Jae Millz “Hearing Voices” [Pusha T Diss]

[ahh_audio src=/7-20-12/JaeMillz-HearingVoices(PushaTDiss).mp3]

  • King Cold

    wack come better next time

  • King Cold

    how this fool gon talk and he aint never even released an album lmao

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This shit is bonk…… where that real shit??????

  • MrTroyMercy

    He could be talking about rick ross too lol…this cat never droppd a album and he was lik one of the first dudes signed there YEARS AGO… dude been out sinc the first making of the band and ain’t drop!!! Smh I remember he folded when gibbs and them came at his had …smh

  • MikeyRon

    Tired of diss records, but this aight!!!

  • Brick Soulja

    Jae Millz just earned a new fan and Twitter follower. I had never even heard of him before this song.

  • yadig

    This nigga don’t know what he talking about..Pusha states in his rhymes all the time that he had a good family..But he and his brother turned to the streets..I seen this a lot growing up..The guy that he is referring to never snitched and is a stand up nigga..Why you think Malice tryna change his life them boys was in the game fa real..Pusha T aint dick riding or jumping click to click he being smart tryna stay outta the streets cause them boys is watching..Rappers kill me tryna assasinate a real nigga character..

  • this cat had to speak up for wayne…and this wasnt even hot….back to the laband take this slow wack shit wit cha.

  • Gregsta

    jae millz is cool… but going against pusha T…. FAIL