Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” Give Bad Legal Advice That Continues To Hem People Up?

Rap mogul Jay-Z’s song “99 Problems” was released in 2003, but it still remains a mainstay in our iPods and on the radio. There’s just one problem, though. Jigga is giving us some bad legal advice in the track. According to Law Professor Caleb Mason from Southwestern Law School, Jigga’s line in the song, “Well, my glove compartment is locked/ so is the trunk in the back/
And I know my rights/ so you gon’ need a warrant for that,” is inaccurate.

Check out what the professor says below:

“Based on the number of my students who arrived at law school believing that if you lock your trunk and glove compartment, the police will need a warrant to search them, I surmise that it’s even more widespread among the lay public. But it’s completely, 100% wrong.

The law professor sets the record straight and give some great advice if you ever catch yourself in a situation where the police want to search your vehicle:

“The lesson for perps is threefold: (1) don’t consent, (2) know the reasonable suspicion boilerplate and don’t provide it, and (3) make a record of the encounter any way you can, including your behavior, appearance, and demeanor before and during the stop, the officer’s stated motive for the stop, all of your responses to questioning, whether or not you were placed under arrest, and the exact amount of time you were held on the side of the road. And finally, most importantly, for both sides–when in doubt, talk to a lawyer. My door’s always open to players on both sides of this game. Call me.”

There you have it!

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  • messias3

    as long as you/yourself do not have a warrant when they/poepoes stop you….. the advice/line is sound

  • 2twelve


  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • gomer_1

    Soif you riding with 4zones of raw in your locked trunk. Dont be smelling like weed when you get pulled over cause thats probable cause to do a warantless search.

  • thaillest

    Who cares? Is this supposed to pass as a rumor? Jay-z told a story on a song that he personally went through…if people are dumb enough to try and do what they heard in a song, saw on tv or a movie that’s their own stupidity. Make an observation column or something for these dumb ass stories…there’s no rumor here lmao

  • So basically he is right, because he was pulled for no apparent reason in the song. And the law wanted to search just because.  

    • he got pulled over for being BIP

  • $28825362

    I really need to find a new website to waste time on…

  • Raheem Classick

    Jay was referencing A stop that took place in 1980’s / 90’s, This is 2012, Laws have changed.  

    • NY’s stop & Frisk laws are worse now.

  • ccwaterbound32

    sydney you are a total ding bat…

  • Micheal Daston

    Dude wasn’t even saying anything !! smh

  • illymac

    sydney stole this rumor from sohh…

  • kj

    Old law and besides, the officers were still going to search the car because Jay provided “reasonable cause” the officers couldn’t break into the trunk or glove compartment. That’s why the canine was on it’s way. Jay explains in detail what happens in his book


    I like snoop advice better.

    When the pig try to get @ you
    Park it like its hot.
    Park it like its hot.

    First of all, cops arent dumb. Well some of tgem are.
    But they learned to adjust. Everytime a lawyer, eat they ass up.

    So although jay is right.
    A cop goes into your trunk. You have to options.
    Let him if you clean. Or try to stop him, & add assualt on a police officier to go along with the work
    Or contraband.
    In other words cops do what tgey want, & lie in tge oolice report after they book you.

    Shet i even had cops pull me over cause i gad a rep, or cause they knew i was dirty,
    Then go to the precint & call the DA for legal advuce on to how to right up tge police report.
    How many times, a rapper or somebody get arrested, and cips say
    ” i smelled the odor of marijuana emancipating from the vechile”

    Ot the ” suspect was moving in a nervous manner trying to hide something under a seat”
    Which later turned out to be drugs or a gun.???

    Bottom line if a cop want to searxh your shet he going g to do it.
    The only option you got at that point is to take the case, if thry find something.
    & hope your lawyer, jam him & his partner up on the witness stand.
    7-10 if the cops was lying, they going to have their story together.

    But a good lawyer will ask the right question wait for his moment,
    And as soon as the cops slip up, grind his ass up.
    I used to think why do lawyers seem to ask all these reoeteive question in just differernt ways.
    Then i found out, once i seen cops slip up and look likes fools in frint of judges.
    & once a cop get caught lieing on the stand his credibilty is shot,
    And he looks like a fool.

