The Game and 40 Glocc

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Killer Forces Surrounding The Game Over 40 Glocc Fight??

Let me start this one off very carefully. The Game did something I think was stupid. He beat on 40 Glocc and taped it. Now, there’s more foolishness that goes with this. He’s a family man with kids. Now, I know much less about 40 Glocc, but I’m going to assume he’s got loved ones as well. In an old school way, I commend 40 Glocc for challenging Game to a “fair one” even though I have been informed no such thing exists anymore. [Read “Hip-Hop Rumors: 40 Glocc Challenges The Game To A Fair Fight” by clicking right here. Now, on to the rumor. I’m hearing that people – not 40 Glocc specifically – are convening and looking for The Game over this fracas that happened on tape. [Click here to see the video]. Basically, this is a gang thing, not a Hip-Hop thing at all and they are looking for Game, from what I hear. Now, I PRAY – and mean that literally – that cooler heads prevail in this instance. Maybe they will have a fair fight somewhere past the guns and tribal warfare of it all. Who knows? Until then, this is what I am hearing.

Anyway, Game got his photoshop/web team working overtime with

And 40 Glocc explained to VladTV:

And lastly…there is more assault footage:

  • Someone is going to get seriously hurt over this nonsense. The funny thing is, at the route of it, not one of these ‘artists’ is even relevant. 50 won!

    • immackulate

      50 aint relevant either – MAYWEATHER been keeping 50 hot for some years now
      cuz he definitely wasnt dropping music until recently – and i’ve yet to hear any of them mixtapes

  • Are they convening over the snitching 40 Glocc been doing over the past 24 hours. Fake blood Lil Wayne didn’t snitch and Plies didn’t snitch either. Thugs aint shit kids!!!

    When Arnold Schwarzenegger executed Stanley Tookie Williams did they convene then??? huh

    • bigdoe6

      Game is the one who recorded it and put it on the web, i think that’s snitching too.

      • This nigga said i aint no snitch but i can tell everyone that game was BRANSHING A FIREARM. wtf smh

  • illymac

    its 2012, dudes is still fighting and getting killed over dumb shit..

  • dayleedumped

    this shit aint gonna turn out good. you cant hide forever

  • bigdoe6

    It’s no secret somebody is gonna die after watching this footage. 

  • rep87

    If any of this is true this a very sad situation and just another black eye for hiphop

    • Guest

      and for 40 lol sorry

  • I can’t front, I was expecting to come on here & see a bunch of ignorant comments egging on this stupidity. But I am shocked. I feel the same as my people below. This is the kind of foolishness that get people killed over nothing. I’m praying for these cats @daflamethrowa:twitter 

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  • TruthSerum

    40 Glocc really has nothing going for him except for his reputation as a tough guy, Game just called that into question. I wouldn’t be surprised if dude really did take this to the next level.

  • Game got ppl too.Everybody in LA is affiliated some how.Game got more money so he got more goons.

    • •e louie

      its not about money fool, its about respect, he could be a multi-millionaire an not have anybody thatll ride for u!! #realtalk

      • immackulate

        yeah right – you ever been to LA homey – its a lot of FOLLOWERS


      • That’s why I said game got ppl too.40 ain’t even from LA game raised on the soil.40 from Texas

  • Q.

    Hey kids, here’s a quick PSA:

    If you’re 30+ and you’re still gangbanging, or if you even LOOK UP to anybody whos 30+ and still gangbanging…40 Glock yourself out the game. Immediately. Pun intended.

    “The more you know”…  SMH

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    this shit is going to get bad , because of egos…It’s on tape and 40 doesn’t really have anything going for him so this is his chance..really, name on of dudes songs ?..never heard any..

    • •e louie

      damn.. jordans.. tru.. crippin..  i dont even listen to the nigga but theres 4 rite there. an this nigga talkin about egos!!haha

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I dunno fam…I never heard any music from him either? Are u from the west coast? Cuz over here people don’t even know who he is let alone know his music.

        On another note…ain’t these fools learned nothin after what happened to Rosemo?

