Hip-Hop Rumors: Khia Addresses Welfare Fraud Rumors!

In true Khia form, she the queen of the hood let it be known that she is not a “need b**ch” and would never defraud the government! I peeped this over at Rhymes With Snitch and boy did she go in on her detractors.
Read up on that right here: Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper’s In Trouble For Food Stamps Fraud?



If you never saw it, check out the collage of her mugshots!

All Hail The Queen!!!!


  • Dadon850

    Lol..She do make a good point even though she ghetto as all hell. Her music is trash but at least she stay on the grind. I knew from the start haters started that rumor. Welfare fraud will get u in a jail cell. That’s something you can’t hide. Allhiphop should stop giving bs stories like this press coverage. Make a phone call. If she was arrested, it’s public information.

  • Alf Capone

    id rather work 3 jobs for less money than go on welfare……have some pride my niggas

    • shayleshay

      Im on food stamps my nigga….It aint got shit to do with pride. When you can’t get a job for shit what else you gonna do? I dun did more attempted robberies than I can count on both of my hands, just for food. I dun commited a couple of burglaries, just for food. That shit gets old. And your’e taking penitentiary chances, just for food. It aint got nothin to do with pride. It’s about feeding the poor and hungry so they dont get locked up just cuz they wanted a slice of bread and some ketchup.

      • LOL-N at dudes acting like they wouldn’t use food stamps if they could.

        Like they be at a BBQ talking about : ” I won’t eat that chicken because it was bought with food stamps.”

      • Lmao

      • Wil Btvglobal Ty

        lmao shit funny and true

  • She got a yearbook of mugshots lol

  • therealest1

    How did this ghetto loser bitch get a verified Twitter account? I thought only relevant or significant people can get verified.

  • King Cold

    LMAO!!! The funniest part about her is those damn mugshots. i mean she smiling on several of those wit no shame lol. my type of woman…..a GANGSTA BITCH!!!!! RIP APACHE

  • Chick is Super UGLY !

    opinionguy2011 .com

  • Why her mouf look like that?

  • Like they be at a BBQ talking about : ” I won’t eat that chicken because it was bought with food stamps.” – this shit right here lmao

  • Kevin Farley

    what a racist ghetto piece of trash

  • therealest1

    This ghetto loser piece of shit shouldn’t be in denial, people in America are on food stamps especially with the economic climate we’re in. She should stop trying to be a bootleg baller like William Roberts is a bootleg fat ass drug kingpin who stole someone’s identity.

    I don’t think that song she had 10 years ago which I can’t ever consider a hit, My Neck, My Back is reaping it financially big for her. I doubt that song that was a brief blip on the radar is profitable enough to feed her ghetto ass and her sorry ass kids.

    This bitch should have the heart to own up to it, shit, the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard was bold enough to go on camera and collect welfare during the zenith of his career when he already had an album out!

    • In a Limousine at that!

    • ReadMore82

      I’m sayin’ tho, u REALLY gotta go in on the babies? WTF?

  • ReadMore82

    Fu@# the bullsh&%, she can still get it, same as when she dropped that nasty ass track years back. No way in hell u could take her back home to mom tho.

  • immackulate

    dayum they just erased my comment –
    baby on food stamps – my cuzzo caught her in the grocery line 2-3 years ago
    and told me she pulled out that EBT/VISION card and had hella kids with her
    to each his/her own
    rest of you mumble mouf mf’s coming to her AID but she wont even own up to
    the fact she getting assistance – aint a GAWT DAYUM thang wrong with free food
    hell i got a crisp $100 bill for 200.00 in stamps – any and er’day

  • jamaicanbornanbread

    she looked good when she was younger…its like she steady fell off through the years…my homegirl got an ebt card……we go shopping everyday..fridge stay full