Hip-Hop Rumors: Prodigy Disses Beyonce? Madonna Flashes Her Old Lady Parts!

I don’t even know if this warrants a mention, but Prodigy of Mobb Deep had something interesting to say about Beyonce on Twitter. I guess this is a lil’ commentary on her artistry? Does this even matter? I don’t know, but he saw fit to mention it. What if this prompted Jay to do “Takeover 2”? I miss those days of beef.

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There are times that I hate Twitter. This is one of them.

Madonna – STOP!

Once upon a time, I liked ol’ Madge. But now, I need her to stop flashing her coochie parts. She performed in a Blizzard or a hurricane in Brussels and showed the whole pie to the crowd.

There was a mass suicide attempt afterwards, according to local reports. Look at the dude at the bottom right of the picture. He’s looking like, “I can die in peace now. I’ve seen all I need to see on this Earth.”

  • shayleshay

    it took 6 people to write a song that has the same words throughout?

    ultimate fail.

    thats more people than it took to produce.

    that deserves a SMH if anything ever needed one.

    • chippc

       This is comment in Pop, R@B, even country. That why sadly the money from most of Whitney Houston’s posthumous albums/songs will go to the writers and not her kids.

      • She has a pretty good royalty rate.

      • yeah the upside on whitney is no one could sing like her she made those songs what they are … sure she didnt write but with a voice like hers she didnt have too … same with Mariah Carey … certain artist with that unique voice dont even need to write …. now someone like J Lo and Ashanti whose voice arent as unique could use the writing credit ….. but when you sings like Whitney folks will die to write for you cause your voice can MAKE thier song …. so im sure whitney had the uppper hand in most of those meetings when it comees to splitting them royalties ……

  • water_ur_seeds

    i would still fck madonna, i bet shes a dirt bag in bed

  • ikbo

    Music, is music, the moment you start caring about how many people wrote a song or produced it, is the moment when you need a life. Work on your own artistry. Focus on your own shit. When did making money become so technical?? smh

  • thaGOD83

    look up gisel manier and learn a lil something,  beyince as her real mothers last name is was born 1974, look at her, no way she is 30-31…..her whole past is that of a mk ultimate brainwash…dude adopted her at four, and remem when vh1 showed destiny’s child history, and it showed them running and singing, like they were being TRAINED….also it is said on the low in hollyweird that kelly rowland IS matthews real daughter, think about never see her parents, or here about them, but she always stayed with the fam…beyince is just the golden ticker…solange is the 1st real child of the so called parents…i dont care bout none of these folks, but many of our lil girls go around pretending to be these frauds…esp with the girls rule lesbian message..lets rid of all these fakes

    • BionicBey

      You beefy gals need a new spiel.  Like.. stop eating so damn much or go to the gym.  Something.  Damn!  It’s not Beyonce’s fault you look the way you look.  It’s not Beyonce’s fault you’re stuck in whatever public housing development you grew up in.  Finish school… stop sexing every man that says hi… and love your self.  The end.

    • Nah i am no fan of beyonce but nah she looks just like her mother.

    • $18592567

      Beyonce is the best r&b chick since Aaliyah. 

  • Mosdaze

    Typical beyonce shit. I have NEVER understood why she’s successful, she looks good but so do dozens of women in every neighborhood. Bitch can’t sing, can’t write, can’t act.

    • BionicBey

       As you’ve never understood why you’re single and unemployed… I’m sure.

      • Mosdaze

        Oh wow, you got m dying over here stan, Bionicbey? Replying to every semi-negitive comment.

        How about your worship someone real, not some phoney untaleneted created persona. Do you have a mom? Aunt? Gma? Try to find a good person in your life to respect and strive to be like beforeyour stalker ass ends in girly prison. Although you seem on some dyke shit so maybe you’d like that? All my single ladies! All my single ladies (x100)

      • Mos High

        Mosdaze you are full of ish. I really dont understand how you people can say Beyonce isnt talented. Look at her body of work, seriously dont just guess or make things up really go research the lady. She is a fine black women who puts in alot of damn work, I rate a black women like her. She is sexy but never slutty. Listen people just love to Jay Z and Beyonce.  Why u calling Beyonce a Bitch its that cool thing to say? you sound like another sucker hating cant even call u a brother because you surely arent. 

      • JimJames29

        Do you realize that youre trying to defend her talent and all you talk about is how sexy she is?

    • Proper marketing, Beyonce came along at a time when there was lull in females with talent Janelle Monae will run rings around her but she is on Badboy!!! and cannot take over like she should.

    •  one thing you cant deny is that she put in the work … so shes getting her just due … if you learned anything over the years is wether you like the music hear or not someone else does no matter whos putting in the work and bey been holding that spot so shes been getting heard … it is what it is ….