  • Tom

    These two have been going back and fourth since 05-06, mainly on wax but then there has been a couple incidents involving 40 Glocc & various members of BWS so point being I don’t see this a complete publicity stunt, Game may be trying to create a bit of buzz seeing as no one checks for him right now and his last mixtapes & albums haven’t really set the hiphop World alight. If it does escalate and 40 retaliates on the streets, Game’s days may well be numbered. But let’s face it, dude has a big mouth and probably is due a serious beat down

  • CaliTransplant

    Never, I repeat, never videotape a CRIME you’re about to commit, ladies and gentlemen. SMH at these two…

  • scullyson

    Game betta tread lightly….Gloc has nothing to do with whatever is planned….Dumb ish you did…Sucka Sh*t with all the trimmings but thats how it is . It aint ova til its over patna…smh

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Game loves branding. Whenever he has a beef with someone, he not only speaks openly about it, but he makes a seperate website about it and makes merchandise. Remember when he had the beef with Jay Z and he had the “Death of Jigga” sites and shirts and everything? And now if it’s a gang thing and he’s out there like “look at me hahahaha,” he not only videotaped himself committing an assault (and he is the only one ON the video directly linked to it,) he’s asking for as much attention as possible. I can’t really think of anything stupider.

  • uShallKnoDaTruth

    this is stupid ur rich or so i think and ur still having gang related fights????? and now u may be killed over this????

  • MadVillain

    cant say im surprised at this shit, for what its worth let dum niggaz kill dum niggaz. natural selection at its FINEST

  • nextstudlyalbum






  • immackulate

    shyt could have seriouis repercussions behind it – if these niggahs was really RESPECTED
    but for the most part they own city/suburb (cuz 40glocc aint from LA) dont even rock w/ them

    so i dont see it going nowhere … this like the 3rd time they BUMPED into 40Glocc
    and each time he catch an L – there aint never no retaliation – he just hop back on WSHH

    it really aint no gangbang situation cuz neither one of these niggas is ACTIVE or respected
    it’s just 2 different dayum near 40yrs old rap niggahs acting out they wanna be gangsta fantasies

    • Casor_Greener

      I love how the rumor says it is stupid and then repost the shit. ROFLMAO, this is just some payola at work.  This is a fake rumor.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      OK I can rock with that.  There is definitely a difference between claiming something and being active.  Good point.

  • YsKayne

    Nigga did u say 50 won?? GTFOH dat nigga can’t even give away a album at diz point lol

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    If you are a Blood and you beat up a known Crip, then you are going to have a world of trouble, vice versa. Why?  Because people are hurting out here, salivating for an opportunity to make a name for themselves in these hard times.  There are probably a slew of young crips who never even met 40 who will try and get at Game now.  And it’s probably 10 x that who would do it for a fee.  

    Game is dumb.  He may have single handedly re-lit a very old rivalry in LA. I feel like the only thing he can do to fix it is give dude a fair one.

    Of course this could all be fake and they are trying to get that Drake vs Chris Brown celebrity fight money lol.  

    You never know with these rap guys.



      So how did Game single handedly re-lit a very old rivalry in LA??? By Winning outright????

      ALL ANY OF US SAW WAS A ONE ON ONE FIGHT SO KILL ALL THAT “I BELIEVE 40’S WORD OVER VIDEO” BULLSH!T!!!!!! We just say 1 on 1 and it Wasnt much of a fight he turned around and turtled

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Why are you replying to me with stuff that I didn’t mention.  I ain’t say nothing about believing 40’s word.  I ain’t say nothing about the video vs 40’s opinion.  Stay focused, lil guy.  

        As far as what I DID say.  I said “may have re-lit…..”.  That word “may” is a strong one.  It suggests that I don’t know what the future holds but it’s a possibility.

        Regardless if 40 does this or that to a FAKE blood like Wayne or anybody for that matter.  He is in no way as big of a star as Game.  That’s the point that you are clearly missing. 40 has nothing to lose. Dude has exactly NO career.  Game is a star in rap with a lot more to lose.  When you stand to lose so much, sometimes you have to be bigger than the folks who have nothing to lose.

        That shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp.  Read slow.

    • immackulate

      niggah you sound like you from the valley – diamond bar or something
      these niggahs been doing this dumb shyt since 50 signed spider loc/big bad 40
      this aint no CRIPS AND BLOODS this one dumb nigga vs another dumb nigga

  • I’m getting tired of watching that whole video over & over again, except for the :50 second mark when the bush dropped 40glocc…that ‘chet was He Larry-Us.

