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Meek Mill, Pastor Go Head-To-Head Over “Amen”; Rapper Says He’s An Athiest

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has responded to comments a local pastor made, regarding his hit single “Amen.”

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philadelphia’s Open Air Church in Philadelphia, spoke out against Meek, calling for a boycott of the rapper and the song, which features Drake.

Pastor Johnson said he was offended due to the song’s contents, which features the pair thanking the lord for participating in various vices.

“All behavior starts with a belief,” Pastor Jomo K. Johnson told host Q-Deezy. “As young men and women are indoctrinated with this music, this belief, especially him [Meek] being from North Philadelphia, they’re going to follow what he does. I see it firsthand. I go door-to-door in North Philadelphia, I state it again, he left North Philadelphia I still live there.”

“As a Hip-Hop fan, I decided to check it out [‘Amen’] and listen to the lyrics,” Pastor Johnson continued. “I was just completely shocked that Meek Mill, knowing that Philadelphia is a highly religious community, he would choose to make a song thanking the good Lord, for things that are completely contrary to the holiness of God.”

Meek also called into Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia to discuss the proposed boycott of the track, which landed him on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News yesterday (July 10).

Meek and Jomo K. Johnson had a conversation together and the rapper claimed the Pastor was simply looking for attention for his church, and his career as a rap artist.

“The way I’m looking at it is, you want to be famous. You want some money, or you’re trying to get your church some money,” Meek Mill said. “If you want that, you could have came to me and said that, or we could have had a talk about this. I’m out here feeding my family. For you to be talking about you trying to ban me? I done took 20, 30 drug dealers off the street. I’m out here passing out them coats to them kids, where was you at?”

Meek told the Pastor that although his grandmother and family members attended church, he was completely devoid of any religious belief and does not believe in God.

“I don’t want to hear nothing you’re talking about on that tip, I’m talking about reality,” Meek told the Pastor.

“F Meek Mill,” Pastor Jomo K. Johnson said.”The F stands for forgive.”

Check out Pastor Jomo K. Johnson, Meek Mill and Philadelphia personality Q-Deezy of Hot 107.9  discuss the track “Amen.”

  • Bob

    he didnt say he was an athiest

    • Arthur Coronado

      Not at all. Horrible editing by allhiphop.

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  • KLewis

    Meek Mill just became one of my favorite rappers. Lol. Why believe in
    some religion that was beaten into our ancestors? I don’t know Mill’s
    reason for his beliefs, but I know I actually read parts of the bible
    that they don’t teach in Church and that crap is disturbing. Obviously,
    all religion was made up by people who were high out their minds.

    Dragons, boats big enough to carry EVERY animal on the planet,
    worshiping some meteorite that fell from the sky, seeing ghost, and
    other stuff that would be more suitable for the fiction section. None of
    that was God, that was just some powerful ass drugs. They were high (or
    crazy) out of their minds!!!! LMAO

    You can believe what u want, just know that its all fairy tells. You
    pray to a god to make stuff better, but you can’t go out on the streets
    and actually do anything about it. That’s why humanity is effed up, we
    rather wait on an imaginary figure than going out and trying to bond on
    the basis of basic human connections.

    We let this religion thing divide us too much. Wars, genocide, slavery,
    segregation were all promoted by using religion, and this is the thing
    you chose to put your faith in?

    • imaman2012

      We rather our kids learn about ‘fairy’ tales than about the science and maths.
      Then we wonder why we’re still stuck. All that dame religion got US where…

      O wait. it doesn’t matter. because heaven will me be all gravy.

      ‘Philadelphia is a highly religious community’

      is that right pastor.

      Riddle me this. what’s your murder rate? What’s the unemployment rate?

      Oh word. WHAT kind of car you riding in? Word.

      It’s not difficult to know why most black pastors are EX pimps…Tell me im lying. If you live in a city and have at least 50 churchs. I bet 30 are pastored by ex pimps.

      tell me im lying…

      • jesus is big business, lol.

      • tab58064

         And you think rappers glorifying the bullshit that keeps the murder rate high, unemployment high, dropout rates high, teen pregnancy high, drug use high, damn-near everything that keeps young people in the community from coming up HIGH is any better????  Sure most ministers are full of shit, but for the most part I don’t hear minister making it kool to kill, rob, dropout of school, be a thug, sell drug, etc., but you can damn sure get a nice big dose of that from rappers like Meek Mill and the other 95% of rappers who glorify the same type of shit im most of their songs!  Gotta stop making excuses for the impact that some rappers and rap music have on the minds of kids man.

