James Eagan Holmes

Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Rise of the Racist Murderers? Colorado Massacre Killer Hated Lil’ Wayne

First, it was revealed that George Zimmerman had racial motivations for his murder of 16-year-old Trayvon Martin. Now, the former PhD student who killed 12 people at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, is exposed as a racist as well. Twenty-four-year-old James Eagan Holmes, dressed up as the Joker and opened fire in a movie theater in Colorado just a few days ago. Now it is being revealed that the killer was a racist who hated Lil’ Wayne and African-Americans.

Reuters reports that one of Holmes neighbors recalls a story where she bumped into him at the Zephyr Lounge, and he approahed her after she played a Lil’ Wayne song on the jukebox. The neighbor claims that Holmes made a “racially charged comments about rap” and disapproved of rap music, preferring rock ‘n’ roll instead.

According to reports, Holmes graduated from the University of California-Riverside, and due to the recession, was unable to get a job – resorting to working at McDonald’s for a spell. His neighbors have told the press that “he seemed like a normal dude,” and would sometimes sit on the stoop with a backpack on.

Holmes is currently in police custody and has reportedly been getting death threats in jail. He is charged with killing 12 people, including a six-year-old girl, and injuring 58 others. According to the police, Holmes planned the attack with ‘calculation and deliberation.’ The Denver Post is reporting that he used ammunition methodically ordered over a period of months.

Holmes dressed as the Joker and snuck into the theater through an emergency exit with three weapons, a helmet, and a gas mask. After tossing two gas canister into the theater, Holmes walked up the isle firing at moviegoers. He then put his weapons down and waited for the police in the parking lot of the theater.

When police arrived at his apartments on Friday, the entire place was laced with booby traps and explosives. Police used robots to set off the explosive booby traps and and tried to find clues as to why Holmes snapped.

I hope this guy pays the ultimate price for his massacre and gets the maximum punishment.

  • This is the only site I have read that he was dressed like the Joker. I don’t think that is accurate.

    • It is accurate.

    • Devin James Doty

      word. he called himself the joker, he wasn’t dressed like the joker. his hair was dyed red thats about it

    • Dontoure Smith

      It’s not. Sydney has no idea what she’s talking about.

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Whoa whoa whoa…. WHOA… Are you trying to say that Sydney Lace… made a journalistic error? Or that she didn’t do any research AT ALL and made sh*t up? Surely she will correct the error or edit the original with an apology. It’s not like she is a drunk hack.

  • Daniel Freeman

    Y’all reaching on this one. Not sure how calling someone a ni**er or hating little Lil Wayne makes you racist…shit drive through the hood and you’ll find plenty of both ever damn day. Shit for that matter I hate that ni**er Lil Wayne and his garbage music myself and I”M BLACK!!! But in all seriousness ya’ll really need to check the definition of a “racist”. At worst the actions you described make him a prejudice asshole but shit you find millions of these walking the streets of America everyday. Damn near the credo America was founded on, no surprise there.

    • finally some intelligence on this article.On a side note the press should stop giving this guy all the publicity it is exactly what he wanted! Maybe do articles on the actual victims,we should be focused more on them and be remembering them.

      • nino970

        man that shit is so true

      • Kalistus

        the daily new did a few on the victims. You should check it out. Depressing tho

      • you are right he nobody and he wanted some fame. haha why you think he didnt kill himself

    • ^^^^Co-Sign!

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Not surprising that Sydney Lace is trying to convince us that if we don’t like Lil Wayne we are racist. Seriously, is there NOBODY else sending resumes to All Hip Hop? Or is Sydney Lace just Illseed’s alter ego?

      • 1SOFLO1


    • i’m with you hardcore racists live in rule areas and dont associated or do anything that is considered white. haha hell that dont even wear the clothes that he wears that made over seas.

  • Not a particularly accurate piece, but you probably weren’t going for that. Wrong about Zimmerman, wrong about this guy, just a lot of words without basis.

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  • this was all planned by the FBI who first of all can “sneak” in an emergency exit they dont open from the outside….. second with all the planning and killing of 12 ppl and wounding many others, why would he just surrender peacefully to police yet dressed in FULL riot gear…. then who takes the time to “boobie trap” their entire apartment only to warn the police about it once caught…the FBI set this up to futher the notion that we all need to let the FAST AND FURIOUS TREATY pass in the up coming weeks…. if this happens no more owning your own guns!!!!!TRAGEDY YES, BUT THE FUCKED UP PART IS OUR GOVERNMENT SET IT UP

    • johnblacksad

      (*thinkin in my head* oh oh… here comes the conspiracy theory ninjaz… sigh)

      How you know it was the FBI and not the CIA?!
      You’d do a killing in Hollywood. No pun

      • “you’d do a killing in hollywood, no pun?” what you tryna say?…….shit read the news shit like this happen all the time like with them 5 white crackheads that wanted to blow up the bridge in clevland, or the underwear bomber…. so you jus think this was a case of misplaced hate or what is your reasoning behind it Johnblack….

