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Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake To Debut New Aaliyah Track And Finish High School?

Drake, Canada’s biggest Hip-Hop export, recently revealed that he’s spending the summer getting his high school diploma. “I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school,” he told Now Toronto. “That’s my main focus after OVO Fest. I only have one credit left, and I’m really excited about that.”

Drake is getting set for the OVO Fest, which there are rumors he’s reveal a new Aaliyah song!

Here is what MTV had to say:

Not only is he said to be executive producing the project, but he will reportedly debut a new single featuring vocals from Aaliyah at his OVO Festival, taking place this Sunday at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada. Last year, he surprised fans with an appearance from the legendary Stevie Wonder and if he is indeed going to debut his Aaliyah collaboration, that would certainly be the perfect platform to do it.


Congrats DRIZZY!!!!!

  • mars_manfrom

    wow. didn’t know this nigga didn’t even have a high school diploma.

  • so he went back to degrassi? He knows thats a tv show and not real right?? lol

  • No wonder he talks so much smack about being the first….What he really ment to say is that he is the first to accomplished whatever he accomplished without a high school diploma.

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I’m not one for personally hyping shit but why is this not news? This nigga ain’t graduated? You know homany nightmares I have that I got thrown back in that place or never finished. MANY! I just dk how I aint know this already

    • toreal

      Nigga you dumb.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      I thought I was the only one that had that dream. I also have a dream that the Navy tells me that I still have time on the books to serve.

  • MadVillain

    waiting to see what “Tra mo” has to say about Drake & the empire known as YMCMB.

  • Shit we already rich on dis side but drizzy a role model so he gotta get dat edumacation and besides its a good look 4da team when he produces da best aaliyah album of all time he doin good since I told wayne 2 sign him 2 da empire known as YMCMB

    • Sinbk Legend

      you need to be a innocent bystander in a shootout

  • S.G.

    tra mo was better off being a stain on a bed sheet or swallowed kuz hes the biggest fag of them all jealous lil wayne only smashes a old man who goes by baby i have no prob wit lgbt but u sir are a fag (check southpark definition of fag) i eat chick fil a to support anti fag

    • S.G.

      ha ha tramo means stretch in the dictionary i.e imagination truth bunghole etc etc

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  • Sosa_Limone

    iam not a drake fan, but i applaude him going back to graduate… big ups to him for being a good rolle model for all the lil homeys that are being knuckleheads in school… but on another note i really hope this nigga dont produce that aaliyah album. thats a real bad look

  • MrTroyMercy

    See, this make me want to beat the ish outta illsed aka sydney lace aka fake seed. …. I kneww le le personally ( she stayed on ASTON AND I WAS ON SUNDERLAND ) She use t hoop with D combs and them …r.I.p to both …. read th headlin and tell if this ain’t fake illseed ? I don’t give a dam bout Drake but he is talented . I mgonna to may may off Terry street and cop a cheese cake and if u don’t wwwho that is thn u aint phuck with Le Le … that won’t be known ANYONE unless ya choppd it up … I cried when she passed and was there at funeral …(trust she had one) illfake stop it .if u didn’t know she only Like Bk Burger but McDonald’s fries and she like Rally’s now known as Checker lol cause we us think they fed us horse meat….anyway , I don’t nobody WWHO DIDN’T KNOW her should be doing anything to her music …especially this this dude ……but illseedlace shouldn’t speak on her neitherr .

    • immackulate

      ISK not for nothin B – cuz i got OLD FORMAT LOVE for you G – but what in the sam hill are you talking about my boy? ^^^^

      • scullyson

        Yo That comment got his DNA all over it huh? bwaaaaah!!! Dont let Judah see that ish or it’s on…smh

      • immackulate

        say word …

  • Pierre Elliott


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