    My advice, invest in a stash box,
    Shet its not the 80’s no more you can get one installed for cheap.

  • HipHopStalker

    Sydney…………….Such a loser your are lol

  • $28825362

    I have a idea. Instead of installing a stash box in the ride how about… wait for it… JUST DON’T SELL DRUGS OR DO ILLEGAL SHYT!!!!!! 

    • y wudnt u want to do illegal shit? weed is the best. h & coke are cool.. meth is kinda ugggh .. E is cool & gota love oxys & percs ; )

      • H. U. S.

        You high as hell now, is that why you can’t spell for shyt? Leave that shyt alone!!!!

    • EL_BARK

      Cause a glock with 16 in the clip & 1 in the hole.

      Will save your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • $28825362

        If that’s how you choose to live your life man cool.  (When keepin it real goes wrong – everybody gotta be a tough guy) 

  • Apollo Showtime

    Check 1994’s laws, because he also said “The year is ’94/in the trunk is raw/in the rear view mirror is the muthaf*ckin’ law”…

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Exactly. The supreme court has changed a lot of things since then.

  • rep87

     Bottom Line dont ride Dirty ! Sydney leave the METH ALONE !

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Trying to prove a web search and maintain Jay-Z’s street cred…and assume black people get their legal information from lyrics. Who are you people? There is nothing else for AHH to write about except the last 9 sorry a$$ years of mainstream hip hop and crown carter as king of it. There are 50 states, 50 damn states. No two states have the same legal code,conduct, or get out of jail freecard, except the universal, “Don’t be Stupid” I thought the answer was to get off this site. If I’m going to get associated, I’ll do my damndest to be that one comment to say “hell no.” 

    ..and big up to y’all keeping the sh”t real.

  • Try to tell people all the time that your attitude/demeanor is 99% of why your stupid ass is getting arrested.  Act calm, know your rights, and be respectful.  You will normally walk away with nothing if you just talk to the cop like you would your best friend….Even if the cop is an asshole…kill em with kindness.

    •  ^this will keep you from getting locked up most of the time

  • joe

    He gave good advice.  Just remember, pursuant to the 4th Amendment, we are all entitled to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  We are not required to consent to a search.  The only way the government can search is either: (1) with a search warrant (which is already supported by probable cause); or (2) Warrantless Search exception, where each exception must be supported by probable cause.  For a regular traffic stop, absent probable cause (say, by plain view – stupid ass leaves a baggy on the floor where the cop can see it) the cop cannot search the car.  The cop can however, ask you to get out of the car, then if they “believe you to be armed and dangerous” may pat you down for weapons.  In Jay’s scenario, he was just getting a speeding ticket and wasn’t getting arrested.  Had he gotten arrested for speeding then the cops could have searched passenger compartment (warrantless search exception – “Incident to Arrest”).  But as of 2009, if cops can only search the car incident to arrest if (1) they haven’t already cuffed or (2) the reason why they arrested you gives them probable cause to search the vehicle.  (Just remember that if they are looking for illegal aliens, then they can’t search your glove compartment but can search the trunk).

    • When they ask you to get out, well when they pull you over, pull into a legal spot, if asked to get out, roll up windows & lock car behind you.

  • TrueMind11

    Most blacks are 13th and 14th amendment citizens. The fourth amendment don’t apply to those that call themselves Black, Negro or African American. Do your research if you don’t believe me. Please get the Blacks Law Dictionary.

    • immackulate

      i see somebody is up on black moorish sovereignty laws in america –

      -thats what im talking about my bruvah

      • Black Moors White Mormons. All the same lie. Judaism itself is a lie. Why their is no trace of it before the CYRUS the savior put them their. Sure there are some cities that match the names. But its no different than believing the movie Philadelphia is talking about Philadelphia. Until they require all black people that are part of the MOORISH faith to take a ginetics test in which you will find HITLER was more AFRICAN Jew than ANY BLACK PERSON TODAY YOU CAN FIND in America that is descendant from a slave.  

        Their is a flaw in the Moorish account of  history. It plays on a retelling of history that doesn’t provide the whole story. SURE BLACK PEOPLE WERE SLAVES. But their first slaves in America were white. Up until 1705 most of them immigrants from EUROPE WERE SLAVES.  They were immigrants they were slaves. Up until 1705 black slave was no different than white slave. 

