Rick Ross God Forgives I Dont

AHH Stray News: Rick Ross’ Week One Projections; Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Films With Cee Lo and Adam Levine; Big Sean Talks New Album

(AllHipHop News) According to HDD, Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross will easily be taking the #1 spot on the charts next week, with first-week estimates projecting sales of over 200,000 copies for the rapper’s fifth studio album, God Forgives, I Don’t.

God Forgives, I Don’t will likely earn Ross his fourth number one album, following his debut, Port Of Miami, in 2006, Trilla in 2008, and Deeper Than Rap in 2009. The album will be Def Jam’s third consecutive “Top 3” release, following Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange on July 10, and Nas’ Life Is Good on July 17.

Rapper/actor Yasiin Bey, a.k.a. Mos Def, is set to join the cast of the onscreen musical, Can A Song Save Your Life?, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The musician-heavy cast, which already includes rapper/singer Cee Lo Green and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, will put Yasiin Bey opposite actor Mark Ruffalo as his business partner in the film.

A synopsis of the John Carney-directed film, starring Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, and Hailee Steinfeld, says it “follows Knightley’s character who moves to New York to pursue her dreams of a singing career but finds herself all alone when she’s dumped by her boyfriend (Levine). A down-on-his luck record producer (Ruffalo) finds her singing in a local bar, and the two realize they may be each other’s last chance to turn their lives around.”

Can A Song Save Your Life? is in production now.

G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam recording artist Big Sean has begun to spill the beans on a number of details regarding his currently untitled sophomore album. “We just got the first single,” Sean told Complex. “I’m not going to tell you who’s all on it. Dope ass artists on it, though, for sure.

“When I was playing it for Common, he was losing his mind. J. Cole was blown away,” he continued. “It really is elevating, taking it to a different level. I don’t even want to hype it up or talk too much like, ‘Yeah, my album is the sh*t!’ I just can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been cooking up.”

Regarding the type of production that listeners can expect when the album is released later this year, Big Sean said, “The person who is playing one of the biggest roles is my new producer I signed myself, KeY Wane. He produced my first single that’s about to come out of my album. KeY Wane is definitely an instrumental part. He kind of has like a vintage sound with a new spin on it, so I’m excited to have him on the album. Of course, No I.D. is playing a big *ss role in it with his beats, his input. Shout out to Young Chop from Chi-Town, bringing that new sound. We’re just young guys with that new sound.”

  • immackulate

    rick ross looking like ISAAC HAYES

    • Heretic380

      Lol oh shit how come I nvr thought of that. Ol hot buttered soul/biscuit/chef lookin ass nigga.

  • huh people like dat fake ish huh?? Guess im changing my rap name to Joey Merlino!!! Im a boss!!! even tho im irish ima rap like an italian mafia boss!!! YOU GUYS WILL EAT IT UP!!!!! hahaha

  • King Cold

    lmao @ people lovin the fraud haha

    • johnblacksad

      he’s so bawsy tho… lol

      real talk, he makes good songs imo… regardless of the ‘fraud’ issue

    • johnblacksad

      plus… real talk part two… not even that i ride for him… i’m too old to be a fan of anybody… so with that said, i really like his focus on the business tip, that MMG ’empire’ looks real, i know he has yet to release all them ninjas albums (meek, stalley, etc…) but things seem to be really working for him. What i’m tryin to say is that he looks like he’s far from being a fool, i want to believe that he is handling his business right… with the same opportunity many others have had, he seems to have made it work out for him much more… there are so many examples in hip hop… where dmx at now? (no disrespect) where ja-rule at? (don’t care)… where etc. etc. at? sure time will tell, but he’s starting to have been here for a minute now.
      Like i said, i ain’t no young ymcmb type fan tryin to ride for him, i could definitely be wrong, it’s just what it’s lookin like to me… we shall see

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  • rk3000

    People can say whatever they want about Rick Ross but you can denied his music. And why am i suppose to believe he a fraud because 50 cent said so. Some of yall people need to to use your own brains and stop being influence so much by what you hear through the media.

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  • big sean album going to sound like big shit

  • dude is on because of kanye and because these great talented djs<————– sarcasm/ play him like he really has talent. I bought his first album, downloading that shit for free next time out

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I know for a fact mad artists prolly hit em up daily for a feature but I really hope andre 3000 don’t over saturate the “andre on the feature” thing cuz thats prolly who he got on the track

  • leftcoast13

    big sean is horrible

  • leftcoast13