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Election 2012: What Rocks Your Vote?

This time of year is pivotal in our country’s history, and to our current and future well-being. Politics isn’t a favorite subject in the urban world, but since the election of President Obama in 2008, it has sparked interest among all groups of people.

From Black to White, college students to blue collar workers, to well-to-do socialites, the excitement was and still is rampant. Even in entertainment, various artists, actors, and recognized figures are speaking out on who they support. Many are strong Democrats, others solid Republicans, and then some aren’t sold on any side at all. The same holds true for everyday young people, middle class, and wealthy Americans.

Voting is something people do out of right; other times, ritual. It is well known that more Blacks and young people of different ethnicities vote Democrat. Often times, their parents instilled that in them, along with their ABC’s, prayer, and saying ‘thank you.’ Now that you’re older, it’s time to make an educated decision of your own.

It’s not about how or why you vote, but more so what your vote means to you. Research is fairly simple, with the vast array of information available by simply clicking on Google, or any other search engine. Of course, all of the information you’ll find isn’t accurate, but being a voter includes educating yourself. Especially in local and state elections – those decisions impact us greatly, and shape the bigger elections.

In 2008, the world witnessed a shift. Voting became the coolest thing to do. Hip-Hop artists and executives played a major role in that phenomenon. Plenty of ads, songs, and rallies were everywhere, all for voting, all for change.

This election, and those that follow, remember, young people and young adults, that the power in the booth is yours.

What are your views on politics? Does the Hip-Hop community have a larger responsibility to get fans more involved in the process? Let us know what you think.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to AllHipHop.com. Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).

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  • Tawni, sis this was an awesome. I enjoyed it on a few levels and appreciate it because:

    1)It was truly informative and objective
    2)It’s important to get our generation and the one behind us informed and involved…
    3)Encouraging folk to get informed is so key

    I love that you did this.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I for one am sick of both parties, republicans AND democrats. Not that the republicans are any better for minorities but at least I know where they stand. The democrats have taken the African American vote for granted for my entire lifetime. The only thing that dems have given in return for the blind loyalty of blacks are badly run social programs that perpetuate the need
    for more government assistance. The democrats give blacks no real power or economic
    freedom. The time has come for African Americans to make these politicians earn their votes
    instead of just giving them away. Truth be told the democrats and the republicans are two sides of the same coin.

    • bbsims

      you arent the only one.  Fastest growing party in the country is libertarianism. everyone should get up on it but the media never even mentions it because it is not in their interest.  The reason the party is getting more popular is because of the internet and people doing research for themselves instead of being fed Rep vs Dem sht through mainstream media.  smaller government, fewer laws, fewer wars.  Hopefully it can become only political party before its too late for us to bounce back.

      • Str8 up im rockin wit Gary Johnson the Green party nominee

    • Str8 up. both of them support the patriot act, the punk ass long ass war on drugs aka last great white hope and they bend over for the lobbyiests, among other things

    • To hell with them both. But for the record, the Republicans are worst!

  • rep87

    PRESIDENT OBAMA  4 more years

  • Pierre Elliott


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  • OBOMB unwillingness to “evolve” on Marijunna reform. ie changing it to a schedule 2 which he dont need congress to do has driven my vote to the independent green party candidate Gary johnson. I hate voting against my nigga but he aint lookin out. too many niggas fucked up behind bullshit weed charges. and weed charges is what fund the grants for the police who I hate.  Im green party shawty.

    • Celz

      Real talk. Big Pharm ain’t lettin weed become decriminalized.

  • but Obomb still better than romney. if that mf win then AMEerica really gonna be FUCKED.

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  • JerseyJim65

    When Obama first took office, the unemployment rate for African Americans was at 11%. The African American unemployment rate is currently at over 16%. So is this the “hope and change” that Obama promised?

    • F*** Romney!

      Obama 2012

    • Some One

      Well if Romney wins 16% will turn to 50% believe that.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         Keep drinking the Obama kool-aid.

  • Yet Set Cam


  • New ShiftaFras FT David Guetta – Live it up!!!!!!New ShiftaFras FT David Guetta – Live it up!!!!!!

  • Orus Dias Delaney

    Obama has this done already. Music Industry dosent need to worry about this. He’ll be Pres for 4 more years since Rromney cant think straight and the GOP is the GOP already.