Some friend 50 is, lol, one of them “What have you done for me lately” type cats

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts dissing Em when his contract expires, this guys only loyalty is to the dollar. If Banks was still selling like 2004 I highly doubt 50 would be making these comments.

    For the record, I agree with every word he’s saying, but I would NEVER air out people I grew up with in public like that. Goes to show you all the money & Fame in the world cant buy you character

  • Man if I got 9 million I’m not rapping no more either. What tell you how spending the 9 million? I’m investing like Romney. BLACK BAIN. Forget rapping. 

    • Steelmatic


  • brotha_man

    how much more easier do you need it. 50 cent gave it to’em on a silver plater and they bullshitting. im wit fif on dis one

  • Banks is garbage anyway!!!!! Tell em 50

  • NoGoBoi

    I’m not a Game fan but he said this would happen a few years back, 50 would start dumping on Yayo and Banks, people thought he was bullshhnnn but the truth bared in there I C. one thing you can’t take from 50 is, he’s a business man to the fullest, loves controversy but hell, he don’t follow the code amongst men. You never play ya boy in public, pull himn to the side and holla at him and if he’s not gettin it, let him learn on his own. You never shhhh on ya fam in public, that’s shady, no pun intended.

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85


  • thaGOD83

    no hate just real shit…50 had two good albums, not great, that were the MOST marketed albums in the HISTORY of rap, his gimmick was the whole “beef” thing, and like nelly with the bs country crap, it played out….at his best 50 is a descent song writer that makes good music when his beats are HOT..but he got rid of sha money, meaning no beats, and after he crossed over to mainstream, yayo, buck, banks, kept him relevant in the hood..now that THEY are gone, the hood is not checking for him, and be real even when you try to , the latest gangsta grill, it was trash…i wouldnt want him to be my boss for shit, when does any other CEO put out how much he has so called made for the artists, and he has been saying this same shit for 5 years…as far as music he is done, bottom line….he had a good 5 year run, did his damage, now interscope is on to the next, keeping only the rap elvis…he promoted 5 and now its free, come on 50 stans that means he is folding, and i dont care, this dude stole ja rules style and hated on fat joe, the lox, dip set, jay, nas, any1 in new york, and that came and bit him in the ass, now no1 wants to deal with him….he shitted on dre by putting out headphones/threating to leak music, dude is a drama king…back to music though, he is done, now he does what a women does, and downs his so called friends like it is their fault, no way outta this one, much respect for banks for just laying low, and not even dealing with dude, G UNIT was 50, and now its no G UNIT, no 50…he needs them just as well, now he is like an old kobe bryant on the bobcats, blaming every1 but himself…his time is up, he burnt out quick, and its HIS FAULT, not bucks, banks, yayo, even game…im not hating, i listened to some of his music, but he played out..i would rather have a 15 YEAR PLUS run like ll cool j and sell 25 mill, then sell 25 in two years and be done, thats just me..dude hurt nyc bad also

    • 50 doing good regardless, but yeah, he is wack…not that it matters in this day & age.

      • thaGOD83

        whats the deal God, but i feel you but that is the prob…”doing good” yea if you look at it from a certain perspective, but i rather be where I am , then to be tied up with JIMMY, and them..they got this dude is a choke hold, he used the fake jew method to sign his so called homies to death record deals and that aint real…they turned him inside out like they did jay,puff, evne recent folks like wiz khalifa, who just admitted he wasnt happy with how they molded him, he cant go back and you can tell he wants to..at first ehy beefed him up had him swole as hell cuz that was his image, now he lost the weight, got rid of his tattoos, HE IS A WHORE LIKE THE REST…THEY lie when they put out there these so called CEO’s is worth 400 ,mill, that shit is a lie, these fools dont own 100% even 45% of the clothing line, drinks, movies, etc.  that is all to fool the consumers into buying and it works, “man 50 payed” so you go buy whateva has his name on it, not saying you by the way just in general, these dudes are walking billboards, that have to seel whateva…if puff, jay, 50 was worth 400mill why dont they own a water bottling company, q tips, dental floss, a commodity that people NEED to use, making these dudes billionares, because their money is regulated, and they have a list of can/cant do’s…they are not as rich as they lie us about, 50 aint happy trust me…no friends, no crew, the things is needed to stay grounded, and focuses..now he is surrounded by leeches/devils/users….he is not doing good..look at him when he talks, interacts..,all an illusion..none of these entertainers are HAppy…

      • BlackSun7

         #salute to that comment man!!!!

