Waleed Coyotee , 336 Boyz, P Wonda , Killa Chris

FRESH HEAT: Waleed Coyotee x 336 Boyz x P Wonda x Killa Chris “I Do Like Freestyle”

[ahh_audio src=/7-15-12/WaleedCoyotee336boyzPWondaKillaChris-IDoLike.mp3]

  • timwest1000

    This shit is corny as hell! The beat is horrible. AND the 336 has a history of being one of the most thieving places on earth. Greensboro dudes go around blooping people and robbing folks all fuckin day. Real losers!!!! Read the blogs from people who went to A&T. They are some losers there!!!!

    • Derek Yisrael

      You get robbed in G-boro?

      If not, why you so emotional dude?  Real niggas don’t get emotional about shyt they ain’t experience.  Who you bruh?

  • Nico Kesler

    This Beat is covered as F***!