Beanie Sigel Sentenced To Prison Over Taxes

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel will spend the next 24 months in federal prison, for failing to file income tax returns.

Beanie Sigel, born Dwight Grant, is being ordered to pay the IRS $728,536, for taxes on six years of income, from 1999-2005.

In April of 2012, Beanie Sigel pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to file income tax returns.

In total, Beanie Sigel earned over $2.2 million in taxable income during those years, yet he only paid $10,000 in taxes.

Part of the prison sentence was due to Beanie’s conduct, according to the sentencing memorandum.

The IRS accused the rapper of failing to cooperate with his probation officer’s attempts to determine his financial condition.

“For all we know, Grant has earned a significant sum of money and simply squirreled it away out of the reach of the government,” the sentencing memorandum reads. “He would not even cooperate with the probation officer to permit a home visit, a most basic part of the pre-sentencing procedure.”

The sentencing was also based on the rapper’s previous convictions and “his overall poor criminal history.”

According to the government, Beanie Sigel began his criminal life at the age of 15 and 23 years later, despite being a world-renowned artist, continues to run into trouble with the law.

The prison sentence comes as Beanie Sigel was mounting a comeback in his recording career.

In March of 2012, the rapper inked a deal with Chris Schwartz’s new record label through EMI and released a mixtape titled “Broad Street Empire Vol.1: Lost Files.”

Beanie Sigel was also working on an album of all new material titled The Classic.

So far, representatives for Beanie Sigel have yet to comment.

Check out some footage of Beanie leaving court after he pleaded guilty to the charges below:

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  • Pierre Elliott

    word… a ngga

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    beans…stay the f out the joint, folk…another 2 years you won’t get back.
    least fed time is better than state (that’;s what i heard)

    put out an album now…

    keep getting a continuance, put out a classic and get that mouthpiece to work your case. knock it down to a fine. pay back taxes.

  • $28825362

    Dude you made 2.2 million from 99 to 05. Why not just pay your taxes and handle your business. Nope, instead you wanna be the”Broad Street Bully”. We all gotta pay taxes kid. Bad financial adviser (if he even had one).
    I feel it in the air….

    • jsj23

      Why should he pay nearly half his hard earned cash in taxes?  He is essentially being punished for being successful.  That $10,000 figure seems fair to me.

      • $28825362

        There are a lot of laws I don’t agree with, but just because you don’t agree with the laws does not mean you can break them and then not have to face punishment for breaking those laws. Until the tax law is changed that says he can make 2.2 million and only pay 10 grand in taxes he is guilty for not paying the full taxes on his earned income. It does not matter if you agree with the law. Believe me a judge will never ask you, “well sir do you agree with the law that you broke? No, you don’t agree… oh okay well I don’t know why the hell they are trying to put you in the click”.

      • jsj23

        I’m not one to go back and forth, but it’s called civil disobedience.  It can be seen as the first step to bring about awareness of seemingly unjust laws.  Past instances pertaining to taxes include Wesley Snipes, Lauryn Hill, and now the co-founder of Facebook and the song writer for Patti Labelle, and I would do the same thing.  Where ever money and punishment are involved , you better believe people are paying attention!  You on the other hand would wait until the law magically changes.  Not me.  My hard earned cash stays with me! 

      • $28825362

        Yea man, to each there own. If you don’t like the laws you fight to change them, but you obey the law or face the punishment if you break them.

      • EL_BARK

        There is no law ever pasded in congress,
        That gives the US treasury department to collect taxes……

        Look it up, & you wont find it.

        Nor is it in the constitution, you paying taxes is a scam by the power that be.

        Your only puropse in this life is to generate money for the government. Those who dont comply with the system they designed get punishment.

        Ie. People who dont pay taxes,
        Drug dealers go to drugs, not because the gov give a damn about your health & well being.
        If thats was the case why is liqour & cigarettes legal.
        And they kill more people every year then weed?
        Because tobacco and liqour is tax not once but twice.
        State & federal. So its okay cause when you use them, you still generating money for the
        Gov, every pack & bottle you buy.

        Drugs arent tax, when sold on the street. So even when they cant get you dirty
        They use your money against you, and still lock you up,
        For not complying.

        Did you know even if your a criminal, they expect you to pay taxes on money you earn
        Illegally. You know how stupid is backwards that is???

