Rick Ross

God Forgives, I Don’t: Should Rappers Repent?

“A million names on walls engraved in plaques/ Those who went back received penalties for their acts” – “Triumph”, Wu-Tang Clan

For years, Hip-Hop’s hottest rapper, the Boss, had made millions of dollars hustlin’ his misogynistic, minstrel murder music off as Hip-Hop. When people would accuse him of promoting the genocide of the Black community, he would, arrogantly, laugh them off and say they were just hatin’. Then one day, suddenly, things changed. At every radio station, he was confronted by local artists for not reppin’ real Hip-Hop. Angry crowds started gathering at his concerts, throwing eggs at his tour bus. Even at strip clubs, the strippers threw his money back in his face, and yelled, “Keep your blood money!” Dumbfounded, his record label launched a massive PR campaign to win back his fans, but the message from the community was clear..

“God Forgives, We don’t…”

Although, Rick Ross’s new CD, God Forgives, I Don’t, isn’t’ scheduled to drop until the end of the month, the streets are already buzzin’ with anticipation. The title reflects the “revenge is a dish best served cold” swagga that you have to develop to deal with anyone who dares diss you.

Maybe, that’s not such a bad attitude to have, especially against those who continuously disrespect your culture and jeopardize the lives of your children.

It has been said that Black people are the most forgiving people on the planet. You can steal our land, put us in chains, call our women “nappy headed hoes,” and Grandma will still find it in her heart to invite you to Sunday dinner after church.

I’m not sure if that makes us saints or suckas.

Hip-Hop has also been very forgiving. Rap artists can give people ‘hood passes for calling us the N-word. They can act like clowns on Nickelodeon kids shows, make pop records with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, and still keep their street cred. Rappers can even be exposed as being former correctional officers and still sell millions of CDs, lyin’ about how they used to be big time drug dealers.

There is a thin line between a diehard fan and a dumb fool.

More importantly, today’s Hip-Hop artists can destroy our culture and glorify a lifestyle to our children that has already landed thousands of them dead or in prison, and they still are able to walk around every city in America without having to face the consequences of their actions.

So the question becomes, should Hip-Hop artists be forced to apologize and make amends for the damage that they have caused in the Black community?

We have to admit the reason why Hip-Hop is in the state that it’s in is based on one thing and one thing only – lack of accountability. Rappers are allowed to do whatever, whenever, to whom ever, without any fear of repercussion.

Any attempts to correct their ignorant behavior is usually met with the “who are you to tell me what to do” attitude, followed by the over used Tupac line “only God can judge me.”

Case in point was the recent confrontation between Philadelphia pastor Jomo Johnson and rapper Meek Mill on a Philly radio station. Johnson felt that Mill’s song “Amen” dissed his religion; Mill thought otherwise. Rev. Johnson had just as much right to feel offended by “Amen” as a Muslim minister being insulted by the burning of the Qu’ran or a Rabbi being outraged by someone placing a ham sandwich on the Torah.

Still, some people will argue that rappers are just entertainers expressing their First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, and shouldn’t have to apologize to anybody for anything.


Entertainers apologize all the time. Just not to Black folks.

There is a long list of celebrities who have had to apologize to the Jewish community, gay activists, and animal rights people, etc. When other groups feel even slightly disrespected, the result is swift and direct; bow down immediately. And even after years of grovelin’ and beggin’ for forgiveness, the final result is usually “apology not accepted!”

Just as people have called for “reparations” for the holocaust and slavery, we must call for “rap-arations” from the music industry for the damage commercial Hip-Hop has done to the Black community. They must be held accountable for the chaos they have created.

I’m not talking about just money, either. Nor am I talking about a rapper who has made a career out of songs about drug dealing going to speak at a drug rehab center. This, also, does not include a rapper who brags about smackin’ up hoes, donating band-aids to a women’s domestic abuse shelter. I’m talking about an immediate end to the madness that they promote at the expense of our future generations.

This must happen sooner than later.

Frankly, I am tired of writing about the sorry state of Hip-Hop. I’m tired of artists rappin’ about it. I’m tired of hearing people complaining about it. Like Redman said back in the day, it’s “Time 4 Sum Aksion,”

There are rules to this Hip-Hop game. But the question has always been, who has the guts to enforce the rules?

