Hip-Hop Rumors: Mysonne Calls Frank Ocean A “Coward”

While industry heavyweights like Beyonce and Russell Simmonds are praising Frank Ocean for revealing his bisexuality, New York rapper Mysonne took to his Twitter account to do the complete opposite. Mysonne feels deceived by Ocean, and accuses the singer of using his announcement for publicity. Check out what Mysonne tweeted below:

“i think these n*ggas is cowards that looking for exposure and buzzes, so they wait til albums drop to tell you there true Sexuality,’ he tweeted July 10.

“Never mind that youve built a career off of obvious deceit and false hood, but people say its ok cuz he can sing. What happen to integrity?”

“What happened to judging a man by his character. There are no more boundaries or rules and this is why Suckas can Rule!”

“the fact that he’s gay means nothing to me and had he been real and i still liked his music i would support him, But fake sh*t is fake sh*t!”

Wow, those are pretty strong comments. Is there more than meets the eye here? Why do you think Mysonne is so upset? Do you agree with him?

  • Tell ’em why you madd hater!!!!!


    Mysonne forgets that Frank is bi, which means that it is not “fake” or inconsistent for him to express love to women.

    • Celz

      But it was a publicity stunt. Don’t forget that.

      • I dont believe it was a publicity stunt.  He played his music at an listening party and a journalist reported on the song.  so, instead of letting people speculate he put it out their.  I dont care what the brotha is just make good music and keep it movin.  Most of u ni99a is bumpin his music and dont even know it!

      • Celz

        I don’t care either didn’t like him before and still don’t. He’s talented so I wish him good luck in all his endeavors. He’s just a sell out the same as a fake gangsta rapper. He’s just exploiting the gay agenda instead of black culture which should be just as bad in his eyes if he truly believes and represents that lifestyle.

  • King Cold

    i agree wit mysonne. this dude is apart of Odd Future and the group calls a bunch of people fags like tyler perry and bruno mars. so how the hell u gonna come out the clost around the same time as your album drops???? i’ll say again people will do anything these days to sell records…smh

    • CaliTransplant

       when is he supposed to come out? next thursday at 7pm? why hate on him if he came out around the same time his album dropped. ellen degeneres came out ON HER TV SHOW, boosting the ratings out this world!

      Get money, get happy, Frank..

      • Celz

        Maybe he should have came out when his homeboy/ group member dissed gay people.

      • CaliTransplant

        can’t argue with that, celz..

      • Why?  Is that his place to defend every person he hangs around with.  I dont care what anyone does in the privacy of their own home, I just dont know why people think they need to know about every aspect of an artist life.  Listen to the music if you like it buy it, if not dont

      • Celz

        He should defend himself. If your bandmates/ friends call people like you a coon/ cracker/ chink or whatever you’re a sell out if you  ignore it for financial interests. So either A) he really is into the bi lifestyle and he ignored the Odd Future gay bashing so he can further his career or B) he is not into the bi lifestyle and is using it  as a ploy to further his career. A or B is selling out.

    • johnblacksad

      I’ve never listened to not one thing from Tyler Perry nor Bruno Mars… real talk, i don’t even know what they look like, and frankly, i’m quite proud of that!

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  • J.C.

    he never said he was straight, yall just assumed

    with his verse in Oldie, he clearly stated he was bi, real fans know this.

    dude is just mad he was enjoying a gay guy’s music this whole time w/o knowing. smh.

  • I most definitely agree. No doubt.

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  • TruthSerum

    It was a publicity stunt to come clean about it now, anybody who cant see that is blind, actually Stevie Wonder could probably see this for what it is so blind isn’t the word…….. If you cant see this announcement coming out a few days before his album drops as the publicity stunt it was, then your an idiot, lol

  • GionnyHonest

    Look, maybe people fail to understand that this is a business in which success is based on notoriety. People always talk about something being a publicity stunt like it’s a bad thing. If you’re talking about it, it worked. The moment is important for the culture regardless of the timing, and with no radio singles or mainstream looks, what better way to get people talking than making an announcement that will reverberate in the culture for years to come. It was honest statement and is important for hip-hop/Rnb going forward, and besides knowing how many closed minded ignoramuses there are out there, people who are saying he’s making it up for sales sake are stupid, who the hell would walk on razors through fire knowing how the world unfortunately still works. 

    The question can be thrown right back at me, but why is Mysonne’s opinion newsworthy, he always has something to say about these guys. He needs to worry about making a hit record, maybe even a publicity stunt or two, because outside of hardcore hip-hop heads nobody knows him(aside from this is a weak attempt at a publicity stunt). Obviously him along with anyone else calling Frank a deceiver don’t understand the dynamics of sexuality and therefore their arguments are invalid. He may be a talented rapper, but this self-righteous pseudo philosophy he is putting out there is annoying. This is the end of my rant, you’re welcome.