  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    game is probably laying low 40 got a bunch of la niggas behind him 

  • “yo what happen was niggas rolled up with the guns…” FUCC OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you saying the Game was finna shoot you?  fucc is you saying nigga?  Pu$$y niggas always got a story for why they lost a fight, “then i slipped on a banana peel, but i was winning first!” fucc outta here cuh!  WE DONT BELIEVE YOU! YOU NEED MO’ PEOPLE!  REAL GANGSTAS GET GUNS PULLED ON THEM ALL THE TIME, AND STILL BE FIGHTIN’, YOU SOFT 40!  THE GAME AINT LIL WAYNE OR PLIES 


    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      U writing like you are a crip or something, yet hating in one?  #InternetThugs

  • OK OK Being from LA folks let me say this….We dumb here…no one supports each other, we all want the top spot. But let me point out a few things…
    A) 40 Got at Wayne back in the days- Game Wants on Cash money so what better way. Birdman and them give a bigger advance then most labels now (Game ant as rich as ya’ll think). SO Game could also use it as a attention stunt with Bird and Wayne.
    B) LA/West Coast cats here are crazzy- ask the south folks- they come here and pass out a few chains (most fake) and get these crips/bloods thinking they part of which ever crew, and thee artist got back up real fast. Ask Waka Floka and his fake chains he gave people to gas them up for support. The west OG’s need to step in and this is happening, Will it get any better?
    Put it this way GAME WANTS TO BE KING OF THE WEST- has from day 1, but his young homies got his head in the clouds (I am not a Game fame, but not slamming dude either).
    And Game got a family so he needs to open his eyes- he can be touched and his kids need a dad.

    As for 40- dude has had a ruff life was homeless etc and is working to get a better life, in a good or bad way I dont blame him.

    Yall say 40 snitched? But Game video taped it- HOW DUMB is that move? Who does that?
    I smell dumb PR move on Games part

    Just saying….
    OK Games fans attack me now, although i didnt diss dude

    • Show me Game videotaping himself pulling pistols. 

      No you didn’t diss him, you just lied on him. So I guess I “attacked you” for dickriding snitching!!!

      •  Im not lieing on no one…do u believe thats the entire video? I dont care if its kanye and ll cool j. Dumb is dumb. There was many guns on dude before the entire video you see…remember it all started in the drive way…but do u see a drive way in Games video?
        Think bro man, they ant always gona show us everything, on both sides, the video didnt show other dudes jumping him, but that did happen as well, so believe what you want. Im not a stan to no artist.. PR is PR. But to video tape (even with out showing guns) is DUMB “assult charge” and to put it on the net- whats wrong with people? Is this what hip hop has made us become? Or are we making hip hop this way? The real issue is the street dudes not the folks cyber banging on the net. You have “Stans” that would love to make a name by offing someone famous, its the world we live in now.
        Its entertainment fam- thats what music is to me. Im not gona die over no ones hip hop beef. Im just saying dumb is dumb. But we all believe what we want.

    •  Negroes is dumb from New Orleans to New York you all are not seeing nothing that we all are not seeing  17 people got shot in nyc on 4th july over dumb sh-t , Chicago people are doing the same thing my best bet is for real men raise your family away from it i am moving to Maine because i am tired of foolishness.

  • Niggas need to check themselves when they can’t stand the taste of their own dish being served to them.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    the bushes part  still got me rofl

  • Game just had to say RIP to Rosmo not to long ago… So you wanna take the same route ?

  • Who cares let dumb negroes kill themselves Black men need to do what we need to do if they die we will play the music for a few months and go back to doing the same stupid sh-t we always do.they know they have kids they want to be “thugs”.

  • In LA… Crip > Blood… So by default – 40 > Game.

    • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

      your a dumbass 4 that, just because Cali got more crips than Bloods, don’t mean shit genuissss. 40 Cocc not from LA, he’s from Upstate Cali (Colton). Thats like being from NY but from (Buffalo). Crips outnumber but can’t beat all the bloods in LA so by default, your a retard. Any nigga can’t beat up 40 Cocc, he talks shit like a bitch

      • Damn get The Games scrotum off your tonsils. Hes not as connected in the street as you think. REAL Bloods don’t condone this nonsense.