        Not yo mention the gov brings the drug in yo the country,
        Then they make money locking us up from selling & using it.
        Its one big scam and trap.
        Why you think when you get married, you need a liscense.?
        Why when you divorce shet get split in half?
        Cause a marriage is nothing but to business / people
        Merging together & being agreed to be tax as one corporation.
        Look at your pay stub, why are yiu issue a tax id number
        That follows you through your life?????
        Thats your bar code, social security number is your work id.

        Yall niggas are in the matrix & have no clue.
        Take the green pill.

      • $28825362

        Then don’t pay yo taxes then. LOL
        Go head. Do you… oh, and good luck with that

  • immackulate

    its spilled milk NOW … aint nothing left to do but sleep in the studio
    put out some good music for iTunes – drop some mixtapes minus the FREE DOWNLOADS
    and spend time with good friends and family

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Hahahhaha, everyone 50 Cent gets involved with ends up having tax problems. 

  • another dumb nigga

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    “For all we know, Grant has earned a significant sum of money and simply squirreled it away out of the reach of the government,”

    He’ll take that bid with no problem.

    Mac is look @ as a bad guy, so this shet comes with the territory.
    All this shet started he got supeanoa by a grand jury & took the 5th
    Back when ace capone was indicted.

    He going back to jersey, close to home so his fam can visit,
    & he’ll be home in 18 months maybe 20.

    He go in on sept 19, enuff time to finish up his emi project, & mixtapes.

    Every niggah know. You only do two days.
    The day you go in.
    The day you come out.
    Avon barksdale.

    Feds been niggas top in SP since 05,
    Even pop up on niggas block, without calling.
    Rude mofo’s. Lol

    If i count how many niggas got indicted since 05 to now
    Is crazy. The been trying to clean south philly up,
    Cause all the white people decided they want it back.
    Its genetrification. Started back in 98. They took
    Over across the tracks. Now they cross the tracks and taken
    Over are side.

    Since 05, they been coming through. Its as simple as beat the body,
    The head will die…………

    Mac just a pawn in the grand scheme of things.
    Just making an example out of him. For everybody to see.

    Even when yall niggas beat us, yall still lose………

    He can do that bid in his sleep. Plus the food is much better in the feds.

  • is beanie segal heading to prison over unpaid taxes?: sydneys headline FAIL

    • $28825362

      Her headlines are always a FAIL. She can’t write a headline without it being a question.  

  • Pierre Elliott


  • jsj23

    I have commented on this somewhere else before.  This is a hot button political issue.  The republicans want to give tax breaks to the wealthy, while the democrats want to increase taxes on the wealthy to spend on welfare and healthcare and other controversial programs.  Lauryn Hill, R. Kelly, and other notable acts are in a similar boat.  The co-founder of Facebook along with several wealthy individuals have already moved out of the country to avoid a similar fate.  They are being forced to pay practically half their hard work earnings on taxes.  Now the Obama-bots are starting to wake up to “change”.  By the way Black unemployment is still 14% (highest among all race groups in the country)

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       But Obama has such a lovely family! How can you hate on our shining black prince!?!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    old news. NEXT.

  • johnblacksad

    Is that Sydney Lace walking next to Beans?

  • jsj23

    The tax game isn’t fair one bit.  People are essentially being punished for being successful!  We will see more and more cases like this.  Mark my words! I swear I’m gonna have to start up my own website and let you cats get the real low down on what’s going on in this country!

  • dillaprotector





  • Good for him…Instead of complaining about Jay-z and what he didn’t give him, he should have been paying his taxes…I see rappers like Meek Mills going through this same thing in the future.

    • jsj23

      He paid about $10,000, he could of paid a little more, but I wouldn’t give nearly half my earnings to taxes.  I’m not in the same tax bracket as he is, but I do have a small operation and I am feeling the squeeze.  The tax game is corrupted!

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  • brotha_man

    hope he like 9-5’s cuz his rap careers is about done…. taxes are crazy and the interest rates are even crazier

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. If u real u gon feel this song!! Sounds like something Jigga woulda been on back in the day.

    • $28825362

      we don’t believe you you need more people…

      • OnlyFaDaReal

        We are glad to have u as a fan. Thanks keep cheerleading fa us!