    • spiderzerohero

      Your ideology of “fake it to make it” or “create a scandal for buzz” is the new way is what is killing the competetive spirit of talent. This is why real music lovers see the business of hip hop as fake, and the culture is dying.Why not just make good music that will be remembered and properly promoting art instead of gimmicking your way into peoples hearts and shadowing your music career with scandals and generic headlines? Fake is the new Real? SMH Once EVERYONE knows, it is nothing more than a circus or a vaudeville act. Real art does not care if you are gay or straight so why broadcast it? The fact that he comes from a scandalous camp does not help it either. ALL of that crew seems to sit around and figure out a way to be eccentric, which is NOT eccentric. SMH

      • GionnyHonest

        It’s not my ideology, it’s simply the reality, as unfortunate as it may be, of the business. “Fake it to make it” isn’t what I’m after, nor am I necessarily condoning publicity stunts, but they happen and they happen for the precise reason of getting people to talk about them. I am a fan of ‘real’ music and the state of the industry sickens me, but at the same time if real music fans went out and bought “real music” and kept the success of an artist based solely on the quality of their music the industry and business model would be forced to adjust. The business is the business and methods of selling a product will remain the same as long as the culture allows it. Just by looking at SoundScan it’s clear where the public stands, people who get mentioned the most sell more, and it’s unfortunate because they usually aren’t putting out the better music, but if people have a problem with that, they need to go and support real music, because I’m personally sick of seeing non attention seeking artists who make good music sell 3,000 copies first week. Aside from all of that, I do think that stunt or not, it is an important step made because hip-hop can’t continue to have the sexuality elephant in the room anymore, and this is bringing the conversation to the forefront of public discussion. Overall, the artist can only do so much, once they make the conscious decision to be a part of the business righteous methods of creating and promoting your art goes out of the window because you now have your livelihood at the hands of a machine that will spit you out at the drop of a dime. The public has the power to change this, the question is will they…

  • Damn, u mad bro?

  • Weedras

    There’s always gonna be some guy who’s gonna come out tryna to say something to gain buzz also.. Frank Ocean is getting a buzz and what do you do, you spark some controversy and garner buzz too are you much different from him MySonne nope? you talk about deceit but if you had listened to guy’s lyrics properly you woulda peeped some weird lines that didn’t fit… if dude never mentioned his sexuality how can it be deceit? for real.. you just assumed he was!… and for those saying ODD Future are deceitful for bashing gays… yeah they do it, but they came out with a gay member… Syd Tha Kyd is a lesbian..

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If it is a publicity stunt, it’s probably the first time so many people have taken it so personally.

  • dayofdaay29






  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    ye i gotta agree but it might have been the labels idea to announce it right before the album comes out whatever it worked 

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  • Ied rather/ and Im sure his label would rather Him say it then it get out some other way…So PR stunt- nahhh leave that to Game and 40 Glocc lol.
    Dont be mad cause dudes making music, i dont care what he does in his bedroom- I ant buy no video, but the music is good- thats all I look for.
    Haters always gona hate.
    Now im a sound dumb but who is Mysonne? (and thats being real no insult I ant herd of dude)

  • hey he makes a good point

  • All I know is being gay gets you paid in today’s world… And then you know its a wrap when you got Beyonce Co-Signing.. This shit staged and fake as a 4 dollar bill… You come out the closet and then all the gay sympathizers come out to hold you up like you are a victim because you came out… That Gay Agenda is a powerful force..

  • spiderzerohero

    . This is why real music lovers see the business of hip hop as fake, and the culture is dying.Why not just make good music that will be remembered and properly promoting art instead of gimmicking your way into peoples hearts and shadowing your music career with scandals and generic headlines? Fake is the new Real? SMH Once EVERYONE knows, it is nothing more than a circus or a vaudeville act. Real art does not care if you are gay or straight so why broadcast it? The fact that he comes from a scandalous camp does not help it either. ALL of that crew seems to sit around and figure out a way to be eccentric, which is NOT eccentric. SMH

  • immackulate

    i dont condone the PHAG shyt – never heard a frank ocean song – NEVER WILL

    MYSONNE – is this the same nigga that E.NESS from Making The Band embarrassed
    in that PHILLY vs NY battle – the same cat that was bitter after he lost and did hoe shyt to make his loss look worse – this niggah is walking RESENTMENT –

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  • Fake Chet is Fake Chet though.

  • $17637591

    Frank definitely used this as a publicity stunt. Even moved the album up a week cuz he was gettin so much buzz. Never heard dudes music except for him on the Throne but its crazy cuz dude singin the hook for “no church in the wild”. Bet he would love to be in a wild jungle full of homos runnin round stickin each other. Closet mutha fuckaz is the reason our black women have the highest rate of HIV in the US. If your Gay stop being a COWARD and own up to it and stick with other gays & stop infected our women.

    • Celz

      That’s not politically correct but it’s the truth… The truth often hurts..

    •  While I agree that it seems like a publicity stunt, I wanna add some insight to your comment about HIV rates considering I work in the field: closeted men arent the reason black women have high rates of HIV, lack of personal responsibility in using protection is why there’s a high rate of HIV. You can have all the sex you want, but if you dont take responsibility for keeping yourself safe, you cant blame it on anyone else for whatever consequences occur…whether that be HIV, chlamydia, or pregnancy. Until people start taking their power back over their own lives, all kinds of disparities will continue to happen to them.