      • rep87

        Man you hit the Nail on the head its all smoke & Mirrors ,When these Big Labels get done Pimping 50 its on to the next Whore and back to the block for 50 ,Thats what Pimps DO he aint the first and want be the last they Fu%k Over !

    • Steelmatic

      Well said, agree on everything. 

      I do consider GRODT a ‘great’ album though, but to each his own.

    • illymac

      @thaGOD83:disqus Damn U went in..
      there is alot of truth in your post..

    • fyahrasz

      you are a st8 fool

  • $18592567

    Only poor people would get upset w/50 over this. Broke people totally understand where 50 is coming from with this. People getting money totally understand where 50 coming from. If you don’t understand the difference between poor and broke too bad…

    • thaGOD83

      broke, poor, rich, wealthy all the same when dealing with bitch niggas, what i mean by that is some niggas act super shiesty when they are broke, and super hoeish when they have money and 50 is that…when he was broke, he put out ghetto koran which got the FEDS attention, which merged hip hop with the authorities, then he put out that murder inc was funded by drug money, then a lil later they got RAIDED, honestly that is the only reason ja and them fell off, because they had a good team that would have outlasted 50 and g unit..my point is a broke sheisty dude will dry snitch, hate, do whatever to get on, then when he does, he will turn on any/every1 to stay on…and we have too many dudes like this..the fact that he is one out of millions that actually “made it” that give hoe niggas hope, he had his run, now he has to reap all his bs..and instead of big meeching it by taking it on the chin, he is being a frank lucas about it lol…he aint no different that jay z, puff and the rest, now he is where he wanted to be, with the yuppies whom only use him/like oprah etc..but he cant return back..i think he is honestly jealous of yayo, esp banks and buck because THEY get genuine love, and he cant, because he is conditioned not to give it..he is the 1st nyc rapper to ever rage war on every1 when nyc has been unified mainly…im glad his run is up..that get rich die shit was a bad message anyways

      • Romia Blue

        I was with u until you got to the part about jay-z. Not a dyk rider, just stating the obvious. Jay gave dudes their own distribution rights, music and movies. instead of capitalizing on that privilege, you stay in jail, getting arrested for dumb shyt in the street instead of doing what you’re supposed to do (which is taking care of you and your career). Then you have another dude who forgot his place, started hiring and putting people into positions without Jay’s input. If you were in business with someone, whether it was 50/50 or 51/49, how would you feel if that other partner went around saying and doing one thing when you know it’s another? More than likely you’ll go your separate ways.

        One is a success, the other isn’t lol…I’m jus sayin. If you were the “Brains” behind the original, why is your conglomerate failing?

        First time I heard 50 ever rap was back in the late 90s on an album by the R&B group Next. After that I was like, I’m good lol…after Buck went belly up and we didn’t hear anything else from these other cats…hell, all interest has wanned. Like you said below, the hood ain’t checkin for him lol

      • thaGOD83

        i feel ya….i could go on about jay,puff and dudes alike..but some of US know the deal lol..but if he is your cup of tea drink up…i cant respect dude, he took BIG style and ass raped it, he is the most OVERRATE MC next to eminem, watch you m&m stans get mad lol, but jay is not a bussinessman, its clearly dame, and bigs (the hustler) jay was the rapper, that made a deal with lyor cohen to be the man, and he shitted on his fam to get it..if any1 on here agrees with his method, go for it, more power to you, but i rather stick to my real people, and let the fake jews do them…i could go in..but i wont….but if jay is your cup of tea drink up…

      • Eminem didn’t earn his spot tho?

      • atlantahiphopshop


      • atlantahiphopshop just kicked off the realist shit in this chat room….

