Havoc “Separated (Real From The Fake)” [Prodigy Diss]

[ahh_audio src=/8-3-12/Havoc-Separated(RealFromTheFake)(ProdigyDiss).mp3]

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  • Casor_Greener

    Another cry for help, but I must admit I like the song.

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  • ramalamafafafa

    hav ain’t had a good song since amerikaz nightmare, and liquor is the devil’s vomit, hennessy is mental slavery and hav done melted his membrane. grow up.

    • yes indeed alcohol is literally poison..cant lie tho i still drink from time to time

  • thaGOD83

    imma go against the grain, as a former rap fan lol, i think that havoc is the less understood..think about it…dude was quiet everytime prodigy got robbed, punched, punched on tv , saigon, dissed on wax, going to jail for a .22, doing a book that could have caused some old buried shit to resurface as it almost did…and havoc laid low and still fucked with P…along with the illuminati rants only to collab, or give respect to the person he was calling a devil..i used to like prodigy but hnic2, 3 sucked…return of the mac was a classic, but his features are now wack, and he is just tripping period…imagine this..havoc has to show face, and explain to people the shit P been doing, esp the book, and esp getting beat up all the time…havoc brother gets HAVOC respect, along with the fact that he aint weak nor do you ever hear about him getting hurt..in p book he talks aobut havoc doing his thing..havoc still gets paid to produce, so he gets the royalties on that..and he is slept on the mic…has been for years… dude is more talented to P to me..with these wack rhymes P aint shit now..but havoc can still get paid from BEATS…P aint been musically good since 2-3 years b4 he went in…i think folks should give havoc props for laying low and putting up with P antics all this time … thought..what if P put that book he wrote on wax, that would have been what RAPPERS used to do..now they blog, interview, yet the music sucks ass..P is and has been a reality star for a min now….rip mobb deep

    • vonskeezy

      real talk

  • brotha_man

    Damn didnt think nothing could come between brothers…. Deuces mobb deep! I still bang Juvenile hell

    • Bumpy Johnson

      ey man !thats life,

      thug changes, and love changes
      and best friends become strangers, word up – Nas

      sad reality i myself have faced, trust me you dont believe it till it happens

  • Bumpy Johnson


  • Sean Peterson

    i always thought hav was nicer than P ,this confirms it,lol

  • gomer_1

    Prodigy woulda murdered this beat…..

  • Dadon850

    I just ain’t feeling havoc dissing prodigy like this. It’s like brother vs brother, this ain’t supposed to happen. Imagine DMC dissing RUN. Mobb deep ain’t on Run-DMC level but they probably closer as a pair and their rhymes complement each other more than any group. I just ain’t feeling brother against brother. Some stuff just otta be handed privately