No Rumor: IRS Sells EVERYTHING Young Buck Owns For Pennies On The Dollar!

Young Buck


IRS Sells EVERYTHING Young Buck Owns For Pennies On The Dollar!

Man, this is some BS! I cannot help, but feel bad for Young Buck. I know he made some bad decisions, but damn! I’m thinking that maybe he did something else that we don’t know about and that his Karma is coming back. I cannot call it.

At any rate, the IRS is going after rappers in alarming ways, but this is just disrespectful!

The IRS has revealed that they sold all his stuff for $53K! This includes a 615 Cashville necklace for $12,600. Other things that were sold for much less, including flat screen TVs, gold albums, other jewelry, and recording equipment.


So from now on Young Buck cannot even rap under that name.

He owes about $11.5 million to the IRS and sadly another $10 million is owed to G-Unit records.

Buck has also been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

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