  • Study everything that is presented before you by this Foreign
    Corporation, and always keep yourself enlightened on a variety of
    matters. This pseudo government will not tell you that, “Income” refers
    to profits made from stocks, capital gains, and investments of
    Corporations only. So without knowing that, then you have no idea that
    what you make as being personal compensation, for your labor, work, or
    private service contracts, are not qualified as being “Income”. Instead,
    what you make is categorized under “Personalty”, and is not lawfully
    taxable, which means the government is running a scam on you by taking
    money out of your “Personal” check under the disguise as being “Income”.
    You have been coerced into signing a 1040 or W4 Tax Authorization Form
    in order to make a living, without being made aware of the fact that,
    the 1040 and W4 forms are trick contract sanctions and orders, signed by
    you, thus deceiving you to agreeing to a taxing of your nontaxable
    labor and pecuniary wages. 

  •  These forms are deceptively issued unto you, to declare a “Right” as a
    “Privilege” condition, and are deemed to supersede your “Right” to work
    and make a living, thus converting your Constitutional secured “Right”
    into a Corporate and Taxable “Privilege”. This is yet another
    bureaucratically induced deception that has been executed without the
    people’s free will or knowledgeable and involved agreement, but yet
    their not reporting this on the news, they want you to focus on things
    not of importance, to keep your pineal calcified so that you never
    become conscious, so that you’ll never learn these Agencies have no
    valid Constitutional Sanctions to exist. As I showed you before in my
    note entitled “Triangle Formation”, the whole Credit and Taxing System
    you have come to know today, was established off of Share Cropping. This
    was originally done to economically destabilize and destroy the
    families of Aboriginal and Indigenous people of North America, and has
    been modified and upgraded to include Non Citizen peoples of North
    America. It is a must that you study the etymology and the definitions
    of words and phrases, using good Law Dictionaries of ancient, and
    Unabridged Dictionaries, and Thesauruses, so you can be alert to the
    word games they are running on you. The IRS has no Authority or Taxing
    power delegated unto them by the United States Constitution of the
    Republic, which means they have no Delegation of Authority Order (DOAO).

  •  They just want you to perceive that they do, so that
    way they can continue abusing your Rights without ever being challenged
    on their false taxing authority. You should at least have a basic legal
    and lawful knowledge of the delegated Authorities and the qualifications
    possessed by, delegated to, or not delegated to, the claiming “Taxer”.
    Without being informed, you have no defense against despotism,
    bureaucratic slavery, tyranny and the resulting poverty, injury, secret
    wars, and other violations being committed against you and the National
    Constitution. The exercise of your rights to work and to make a living,
    and your inalienable or “Common Law” rights, are not a government
    granted corporate privilege, therefore excise tax should not be exacted.
    So know that “Income” is derived from government granted privileges,
    particularly corporate activities and the profits arising from the ‘sale
    of commodities’ and from other capital assets. The labors and pecuniary
    compensations of the common worker and citizen is not “Income”, and the
    right to work is not a privilege, you are being hoodwinked. Lets
    examine something:

    “Excises” are “taxes” laid upon the manufacture sale,
    or consumption of commodities within the country, upon licenses, to
    pursue certain occupations, and upon “corporate privileges”. 2S. Ct. at

    So as you see, this does not include ‘pecuniary
    compensations’, which are where the “Natural Persons'” ‘Personalty’ is
    derived from for his or her salaried employments, wages and occupations.
    Thus showing you that, ‘pecuniary compensations’ are absent
    conspicuously absent from the foregoing enumeration of proper subjects
    of excise taxes. You must know that the “liberty” inherent in the 5th
    Amendment of the Constitution protects one’s God-given, inalienable
    right to work and to earn a livelihood. According to the Internal
    Revenue Service, the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, the
    payment of income tax is voluntary. The tax system is based on
    individual self-assessment and voluntary compliance, and also based on
    the research by the Congressional Research Service, there is no
    provision, which specifically and unequivocally requires an individual
    to pay income taxes. So understand how the game is played, the Corporate
    privilege “Forms” are, by their very nature, constructed to generate
    revenues from the granting of privileges by the owner/s of the benefit
    conferred. Due to foreign, and anti-constitutional persons gaining
    control of the seats of government (under color), such corporate
    privilege revenue forms, that do not lawfully apply to the Natural
    Person, have been consistently imposed upon the people and the citizens
    by dishonest politicians.