        WAS  Crispus Attucks  BLACK. Why do you think Crispus Attucks was mixed and never refered to as black or a Negro. HE WAS MULATO.  Wasn’t no difference white slave slept with black slave.  Why you think in the South their were so many poor white people. Because they were slaves.  

        HERE’S EVERYBODY HOMEWORK. When did white slavery end?
        Same time negro slavery did never.  Why you think Child Labor laws came from. Those slave kids and slave immigrants went to work in factories. Went to work in mines. Cause they were poor. SO YOUR MOORISH ASS has more in common with a Redneck (look that shit up) in West Virginia than a Moor in Africa. BOTH HISTORICALLY AND GENETICALLY. 

      • immackulate

        first of all myG – you jumping out the window – correct yo TONE
        second – niggah i aint no gawt damn MOOR
        third – dude who i responded to is speaking on LAWS governed for NEGRO’s vs MOORS in precolonized america before/during the articles of confederation and pre US CONSTITUTION

        it wasnt about a MOORISH history lesson it was about laws governed
        you wrote that long essay – and the whole shyt was outta context to what i responded to or about

        white slavery was everywhere GLOBALLY before the spanish moors even showed columbus how to get to america – why would you think i wouldnt know that already is beyond me lol

    • Black’s Law dictionary is wrong, because it is based on the 14th amend, which never was ratified/ passed according to constitutional procedures of the time. ( 2/3rd Quorum )

      You are on point though, the 14th Nationalized slavery for all Americans.
      ( Income Tax )

      It ushered in the age of equality, except it didn’t make Blacks equal to whites, it started bring whites to the level of blacks.

      Total slavery / Prison Planet.

      • Sorry Dude that is a myth that is was not ratified. South Carolina WAS THE DECIDING vote.  Don’t believe everything black or white people tell you. Blacks aren’t decendants of Cush and white people weren’t some mad ancient scientist experiment. 

      • EL_BARK

        That were your wrong……!!!!!!!!!!

        Africans were descendants of kush.

        Blacks in america come from benjamin i believe.

        The eithopians are kushites, that settles in africa after the crusades.

        Their also DNA testing that prove they are them descendats of king David as welll.

      • immackulate

        AFRICANS (ethiopians) are descendants of CUSH

      • Tuesday27

        Taxes are not slavery. That’s republican speak. Taxes are part of the very necessary social contract. Without it, no police, roads and any number of things that would not be possible with out taxing people. Modern civilization depends upon taxation.

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  • People who follow legal advice of a rapper are stupid anyway. If you want legal advice you go to a qualified legal adviser. 

  • charlamaignedap

    HAAELL YEEEE NIQQQQAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My homeboy was in awfull shape too, and he cleaner than me now! Gettin a condo.
    CALL DEM UP – THEY WILL HELP U!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++\

    • H. U. S.

      Man, I’m going to call them right now!!!!!! TFOH…..

  • Tony G.

    As of today…July 12, 2012..I refuse to read another rumor on this site as long as sydney lace is doing them

    • me too sydney is GAY —- i dont even go this site barely anymore bcz its always some dumb question she is asking- look it up bitch dont ask us

  • cops cant search your car w/ out a warrant or probable cause- every1 knows that xcept for sydney i guess

    • A Rogue cop, yes, but knowing PC & not giving it is valuable.

  • suge380

    This is truly one of the dumbest things i ever heard. A song that gives the wrong advice. Come on MAN. If you the moron running around doing sh!t cuz of a song said “you can get away with it” then you deserve what you get. Learn the laws and lawyer up for yourself and through your own research. DUMB AZZEZ!!!!!! And here is some free legal advice, don’t ever go in to no kind of court without your own lawyer period. I don’t even go to traffic court without a lawyer (Real Talk). And Fcuk a public defender, him and the prosecutor get paid from the same bank, the gov. Trust they don’t have you best interest at heart. If you can’t afford a lawyer, Don’t get your azz in trouble, cuz you FCUKED.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. If you a true hiphop head u gon feel it. Sounds like something Jigga or Nas woulda been on back in the day.

  • hoeyuno

    He did a similar thing ghostwriting for foxy brown in a old the firm song where foxy says some shit about flippin keys and the math is all wrong ha ha