      • johnblacksad

        You’d do a killing writing stories for hollywood… movies… in other words, i think you’re reachin with the conspiracy behind this one… people go crazy everyday, no need of the FBI for that

      • lol id take a movie check any day, all im saying is take 2 minutes and peep this big homie infowar dot com called proof government staged mass shooting makes you think im not mrs conspiracy but if you read this it adds up

      • johnblacksad

        exactly one year ago, homeboy in Norway merked 70 SEVENTY people and surrendered… what the f is the point ya’ll tryin to make…? not every mass killer wanna die…
        the guy can afford a PHD in neuroscience but not 3 weapons… in the U.S.? c’mon son… again, he can study Phd in neuroscience but not maneuver 3 guns?!!and you really need the fbi to go through the backdoor of the movie theater if you’re really dead serious about doin it?
        what ya’ll doin to the victims families is wrong… sorry for the moral
        i bet you know a whole bunch about the illuminati too! (lol)

      • unless you know more about how he paid for his education, than other ive read that he was collecting unemployment and even worked at mcdonalds, how a drive thru employee gunna be able to afford 20k in weapons not including the explosives

      • i agree with you tho, the families of the victims and the family of the shooter should not have to suffer for what this asshole did but at the same time if he was coeorced into doing it thats slightly weak too but i feel for the victims no doubt

    • he didnt surrender peacefully, his gun jammed

      • where you hear that? i would think if his gun jammed meaning he was tryna kill cops they would have a least popped off a few rounds, also why would he tell him bout his apartment after he went through the effort to arm it

      • his 100 rd loader jammed & i dont know y he told the cops about the booby traps

  • johnblacksad

    “Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me”…

    Mothafcukaz always quick to blame rap music but in this case ain’t nobody even thinkin about blamin Hollywood and their violent movies! Phuck’em…
    Looks like he was straight up batman inspired…

    • good line but not a good comparison … scarface the rapper is nothing like scarface the movie … nothing alike … scarface spoke about the streets but he never glorified it and mostly told dark stories about the streets …..

      • johnblacksad

        hence… “scarface the movie did more (worse) than scarface the rapper”… Facemob is nothing like the movie indeed, he doesn’t glorify gangster-life the way the movie did.

        What i was tryin to get at is the fact ‘they’ always quick to blame rap music’s bad influence (”they say my ghetto instrumental, is detrimental to kids, as if they can’t see, the misery, in which they live” who? +0.5pts)… but with this sh!t right here, we see movies have the same violence, if not worse than the one you have in rap music… movies influence just as bad…. but movies are made by rich white hollywood people so ain’t nobody gon say nothing about how the movies influence the kids just ‘as bad’ as rap music does… let a n!gga say something true but very disturbing to these wiggas comfort, they start all kinds of ban campaigns n sh!t…

        i see all these white teenagers and how they love their ‘halloween movies’… it’s cool i ain’t saying nothing… do what the f pleases you…. but when i’m bumpin my Ice cube, i don’t wanna hear your mothafcukin parents hollerin about how useless rap music is, how meaningless, how violent, how despicable it is etc… it’s as useless, meaningless and violent as them weak azz halloween movies kids (and often adults) like to go see…. personally i hate horror movies, now that’s something i really do not care for.. but still, you won’t see me tryin to stop somebody’s flow… if that’s what you like… do you of course… but of course, let me do my thang too!

        sorry for the mini-rant…

  • if hating lil wayne makes you a racist, then racism is at an all time high.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      that would mean i hate my own people . :O

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I just saw dark knight rises and that movie was riddled with guns and shoot outs. You mean to tell me rap music made you do this (not that the article said it did) but come on yo only thing to blame here is the consciousness of one individual and the decisions they made based off that consciousness

  • H. U. S.

    See this is why I download/bootleg Shyt!