      • Agreed.  I’ll add one thing to that: Jay Z is legendary for eliminating competition to insure his place. If you nice, he’s gonna try to sign you and then bury you (see J Cole).  I can’t stand the post “Lollipop” Lil Wayne but he was smart not to sign to Jay.

      • $18592567

        Jay-Z can rap his ass off. He’s top 5 all time(Big, Pac, Nas, Em). He’s Top 3 living all time (Nas and Em). Have you ever heard one person make a claim that Jay-Z owes them money? I’ve never heard an artist complain and say that man snaked them. Complaints come from not being hot enough commercially. Jay-Z drop artists like a sack of potatoes when they’re not hot anymore. That’s called smart business.

      • Romia Blue

        I ask again, how is the failure of other dudes not taking care of they shyt Jay-Z’s fault? Let’s look at the caliber of rappers that were out at the same time as J…DMX, Method & Redman, Busta and the flipmode Squad, Ja Rule (laughing…sorry), Fat Joe and maybe a stretch of others (we’re going to leave all souther rappers out of it…strictly mid to late 90s and early 00s), Eminem, Fifty…Shyne <–went to prison! exiled back home!

        DMX…stay battling drugs, babies, and his own demons
        Meth and Red…they had a short lived show, did a movie; they can come back to the rap game but widely known for smoking weed. Not much you can market as far as business and I doubt that they would care.
        Busta…no known public vices but his aggressive style of rhyming began to wan (not that I don't love him, but that's the public's fade in trend)
        Ja Rule 🙂 <–do I really?
        Eminem…left the industry to get himself right.
        Fifty and Fat Joe (along with Ja) had beef.

        Jay (and Dash I guess), helped Beanz establish and distribute State Property (label). Jay admits that he stole his style from BIG. Dude scored an exclusive deal with LiveNation for his own distribution label…yeah, he may be a business man who according to you ruined a lot of dudes careers…but at what point do those dudes take responsibility for their own?

        that's what Fif is probably trying to say about these dudes. At some point you gotta get off the nipple. If Dame was the business man, I ask again why is his shyt failing? Is it because of Jay or because of himself?

      • immackulate

        jay aint give none of them niggahs shyt – DAME did
        only to stick his hands deeper in they pocket at the end of the day

        moral of the story – dont NEVER take what a niggah gives you
        cuz you may not want what comes with that

      • $18592567

        Who wanted to work with 50 Cent right after he got shot and before he signed to Dre/Em? Diddy had him writing. Master P had him on tour. The whole NY knew he was beefing with Supreme and that made them fall back from doing things with him. Irv Gotti had major influence and this was the main reason 50 could only get a deal with somebody that was bigger and more respected than IG. Supreme has gone on the record and said 50 Cent did not snitch on him. Dudes like Supreme that run multimillion dollar criminal enterprises are always under the eye in the sky. Murder Inc got raided, because Supreme was running a Jimmy Henchman (minus the snitching) type of music indastreets kinda business. Ghetto Qu’ran wasn’t bad, because it was a rundown of his notorious hood and majority of the stuff he discussed in the song was common knowledge to the average person in NYC via The Daily News, Eye Witness News, etc. Ja fell off, because it was just his time to go. He was a good song maker, rapper, etc., but it’s obvious that general public ain’t really like him too tough or else an unproven act like 50 would be able to snatch all of his light plus way more… Gucci and Jeezy co-exist, Nas and Jay-Z co-exist. Now when 50 Cent got his shot and he wasn’t working with other artists, because he was building his own label. Game, Banks, Buck and YaYo all sold crazy records to be under a nigga who under a nigga.

        I think 50 MUSIC is a SHELL of what it was 10 years ago, but to discredit his persona’s character is tough. Persona meaning the moves we can see and not the person behind the scenes that I can’t speak for, because I don’t know him personally. I just go based off what I see and Pimp C always bigged 50 Cent up.

        YaYo and Banks cand give me 200k a a year a piece to manage them.lol That’s Aventador $$$.

      • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

        My nigga your 200% right with this comment, and for Pimp C to big you up, when he hated most rappers like Jeezy. You already know your a real nigga. 50 is one fo the Realest Rapper wwho played it by the book and never snitched on nobody especially in Queens Qhetto Quran was regular shit niggas talk about.