      • scullyson


  • 40 Yard Dash better call the home boy cause 1 on1 he aint nothing with them hands. Caught you slippin and you turned b!tch, tryna smooth talk your @zz out of a beating…

  • Mos High

    Does 40 Glocc Rap? does he have any relivant music. What is this. This is just stupid sick and some stupid shit.  Game can be a decent rapper when he is focused, but this stuff is BS and I bet some of the friends of these will probably get caught with some of the strays.  So many people die over dumb sh#t. Then next week they wearing shirts saying RIP or the one who gets to jail they wear “Free so so” dumb weak ass ish

  • First person to speak real talk! Take the hip hop outa it, and u have folks doing dumb ish thats just gona some one hurt/killed.
    Rather 40 is your music of choice or not isnt the case, but ya dude has some stuff out there- as a DJ I spin his “welcome to California ft Snoop,E40,Too Short,Xizbit…pretty tuff song- but thats not the point, Game came make sum shit i like as well, when hes on his hip hop stuff

    In reply to Mos High

  • therealest1

    This is sad, but we shouldn’t be surprised if we see either of these young men with some level of success or people associated with them get killed over this based on how things have now escalated.

    And why the hell would Game tape himself doing assault and battery just to show and prove? Can we say self incrimination? Don’t be shocked if Game does a bid for this since the legal evidence is there and easy for the law enforcement to go after. And isn’t Game still on probation too?

    Doing stuff like this for internet fame and attention has gotten people killed. Whatever happened to just giving someone else an ass whooping and keeping it to themselves?

    • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

      Shut the fuckkkk up,these niggas are street.No cop business, and nobody is arresting Chuck or Cocc.Nobody in the Hood, calls the Cop at all!!!!!!!!…..They reason the Came, because someone saw them and called the cops.It wasn’t 40 Cocc

  • Word7

    Why is anyone sayin 50?  Thats Prodigy’s boy when Mobb Deep was with G-Unit.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    How do you tape something, put it on the internet, and then call the other person a snitch?

    • This nigga said i aint no snitch but i can tell everyone that game was BRANSHING A FIREARM. wtf smh

      • trainertommyt

        but he made a video of the shit without the guns shown so a) you shouldn’t be showing a video at all regardless if there was guns or not and b) you tried to make yourself look tough punching someone at gunpoint and distorting the truth

  • upt_jfc

    i believe 40 game said you want to end up in the hospital you want me to finish you.. put the guns away and fight like a man blood..

  • upt_jfc

    40 aint even looking at game hes looking at them niggas behind him look carefully and if niggas got guns out best belive im running behind a car!! gangsta or bitch nigga i aint trying to get shot no way!! this is my first time blogging.. it was hiphop now is turn into some street shit.. oh yeah and menace that nigga is a fuccing b!tch i could see the fake in that nigga he looks like he will rat asap.. i dont believe you blood he looks like some one you just want to punch in the face .. squirlle looking homoassnigga..

  • rio909

    I gonna tell u right now…I believe 40 glocc because last time he got jumped was like 20 of them and he was fighting back…just don’t understand now theres less and won’t fight back?….gotta believe him cuz it just makes sense ….they holding that on him

    • Lmao, listen man this ain’t no bullying, this nigga 40 glocc be talkin crazy and he thought he was bad @zz pickin on plies b!tch @zz, fucc that

    • kstaxx

      WOW now jus because niggas have they homies with them when they fighting a nigga that makes them a bitch even if they jus watching and not touchin the nigga you fightin, I thought when your niggas jump in the fight that makes it a bitch move, I guess its an excuse for everything nowadays when you dont get your way or like what you preceive something to be.

  • 40 Glocc a bitch, and game a snitch? What did he snitch on? On how 40 Glocc a scared little girl. Ya’ll retarded snitching is when you run to the cops and tell them whats going on, not beating some dudes ass. Stupid fucks. 

  • NYCPeruano

    It’s all fun and games until one of these dudes are laying in a pine box smh niggas making hood money well least game is why u gonna risk that for some stupid shit ???

  • I believe 40 glocc on this issue. Where the one on one video at? Besides..why was it other niggas caught in the video with The was like 3 other cats..the fat one, dude holding other camera, and dude talkin bout stop they callin the cops…that was about to run up on 40. peep game when game runnin game on ya…and ion gaf either way…im on the outside looking in observing from the evidence presented to the public. 