    • My brother you took the thought right outta my head!! We need to WAKE UP like a Spike Lee Joint!!

    • Arthur Coronado


    • tab58064

       Yeah and with all that said why let some rapper get away with always rapping about bullshit to kids who are too weak to understand that the shit that these guys glorify they 1 – don’t do or haven’t ever done, 2 – will land your ass in prison, 3 – will keep you from reaching your potential, and 4 – makes you think being ignorant is ok!

  • johnephoenix

    The christian god of the roman catholic church,I dont believe in that bullshit either.Its 2012 even the bible scholars say that shit aint real.All religious concepts stolen from Africa,doubt it not.”We the pyramid buildiers,no catipillars just a whole bunch of niggas”-Freemason

  • Why make a song called Amen then???? Meek is Illuminati 

    • That sounds like a very educated and logical conclusion.

  • Why in 2012 are we still in to this slave religion. We didnt know shit about a jesus until slavery and we still cling on to him like he really existed. To all my brothers and sisters study Moorish Science.

    • Christianity is the English form of Judaism just like Islam is Arabic and the original is Hebrew. Alexander stole the Bible and rewrote it in English, reworded the text and King James made his own changes as well. Some books are missing.

    • immackulate

      you need more research homey cuz you borderline  – Yeshua is real and we knew of him way before SLAVERY in the America’s

      • Ah, you see I didnt say Yeshua, I said jesus big difference. You should know that hommie.

      • immackulate

        if you gone tell it .. tell it all my bruvah – you might bring somebody up out that OLE’ TIME RELIGION –

        Yeshua vs WMJ

  • Cory Evans

    22 hours ago
    Cory EvansCut out the corniness dude. We got enough to deal with with MC’s doing publicity stunts to sell records…we don’t need pastors doing it as well. the word Amen is a word (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement). It means so be it ; truly…so you sounds like the white dude on the Movie How High when he questioned Method Man after he said Peace when he left the room. I grew up Christian but i swear y’all are some of the most facetious people politically in the world. I think you already knew he wasn’t taking it there…but you became an opportunist to gain some attention. Philly has more deaths than Afghanistan…speak on that instead of bashing rappers…that is getting old22 hours ago
    Cory EvansSure enough you got a book out…smhAlso…why is it when people bash rappers…they shoot for who is hot? What about the other MC’s in Philly with controversial lyrics? …actually one more thing…what i refer to as the pastor and pulpit approach is DEAD. These kids didnt listen to a “preacher” (and i dont mean a Rev. just someone who preaches” in years…so as ignorant as they are now i know they wont take this serious. Why did i mention this…MC’s have to draw people in in order to say something positive to them and it sticks. So if you put some ass in the video, talk about some good smoke and then say stay in school and give away coats, and tell them you lived the life but its no longer for you and not to join gangs….and that way is more effective that preaching…I am all for it…whatever works. But yall in the church call it hypocrisy…bologna…22 hours ago
    Cory EvansStay i your Lane…Fake Ma$e…WOW speaking of which…Bash THAT nigga …now he is doing what you describe FOR REAL !!!!!!21 hours ago
    Jomo K. JohnsonGod bless you. I mission is to stand for the truth of Christ. And in doing so, I must stand up to the darkness.

  • Cory Evans

    Cory Evansyou haven’t stated the truth…and honestly i am not sure i believe you…Books flying off the shelves?20 hours ago
    Jomo K. JohnsonThe truth is Christ. I gave the book away for free. If it goes on Amazon, its has to have a price. I don’t care about book sales.20 hours ago
    Cory EvansChrist is the truth…but you are not living in the same era as Christ. So unconventional methods of teaching are necessary. For you to judge one mans approach is not truth.20 hours ago
    Jomo K. JohnsonMeek mill said he’s about to kill someone, Amen, and half of my city is following him. I do have the rigt to judge right from wrong. And I will speak Christ that men will not that there deeds are accountable. Do you know Jesus as your God and Savior?20 hours ago
    Cory EvansI also see you have written at least two books. That is a very easy response to give but doesn’t convince me …i know you are not out to convince me ..but it doesn’t. For one thing, you don’t have to distribute your book through Amazon, that coupled with the fact you are at least seemingly looking for publicity tells me you are thirsty.