  •  Organized and monopolized political parties,
    countering the Republican Form of Government, have sponsored ‘nom de
    guerre’ legalisms to trick the Natural People and the citizens to accept
    misrepresented Forms. This means that when the people put their
    signatures to these ‘colored’ Forms, they are then held to the debts and
    obligations of a corporate privilege relative to inalienable rights to
    work and to make a living. See the Game? People are being deviously
    taxed, destroyed, suppressed, imprisoned, fined and robbed night and
    day, all because of their lack of Constitutional Knowledge, and failure
    to demand pseudo government agents and agencies to present their
    Delegation of Authority Order (DOAO) certification ‘for the record’. If a
    government agent or agency produces any document, form or letter with
    the ‘Natural Persons’ name improperly written, as in ‘ALL CAPTIAL
    LETTERS’, know that such a name, constitutes a corporate sigil, written
    in the said ‘CAPITALIZED’ manner. This written instrument act is
    definitely a grammatical violation, and error, and is a serious legal
    violation made against the inalienable rights of the said ‘Natural
    Person’ and the receiver of such documents. When the recipient natural
    person accepts CAPITALIZED letter documents as valid representations of
    themselves (ignorantly), they may not be aware that the same fallacious
    documents are moved through the bureaucratic system being categorized as
    ‘corporate entities’.

    This presents them as being a foreign, corporate
    privilege use debtor and, thusly, a taxable entity, being under the
    burden of a ‘licensed privilege’ instead of a constitutionally secured
    ‘right’. Understand that the CAPITIALIZATION of the NAME thus,
    deceptively, and by legal trickery, ‘transforms’ the said ‘natural
    person’, without his or her knowledge and or agreement, from that of a
    ‘free, natural human being’, having inalienable rights, into a ‘foreign
    corporation’ or entity, benefiting from artificially living, working,
    transacting and transmitting business, under a ‘corporate privilege’.
    They don’t inform you on the legal meaning and facts involving the
    corporate-name CAPITALIZATION, nor teach you of these serious violations
    of Constitutionally secured rights. But do you know what they do? They
    seek your honor, your respect, your finances, your time, your taxes and
    your dedicated services, speaking so eloquently as if they know what
    they are talking about lol. These people don’t work for you, they have a
    hidden allegiance to higher veiled principles of another entity, just
    like the majority of these camps. They playing you for a monkey fool,
    got you out here slaving to make a living, while deceiving you under
    White Supremacy known as Democracy, to think your private property,
    ‘pecuniary wages’ are profit driven “capital gains’ with profits derived
    from investment, as applied in the taxable ‘privilege of doing business
    in a corporate capacity.

  •  Never allow yourself to think Constitutionally secured
    rights are taxable corporate privileges, what you make is categorized
    as “Personalty”, and is not taxable. The right to work and make a living
    is inalienable and is not taxable, and also know that wages and
    compensations made or transacted for common labor are not “Income”, as
    prescribed to the taxing powers delegated to Congress of the United
    States of America. The majority of these politicians cater to benefits
    of all and any foreign corporation who hires them and funds their
    political campaigns in order to gain power inherent in the seats of
    government. These people are breaking the Law, which established only a
    Republican Form of Government for the United States of America and the
    several States under the authority of the United States. Because you
    don’t know the Law, they trick you to believe in a Democratic form of
    government and Democracy, which under which, the Constitution doesn’t
    secure the rights of those who are under such. This is why they love to
    have the so called minority people as Democrats, cause they know they
    have you at a strategic disadvantage, and your local preachers and
    leaders, will not teach you of their fraud, but they will take your
    money and have you march and sing songs lol.