  • BionicBey

    When you have a project coming out and need promotion with no budget… come for Beyonce.  Anyone on twitter knows the hive coming fo dat ass. 

    Well Ms Prodigy.. as one of the more psychotic members of the Beyhive.. I can unequivocally say… no one cares.  You were already handled by Mr Beyonce years ago and have YET to come back from it. Our stingers are reserved for people NOT under the radar.

    Good luck with whatever it is you’re trying to promote.  And have a good day madam!

    • ccwaterbound32

      lady….im just gonna flat out and say this to you because you seem to be worshipping beyonce like an idol…3 words RUN TO GOD! 

      • BionicBey

         Allahu Akbar.

        And these people act like Beyonce stole the last big piece of chicken. o_0

      •  she did that greedy hoe lol #mobwives voice lol 😉

  • donthurry

    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo.


  • chippc

    Modern day Jay Z concert. 1 man, 1 mic, maybe a band
    Modern day Prodigy/Mobb Deep concert. 50 hype men in white t’s on stage yelling incoherently.
    Sad but true…

  • Weedras

    Prodigy is just being a asshole plain and simple… while i’ll always respect someone’s stance on something for one it has to be valid and two one has to have a proper argument to back it up..there’s a laundry of artists and songs that has a host of cowriters.. comparing Bohemian Rhapsody to Girls who run the world is like comparing Beethoven symphony 5 to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller… the thing that most people aren’t gonna realize is that the ‘Girls’ track has sample’s from Major Laser’s ‘Pon Deh Floor’ and they have to be listed as writers on Bey’s song also so that would be Switch, Diplo, AfroJack and Vybz Kartel being listed as co-writers for Bey’s song because they were on the original… so Mobb deep might make a track with a sample from a song and have to list the writers of the sampled song plus their producer as co writers… so they’re all in the same boat.. with that said STFU up Prodigy.. and get in the damn studio..

    • Q.

      You make a good point concerning credits. That diss seemed pretty random though…I wonder if P was taking a shot at Bey or just the industry in general…?

    • $18592567


  • Yet Set Cam


  • black_messiah9000

    But Prodigy(no matter how lame) is right about Beyonce’s music being trash. It’s garbage. Black people have been flooded with shit music on a regular bases now to the point where we just accept and praise anything. Beyonce’s music isn’t moving or inspirational. She’s just “safe”.

    • BionicBey

       So if a woman isn’t CRYING about a man on 14 songs (see Adele/Taylor Swift).. it’s not inspirational?  Maybe she should start singing about the national debt eh?  The crisis in 3rd world countries?  Global warming?  Sexual healing?  Weed?

      • black_messiah9000

        So you assume and imply I support the artists you named? How does this make a valid rebuttal to my comment? Beyonce’s songs are shit. I prefer real singers with real soulful content such as Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker. Has it occurred to you that these women have talent so divine that men don’t feel less masculine purchasing or playing their music? Guys don’t feel that way about Beyonce, Adele or Taylor Swift. They make “safe” feminine appealing garbage that most women just feel compelled to side with. Hell even Tina Marie has (masculine) male fans and listeners because her music is actually good and not just glittery and emotional for the sake of attracting female fans.

      • Spot on! DC & all the women anthems/male bashing cuts they put out back in the day is what made this chick a star (along side color stroke ass ninjas thinking light bright is right)…. her voice is soul-less & unmoving no matter what she sings

      • take a trip to mars ol’ sensitive ass stan & take B witcha…. just b/c u drunk the kool-aid mean we all should follow suit…ol Jim Jones is god ass troll

    • Mos High

      Maybe its not moving to you, but when I Go out and I see womens reactions to her music the majority seem to like or love it.  Come on Beyonce music is trash…lol right there you sound like a super hater. Just say you personally dont like it. Crab at the bottom of the bucket

      • black_messiah9000

        I’m just speaking the truth. that doesn’t mean I’m trying to tear her down. But just because someone is successful doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to say when something is garbage. Beyonce is all glitz and glamor with out the true talent. She just looks good in everything so you believe she’s a super star. She has no real singing talent. I don’t lie to my self or try hate on others. Facts are facts.

      • her last 2 LPs have been trash son… she aint drop no good music since 04.. your a dick rider

  • Madonna used to be sexy. Go watch that movie “Dick Tracy” she looked bad, but now she needs to close them old ass legs before her soul flies out of her cooch.