The hard, cold code of the streets must also apply to Hip-Hop. No rapper who disrespects the community should ever feel comfortable coming into any city on the planet without being stepped to.

The most frustrating part of the Hip-Hop dilemma is that this problem can be easily fixed. For example, if all the student body presidents of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) would get together and say “we will not invite any rapper who spreads ignorance to perform on our campus,” the problem would be solved overnight.

Unfortunately, after all the whinin’ about rap music is said and done, many of its harshest critics will sell the struggle out for an autographed T-shirt and a backstage pass.

Let’s make it perfectly clear. This is a war for the minds of our people.

And Hip-Hop ain’t gonna change unless you get off your butt and make it change.

So, it’s up to you.

Like Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz once asked on “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz and Benz”:

“Is you down to go pound for pound/ toe to toe, blow for blow/ round for round?”

If not, stay off the battlefield!

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly column is “This Ain’t Hip Hop,” a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com, on his website at NoWarningShowFired.com, or on Twitter (@truthminista).

  • rappers dont owe ish to the hood but showing thier success and letting folks know if you work for it you can achieve it …. but you would think artist would try to build in thier hoods … if your really a millie deep in the bank theres so much oppurtunity in the hood to give back and to make $$$ if thats your goal but it is what it is they dont owe folks nothing  …

    •  but i def feel ya in regards to “raparations” but i doubt any rappers that fit this article thats been rapping in the game for years will turn tide … its gonna take a new artist with that state of mind and to hopefully inspire a new breed of mc …….

  • The Black Community needs to apologize to the Black Community! LOL It’s not just rappers…it’s the consumers as well. It’s the average black person working a regular 9-5. We all need to apologize to OURSELVES and community and then make the necessary changes to make atonement. We cant put it ALL on rappers because WE are the ones that make them “icons” or representives of the areas they come from. WE pay them alot of attention and money for their negatives so who can you blame…them or us?

    We all need to make atonements and move forward!

  • HustlaDaRabbit

    Did the author of this article just say “you can steal our land” in regards to white people stealing land from black people?

    Dude, are you confusing black people with Native Americans? No one ever stole land from black people!

    • spiderzerohero

      So Africa is run by an all black government? They all are geting paid for the blood diamonds and rubber trees?

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Africa is run by mostly black governments, or has black leadership. Including black tribes and warlords. They are the ones who employ the population, and many of them use the funds to fuel wars and regional conflicts over land and additional resources (lithium being a big one recently.)

      •  Africa is run by Black despots (mostly) who are installed and influenced by the western governments (white people) do you know anything about Patrick Lumumba of Congo? who was behind his assassination? and why that region is unstable? what about the story of Angola, the history behind the Rwanda Genocide?, who was behind the Seirre Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia War?..Please!, your ignorance is insulting especially to those of us who have actually studied and lived there. Do your homework before you make such pronouncements! nincompoop!!

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I did do my homework. There is only so much you can blame the west for Africa’s problems. You cannot blame all the genocide, despotism, and corruption on a western influence. If you’re saying that the west’s desire FOR the minerals fuels conflict, then you are on to something, but it is not solely perpetuated by them, and all instances of corruption cannot be blamed on them; that is just categorically untrue.

    • immackulate

      house niggah do some research before you rant off stupid shyt like:

      “Dude, are you confusing black people with Native Americans? No one ever stole land from black people”

      • aftrica was stolen & colonized by white people

      • immackulate

        thank you bruvah …

    • Before white people were on the planet, black people owned everything and you can bet that whatever land that white people own now…they probably stole it from a black person. Even the some of the “native americans” that were here before Columbus were “Africans”. We were all over the planet before white folks got here homie. Do some research!

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        When white people got here? Like from where? Space?

    • They stole an entire Continent, colonized it, Stole all the resources from the land, left the people without clean water and a decent home, made them convert their religion, and then took the cream of the crop from the same land to a foreign country to make you work for free. These people look like you and me. They have our facial features and our blood can be traced back. They call us lazy, but they have never put in the work that People of color have. You need to cut it out sir and pick up a book like the brotha said. If your a part of this Elevation Movement i’m on, then you all need to smarten up. You know right from wrong and we need to start supporting our culture and community in a way thats gonna make these kids realize we were literally kings and queens before the system that we are living in now, was implemented. #BlackCrown 

  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    the thing with this guy william is he is exploiting the hood and hip hop as a culture he comes from a good normal home he graduated high school went to college to play football university to study criminal justice had a normal 9-5 job working as a co then stole the identity of a drug lord who was in prison and even looks like him when you know all the real facts about him its hard to listen to his music and enjoy it its 1 thing to promote that lifestyle if you come from it but to promote it when you dont and everything you saying is a lie is terrible

    • bigdoe6

      I read somewhere Mercedes car company decided to stop making the Maybach series because they felt the rappers tarnished the brand. Ross took the brand and made it his record label. He stole from a lot of people.