    Article IV, Section 4 of The Constitution

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in
    this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of
    them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the
    Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic

    And to think, all this time they have been having you
    run around here thinking you have a Democracy, and are a Democrat, and
    they themselves who pose as Democrats for the public, are Republicans
    themselves lol. Its all a game folks! The 16th Century is the time
    period when, as a coin, the word, Daler or daller, came into common
    usage. Daler is Low German and daller is of early modern Dutch. In High
    German, daler manifests as, taler, or thaler. In full, taler is
    Joachimtaler, which literally means “gulden of Joachimsthal where the
    carefully weighed coins were struck in Bohemia in 1519 A.D. The English
    name for the German thaler is dollar. The German/Dutch word, dulden is
    strictly ad adjective, meaning, ‘of gold or golden’. A thaler is a ‘gold
    coin; a daller is a ‘gold coin; and a dollar is a ‘gold coin. Remember

  •  Guilder is a word whose origin is of Holland, the
    Netherlands and some parts of Germany, and is a corruption of the
    adjective ‘gulden’ (golden). Guilder also applied to a ‘silver coin’
    which was valued, by its increased weight, to that of a gulden/golden
    thaler (golden dollar). Remember I told you to remember that right? Well
    examine this here of the Constitution below:

    U.S. Constitution Article 1 Section 8
    Article 1 (The Legislature Branch)
    Section 8 – Powers of Congress

    “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

    So as you see here, Congress has the right to coin
    money, but they have transferred this Right of theirs, to a private,
    foreign corporate entity known as the I.R.S (Internal Revenue Service).
    This is treasonous and an abandonment of their fiduciary duties, thus
    counting as domestic violence legally against the people. This colorable
    taxation gives the power unto a private corporation, working under the
    interest of the Elite Bankers, to promote poverty, economic hardship and
    property losses at the expense of the people, such domestic violence
    constitutes bureaucratic slavery. This allows the Elite Bankers who
    desire a One World Government, to abuse taxing powers, through the IRS,
    to impose under threat, duress and coercion, restrictions upon the
    inalienable rights and substantive rights of the Natural People and
    Citizens. So this should tell you that, any so called Economy slump or
    crash, is caused by the Elite Bankers, as well as Depressions, purposely
    to bring them closer to fulfilling their agenda. So this right is to
    coin money, not Print money, which the paper money is counterfeit, but
    yet they will arrest you if you make some.

    But peep the game on how they play you with words, a
    lawful dollar is a ‘gold or ‘silver coin, gauged by specific weight and
    measure, but since your not aware of the Constitution giving right to
    Congress to coin money, they make you think the Paper Note issued by the
    Private Corporation known as the Federal Reserve, is called a dollar.
    So when you hear them talking about the Dollar crashing, they are
    talking about the fake Paper Note, the real dollar as being the gold and
    silver coin, are not ever crashing. So that means, you are living a
    real life monopoly, you giving real energy and effort and labor, to be
    granted at the end of the week, get this, a Paper check to cash not for a
    real dollar, but for Paper no different than toilet tissue. Even worse
    is that now they give you plastic cards, and make you believe in them,
    which is called blind faith, to believe they actually have real worth on
    them. This is bureaucratic slavery, which feeds off miseducation and an
    uninformed unconscious public of sheeps. These institutions of the
    Inquisitionist’s and Elite Bankers, are designed to miseducate and
    deceive the Natural People and the citizens, they want you to accept
    “Fiat” (fraud) currency as being lawful, de jure or real. Why? Because
    the Demos are ‘straw-man’ creators and State-Ward ‘slave holders’.

  •  So again, understand that the bankers wanted the
    government to collect an income tax from the people, and use that income
    tax to feed it back to their Federal Reserve System, as interest on the
    money they create for the government and lend to them. In other words,
    the Bankers are going to use the government’s printing press to create
    dollar bills, and pay them a couple of pennies for the printing cost.
    Then they will allow the government’s Treasury Department to print
    thousands of checks on the government’s own accounts. Do you see how
    they control the government? Those dollars will be chalked up as being
    loans from the Bankers to the government, in which the Bankers will then
    charge the government the current interest rate for the government’s
    use of its own money. They got power over the government as you see,
    cause then the Bankers make the government demand that the American
    people pay a tax on their Personalty disguised as “Income”, in order to
    pay the Bankers interest on money that was the government’s in the first
    place. Tell me that is not power.