  • rep87

    Someone need to tell granny madonna to keep them old panties up on that wrinkle worn out punanny,And Prodigy time is up he need a Jay Z to call out his name so you shoot at the guy thats on top that last beef with cohort was fake and this is wack man just let your music speak for you Prince wrote arrange produce and played all the instruments on his albums back in the day , Iassc Haye wrote and compose music why show Freddie Murcury next to Bey when Black artist back in the day did it all in the studio including the late Rick James , taking cheap shots at Bey is silly ,Report the Truth

  • Weedras

    so i guess Whitney Houston by Prodigy’s standards is a sad case because she didn’t write nor have writer’s credit for any of the songs in her catalog… Just goes to show how some one can look stupid trying to make point valid when it’s rubbish lol!

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       Whitney was over-rated.

      •  Whitney was over-rated?..what?

      • Weedras

        Whitney was all voice but the writers behind her were the best in the business… a lot of people thought some of her songs were from personal perspectives but she had no part in the writing process of her songs yet we can agree she was talented…

    • ddsdavey

       Whotney was nothing but a sad case,watch the news BITCH!

    • hes not trying to take credit from her vocal ability but really did they need 6 writers to write that beyonce song look @ it …???? vs that Queen song that only had 1 writer … the song format is sooooo simple imagin the money wasted on six writers when you go back and look what they actually put together or does it not matter cause the song ended up being hit due to payola (remember there were tons of bad reviews when this song first came out) … does it really take 6 folks to come up with something so simple ?? is simple more difficult when it comes to writing ???? the only things imo that could save beyonce is if this song features a sample cause usually the originators are credited as writers ….. if thats the case prodigy going to look super stupid lol 😉 but if not hmmmmmmmmm

      • Weedras

         4 of the 6 who are given writer’s credit are the creators of the original song which Beyonce used as the beat of the song.. and as i said in an earlier post they are Vybz Kartel, Diplo, Switch and AfroJack.. Beyonce took the beat from their song Pon De Floor which was an international hit and layed her vocals over it… many people gravitated towards the song because it was on the Major lazer beat… Terrius Nash (Dream) and Beyonce are responsible for the writing of her vocals…   there’s a lot of great CLASSIC songs with more than one writer does that make them less of a classic than Bohemian Rhapsody.. nope.. hence why Prodigy should shut the f*^^k up and stop being an asshole… as i also said Whitney Houston never wrote a verse in her whole career does that make her less of a great artist… Nope…

  • this what hiphop has come to wack rappers taking shots dudes wives for some publicity twinkle toes you’re breaking my heart go play some where jay-z busy 

    • toreal

      New York rappers are becoming real whack.

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    Why do people get mad at the truth? I tell you people rather lies be told about them then truths.

    • Weedras

      what’s the truth? in his tweet if you mind me asking?

      • DLOUPO

        Any truth but in this case beyonce didn’t write or produce a lot of her stuff not that it matters but its the truth Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • BionicBey

        You just told a lie so it appears YOU are unhappy with the truth.

      • DLOUPO

        How I did that?
        Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

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  • LOL at those guys those guys here talking about Madonna being old.

    She might be as old as your grandmothers, but she still looks better
    than the current girlfriends of most guys commenting here.

    Give her some respect and be honest. Y’all would still smash that.

    •  I would SO SMASH HER! I would also lick her anus if she so permitted me to. In fact, at this exact moment, I want to eat her vagina so much so, that I am going to illegally download ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ right now and rub one out!

      • JimJames29


    • immackulate

      we know you dont even like women so wtf you even comment for

  • Your comparing a classic with an average song at best. Not even Beyonce’s best song. 

    So its prodigy anything compared to Tag Team.

    Who sold more? Who gets played more? You can play tag team at anything. Prodigy has never reach that level.  Quiet storm at my Grandmas family reunion. 
    Same for Queen song I can’t play that at the family reunion but I CAN PLAY THAT WACK GIRLS song. 

    I can play that girls song at anytime. Chilling partying driving in the car. You can play bohemian rhapsody at an execution and when your alone bout sums it up. 

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Sorry, there is no comparison between B, and F Mercury. Period. Very bad comparison. Mercury, one of the Best songwriters, Producers, Arrangers to ever live hands down. B…..well, she can sing…

  • johnblacksad

    Beyonce got money stacks taller than Prodigy

    • means nothing except to those that worship it

      • immackulate

        true and an R&B singer having a team of writers means nothing either
        becuz they all do – MJ never wrote shyt of importance but PRINCE did does that
        negate MJ contribution

        r&b aint rap – prodigy need to stick to posting shyt about JAY-Z

  • johnblacksad

    Prodigy better than Beyonce on the ballerina tip… i’ve seen the picture

  • toreal

    I would hit Madonna if she offered it to me.