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  • CaliTransplant

    Do we ask Martin Scorcese to make atonements for showing Italian-Americans in a negative light? No. But, shit man, maybe we should. Maybe instead of painting the simple players in this in a negative light, let’s address the real nemesis; the record companies-the industry.

    Art is art for art’s sake. But, I do agree that if your art is offensive, at least take responsibility for it. If Lil Wayne has become a Blood cheerleader, tell him to take some responsibility and assist in helping Blood members paroling out to receive their education or something. Something to uplift.

    On other note: Hell, Meek Mill had every right to be offended by the pastors personal attack on him. I was! I mean, the pastor never tried to man-to-man with him. When asked, he shrugged it off. He should’ve given Meek the proper respect as a man to have a sit-down or discussion with him as folk instead of attacking him. It’s Philly, it’s not that hard to reach out. Meek is a youngster! I understand you’re offended, but treat Meek respectfully like you’d treat Jesse Jackson. Jomo was entitled to have a problem with Amen. But, to attack then come at Meek waving his Bible and trying to ‘save’ him without knowing him personally was offensive and shut down any potentially positive communication. The problem was the song, not Meek’s soul; keep it there.

    •  Does anybody have their own opinion anymore?  You just rephrased what Meek Mill said in response to the pastor.

      • CaliTransplant

        That IS my opinion, t dog. Or Should I just say what every other knucklehead twit says on here; co-sign? Did he make an analogy regarding Martin Scorcese too? Cause I missed that, homes.

      • immackulate

        martin scorcese is what THEY call ITALIAN … lets worry about HOME BASE 1ST

      • CaliTransplant

         I’m always talking home base, dog. It was an analogy..

      • mills is a fag. ross is a fag/ they wud b killed in 2 seconds in real life. they arent real. stop supporting them & people like 2 chainz.  support real honest people

      • CaliTransplant

        Like who? Man, stop it. Nobody said anything about Fags, Ross or anything like that. Who cares what you think about them! Plus, it wasn’t even the topic of conversation! I was talking about the pastor attacking hi. As an elder and a supposedly respected man in the neighborhood, his obligation was to try and build with Mills, not tear him down. But, that’s what these new school cats do ie. Mills is a fag, Ross is a fag… A hater is a hater is a hater..

      • and i hate when folks compare movies with musicians especially hip hop
        musicians … cause in 2012 hip hop musicians play like the ish they
        spit they lived … if that wasnt the case there would be no argument
        … if rappers let it be known that they are acting then there would be
        no issue … but dudes hide that fact until ish hits the fan …. ie
        Rick Ross with the CO stuff, he denied it until the proof was in the
        public … meek mills with the rihanna stuff now he talking about stop
        the rumors i got a girl @ home but yet you make mad tracks about having sex with females from all over the place sending other dudes girls home for that
        D.O.A …. but you got a girl @ home?? ………… i mean stop trying to
        say you live your lyrics IF YOU REALLY DONT !!!!! and there would be no
        issues ……………..

    •  actually there is something wrong with his soul to write something like that … and for his grandmother to not saying nothing … she probably like the boy is already lost and aint much i can do …. every other sentence the kid talks about popping mollys too …. #lostsoul ……. IJS 😉

  • rapperrickposer




    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo. 


  • OnlyFaDaReal

    This was a very interesting article!