  • sbbgarrison

    Fbi set it up lol really

    • johnblacksad

      no lol really…

      ninjaz think hidin behind conspiracy theories make them look aware/smart… when it’s total opposite

  • all im saying is how is someone on unemployment that was working at mickey d’s gunna afford 20k worth of guns and full riot gear that only special forces and swat have access too, i mean i know some booster that can get you what you need but they aint never tried to sell me full roit gear shit a riot vest is 800 at least the ar with hundred round drum is a stack easy, it just dont add up

    • Lamonte Johnson

      It doesnt add up at all bruh. I was watching some shit by alex jones on world star and its a known fact that the gov plant ppl like this in certain situations to get certain shit passed, done, or ultimately accomplished. I told my dad the same shit who was in the army 20 somthin years just today (right before going to see the dark knight ironically) that there is no way someone 24 years of age (2 years older than me) knew how to operate those weapons without any formal practice. He was silent. I’m not saying it was staged i’m not saying it wasn’t I’m saying that it is very very odd indeed

      • same here we most likely saw the same infowars article, sometimes dude alex jones can be outta there but the info kinda add up on this one

      • i dont know but the story def sounds fishy if you sit and think about it on some 911 stuff … i just wish folks who were there got to see his face … so we can @least be sure that the persons face we see on the news is the same guy that was rocking that gas mask … its been documented that the US has aided rebels in other countries to help thier cause in the past why wouldnt they do it here to get laws n bills passed …. is life just that devine that it happens right in time to address these kind of issues ??

      • johnblacksad

        Government can stoop to shady sh!t no doubt… it has before, it still does, and will prolly never stop… what the governement won’t do tho, is order random hits on american population. I’m willing to put my life on that… ya’ll watched too many movies.

        Nixon ended up resigning for something a thousand times less important than that… simply breaking into a Democratic Party complex resulted in what we know… and you trin to say they planned, executed and covered this movie theater hit, and it can never be found out?!
        I’m just curious, how many people are in the loop on a BIG HUGE SECRET like this one… please give me an accurate number… how many people does it take to plan this… ? 37 people maybe? what, 13? i dunno, help a brotha out.
        Ok then, next… after these 13 people (i dunno i’m guessin… i wonder what the protocole is to organize something like this… does the head of the cia or the fbi knows about this, do they have to go through Barack Obama’s approval execute the plan, what happens, the secret services just let them walk and keep living with the risk of their conscience getting back at them? or do the secret services gotta track and secretly merk everybody that was involved so they don’t ever speak? we’ve all seen the movies, that’s how they ‘supposedly’ roll right? Now what about the agents in charge of merkin the other agents that were involved? do you create a super team to merk them as well? when do you stop? … and please, i’m still waiting for an exact accurate answer : how many people are in the loop on this? ok, give or take… i’m still waiting?

        Have ya’ll ever heard of WIKILEAKS? there’s nothing hidden in this era… well at least not the type of secret illuminati meetings and other conspiracy theories the way ya’ll like to put it. If there are humans involved… THERE WILL BE errors involved. It’s law, it’s logic, call it how you want… Errare humanum fcukin est! = To err is fcukin human or better, as i like to put it : To (be) ‘human’ is to err!

        add on all the secret theories ya’ll put out there for years, that’s a whole bunch of secret agents on the loops… (unless ya’ll reachin ninjaz wanna claim they always use the same agents… lol… i really dunno how to help ya ninjaz, ya always got me beat with an unbeatable ‘on-paper-flawless’ argument… but this is real life out there…

        ‘On paper’ we would have neva had no black president, no at least for another 225 years… 2pac died in 1996 believing that… look what happened tho?!

        Ya’ll theories are perfect on paper, i agree… there’s like a billion people in the illuminati by now (according to ya’ll ninjaz) but still they’re able to keep their sh!t perfectly secret etc… that can only work ‘on paper’ not in real life… not in this world i know and that’ve been in for a minute now… believe what ya’ll want, i’mma stay where i’m at.

        and if even if you don’t know… please, just give me an idea of how many people are in the loop on this… you don’t even have to be accurate, make up any number…. i just wanna get a hard good laugh!

      • i feel the same way, sucks for everyone involved overall…. but did you see him at court today that dude was on heavy meds he could barely stay away looked all out of it when they were speaking towards him or about him…. this whole event just seems like there is way too much going on

  • wierd how lil wayne released a video days before showing all seeing eye, girl in batman mask, tear gas & skeletons in a theater

  • He should get death by firing squad! Eye for an eye!

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    ahah…I don’t like wayne’s music either.

    we use that word racist too freely now a days…

    if he truly hated blacks he would’ve waited til the premiere of a Tyler perry movie.

    • lol

    • black_messiah9000

      A million likes for this comment. Spot on.