      • $17637591

        Since you work in the field you should do some research. If you do you will find scientific evidence that homosexual black men have a significantly higher rate of HIV infection over heterosexual black men. These same closet homos with hightest rate of HIV infection are getting with our black women and not telling them they are gay. Yes people need to wrap up but that doesn’t change the fact that homosexual black men have a disproportionately high rate of HIV infection. Do your research my Ni99a.

      • Poorignorantboy.  You are partially right but majority what you say is b.s. African americans as a whole has a high rate of HIV infection.  Do your research.  Putting out this information to make it seem like mostly gay men are spreading this desease is dangerous.  No matter if your are gay or straight you need to protect yourself.  We live in a time when everyone is wants instant gratification without worrying about consequences! 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        it started with you ass whompers though

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        so your saying the closeted homo male that sleeps with the women but dnt tell her that he has the disease is not at fault BUT the unexpected lady is the one to blame…wow you gays have a way with of twisting things so your not to blame…i see whut side you on……FOOL its both there responsibility to protect themselves but it’s the carrier who has to alert fore he’s the one with the deadly disease….i used to wonder why all my jamaican siblings hated you people…..after reading this forum i’m begining to overstand….and i thought i would never say that….fore i hate no man nor woman…but your rachet explanation really pisses me of

  • rep87

    I agree with Mysonne 100 % , shit only happen days before you drop a album .

  • FACT_CHECKseed

    BREAKING NEWS: While Frank Ocean has come out of the closet, MySonne has apparently come back to life…polls show the majority of hip hop fans simply thought he died of boredom.

  • Sorry I don’t care when dude would have droped that bomb. . . I can’t support a gay guy singing bout making love over my headphones direct in my ear. just makes me feel strange. .  but he go do your thang

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      na i cant support gay rappers but singing i dont care 4 as  long as its bout a women look at tevin cambell  marvin gaye babyface  freddy jackson all gay but great singers im sorry some of the greatest singers

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      neyo gay too hell  i dont put it past trey songs either

  • KLewis

    Does anybody actually bother to listen to Frank Ocean’s music before they judged the man? The man is talented. His mixtapes showed great potential, and his album is deep and great. All of this hate because the man is gay kind of stupid. You’re opinion is yours, and your choice of music is yours. But Ocean is a talented musician that deserves a chance to be given a chance by serious music fans. Or you can continue to listen to Lil Wayne and deny that gay people actually exist.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      you faggots get on my pucking nerves….look if u like this faggot music cool….but dnt get angry dat a straight person cant relate to his faggot music….why am i gonna listen to a man sing about another man….u think i hate the brokeback mountain movie because i dislike gays…no it’s cause i am not intrested in seeing two cowboys bone…..i jus dont wanna see dat….u gays say u wanna be treated fairly but dats bull…u want special treatment….u wanna cry foul play cuz i wont watch ellen or go to a wanda sykes show…or cuz i want no parts of any GAY club….yet i’ll watch anything with queen latifah though….and you can here me bumping queen on an saturday afternoon….but ya’ll dont see that…look frank ocean sucked(no pun intended)before we found out just exaclty whut he sucked…its funny cuz none of u gays was feeling son till he came out the closet…u dont think dats why son came out…cuz he knows his shit was gonna go wood(no homo)…this is the fad dat was brought to light by gaga and manaj….mysonnne was 100% right….but i’m sure your gayness wont allow u to speak da truth…shame

  • it’s funny that so many ppl that never listened to his music have such a strong opinion. if you know his music, this wouldn’t be such a surprise. as far as this being a publicity stunt, if you do your research, you would know that this all came about bc someone wrote a review after attending his listening session and stated how some of the songs referred to “he/him” vice “she/her.” all he did was confirm it by releasing his album thank yous which i’m sure was already printed since his album comes out next week. how is he building a career off deceit and falsehood? he’s a musician who makes damn good music. 

  • lonely_rollingstar


  • Bryn Whitehead

    Franks album is D.A.F. This donkey is obviously a closeted homosexual and is upset that he doesnt have the intestinal fortitude to come out himself. Thats the only reason I can come up with why he would even say some ignorant sht like that publicly. Or, maybe he has a mixtape coming out. I say mixtape because wack rappers like this ass dont get to release album. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, No Bueno Hefe.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    1ST of all…i fuks with mysonne and wild gremlins…for you dumb tight jeans starship listening bitches dat knw NOTHING about real music…mysonne is one of the illest underground spitters since he got out of jail…i agree completley with son…no one was talking bout this faggot until he let the world knw dat he sucks more d!ck than an fluffer…i for one cant listen to this nigga sing about his ass exploing exploits…and for this phuck-boy whitehead below me dat wanna classify someone he dont knw as an closeted homo…..look bryan jus cuz u wanna go ass-to-mouth with frankie boy….dont mean we all should enjoy in this fag music…hey if u can relate to his d!ck taking songs and his love for balls…by all means whitehead do you but dont go assuming…because i’m sure if mysonne was in your presence you would keep your d!ck sucking mouth shut….as for franky…..billy ocean wants his name back…the likes of you should not damper dat mans legacy by taking his name