  • immackulate

    it’s not the record companies fault, the CIA, J. Edgar Hoover, etc… fault that we keep falling for “the banana in the tailpipe” – IT’S OUR OWN FAULT.  We wouldnt have to question the TRUE POWERPLAYERS if we didnt continuously play into their hands everytime … and for what THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, THE LOVE OF MONEY, THAT ALMIGHT DOLLAR.  That’s our only justification is the money even though we know we cant take it with us. 
    As spiritual (not religious) but SPIRITUAL as we are – we are just as MATERIALISTIC – a rapper runs the risk of being brainwashed into letting the WHITEMAN become his GOD because ultimately its the WHITEMAN that writes that check – and he’ll wave a 6-7 figure income, a way out the hood, a chance at affluency, a walk on the side where the GRASS IS GREENER if you turn your back on your people as a whole.  We made ourselves expendable and exploitable.
    Bet half the niggahs that respond aint never touched a rock, cooked coke into crack, took pen. chances in they life – but they swear up and down they real niggahs and probably aint never considered themselves as REAL MEN.

    •  it took me awhile but i truelly understand the statement “money is the root to all evil” … and meek verfied it by saying “im feeding my fam with this” …. 😉

    •  and honestly the fact that i HAVE NOT touched rock, cooked coke into crack or took pen. chances THUS far in my life IS WHAT MAKES ME A MAN … cause even up to this day i got access too all of that and im still succeeding without it on purpose … i took the route less driven without knowing the results and thats
      picking up a degree and following a positive career path ive been on the incline every since and watch others who took other routes and incline fast as a mofo but they eventually decline and either never recovered or smarten up and now working on a more righteous path……. #salutemyself lol 😉

  • @ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras@ShiftaFras:twitter 

  • if sum1 lies about being a CO then stop giving him $$.. he is a fraud & is no good . wtf is wrong w these lil kids today who buy ross & mmg & diddy & cash money

  • King Cold

    i like this….but naw they aint gonna change. they will continue to be lost and hip hop will die eventually due to low sales and wack lyricists kinda like  whats happening now. and aa long as the fans support these garbage artists well more and more people will turn their backs on hip hop. dont be mad when its all over and these pop stations are all thats left. and u cant find a hip hop cd nowhere because yall did it to yourselves

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This lame stole Freeway Rickys Name, he was a corrections officer, and now hes glorifying selling drugs, killing people and all other sorts of non sense. I cant even believe what hip hop has come to. Its a disgrace. #gohaveanotherheartattackonaplanesomewhere

  • Aaron Davis

    Very insightful article but Im not sure we can blame Rick Ross or any other rapper about wats goin on. We simply cnt blame rappers for honestly,KEEPING UP THE TRADITION OF GANGSTA RAP. We all love NWA,Biggie & Pac who were great pioneers that created classics & influenced majority of the rappers 2day but they promoted this same culture. No1 had a problem w/it back then but now dat there’s a lack of quality in mainstream hip-hop, there’s a problem? They called women bitches & hoes back then, rapped about slappin em up & puttin bullets in any man who challenged them(black,white or watever). Gangsta rap sold back then and it still sells now rather its believable or not…The quality of Hip-hop will be restored when the  more lyrical artists start getting label support and big marketing. Until then, enjoy the big hits of mediocre artists and support the likes of J.Cole,Kendrick Lamar, Big Kirt, Slaughterhouse or whomever u beleive creates good music w/substance.

    •  dont get absent minded … it was an issue then but just like today its the kids keeping ish afloat … the adults that knew better were voicing thier opinions heavily even breaking and burning cds in the streets dont act like that wasnt happening back then ……

  • brotha_man

    I agree with this 100 percent. rappers are giving the platform to make change and challenge the social issues in America, but yet they refuse to say anything of “true” meaning. except the issues they glorify ” drugs and violence”, which continues to poison our youth. Sure, we cant blame them for the problems in American, but we can blame them for not using their talents to uplift communities. this issue goes beyond rap, I watch the 1st 48 and they show nothing but Latinos and blacks forever enhancing white America’s negative views on black America and rappers only add fuel to the fire. All rappers do is “glorify racism” by using a word that in my opinino is defined as slavery, lynching, and jim crow. continuously Disrespecting black women and in most cases wont even date a strong educated black woman. they would rather have a white girl. Geraldo continues to disrespect the black community regarding trayvon martin, and all rappers can do is beef with Drake or whom ever. 