    So the government is instructed by the Bankers, to
    play a game called “Dodge the Issues”, when attention is called to their
    fraud method of taking money out of the people’s check, cause they know
    its illegal and as you see in this lesson, Unconstitutional. They also
    knew the people would not just give up money that they done had to work
    hard and sweat for, they knew that itself was not going to fly over well
    with the people. So here comes the game they ran, they decided to put
    forth through using Walt Disney to format a movie called “The New
    Spirit”, using Donald Duck. And in this movie they would put forth the
    perception of the “income tax” as meaning that the people would get
    money instead of having to give their money up. So part of the plot or
    deception, was to inform the people that they were going to set up a
    plan that would allow them to get a big wonderful surprise in the mail
    each year like Donald Duck did in the movie, and thus has this fraud
    come to be known as a “Tax Refund”. But that wasn’t all, then the
    Bankers had the government, to require businesses to send to the
    government’s Treasury Department, a percentage of every employee’s
    paycheck. Then they used the businesses to tell the people how they
    should fill out a report every year that will help them get their money
    back, while withholding the fact, that they would only get some, because
    the other portion of their money would be paid to the 12 Federal
    Reserve Banks.

    Yes you heard right, which means the money you think
    your collecting in your account at your local bank as interest, is
    nothing in comparison to what your depositing each check into the
    Federal Reserve Banks. So your not only getting up each morning to earn a
    living for yourself and family, but also your doing so for the Federal
    Reserve members and their families. The company you work for is not
    paying an income tax for their employees, instead they are merely
    sending in a deposit in order to obtain that yearly bonus. Which is why
    they are so eager to have you volunteer to fill out the government’s tax
    forms, despite knowing that their is no law that requires them to do
    so. See you the people have no idea that law is irrelevant in court,
    which allows judges to make decisions based on “The interest of
    Justice”, and “Public Policy”, thus turning that which was done
    voluntarily by the people in order to get a refund check, into a
    enforced by power mandatory obligation. Its just like when you was
    little and in order to get you to behave as they wanted to, your parents
    would tell you the “boogie man” is going to get you. When truth of the
    matter is, there was no boogie man, but through your fear of one
    enforces your parents to have power, despite their being no boogie man,
    and this concept the government uses.

  •  In order to get you to behave as they want you to and pay taxes, they tell you the IRS (Boogie Man), is going to get you for breaking the law. When truth of the matter is, there is no law for you to pay taxes, but through your fear of prison and so forth, you give the IRS power to enforce mandatory obligations on you. Examine The Constitution:

    (Article I)

    Section 10

    1. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

    So you might be wondering what is “legal tender”? Legal tender means the form of money which you are entitled to demand, under the law, as payment of debts, such as gold and silver coins which are legal tender. But that’s interesting because, when you get a speeding ticket, they don’t act under law, but rather color of law, which is not subjected to the Constitution, and therefore require you to pay the debt of the ticket, in paper as being legal tender, and not gold or silver. This is why they operate under color of law, to make null and void your rights that are secured with the Constitution. What is “Color” in Law?

    Color – In law, an appearance, semblance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that which is real; a proma facie or apparent right. Hence, a deceptive appearance; a plausible, assumed exterior, concealing a lack of reality; a disguise or pretext.

    So you should see clearly now how you are being robbed and suffering due to pseudo Curses of the Inquisitionist’s and Roman powers that are occupying this North American Continent. Also understand that, Employers are under the assumption that everyone who wishes to work must file a W-4 form (Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate) for the withholding of income taxes. So first off know, that the Internal Revenue Code is divided into sections and has regulations for different taxes. Income Tax regulations are found in Subtitle (A) of the Code, and Withholding Tax Regulations are found in Subtitle (C) of the Code and the Title of the Chapter is “Employment Taxes”. Examine this case below:

    Withholding requirements is located in the Internal Revenue Code in Subtitle C ‘Employment Taxes”. The ‘Withholding tax” is not the same as the income tax; is is a separate entity.” (Central Illinois Publishing Co., vs. U.S., 551 Ed. 2d. 82

    Income tax profit as you learned earlier, is derived from a corporate investment, capital gains and so forth, as where a Withholding tax has to do with employment taxes. The form W4 applies to an employee subject to Employment taxes, but the employee is still not required to file any Form W4, as where NOBODY is required to file a From W4. Lets examine Section 7205 of the IRS Code, it says:

    “Any individual required to supply information to his employer under Section 3402 who willfully supplies false or fraudulent information, or who willfully fails to supply information there under which would require and increase in the tax to be withheld under Section 3402, shall in lieu of any other penalty provided by law (except penalty provided by section 6682), Upon Conviction thereof, be fined not more than $1000, or imprisonment not more than one year, or both.”