    • I believe more of what I see, than what I hear.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        ^^^ But yet you say that 40 had 4 dudes with him.  Where did you “see” that?

      • Weedras

        its Game.. lol! thats why he knows lol!

      • You can see a guy in a brown shirt walking away with 40 at the end.

  • Casino_Slim

    Alot of people are late on the 40/Game situation .They been going back and forth for years now, and it finally came to head. As for respecting 40 on asking” for a fair one”  Compton Menace has been chasing this nigga down for a fair one for awhile now, and 40 been ducking him. It’s not a gang thing, they have gang ties but this is between these two crews.  40 just been caught slipping that’s all . If you talk shit as much as 40 has, then you gotta deal with the consequences that come your way. 40 lucky cause the shit could of been bad had it been maybe somewhere else   

  • 40 show fooled me w/ the tough talk but then again he ran up on little niggas like Wayne and Plies (with 30 niggas and guns) but Game big af (No Skittles) ya boy Game put them hands on that nigga 40 glocc Lol he might wanna change his name to 9mm or 25 cal

  • ccwaterbound32

    personally for me i say no cameras no ego’s no bodyguards no outside parties no gang members involved. one on one nobody jump in beat the dog s*it out of each other and shake hands afterward or go home! simple…. yall can make some records about it and one of yall can have a steak with cranberry juice on the side and the other one can have a beer and a joint to help with the pain yall can laugh about it as soon as it’s done, you’d think these two idiots who have a platform (a very little platform at that) would step up to the plate as MEN instead of acting like two silly ass kids! webbie said it best(yeah i said webbie) “they got old folks outcha still dumb.”

    game, 40 GET REAL!!!!

  • Why is 40 fronting like he was alone, when he was with his homie! smh.  40 is fraudulent! LOL talkin all dat shit got you fcked up!

    40 glocc is a piru now! compton jumped him in. At 0:20 40 glocc said ”ahh sh!t” pu$$y @zz nikka.

    LOL My fave part was when 40 started running with his pants falling and Game said “Look at 40 glocc yall” hahaha i keep rewinding that part. lmao hell naw he ran like a bitch

    • scullyson

      No Disrespect but you sure seem overly excited about this incident homie. Care to elaborate? smh

      • Weedras

        its Game ma dude… or rather an over zealous stan lol! he only pops up and goes hard on Game rumours/ stories..

      • scullyson

        I didnt want to believe that but the more I think about it I think your right…..smh LOL…If its Game or a over zealous fan i mean stan That m******ka is trully on one….

      • The music for the most part suck and has no real message half are to dumb or  to scared to rap about the govt. so this is the most entertainment hip-hop has provided me with in a while. sad but true.

  • uawildcat76

    Doesnt 40 Glocc have videos of him jumping other niggas?  Didnt he post those videos?  Now that the tables have turned he actin like a bitch.  He told Game to post it and see what he was gonna edit.  There was no edit and this nigga running in the bushes tryin to hide.  That nigga dont need to be commended for crap.


  • UGK – “Tell Me Something Good”

    Aiyyo, what’s up with that bulge in ya khakis?
    You wanna pack a gat, but you STILL ain’t got the pull to come and jack me
    You betta bring a gangload of homies when you think you wanna throw
    Cause by yourself, you’re runnin to the flo’I seen your kind befo’, man ya nothin with your hands
    More than a punk but still less than a man
    You talk a lot of nothin when ya chillin with the ladies
    Let me catch ya by yourself, you’re pushin up some daisies
    See crazy you wanna be, but punks with no heart, they ain’t hard
    They just waitin for Bun to pull they card
    You betta keep your weak self locked in ya hood
    Cause without your boys I’m a have to tell ya somethin good

    • ccwaterbound32


  • 40 yard dash” had 4 niggas wit him but they ran. He just wasnt fast enuff & ran into a car lookin back

  • Everybody is a critic now… LoL. Cat’s be on here trying to play judge Judy… FOH! You can’t be over 15 if your on here having multiple comment conversations. SMFH! People are more focused on the WWE nonsense instead of the actual music. Clowns that sit at their computer half the day commenting on sh!t like this is the MAIN reason why sites post more of the BS instead of actual music related stories/rumors. Ya giving this type of foolery energy and in tern sites see that sheeple like it and keep feeding ya this. When people stop clicking on these type of stories they will disappear and we’ll get back to the music. Same goes for Sydney Lace or whatever her name is… When ya STOP leaving comments crying and complaining on her rumors, she’ll disappear. It’s all about how many time you click and comment on the story. They can care less about you crying everyday as long as you click on the story! But a lot of you are to weak minded not to click on sh!t like this so I guess it’ll never end!