    •  “but we can blame them for not using their talents to uplift communities.” …. which is why i say its going to take a new rapper on the scene to set this trend … and folks gotta keep in mind what guys like Rick Ross and Jayz and The Clipse ect…  do .. is the same thing MLK used to do … same ish what Malcom use to do ….. SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE ….. but the content is just different …………. and if you thiink about it MLK and malcoms content was about the people not about them personally …. hip hop has taken a selfish its all about me turn of tide the music isnt even about the people anymore … its more about the artist personal achievements and @ that they achieved via ways that should not be repeated ….. cause the repition is whats going to keep us enslaved to our hoods and the system thats been put in place ….

  • bigdoe6

    Great article. Think about it, if Ross came in the game in the 90’s, rapper such as 2pac, Spice One, Nas, Onyx, Richie Rich, MC Eiht, Mac 10 and all the real hardcore rappers would’ve ran this dude away. It’s too bad you have so many desperate new artists who will piss on their kids for a record deal these days. Ross background has been exposed to the maximum, but yet there’s people who embrace him for not being who he said he is. I understand he makes good songs for the radio, but there was a standard in hip-hop that isn’t there anymore. Major labels are part of the problem too. You got guys like Cheif Keep walking in the doors of interscope getting deals. I don’t even know what to say about hip-hop anymore. I appreciate dudes like Kendrick Lamar, and some of these other new cats but some of this shit has to stop for real.

    • Casor_Greener

      Pac and Nas were fake too. They wouldn’t have done anything to Ross

      • Bumpy Johnson

        nas maybe bu not pac….pac stood for the real, he called out alotof people for being fake…people others wouldnt even consider fake.

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      The other sad thing about that is nas,hova, some wu tang dudes & other real mc’s have done songs w/ross.

  • This is literature at its best

  • Lyve Wire

    its always the ‘philosophical’ dudes, lol.  how are you going to say “We have to admit the reason why Hip-Hop is in the state that it’s in is based on one thing and one thing only – lack of accountability.”, and then blame rappers for our problems.  if we as parents took the time to do what we leave up to BET, we wouldnt have this issue.  some people talk as if the time before rap music was full of sucessful, non drug using blacks.  things have been messed up before and will be after ‘ross’ is done with it.  hip-hop, along with country, pop, etc. are all forms of ENTERTAINMENT.  and please dont start an ‘expose’ with a wu-tang quote.  ghostface and raekwon talk about selling coke just as much as ross does.  more so, ross is barely hitting gold most of the time, so how is he the blame.  according to those numbers, he’s not reaching that large of a fan base.  i dont know if this is “oh damn, ross is coming out with a new album next week so let me try to call him out for ruining rap’ or a’ hey, check out kendrick lamar’ article.  either way, its sad.

    the only way things are going to change in our communities is if we stop acting like animals.  until that happen, we need to stop blaming ross, the clipse, the man or whoever else.  try using your own advice and ‘take accountability’.

  • rep87

    You must get to the root of the problem and thats the Industry The Sony’s , Warner Bros , Interscopes, And these Radio Stations who play this crap 24/7 along with hiphop sites and rap videos they force all the garbage out on the public now the new trend is im Homo and kissing dudes in my videos because nobody was interested in my crappy azz rap so he had to out do Frank Ocean who just said im bi sexual for attention Desperation ,These rappers are puppets Call out these Ceo’s who push this and control this Minista Paul Scott name them egg they azz when they come outside its easy to mislead our people about who is keeping it real if this man was a correction officer i could give two rats azz bout that when the streets are full of lost and misguided uneducated people both black& white ! Minista Paul Scott attack who control this garbage and stop pointing the finger at these rappers!

    • therealz

      no the root of the problem is the people. we need to stop blaming others for our own downfall.

      • rep87

        You are right on one point but to the weak and uneducated they need help there is alot of lost sheep out here and someone has to rise up among us to lead the charge of whats truely wrong in hiphop and the problem goes all the way to the top of record labels that was my point and Minister Paul Scott fail to mention that the artist is control so we must go deeper point blank Todays parents are up against alot today

    • ladynamor

      NO, We should blame the rappers for allowing themselves to be used. IF that is the case. YOU are a Dick Floss fan, so YOU are defending YOUR hero. STFU man! Afterall IF he is a Boss as he proclaims, he is saying what he wants to say. All of the rappers say what they want to say. You have it all wrong baby boy.

      • rep87

        IM ONLY A FAN OF GOD NOT A MAN < the  power and money who put this music out has got to be held accountable thats were the crap begin you cant walk in with intelligent rap they want Ignorance hope you can understand that, all you see is the artist but trust somebody who control what you hear and see is making big bucks a broke artist getting money will do whatever hes like a hoe and the Industry is the pimp i want get into name calling in a response to you i leave that to little  uneducated boys & girls who dont have a clue about how this game is played open a book and your eyes and ears YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING !

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  • Much respect for this article. We have to take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming others.

  • “God Forgives, I don’t!” When I first read this (the album cover), I thought hmm..If God forgives, who would contradict Him? the person who always contradicts God is…..yes Satan..so by that, you can make up your mind on who is influencing Rick Ross. Back to the topic

    I share the writers sentiments, but I think the problem can only be tackled collectively by the community. The problem did not start with Rick Ross as mentioned by other bloggers, nor did it start with Wu tang or Tupac, it existed before them, it is just reaching its fever pitch right now, and its more evident because nowadays you don’t have to possess exceptional lyrical skills to sell(you don’t even need to rhyme), just get a good catchy beat and Boom! you are a millionaire ask Wacka flaka and that Triple C’s rapper who just signed with def Jam I forgot his name.. I just watched Chief Keefe’s video  of “dont like” song on YouTube and I think he embodies everything that’s wrong with hip hop and the sad part is that he is only 16 years of age “16 nigga? sixteeeeen? you’z a bad lil mutha*&ka” Remember that line at the end of Tupac’s “shorty wanna be a thug” song (from all eyez on me album).

    The Outrage has to start with Parents, (at Home), Leaders (community leaders) The Record executives that ran these big companies i.e def jam, Interscope e.t.c, then lastly the Rappers. In short, everybody has to be on the same page if they are going to tackle this problem just like in the Civil Rights days. The problem is that, the Parent(s) are busy listening to Uncle Luke cd while driving their kids to school, their kids at the backseat of the car are busy listening to Waka flaka, then they’ll watch B.E.T awards together debating on who is realer, Uncle Luke or Waka Flaka.

    Couple that with the millions the music industry is making off of such music, The battle is lost before it has even started. It will take a group of strong Willed Men and Women to strongly advocate for this change who will also live it, whether they are Rappers, Parents,Community leaders or Company executives, Comsumers or mere bloggers like us

  • WOW, this article is not holding back. The writer went in hard. Expression to its fulliest. Real nice. 5star

  • RichieRich32

    I Agree With Some Of The Article And Then Disagree With The Overall Premise Of The Article. This Is Not About Having Emcees ONLY Speak About Bubble Gum Topics, Or Pro Black Topics, Or In A Disney G Rated Way. That Is Totally Insane To Me To Blame One Specific Genre Of Music For The Entire State Of The World, Music As A Whole, Or The State Of A Race. Pop, Country Music, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Gossip, Blues, Etc… Do These Various Genres Of Music Get The Same Scrutiny As Hip Hop??? Also When There Were The So-Called Designated  “Gangsta Rappers” In The Late 1980’s-1990’s This Was Still Only A Small Segment Of The Whole Genre. I Get Tired Of Writers, And Critics Trying To Lay The Ills Of Our Race And Country On A Few Artists That Are Put Into A Specific Type Of So-Called Music. These Particular Artists That Get Called Out All Of The Time Make Various Different Songs And Work With Many Different Artists Across The Different Landscape Of All Genres Of Music.

    I Really Do NOT See The Same Outrage Being Brought Against The Various Producers, Actors, Writers, Etc… When Speaking About Other Professions. The Movie World Has People In It That Have Made The Most Violent, Misogynistic, Heinous, Movies Ever, But Somehow These Actors And Producers Escape The Same Criticism As Certain Emcees Encounter. Francis Ford Coppola, Quintin Tarintino, George A. Romero, Ridley Scott, Eli Roth, Slyvester Stallone, Brian De Palma, Jonathon Demme, Then You Have Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, Al Pacino Etc… All Of These People Who Have Repeatedly Written, Directed, Produced, Starred In These Movies Receive Awards And Various Other Accolades For Their Work, BUT If You Are A Hip Hop Emcee Speaking Of What You Have Been Through/Going Through, Or Have Witnessed Then YOU Are Tearing Down Our Culture And Are Bad For Kids And Society As A Whole!!!!