    So you see this Section starts out with, “Any individual required to supply information to his employer under Section 3402”, so lets examine Section 3402:

    “On or before the date of the commencement of employment with an employer, the employee shall furnish the employer with a signed withholding exemption certificate relating to the number of withholding exemptions which he claims, which shall in no event exceed the number to which he is entitled.”

    This subsection is all too often misrepresented as it only says, “On commencement of employment the employee shall furnish a signed W4 form,” without any consideration given to the rest of the sentence. Considering the entire sentence, it shows that the employee shall furnish a W4 Form relating to (showing) the number of exemptions claimed. Simply, put he shall furnish a W4 Form IF HE CLAIM EXEMPTIONS. There is no requirement for the employee to claim any exemptions, not even a requirement to claim “zero”. Look up Macquirelatory Fakih on Facebook and I will send you the link to part 2, 3, 4, and 5, as well as give you the documents that you need to file and have your human resource department to file, to cease any taxes from being taken out of your Personalty as Income. Shalom brothers and sisters.

    • Great post brotha. Now only if the sheeple were paying attention. Islam.

    • That’s all nice you’re sharing info but here in Reality, either you get down or lay down for the IRS, or leave the country. They will jail you (see above) or shoot you over their money (look up: Gordon Kahl). Don’t get me wrong, what you’re saying is a great interpration of existing law. But, let me know how presenting that little thesis works for you at tax time especially right now since the country is dead broke. Now what someone should note is: Is the IRS looking at the folks on the Hill who practice that real deal tax evasion or it is just racial profiling on another level?

    • You simply have the wrong interpretation of those sections you’ve cited, (were you the one advising Beenie siegel?)  I’ll give you a point for your lazy attempt at due diligence. When you gave the example of the speeding ticket, that’s when I knew that you don’t know what you are talking about (driving is a priviledge NOT a Right) to start with.
      And your take on W4 form is ……..I’ll just leave it there..all you are doing is quoting a lot of sections that I’m sure (you don’t even understand)..And I am not picking on you my brother. It just irks me when someone lacks an understanding of a particular law and zealously use that as a reason not to obey it.

      Anyways I won’t take much time to poke holes into your thesis, all I can tell you is that, you should first ask yourself why people pay taxes, after that, re-read and revise the tax laws (find help from someone knowledgeable in this field to guide you).and by knowledgeable I don’t mean that brother who did 4 year bid and now offering advice on tax laws….fill out your tax forms properly (if you have a business or if you are employed) and stay out of trouble.
      One thing we can agree on is that yes there is/are tax loopholes that the rich use to avoid  paying what they should as mentioned by “Stuntin Nmypimpumps”.

  • nappy247man

    Why was him homie so figity

  • rep87

    Uncle Sam will send you to prison if ya dont give him his cut, Beanie will get a chance to reflect on his life and bounce out the Belly of the Beast and take over, the man got skills on the mic ! hold ya head Beanie !

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  • Global_Mission

    A fool and his money will soon split!!

    • 350K a yr to Bid…….not sure that is such a foolish move in this economy.

      Buy 10 low income 2 units, bringing in 1K a month = 10K residual income, a month.

      Pocket change for life……as well as a paid for home.

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  • There is something to be learned from a tax perspective from Mr. Grant’s
    misfortune.  First, with any business, taxpayers need trained
    professionals to assist them with the financial and tax details of their
    lives.  This has been going on since the days of Joe Louis, the famous,
    godlike boxer who died completely destitute. 

    The key to all this is to have a tax attorney or at least a good CPA to
    file returns each year.  The reality is that even if you cannot pay a
    dime filing tax returns is the smart way to go.  It eliminates the 25%
    failure to file penalty and most times blunts an IRS attempt to
    categorize behavior as criminal.  This is just sound and fundamental tax

    With good advisers and being willing to listen, many of Mr. Grant’s problems would have been minimized.

    Finally, the Internal Revenue Code is built against taxpayer’s who are
    not compliant via higher interest rates and a whole litany of penalties and possible criminal sanctions in the most severe cases.

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