  • I hate when anybody plays iil wayne around me, but i could quote marcus garvey, malcom x, huey newton, fred hampton jr, any day!!!

  • Dontoure Smith

    Sydney You fucktard. He wasn’t dressed as the Joker. He has full armor on

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    M’therfuscker I hate Lil’ Wayne. You get a “Die Sydney Lace” for the day

  • its not like he was targting a particular race this articler is a FAIL — they posted this on cnn too & the comments were going crazy about what a loser journalist would post such a dumb article about him being racist just bcz 1 girl said he made racial comments when she played lil wayne

  • Oknas

    FBI planned this to start a racial war and bring new laws

  • Bola Profit Otukoya

    You wanna know some crazy shxt about this though? In the “My Homies Still” music video Wayne is in a movie theater with 12 skeletons in different seats.

  • you

    Well if he is a racist, then he’s going to have a lot of brothers to deal with!!! But we all know his little punk a$$ is going to be in “PC”!!! And white people are talking a lot of schitt these days, and we sit back and let them. If he was a racist, I guarantee you that he wouldn’t say nothing disrespectful about blacks while in our presence. They usually do on the internet or when it’s only white people around.

  • BTV Global, LLC

    reaching on this, must be a slow day and he didn’t say nothing about wayne but he don’t like hhis music. I don’t lilke it either and i call him names to. Anyway this guy is sick and will pay.

  • Dave the 5’3

    This article has about as much credibility as a MTO story.

  • i dont like little wayne either and i’am black does that make me a racist too. haha there really aint much to like its just all hype.

  • dont get me wrong little wayne really did well on the carter three but outside of that nothing and who know if he will ever be able to do it again.

  • Demond Cantstandfakeshit

    ….aint det sum

  • Private_Eyescream

    Oh no, the man had GOOD TASTE in music. How horrifying.

  • thats not a sign the world is coming to an end

  • TruthSerum

    Somebody who doesnt like rap music and made a black joke, in
    Colorado no less

    Still a far cry from a hate crime, this is irrelevant to whats going on, ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves for bringing this up.

    If he had a problem with black people he would’ve shot up a black theater at a black movie. This was just a case of an insane person snapping, no racial factor far as I can see…… Were any of the victims even black??

    Articles like this are pointless, in private life, where people don’t have to play the politically correct game, people run their mouths all the time. I dont agree with racism but to a small degree just about everybody walking the earth has said or done summin that could be deemed Racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise intolerant, that doesnt make you a hate monger it makes you a human being

    Imagine if one of you got accused of killing a woman and some dude pops up and says “Man, this one time I met him at a bar and he was being mad sexist!!”…….. Like that would make you the first drunk guy in a bar to disrespect women, FOH………. Same logic here, if he made a black joke in a bar that makes him one of millions

    If your gonna cover this stick to relevant topics, like where he bought all them explosives.

  • D_Ably

    allhiphop go on like if you white and you don’t rap then what else is there for you to be apart from a racist? lol

  • Yea its me

    Not all racist is not the same. You have racist who act out on their feelings then you have racist who just name call. You clowns sound like the idiots that think there is a difference between “N*gga” and “N*gger”. I’ve been called both and they were in a negative manner. So stop all this title garbage. “He’s not a racist just because he said the N word. Most racist now days name call and rarely act out on their feelings.

  • trainertommyt

    how come this site doesn’t have any social commentary on what went down in anaheim yesterday? i saw a video where crowds of people with little kids were being shot at by cops…. where a police dog knocked over a baby stroller and start mauling a man who was sitting down on grass doing nothing.

    if you look at media sites like cnn etc you will notice that the story is buried its not even on the news…. watch the video i’ve never seen anything like that.

    the constitution doesn’t stand for anything anymore, this country is a joke.

  • Uuuuuhhhh yeaaahhh…alright this was a waste of 5 minutes of my life. This article is really reaching for something that ain’t there. Hell I hate Lil Wayne and most of the new trash rap out today day and I’m African American….does that mean I’m a racist too… If this guy really hated us that much I think he would have chose another movie to shoot up instead of the new Batman flick.

  • someone should of molly wopped that chump while he was in the parking
    lot … smh @ folks trying to turn this into a race issue … race wasnt
    the case when he was in that theater ……

  • lil wayne dat dude forget this cracker ass redneck looking mf hope he rot in hell

  • lil Wayne new video got twelve skeltons in the Movie theatre

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  • morgan blank

    lilttle wayne is a racist…. why isnt that a story?

  • morgan blank

    I guess I said f*ck in my first post. All you fools reading this story shoud remember little wayne is a proud racist.