Flesh-N-Bone’s Daughter Missing; Police Seek Hispanic Male

(AllHipHop News) Police in San Bernardino, California are seeking the daughter of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Flesh-N-Bone, now that the teenager has been missing for over a week.

TMZ.com reports that Flesh’s daughter Monica went to work at her job at Taco Bell over a week ago, and has not been heard from, or seen since.

Police suspect that Monica is with a hispanic male named Alberto Silva Sanchez. While his relationship with the rapper’s daughter is not known, authorities consider him a person of interest in the case.

Sanchez is reportedly driving a black Ford F150 with Kansas license plates.

Rapper Flesh-n-Bone‘s teenage daughter has been reported missing by her family, TMZ has learned.

“We hope and pray for the safe return of our daughter,” Flesh told TMZ.com. “We ask anyone with information on her whereabouts to please contact the authorities.”

  • Montezuma1

    Wow. Not a good look. Daughters can be worse than sons sometimes.

  • immackulate

    this niggah must have some bodies or something under his belt cuz KARMA wont give this niggah a break for shyt – hope all is well.

    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha no shit eh

    • your wrong. he is a good person! theirs another reason this is happening and it is NOT his fault!

      • immackulate

        im wrong … well correct me then

  • pam

    it probably safe to say that she is being a rebellious teenager and ran away with her boyfriend

  • Restlesscali

    I hope and pray for her safe return no matter what the business is!

  • hoeyuno

    Man bone just can’t catch a break. I hope to god for the safe return of your daughter Peace

  • Apollo Showtime

    Forget any sideways comments about his past. I PRAY for his daughter’s safe return ASAP!

  • My prayers go out to your family Bone..I’m your lil brother Dj..

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    nigga got pizza sauce underneath his lip in this pic lol.
    hopefully shit gets worked out w/his daughter man i couldn’t fathom that

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  • Brick Soulja

    She is a good kid and deserves to be home with her family.

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  • call me silly… but wouldn’t the missing child’s photo and physical information be a really good thing to include in this report, rather than the missing child’s father? seriously .. how about some priorities.

  • Good luck with your search I hope she’s been found safe!