  • Cory Evans

    Jomo K. JohnsonSir, I gave up my life savings to move into North Philly to do ministry. I have spent 4 years in college and 3 years on a masters degree to do ministry, I have spent 4 years in a jail cell because of my sin. I pastor a church that does not pay a salary. If I’m thirsty for anything, its for the glory of Jesus Christ. Amen20 hours ago
    Cory EvansOnce again…the word Amen is formal statement to express solemn ratification. 2nd, “killing someone” in Hip Hop can mean more than one thing…i thought for sure you said you were a fan? 3rd. Matthew 7:1-2 says Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 4th. I have love for Jesus Christ and all he has done for me however i do not practice religion and only i can save myself. Next and last…keep studying. America is a small space in time..there are alot of things known and a lot of things unknown. There is more than one way to sell your book and not sweat lack of salary from your organization. Peace Knowledge KnowledgeI told you about judgment…your gonna feel the wrath from all over now….what goes around comes back…Amen

  • RazaBladeKing

    1.  Atheism is: a way for gays to justify their inability to participate in the circle of life and perpetuate their gene pools; a way for losers to justify their lack of direction/accomplishments; and a way for the small minority of truly evil people to justify their nihilism.
    2.  On the other hand, organized religion is man-made, therefore imperfect/fallible.
    3.  Faith is or at least should be an individual thing; I personally believe in intelligent design.  Science (also man-made/fallible) cannot explain a) the original creation of energy and life [time goes infinitely forward AND BACKWARD + energy can’t be created or destroyed so it must have an origin = who/what caused the energy for the big bang (and 2 months before that, and 2 months before that, backwards to infinity], b) unique personalities (“souls”) for billions of creatures that are (nearly) genetically identical, c) people internally motivated to help one another despite being biological competition for each other (food, women, resources), or d) how insects with one brain cell can still figure out how to seek out the females of their species and perpetuate their life cycle (something’s guiding them…)
    4.  Meek Mill sucks; I might give him another listen when his n*ts drop, but unitl he hits puberty, his voice is too high pitched for me to take his death threats and random gun calibur rhymes seriously.  And he’s cool with that fat ex-cop turned make-believe crimelord, so…

    • Arthur Coronado

      Your ignorance is staggering. Atheism and gays?  “…energy can’t be created or destroyed so it must have an origin…” WTF? You JUST said it “can’t be created”, but half a sentence later say, “so it must have an origin”. C’mon SON! The rest of your “points” were laughable. I hope your 11, 12, 13 at best. Cause if you’re any older, Jesus, you got some serious knowledge gaps to fill.

      • RazaBladeKing

        @ arthur: If my “ignorance” makes you stagger, you must have weak @$$ legs, or skim milk in your veins.  Once again, somebody who has NO argument and NO point(s) jumps into the guillotine machine.  For the energy part, you completely missed the concept, so I guess I’ll elaborate slowly so you can keep up.  Science says energy can’t be created or destroyed, so I use that same science to eliminate the Big Bang theory’s credibility.  All I have to do is ask, where did the energy for the Big Bang come from?  “It came from…”; well, where did the energy for that come from?  And so on, until you eventually realize that it comes from somewhere beyond human comprehension.  Since you were either too lazy, too stupid, or too unprepared (or realized I’m right) to attempt to attack my other points, I won’t waste any more time on you.  Nice try, though.  The insults were a nice touch for your lack of an argument.

        @ TRACEY: first up, read something.  Anything.  Fast.  And am I a hater?  Probably.  I hate Hitler.  I hate the KKK.  I hate devil worshippers.  Even though my faith tells me I should do otherwise; my faith accepts the fact that I was born imperfect and will die the same way.

        Anyone else?  This is kinda fun. But before you try me, ask yourself: why are YOU mad?  Are ya gay?  Are ya an atheist?  Is that why you’re REALLY salty?  Then ask yourself: do you think I give half a f***? 

    • immackulate


  • u put atheist on the cover to get views that boy said he dont believe in none of that stuff u talking about i only believe in God. He said he aint God he cant judge me only God can judge him and that he believes in God at the 420 mark. God is the most high everyone knows you cant trust the liason! and religion is the liason! And the bible tells you that God is a jealous God and its not ok to worship false idols! are the things religions promote true or false.? only God trully knows and we will find out at the cross roads! and these gods promote Jesus more than God leaving people out because they dont share those same beliefs i dont think history support any characters in the bible. But God is 1st and foremost and maybe all that other stuff was 1st meant to bring us closer towards God but lately the religions have been mentioning their saviors and messangers more than the God those saviors and messengers meant! i dont think they ever wanted to be in the forefront. i hear people thanking others instead of God. we dont even promote God blessu when we sneeze we just say bless U!

  • immackulate

    just listened to the interview – had to retract my statement LOL



      • immackulate

        you might as well be atheist if you dont believe in YESHUA

        now the WHITEMAN JESUS is a total different subject

        whole situation/conversation needs clarity …

    • Arthur Coronado

      Did you even listen to the interview? He said he doesn’t believe in all that shit, only God. Religion. It’s RELIGION he doesn’t believe in. God – he DOES believe in (he says this outright). He never states he’s an atheist at all so I’m not sure where that line (being an atheist) has come from. I’M an atheist, HE is not.

      • immackulate

        Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities

        im’ma let you rock by yourself homey

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  • RBG4Life

    why is it so hard for people to respect the choice other individuals make in their lives? its ok to not agree…we’re all different. I can understand some people’s fears of the youth(as well as anyone else) being exposed to ideas they may deem unfavorable, but belittling each other is not the way. You have to lead by example and show to others why what you stand for is powerful and they will seek you to understand why you command such respect. Then you teach, if asked. All this b’tching about who doesnt think or act the same as we do is a waste of energy. Unless you are master over another human being, people are going to change opinions, try ish, fail, explore etc. so save your energy for the following of your own path and wish others well. That is the equality of a wise man. Peace.

  • King Cold

    Smh. One thing I do want to say is that meek knew exactly what he was doing. He knew the song would be controversial and proceeded with it. Why did he feel the need to disrespect christianity? The answer is to get doe. Look at jay-z kanye wu tang etc. They all used the same tactic to get paid and to sell records.they don’t give a damn about who they’re offending. Its all about the doe. Nothing new. I personally didn’t like the song because its sounds ignorant and disrespectful but it is what it is. If u don’t like his music don’t support him plain and simple.

    • Realist1914pbs

      Thats why in the bible it says the love of money is the root of ALL evil. Im not one-sided just giving some food for thought. I see where both guys are coming from but there really isn’t a right and wrong here just a debate really.

  • toreal

    Religious people are always negative.

    • tab58064

       Yeah and so is rap music and rappers for the most part.  Let’s just keep it real here.  No need to try to take the focus off of the truth in what the minister said about Meek.

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  •  I find it funny how preachers and so called christians get so “offended” by rappers who say something or anything that deals with god, church etc etc to the point they want to publicly go to war with these guys
    yet are silent to the preachers that steal from the people, cheat or sleep with women in there church or (most recently) use there church for homosexuality or eddie long the male members of they church.

    where are the interview on that?
    or the christians rappers going at eddie long?

    why these guys arent publicly going at obama for his support on gay marriage?

    so front you blood suckers of the poor………. they mad that this new generation of black youth isnt putting money in these pimps pockets like they mommas and daddies was

  • DaUndertakaPlaya

    I believe in a God myself, and that may be crazy enough, but to believe the bible actually happened is ridiculous.

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  • he didn’t say he don’t believe in god…he stated that he believes in god but doesn’t believe in anything the pastor was talking about 

  • This is potentially damaging writing…who the hell transcribed this audio…WOW AllHipHop! I’m somewhat disappointed.

  • I find it quite ironic that a pastor would claim that “young men and women are indoctrinated with this music”. 

    Matthew 7:3 “And why behold you the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?”

  • the KKK is the biggest christian organization…………why this pimp pastor aint speaking out against them burning…….oops lighting the cross and all the things they do in white jesus name?


  • Terrence Nicholas

    He says ” he only believe in god” please listen more careful .. this is irresponsible journalism

  • Dina Chisolm

    Meek Mill DOES believe in God. Better correct that AHH. He said he only believes in God, I guess he meant not the religious traditions of the church or crooked, hypocritical pastors…

    • ddsharper

      Because Meek said, completelyhe is  devoid of any religious belief and does not believe in God, he has made it in a recording industry, that itself, serves a different god, and that actively looks for recruits to spread that message to our people. This guy fits the bill. He is now, yet an another agent, targeting us to destroy another generation of black kids, with only pastors, like this one, there to try and undo the damage to our spirits and souls. I say after all we have been through, to see a black man, from Philly, mocking the black church, mocking God, is unconscionable and evil.

  • This is why I don’t deal with the church on any levels. Not saying all people that go to church are crazy but when you are in it so much and you can’t think for yourself, I keep them far away as possible. Damn, even Jesus under the command of God, had his own thoughts of his own. Pastors are hustlers and he doing what he do. 

    • tab58064

       Set aside the fact that this guy is a pastor and just focus on what he’s saying to Meek about the influence his music has on his community.  Meek is missing the point/doesn’t want to get the point/or is too ignorant to comprehend the pastor’s point.  I too think 95% of the ministers are hustlers, but I don’t have to be hustled by them and just because they are hustlers it doesn’t change the reality of what they say when it’s the truth.

      • ddsharper

        I agree with you, in that Meek doesn’t get the point, or is ignoring the point. We have so many forces out to destroy us, and this pastor had the courage to go up against an industry we no longer own. As far as 95% of pastors being sold out, I don’t agree. It’s the 95% of anything, in today’s evil world, that are invisible, but represent real people, trying to do what is best for the big picture. Because Meek said, completelyhe is  devoid of any religious belief and does not believe in God, he has made it in a recording industry, that itself, serves a different god, and that actively looks for recruits to spread that message to our people. This guy fits the bill. He is now, yet an another agent, targeting us to destroy another generation of black kids, with only pastors, like this one, there to try and undo the damage to our spirits and souls. I say after all we have been through, to see a black man, from Philly, mocking the black church, mocking God, is unconscionable and evil.

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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. Real niggas gon feel dis song!!

  • eunicholas

    it’s alotta stupid people on here he said god. but what God the through jesus name. or

  • rep87

    Why would anyone mix these two its like oil and water

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  • Unfortunately, Pastors nor churches have authority on what is ‘right”and “wrong’. THAT has to be reasoned with! If Meek is doing more good for the community then the church in question…then the pastor should shut his mouth and let him do good. Just because you’re a pastory or belong to a church, that doesnt mean you are effecting ANY positive change in your congregation or community. Most churches are just plain entertainment! Remember, the body of man is the true house of God…not a damn church!

    • Does it take much reasoning to know that lyrics about sex, drugs, and violence are wrong. This minister did not go on the show promoting his church or his office as pastor. His point was clear- Meek (and his contemporaries) are spewing lyrics that are detrimental to our community, specifically the youth. Whether you go to church or not, there is a certain moral standing that any person of the slightest religious/spiritual nature can understand and therefore agree to – that right is right, and wrong is wrong!

    • tab58064

       Meek is not doing more good for the community in the overall scheme of things.  So what he passes out coats, sneakers, money, and may even take a hand-full of street dudes out of the hood, but his music reaches millions and millions of kids who live in the hood all over the country/world.  He just add more negativity on top of the negativity that they see everyday and in fact, he makes the negative shit that they see everyday seem kool or the thing to be a part of.  So NO!! he’s not doing more good for his community than this pastor is.  That pastors words of encouragement and guidance to the kids in his community means at least tries to do more for them than Meeks occasional gifts and certainly more than his music which encourages them to go down the wrong road in life!

  • Midel Cashflow

      “I was just completely shocked that Meek Mill, knowing that
    Philadelphia is a highly religious community, he would choose to make a
    song thanking the good Lord, for things that are completely contrary to
    the holiness of God.

    Unlike Creflo Dollar, who preaches prosperity theology, which is praying for and attaining material wealth, or FORCING his congregation to provide him with their tax returns (something even Mitt Romney won’t do), or having armed bodyguards IN CHURCH.

    Or how about Daddy er Eddie Long. Please spare us with the pious nonsense, you want to see indoctrination look no further than yourself and your false heathen Brothers and sisters

  • Blanc_Slate

    I watched the clip and I could have sworn Meek said, “I only believe in God,” which I took to mean he didn’t believe any religion per se. Plus he made a song titled “Amen” in which he gives thanks to his God. 

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