    • immackulate

      you obviously get no pussie in real life

      • johnblacksad

         beggin to differ here… i can honestly say i get my fair-share of kitty kat, but i’d still dip my fishstick in her tartar sauce! but don’t mind me thoug… i’m a nasty mothafcuka… literally.

        Besides, Madge prolly into them electric shock anal plugs… my kinda girl!
        Had this snow-breeze once beg me to buy one and use it on her… she just loved the feeling of that electric shock through her rectum… sic.

        (any girl wants to know more about it, hit me on da low. I will rescale your pleasure ladder)

      • immackulate

        ha LOL my dude you something else @ my kindah girl …anal plugs and elec. shock –

        dont get me wrong … i dont make attempts at white chicks but i’ve smashed my fair share (h/s and i played ball at a white college) but MADONNA off my radar though … im getting older so im constantly in search of something younger

      • toreal

        I get my share. That’s besides to point.

  • Keith Brickz

    i always knew illseed was a fag…madonna still looks good her body is still tight…what u complaing about u queer? i swear you are gay on the low, everything about you says HOMO

    • immackulate

      you would phuck that old bag wouldnt you

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    an army of producers, writers, and dancers are responsible for beyonce’s career…

  • AfricanSoul

    Sad thing is, an army of producers and writers wouldn’t have saved Prodigy’s career. Are these rappers turning into critics now? Work on your damn art, son.

  • brotha_man

    who the gives a **ck about “b” she wack, i respect her hustle and would smash ……er’body know her music game suck.   me and b can make a baby and call it “purple red” I would smash madonna too.

  • KellAC

    I will say its a weird comparison between the songs, but weird or not the girl has no talent! The most memorable moment of her career to date is being involved with and marrying Jay-Z. Etta James a real ass artist with a classic timeless voice said it herself. She was pissed when Beyonce performed At Last for the President. That to me speaks on the subject more then any song comparisons do. I as a woman don’t need sunshine, rainbows, and damn unicorns in the songs I listen to. What I would much rather have is an artist who feels their music to their soul and brings it out in their performance!

    • Amen!! Best post ive read all wk! Somebody has the balls to speak the truth about tht ditsy talentless chick lol..She latched onto him the same way kim is doin kanye, to rise to the top an get publicity to bk her business ventures. Niggas can say wht they want but she was done an DC  lil 15mins were almost up, she decides to right as she;s goin solo start dating Jay an go public with it. Ironic?? They doin me an my girlfriend songs an shit, he is only the biggest an richest rapper,so tht ws mighty convient..  he is the prize in tht relationship an she knws it, he can mess wit rihanna all he wants n she prolly wont say anything lol.. Etta james, (RIP) tina turner an all those other great women they try to compare her to prolly cringe at the thought of their talent being downgraded an compared to a basic sounding  chick who can halfway carry a tune in a studio.

      • immackulate

        yeah BEYONCE  is dizzy … but saying she doesnt have talent is bullshyt

        ETTA JAMES didnt write AT LAST – she had a team of writers who did
        and ETTA JAMES was just as dizzy as beyonce was/is WITH LESS BUSINESS SENSE too cuz she ended up broke and bitter

      • johnblacksad

        Jay got haterz sayin he locked Beyonce to get more fame, Beyonce’s got peeps sayin the same bout her… damn, what is a couple to do?!

        You girls have no luv for B… that’s what girls do though.

        But please don’t let me find out you some talentless ratchet, then i’d really get mad at cha.

    • immackulate

      cut the shyt … ETTA JAMES was hating cuz she had a TEAM of writers who wrote AT LAST for her to sing

      to say Beyonce dont have talent aka cant sing – makes youa complete dummie

  • I got love for my fellow Michigan girl but dammit she is too old to be having her shit out like tht. Woman u are 50, wit half grown kids, stop it. Js like janet, chris rock had me dying on his comedy show “20 y.o tittie is COMMUNITY tittie, 40 y.o tittie is YO MAN tittie!! Lmao but soo true..At a certain age ur supposed to js know better, besides ur Madonna, a legend u dont have to do that.

  • TruthSerum

    Ain’t like Prodigy was lying tho, I still cant believe it took a team of 10 people to make a song that simple. Not dissing her in general but it aint like that song has some profound intricate lyrics or some abstract groundbreaking production. Its like 10 chefs sitting in the kitchen trying to figure out how to make a frozen pizza

  • immackulate

    wtf is this proving (besides the fact PROD hatin’) – rnb aint RAP

    most RnB singers have TEAM OF WRITERS look it up

    Prince one of the few that wrote songs and after a while he retired his pen

    Michael Jackson never wrote shyt and he was ya’ll KING OF POP

  • daxcaliber

    madonna is a rare sexy lady she can get away with it, i just wish that she would have a relationship with the heavenly father————————->X.

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