    Finally WE As African-American And A America As A Whole Really Need To Do A Better Job Rearing Our Children. We As The Adults Have To Do A Better Job In How We Handle Ourselves Period. There Are Many Horrible Things That Are Going On In Your Household, Locally, Statewide, Nationally, And Worldwide. It Seems Kind Of Miniscule To Me To Put That On The Shoulders Of Rick Ross Or Hip Hop Artists As A Whole!!!!  Really Idiotic To Me To Do That!!!

    •  I agree with you, but the reason why much blame is weighed on the rappers, it is because they yield more influence to the (black)community than any pop artist or movie star. How often do you listen to a rap song and how often do you watch a movie? The rap video’s are there on TV everyday on the radio stations and most of all, these rappers wear the same faces and skin color as the listeners they mislead most (the black youth). Do you identify more with Tupac or with Al Pacino?
      So I agree with you that we can’t single out Rick Ross only for espousing his garbage to the masses, we should also wag our finger at Def Jam who market his bullshit, the radio station who play his bullshit, the record stores who sell his bullshit, and educate and offer an alternative to our kids so they can avoid his bullshit.

      A good example is the Current case of the “amen” song Meek Mill made, a Philly Pastor stood up against it and started a movement to boycott Meek’s song, after a week or two of pressure, Meek Mill was forced to apologize on B.E.T and the Pastor forgave him. so it shows that if we really and I mean REALLY! want to stop this, we CAN! but we are too damn lazy to put pressure on these people who are greatly contributing indirectly or directly in the destruction of our community.

  • ccwaterbound32

    to sum up all the comments ima say two words “Big K.R.I.T”

    • Eli Pinilla

      ^^^^^^^^ this this this this!!!!!!!!! big muthafuckin krit is the truth… kendrick lamar, danny brown, joey badass are all new dudes bringing quality hip hop back. not just tight beats, but acual lyricsism and messages in they raps…..im not against ignoant rap, i mean, we have ignorant movies and video games. its just that theres a balance in the mainstream for all of the diffrent forms of entertainment mainstream except for rap. there needs to b a balalnce. give me waka, give me ross, but give me some krit, some nas, some common, something else that gives the listener the option to choose what to like and not like. the mainstream has no option for the listener to decide whats good or not and what should get pushed based off of acually tast and not whats b’in shoved down our throught… its gotten so bad that we got satelite radio just for the poeple that want to get away from the mainstream advertised bullshit thats on all the fm networks… i would rather have a waka ringtone over common any day, doesnt mean he makes better music

      • Eli Pinilla

        and the new shit which i think is bullshit and should be addressed is the dj’s gettin into music deals with record labels. like khaled and greg street signing to cash money records. its the new form of payola. and when u have a dj that actually speaks up (peter rosenberg) hes labelled as a hater and almost losses his job. and now if the label has a beef with a certain rapper, they’re music doesn’t get played in that market the dj is in. like miami and atl where khaled and street are at.

  • Yawn

  • i doubt ….why would u thank god for satisfaction,money , womens, and alchol . man somethink abomination in the eyes of god i swear this video put me down when i saw it

  • cashthatcheck






    NUMB:  8SEVEN7-864-1527


  • Nas just set the bar so high with his quality, that he fucked up everybody’s buzz. These wack niggas have eaten on the cheap long enough.  Step yo pen game up or die.

  • BibatheDiva

    16? I only heard in passing that Chief Keef was 16…and I just watched the video and it is the saddest thing I have ever seen. Chicago got babies, and he is a baby, killing and being killed everyday and seeing that video made me understand their mindset and what is probably the mindset of a lot of kids that age… I feel so sad right now. I’m going home to watch this video with my daughter and talk to her.

  • jondoe

    yeah these rappers are just products of their environment…people in the hood glorify everything rappers do.

  • Cascio RundaTrack Ferro

    Check out cascio hello mama on youtube he is as good as any
    one on the top


    You cannot blame problems that existed in our community before rap on rap. I will say there are too may artist that fake the founk and still get accepted but that just shows that the ppl dont care anymore because the ppl listen to this crap. I love gangsta music but it must have a reality based format instead of a glorifying one.

  • Gregsta

    This article is BULLSHIT

  • Lol..Some people are just agnostic..Some are non believers..Some are buddhists..Their should be a separation of church and state..Everyone has a right to their own belief, because you are black does not mean you are a Christian or Muslim. thats racist…

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