T.I. “F*ck It So What”

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  • billybigbuks

    Free Boosie mane! I on’ know bout dis track.

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  • Tip been going back to basics.if this and Go get it are what he’s on that’s the route to take the ATL back

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  • ccwaterbound32

    just stop cliff… it’s over… you played your hand and now you want a backsie? too late for that… s*it you can rap till your n*ts fall off for all i care but fact of the matter is nobody believes you anymore…. if anything your an embarrassment (and boy you sure do put the word ass into the word embarrassment!) a fraud and a liability. Your crown (which is a mere figment of your imagination especially since pimp chad called you out about it proclaiming dj screw or j prince who by the way is a b*tch to be king.) reputation, and legacy is a complete and total joke. the people who ride this man’s d*ck is only fooling themselves by putting all of their hopes and dreams into this clown, why is it that? his money? because of his physical appearance? (talking to the ladies by the way when i asked that particular question) oh wait let me guess because he gets to live a so called fly life everyday and those of us who do not agree with his logic and wealth along with his decisions are to be deemed haters? what does it profit you to gain the world but to lose yourself? s*it id respect the man more if he would’ve been a gangster about it like he originally claimed because i feel that first impressions are everything and right about now i don’t think he’s continuing to be who said he was in the first place.i understand he been through a lot i understand that very well but what i can’t understand is how you can proclaim yourself to have a rap group(in which you were/still a member of.) known as Pimp Squad Click and you put out the biggest trick song in 2008 “whatever you like” yall remember that? or proclaim yourself a gangster to the core and say something like “f*ck the police i give damn if they catch me.” (young jeezy bang 2005) s*it if your a REAL GANGSTER than your like B.G who thugged until the end. or Soulja Slim who thugged it out until they killed him, or like Lil ya from UNLV or Nussie from Baton Rouge i can name countless dudes off my finger who was really doing dirt and not just rapping about it.

    So Mr. Clifford Harris Jr. go sit the f*ck down or better yet quit rapping and get to acting (you can get an oscar i know you can hell you’ve been acting a part since you first came into the rap game.) because quite frankly you aint gangster your nothing more than a thug, difference between a thug and a gangster? a thug just does stupid s*it just because, while a gangster NEVER gets caught and is always about money…

    if T.I is your favorite rapper good for you just don’t EVER try to be like him.

    Critcal Condition is what CC stands for altering the Initals to something negative only proves your b*tch made and a cheerleader…

    T.I in the words of the late great Pimp C, “you ratted out yo family and you sold out yo click/I wonder why god even gave you a d*ck.”

    • ccwaterbound32

      to the 3 cheerleaders who didn’t like what i had to say truth hurts… point is peep the game and observe dude character… he aint what he says he is and that’s just wack to me. yall ride kermit’s d*ck harder than ms piggy..(yeah i said it. ms piggy)

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    The beat kinda simple and Tip didn’t really do or say nothing impressive. Get some fire ass beats and rap bout something everybody can relate too and u will be str8.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    he in some eyes obviously snitched, took the stand (regardless if he didn’t point no one out) and on top of that was in a 222 tips commercial. I remember being in the county and everybody was making fun of how tip was asking for people to give a tip. Fraud ass.

  • Real MC Jemini

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer