EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Havoc Refuses To “Confirm or Deny” Prodigy “Jail Letters” And Talks Prodigy Diss Record

(AllHipHop News) In Part Two of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Havoc of the legendary rap group Mobb Deep, Havoc speaks on the reported “jail letters” between Prodigy and an alleged man in prison. In the interview, Havoc confirms that Ferg Brim, the man who is claiming that he has the letters, is indeed his cousin, but refuses “to confirm or deny” the letters’ actual existence.

“I’m just going to put it like this, I’m not going to confirm it or deny it,” Havoc told AllHipHop.com.

Havoc also addresses the alleged diss record, “Same Sh*t, Different Day”, he reportedly recorded towards Prodigy. Check out what he told Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur of AlHipHop.com exclusively below:

“I like to write, and a lot of times when I say things, it can cater to anybody,” Havoc said. “I’m always on some sh*t where I’m like, if the shoe fits, then wear it.”

In the candid interview, which took place this past Friday (July 27) at the AllHipHop offices in Newark, New Jersey, Havoc also addressed the anonymous letter that was sent to AllHipHop.com which, among other things, claimed that Havoc has a drinking problem and is being controlled by his cousin, Ferg Brim. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ANONYMOUS LETTER

“I’m good where I’m at. I’m laid back, I make bread, I’m good,” Havoc said. “Now, with all of these different accusations making me look some kind of way, it’s just retarded. It’s like, come on, I’m not that, don’t do that.”

View AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Havoc below:

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27 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Havoc Refuses To “Confirm or Deny” Prodigy “Jail Letters” And Talks Prodigy Diss Record”

  1. hoeyuno

    These 2 r like brothers. They’ve been putting records out before most of your moms got knocked up with y’all. They probably need a long break from each other. Havoc could stop rappin all together and produce for his chips if he wanted to. And everyone always likes a grimey rapper like p. Y’all need to stop beefing and just let each other go for a minute.

  2. EDOGZ818

    Honestly, the track is Wack! Havoc without Prodigy, is like Eric Sermon, without Parrish Smith. Neither will sell solo. They are like Harold Melvin without The Blue Notes…. never going Platinum.

    He sounds kinda hurt though, like he’s the cup cake.

    Mobb Deep is finished. Will Havoc & Young Berg, er, um, Brim Berg, Ferg Brim make timeless classics like Eye 4 An Eye?

    Fail Blog!

    • johnblacksad

      ‘Harold Melvin without The Blue Notes…. never going Platinum.’ ha! 1Like!

      If Havoc & Prodigy get into serious beef, i’m really gonna loose faith in everything o thought i knew!
      Mobb Deep breaking up?! The words don’t even go well together… anybody but not them…. at least that’s what i’d have thought… life can be so surprising, it shouldn’t even be a surprise no more…

      I don’t see Ferg Brim spittin on Animal Instinct… i wouldn’t know where to squeeze his verse

      • johnblacksad

        just curious… are you an ‘Infamous’ Mobb ninja or more the ‘HellOnEarth’ type… or else, straight up Murda Muzik type? just curious…

        I’d have to go with….argh… it’s hard… Hell On Earth (Animal Instinct, Give it up fast, G.O.D. Pt III, Man Down, Can get enough of it, More Trife Life, Extortion, Night time vultures…. snap… almost forgot Hell on earth…) …it could be personal, but i’d have to rock with Hell On Earth… mane, they had enhanced CD and all…. these youngsters don’t know nothing about a CD-Rom… LMAO!
        Me i came into hip hop with Wu-tang… i wasn’t even deep with the Mobb like that, but i saw Meth and Rae on the album so i logically had to cop it… back then i was buying ANYTHING WITH A WU-TANG STAMP! (Sheeeeit i still do… except i dl now…!)

        Prodigy’s verse on animal instinct is hip hop hall-of-fame… top 100 ‘sixteen’ ever spat!

        “To all my Mobb crimey, money-hungry and grimy…” mayne, the whole verse flows like it’s the same bar… to the exit i’m out!

      • Kevin Washington

        it was bound to happen … they were the last of the mohicans lol i dont think there is a team or group in hip hop that didnt eventually split …. it makes you wonder if todays teams like YMCMB & MMG eventually start beefing down the road …..

  3. ramalamafafafa

    p has never needed hav, he always held him back, period. accusations like this are so 90’s, or just highschool…

  4. GregSki86

    This just made Havoc look like a bitch nigga in my eyes. If you got beef, take that strictly to front street and confront the nigga in private. You gonna blast a nigga on twitter…..bitch shit right there

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