Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

Hip-Hop Rumors: New Pics Of Blue Ivy Carter!!!

The heiress to the Carter fortune, Blue Ivy Carter, has been kept under wraps (literally) since she was born in January. With the exception of a few photos released by Beyonce and Jay-Z when she was born, the world has been left wondering what future Queen of music looks like.

Well, wonder no more. A savvy shopper was able to catch a cell phone pic of Blue Ivy Carter in her mother’s arms in New York City today. Check out the photo below:

The seven-month-old looks to have her father Jay-Z’s mouth and her mother’s eyes. Let’s just hope she has their talent as well. Coming from that gene pool, the little one is sure to have a bright future. Shoot, she already holds the record for the youngest person to be featured on a Billboard top charting song.

Check out another pic of King B with her little bundle of joy.

Who do you think Blue Ivy favors most?


  • $28825362

    I’m sorry but this is going to be the most rotten kid in history, and the most stuck up adult ever. 

    • a lifetime of everyone telling you that you’re perfect will do that..most ‘celebrities’ weren’t surrounded by yes-men until they became famous or, you know..accomplished something in life. She’s fresh out the womb and already crowned ‘the future Queen of music.’ I wish her luck, cuz she’ll need it to stay grounded with these circumstances.

    • sexytay0917

      I agree with you

  • rep87

    Thank God that she look like her mother and Not Joe Camel, SY You still need to report hiphop LAME BRAIN Sydney Lace

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    who knows if its really her

  • She’s a cutie pie.. let’s hope they keep her humble – but still spoil her with life’s opportunities (like the Obama girls)

  • Ohh cute and chubby ,I think Blue favors Jay Z on cheeks and mouth and Beyonce on forhead and eyes ..

  • immackulate

    hope she dont grow up and get hooked on that BOBBI-CHRISTINA

  • nobody peeped they said “King” B instead of “Queen” B?

  • scullyson

    She looks like Pops

  • TheInfiniteToker

    Are posts about some kid really necessary?

  • immackulate

    R.I.P Ms. Melody #BDP #SelfDestruction #LadiesFirst

  • thewordsmithmusic

    Give the woman a break she is just trying to raise her daughter. Give her some space.

  • scaredoflove2

    from january to july is 6 months not 7 which lie is true with these ppl

    • Angel christopher

      count again… January, February, March, April, May, June, July…the only lie here is you claiming you know how to do math…

    • sexytay0917


  • I don’t do the comment on jay and beyonce baby posts but it does kinda look like she’s holding the kid pretty weird in that second joint

  • Raheem Classick

    The article asks > Who do you think Blue Ivy favors most ?, I say Who the hell cares!!!!!!!

  • therealest1

    So the question has never been verified, its that really her kid since the circumstances surrounding the birth seemed fabricated like hell?

  • gomer_1

    i know babies change complexion a little but as the months go by. but this baby went from looking white to black.. do they have a stash of babies somewhere???? weird………

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Who is Your Producer????



  • $18916246

    Blue is looking like her dad right about now and naturally so….he helped make her…and beautiful she is…god bless the Carter family.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    Beyonce’s “hair” looks terrible.

  • God Bless! She is obviously a mixture of the 2 I see tthe resemblance of both in her. It takes a parent To not hate on someone elses baby. leave Her Be. If she only works a 9-5 then Bey and Jay done their Job.

  • Romia Blue

    If they couldn’t catch a mistake like “King B” over Queen, then I don’t expect them to be able to subtract their months correctly. Time is flying by and more than ilkely the writer was thinking that we’re now in July (7th month) not subtracting January so boo for her on that.
    Chick looked pregnant to me in the video Countdown…
    Quick question though; how come caucasian hollywood stars can have babies and get their body back within 2 months but with Beyonce it’s suspect?
    Just wondering…

  • Don Corleone

    Chance’s are the little Princess,Blue Ivy favors Nasty Nas The most!!! “I kno Ya Can Feel The Magic Baby” Black Republicans Of Hip Hop For Life!!

  • MildManneredReporter

    she pretty damn cute for a demon*….

  • Lando_theGr8

    you holdin’ that baby wrong dammit lol

  • Defeat2Victory

    Damn,do anyone have any sense today? Is queen B or Jay-Z snobs? No,so how the hell little Blue Ivy is going to be a spoil brat? A person is a product of their environment and Mrs Tina,Solange,Queen B and Jay-Z are all humble people,so Baby Blue Ivy will be humble too! Queen B and Jay-Z you all are doing an excellent job with your precious and adorable bundle of “Joy”!! Much Love and Respect!!

    • sexytay0917

      Beyonce is a snob

  • it dont llook like either of dem #illuminati

  • jenna thomas

    That baby is going to look like Beyonce with a softer version of JayZ lips as she gets older. The baby is cute and there is no way she looks like JayZ because JayZ is fugly.

  • RC

    Everyone needs to just leave Jay Z and Beyonce alone damn this isn’t your life get one and move the hell on if she spoiled who cares be happy for her

  • sexytay0917

    How shes 7 months looks like shes 1yrs old. Byt she was born in january…. this baby didnt come from beyonces womb…

  • sexytay0917