    • Wait! are you reading your own writing. Basically you’re dissing yourself.

    • tab58064

       Funny how your complaining about people commenting on this shit all while commenting on the people who commented on this shit!  GTFOH!

  • Southcidal

    The Game is living like Pac. You know where that got him. Why not step to the nigga and ask him what the deal is first? The nigga might be on some peace shiit and the nonsense can be avoided. A nigga can also be on some tough guy shiit and then you can whip his azz.

    In other words time to grow up fellas. Fighting is some high school shiit.

  • jsj23

    Let this be a lesson to all aspiring street thugs/internet gangsters.  This is where it gets you – a crappy allhiphop(dot)com article and a bunch of other aspiring, wannabe street thugs/internet gangsters looking for you and your family.  I ask you, is it worth it? Find a talent and market yourselves, that is the better alternative!

  • Dadon850

    Anybody ever thought Game might have recorded this because now 40 glocc CAN’T kill his ass without the cops at his front door looking for him and anybody associated with him. You better believe, if Game turn up dead, the cops will camp out at 40 gloc crib. 40 glocc revenge will have to be similar to what Game did to him.

  • kstaxx

    So 40 Glocc can strangle and beat his girlfriend but he cant take an ass whoopin and has to call the bacon boys, his career is over. Mark my words the only way he can reedem himself in the eyes of his CEO 50 cent is to kill the Game or one of his niggas to set an example and I dont think hes got the heart to do that.

  • tab58064

    You can’t do this kind of shit to damn-near anyone and then expect “cooler head to prevail.”  Both niggas and anyone else involved in a gang in any way are just childish and stupid.  These fools have managed to make enough money to get away from this kind of shit yet they choose stay involved in nonsense.  They seem to care more about acting hard than they do about the consequences that come along with their behavior!

  • 40 glocc a nerd aint that the same nigga u use to steal everybody change n make a video n put it on youtube sayin yeah i beat his ass and took his chain flashing the shit around ahah big bad 40 my ass bwwahahahaha

  • i feel like he had that shit coming 40glocc always running his mouth about somebody and he got caught slipping of course if im with my niggas and i see a nigga i dislike and been talking hella shit hell yeah we gonna jump his ass 40glocc would of did the same if he caught the game solo and he was with his niggas

    • you

      So what would you do if you were by yourself??? Money, wouldn’t have said no schitt like that on the “net”!!!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    man if they want game…they knw where to get him…..these niggas stay bout an 1/2 mile from each other…..i lost respect for game with this one… attacked a nigga and video tape it…..whuts gangster about dat…..real gangsters move in silence with violence…..40 got niggas dat will kill for him jus like how game got dudes dat would kill for him…..there is no way this gonna end good… the great words of dave chappelle when he played rick james: THEY SHOULD OF NEVER GAVE YOU NIGGAS MONEY

    • John E. Graves

      Colton crips…don’t want no problem with even the smallest LA gang…if your not from LA you might think there reputable but ask anyone from California and see what they say….game rap beefed with spider loc but he know better then to fuc with the NHoods…but Colton city…small time banging

  • Bumpy Johnson

    ima big westcoast rap fan and cant name one song out the top my head by 40 glocc

  • 40 Glocc Need his ass whoop after he did that bull shit with Lil Wayne and bird man somebody need to tap his little ass like i said if that was me in game shoes i woulda beat his ass too flat out 40 glooc got what was comeing to him.

  • John E. Graves

    40 was bullying unrepitable gang members that would come to Los Angeles but in l.a. Colton city crips are low level crips ..(once spider loc separated himself from 40 he no longer had a real crip set to back him)..they have no real rep on the streets….they don’t want a problem with anyone….name a 40 glocc song….I’ll wait