  • In defense of Yayo and Banks, it’s gotta be hard to eat when the label you’re on is damn-near Murder, Inc. status these days.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. If you luv real hiphop you gon feel dis song.

    • 2twelve

      for one a song call spend da night is not real hip hop 2 lil neek lmao really?

      • OnlyFaDaReal

        U can’t deny real talent. That song was recorded in 08 and still sounds better than most of the B.S. they play on the radio. More songs 2 come ya dig!!

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        2twelve wrote, in response to OnlyFaDaReal:
        for one a song call spend da night is not real hip hop 2 lil neek lmao really? Link to comment

    • fucc your song nigguh !!!!! the title along sounds gaye !!!!!

      • OnlyFaDaReal

        Your girlfriend must didn’t come home last night lol! Let me guess she spent the night with another nigga and this song pissed you off lol. Are maybe ur just gay lmao!!

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        trav clinton wrote, in response to OnlyFaDaReal:
        fucc your song nigguh !!!!! the title along sounds gaye !!!!!
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  • Jahb1911

    50 is taking his frustration about his music career recently out on them. I totally understands what he is saying. But I think it’s a deeper situation than money he’s spent. Stuff we’ll never know..

    • immackulate

      you right about that – it is deeper
      50 still living off his 1st two albums success (monetarily and egotistically)
      but nobody checking for 50 just like nobody checking for GAME, G-UNIT
      etc… 50 is a good business man but he’s an average artist – and obviously
      he aint shyt w/o the machine behind him

  • OaklandOxymoron

    He’s their boss so he can speak on their lack of effort. Nothing wrong with what he said. Hes basically saying they need to take control of their own carers

  • Buck em all

  • I feel like lately these rumors been getting all twisted just for the sake of reporting rumors… 50 called Banks a baby… but writing it like ya’ll do is out of context. He was saying that he’s the youngest out the group.. and I mean considerably younger..

    50 just saying what has been goin on.. dude isn’t dissin them.. everybody’s grown and is doing their own thing. 

    Let it go.. it’s like you wanna start problems. 

    • immackulate

      man stfu – you obviously dont have the mental capacity to put 2 and 2 together
      he called the niggah a baby – as in being spoiled, hasnt matured yet

      and its obvious that 50 tired of carrying both of these niggahs
      especially when he has his own shakey career to attend to

      it’s been problems in the camp – why you think nobody is dropping anything
      unless you signed to G-NOTE lol

  • black_messiah9000

    Sydney Lace strikes again with another bullshit story. Just because you’re responsible for the Rumors columns doesn’t meant you get to just make up shit.

    • immackulate

      you a gawt dayum weirdo

  • Well Buck um’ then.

  • 1SOFLO1

    SYDNEY LACE, you are an irresponsible reporter. You are Over reaching and blowing up stuff. Now you are misleading your readers.Changed the title huh? LOL!!!

  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    no his letting them stand on their own 2 feet like real men which will help them out in the end your mum only holds your hand for a while then lets you walk on your own 

  • Game Won!!

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      what did he win a new cellphone with a camera?

    • won what?? 50 working his way to a billion dollars lol …game is…. i dont even kno what games doing..lol..

      • immackulate

        you are one naive mf – if you think 50 is working on a billion LOL

      • dude he got like damn near half a billy, if that ant working to a billion idk what is

      • immackulate

        are you phucking serious … he dont have 1/2 a billion in MONEY he has it in assets meaning if he sold everything he owned – and he still wouldnt get ASKING price for everything – he said it himself that he doesnt have 1/2 a billion – DUMP PHUCK!

      • “he has it in assets meaning if he sold everything he owned” And??? lol… i said nearly a half a billion if that isnt working towards a billy then idk what is!!!! unglog the ears or rater learn to comprehend!!!! motha phucka!!!!

      • immackulate

        look little pink toe – research it for yourself
        and you’ll find out he aint even worth 500mill he worth like 250mill – and i dont see him pulling in business deals like puff and jay – hes actually falling off jay and puff radar –

  • That’s what happens.  Niggas get comfortable when someone does all the work for them,  I don’t blame 50 one bit.  Yayo’s career was non existent even when G-Unit was poppin hard.  At least Banks capitalized off his moment.  Yayo is just 50’s yes man.

  • DesignatedH8R

    In other words: Do what The Game has been doing for the past 5 years w/o 50.

    • uhhhh and whats that? make lame ass albums and name drop everyone in a fight to stay relevent??

      • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

        The red Album was fire and had Dre on it. Most NY niggas like me think Game is better than 50.You have a Closet affair to 50, Game dropped 3 Classics.Documentary,Doctor’s Advocate,Red Album and has won awards. What bath Salts and Crack are you on.This nigga game finally caught and beat down 40 Cocc, don’t deny Games sucess you 50 dickrider. 50 is the Og, Game is better. NY ngz aint biased

      • yo game isnt better then 50. game cant write a freakin hook to save his life!!! And who the hell cares about 40 glocc?? i ant never bumbed a song by him EVER!!! All game does is name drop people and talk tuff, lol.. thats it!! well besides tatto butterflys on his FACE!!! lol.. hes a clown!!! And i listened to game since the JT the bigga figure days!! And he hasnt grown in style in anyway shape or form!! 50 is the better all around artist and its not even close. I dont care where u from if u cant admitt that your lying to yourself.

      • DesignatedH8R

         Ain’t nobody lying to themself! You either like the music or you don’t. I like 50, I like Game. There’s no rule that says you have to pick one or the other.

      • did i say there was a rule??

      • DesignatedH8R

        Just quit making it about 50 versus Game. Rap crews always break up in the end anyway.

      • DesignatedH8R

        Banks and Yayo got dropped from Interscope because their albums were trash. Game has producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, The Neptunes, etc . all willing to still work with him. Maybe you don’t like it, but he’s been able to survive as an artist without depending on the free ride from 50.

      • banks didnt get “dropped” he fulfilled his contractual requirements. Yayo is straight trash tho..

  • ccwaterbound32

    s*it it’s ironic how game predicated all of this what 3-4 years ago? 

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    50 created this situation when he first signed to shady and said they couldn’t sign to other deals and had to stay with him…. they were not allowed to surpass him back then, so these full grown individuals gladly accept the hand outs.

    •  I get what you saying and you are right but even Michael got sick of tito.lol you have to be driven to be in showbiz  not a leach.

  • King Cold

    ima keep it 100. ive rocked wit the unit since they came out and remembered how 50 had everybody caked up. so i understand where 50 is comin from. it seems like theyre gettin lazy and  its been proven in banks and yayo’s music. so its either banks and yayo get their shit together or 50 will let them go and continue to rebuild which from a business stand is not a bad idea. 50’s filthy rich so he aint got time for the bullshit

  • I’m not even surprised that 50 got fed up with them. I remember when Banks was telling Tim Westwood that he’s stacking up his money and spending 50’s money.

    Olivia spent 15k of 50’s money one day on clothes without asking him if she could spend that much. 

    As soon as 50 got his car from Funk Master Flex Young Buck said he wants to take it to da “Dirty South” to show off. 

    They were acting like parasites with 50’s money.

    I remember when Yayo was making 50’s tea for him like a butler lol.

    The Game was the opposite, he would rather be his own man.

  • ironically Game made more money for 50 rolling dolo.I hope this ain’t true.yayo seemed to be working.he drops mixtapes on the regular but, who knows.Them niggas are rich

  • $18592567

    In other news… Los Angeles “Rapper” 40 Glocc was seen being attacked on a fuzzy tennis ball camera phone.lolz

  • 50 can only take niggas so far, you gotta be able to stand on your own.  I mean, banks, kinda blew up last year with that beamer benz and bently joint, but still had that “im with 50” type feel to it.  Gotta get up out of that shadow! Banks has the ability and flow to make it on his own.  Yayo, nah, yayo shouldn’t even be rapping in the first place. 

    • banks be doing gold bond powder comercials now lol

  • jay

    they need buck back…. because buck had it popping on beg for mercy buck solo joint was the hottest on teach how to stunt buck verse was the best… 

    • banks albums were way better then bucks tho

      • rep87

        Banks had one nice Cd, Buck is way nicer than Banks get real

      • u crazy, both banks cds were hot. lyrics wise buck ant at the level banks at, flow wise he got’em tho.

      • immackulate

        boy you just dont know shyt do you … even your opinions are way off LOL
        BUCK was the best artist 50 had – yeah BANKS had a couple more “quotables”
        but he couldnt make a complete album to save his life

        BUCK could!

      • couldnt make a complete album?? ummmmm he got two of them. seems like your opinions are off base TO ME!!!!

  • jsj23

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Young entrepreneurs and business owners understand where 50 is coming from and will agree with him 100%. Finding the right people to work with is hard. Sometimes the worst are the ones closest to you (family and childhood friends).  Good luck 50 and all young entrepreneurs take note!

  • i hear a lot people saying the game did this and that but his career is almost done he will be touring with kris kross pretty soon.!

    • lol.. game keeps himself relevent by beating up 40 and name droppin everyone he can lol

  • gomer_1


  • rep87

    I believe Lloyd Banks can hold his own but Yayo  has no talent his first cd had one decent song it .The real talent was Buck & Game point blank , 50 will drop Yayo soon , Banks will be alright !

    • all them niggas was hot 2gether g-unit made all they careers now he sayn its time 2 get it on they own

  • well damn 50… This is what happens when you take away the groups thunder and get rid of the two best rappers in the group.. Now Buck making a come back and Game got his loyal supporters holding him down.. You cant get mad at Yayo; he was never going to be the “lead role” guy…

    • ummmm game did that ish to himself.. and buck was never better then banks. period. yayo sucks tho lol..

    • How is Buck making a comeback when he’s broke, locked up and can’t release a studio album?

      • Ion know.. he makin videos though so he got to be doing something.. Maybe not a studio album but atleast he can get back to booking clubs on the underground tip…

  • im sure we all got friends who are arseholes and u call them out on thier BS, its not haiting when its close friends, i think thats what it is between banks and yayo.

  • Tamir Williams

    Just another reason why i think hov is in a class by himself. He would never air out bleek no matter the album sale outcome or lack of. Ty ty these are dudes that stayed loyal to jay from day 1. Im not saying that 50 should take care of these dudes, as they are men. But dont air them out 50.

    • …Bleek is Jay’s butt buddy. He treated him good. The OTHER members of the Roc got done dirty.

      • JondoE303


  • Tamir Williams

    8 million is alot of bread. Dont feel like your obligated fif, tell them( we had a good run yall) but now i think(know)its time for own cribs,have your own life(roll) and do your own thing.F**k that babysitting shit. Peace

  • HipHopStalker

    SYDNEY ! we can always count on you to try to make a story lol 50 does this every year and then you see all 3 of them on stage together like nothing happened. 50 is a talker because nobody cares about his music anymore he talks about things the fans would love to hear. KInd of like Suge Knight but not as many people want 50 dead as they do Suge.

  • Slaughtr


    • DesignatedH8R

      Mad the main artist on G-Unit West caught that fade?

  • Tk_Z

    Its called touch luv gentleman, I’m sure 50 would have expressed is feeling privately and he now probably feels that was a waste of time so now make it public to get them to change 

    • immackulate

      end of the day … they suppose to be BRUVAHS
      going public about family business just adds ridicule and shame

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        aint no bruvahs when its 9 milli a piece mack……..50 has a reason to out niggaz

      • JondoE303

        already !!!!

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  • justyouraverage

    who says banks an yayo wanna make more music ? maybe thats why they aint done shit with there lives for the last 9 month … yayo isnt ever gunna sell tho

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  • kstaxx

    The Game called this in 2009 when Young buck left that Llyod banks will be the next to leave, 50 Cent gettin rid of all the competetion and will only eventually keep Tony Yayo because he sucks and is nothin more than 50’s hype man AKA wipe man as in wiping 50 ass when he takes a shit.

  • bigmuff274

    get yall stuff 2gether mane

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    banks and his little brother louie been putting out good music….yayo has and always will be garbage…git it 2gether

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