Serena Williams Crip Walk: Epic Win or Epic Fail?


You know I love me some Serena Williams. So, I took my time when writing this lil’ piece of nothing. But she did the CRIP WALK at the London Olympics! I’m not sure what I think about that. Wait: I just found out. I don’t like it. Now, we all have to determine whether or not it is an epic fail or an epic win! I happen to think its a fail, but Serena is obviously a winner. I still love her despite this indiscretion.


Times sure have changed! Shout out to Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics!!


And shout out to a real Crip and even he’s given up the C-Walk to be a Rasta!


I know Serena is from Compton, but come on. Compton people don’t hate me for that! LOL!

This is the Serena I desire!

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  • therealest1

    Ignorant shit.

  • you can take them out the hood….

    • johnblacksad

      …but they don’t all win gold medals at the fcukin Olympics!

  • King Cold

    ay thats what us Cali folks do. problem is some people wanna judge us for embracing our background. dont judge us because we’d rather eat a grilled cheese sandwich rather than a ham and cheese crousant with grey poupon. love where ya come from and embrace it

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Good post. Grey Poupon is tasty as hell though.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Boy stop. Ain’t nobody in Cali C-walking if they ain’t a crip.

      • King Cold

        you must not be from where im from then so ur opinion is irrelevant. skip skip…

      • yahlah

        Most folks in Cali C-Walk. Not just crips do it buster!

  • ayy its just a damn dance. but neway chick looks like a man!!! yikes.

    • King Cold

      them cakes is yikes! haha

  • Black Exodus

    I’m on the fence…but that’s her expression…that’s how she felt at the moment…that was her celebratory dance. If this was truly in her soul, who are we to judge. Expression through dance is all relative anyway! Serena is a statue of success and a winner!

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” google it…check me out!

  • Oknas

    who cares

  • hoeyuno

    Its funny. I think its far from a epic fail. I’m sure that was a first for the sport of tennis on every level.

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  • shayleshay

    If you ain’t no gottdamn crip…you ain’t got no gottdamn business crip walkin.

    Fckkin FAIL.

  • If it was the riverdance it’ll be cool though. Allhiphop ya’ll been full of s h y t lately, getting sources from MTO lying azz gossip website now this wow.

    • illseed

      That’s not true. if it was the RIVER DANCE, it would be just plain goofy.

      • I was being sarcastic

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Why is it that our Black community has to degrade each other by looking down our nose at each other and judging. “you’re talk white”, “you’re to ghetto”, “you’re taking us back by crip walking”, “you’re letting us down not keeping it real”. Ask yourself what other community does this to themselves, why can’t we just live?

      • Exactly! People too afraid to be themselves nowadays. Every one wants to be the people they see on television. We’re all human!

      • johnblacksad

        So you actually read the comments… hmmm… why you gotta be all over her like that?! she won and did a lil celebratory dance.. it ain’t nothin…

        This right here is something i woulda thought only a girl would care about…

    • johnblacksad

      Notice how Illseed disagrees with you on whether or not the Riverdance would have been cool instead… not that AHH been full of s h y t lately, getting sources from Mediatake etc…

      and he’s the one calling out the epic fails?! …lol… ninjaz….
      Sony type epic failure right in front of ya’ll

  • Dointer

    Doing a dance that represents a culture of murder,drugs and violence, is not a good look on the worlds biggest stage.

    • johnblacksad

      a dance represents the intention behind it… i don’t think crips trademarked that c-walk

      you ninjaz kill me…

      • is is called the CRIP walk. not the “traditional american hood celebration & good intentions” walk.

      • johnblacksad

        wow @ you… the way you stretchin, you should have competed in the olympics also…

        if it’s called the crip-walk, then how come some call the blood-bounce?

        What if ninjaz in New Guinea (google) that never heard of no crips, nor bloods are doin the same dance, but they just got a different name for it?!

      • Dointer

        That reference to New Guinea natives, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  • I co-sign this 1000000%. It’s time we as Black folks really start embracing ourselves and who we are. This is monumental in my book.

    Do we not like Fried Chicken? Do we not like Watermelon?

    It’s starting to get tiresome with our own hypocritical bullshit.

    • yahlah

      Thank you, I think the same way. It’s like black people do not have a mind of there own. If the media say no, they say hell no.
      So what if she danced the C-Walk. Some black people in my opinion worry too much about the approval of others then their own.

      But, of course that’s self-hatred on anything that originates from black culture.
      Black musicians and especially that of the hip-hop community will be the first to glorify italian mafia type persona’s.

      No body is screamin out “MURDER” to that. If the mafia came out with a dance it would be embraced and immortalized by everyone!
      Bamboozled Nigga’s

      • H. U. S.

        Don’t categorize an entire race with ignorance…please! You and many others are the ones who got bamboozled by the media. Do this, Google ”Crip Walk”…and tell me what’s the 1st thing that comes up.

        If you had paid attention to the photo of Tommie Smith & John Carlos, you’d notice that not all black people worry about the approval of others then their own! The 2 were giving a salute to Human Rights, but their gesture was mistaken as a Black (Panther) Power gesture…and they were stripped of their medals, harassed, etc.

        Not all black people glorify violence and ignorance…sorry.

      • But the problem is that it’s in an issue. Why is this even an issue in the first place? ? ?

      • yahlah

        Exactly! Why is it an issue? It’s just a dance.

      • yahlah

        Shut up fool!!!!!!!!!! I am black idot!
        And dumb ass no one is comparing Tommie Smith or John Carlos!!!!!!! Did you even see that in my comment?
        What the hell is your point idiot? Read the comment first before you start writing.
        All I’m saying is don’t be a hyporcrite about the uproar of Serena doing the C-Walk when there are other major things that we turn a blind eye to.

        You obviously are not from the west coast like I am, so you would not understand that it’s just a dance.

      • H. U. S.

        1st off, learn how to spell ”idiot” before throwing out insults. And I made the the comment about Tommie Smith & John Carlos for 2 reasons:
        1) For your line ”Some black people in my opinion worry too much about the approval of others then their own.” Which is completely false!

        2) Both parties gestures have been obviously misconstrued! Theirs as Black Power and Serena’s as a Crip Walk…

        I don’t care where your from, if you saw what she did and still call that a Crip Walk; then you’ve obviously know nothing about Crips and/or Bloods! And who’s turning a blind eye to major things..let me guess, black people; that makes you more ignorant then white people saying that, bruh!

      • yahlah

        Guess you can’t get enough.
        1.) Some, and I said some not all; black folk worry too much about the approval of others. Meaning for example this whole subject for one.

        2.) I’m confused on where you stand.

        Are we throwing blows to each other because we are confusing where we both stand?

        So, in response to your last comment, she c-walked. There are different variations to the dance. Which is why, it is not a big deal because:

        1.) She was not,as you stated in earlier posts “throwin up signs!”
        2.) Bloods have the same dance with a different name. (just a side note)

        My point was, why are black people so quick to jump on her along with the media? Huh?
        And yeah, there are other things we can or should discuss besides a DANCE MOVE that most people who know the dance do.

        The dance move has an obviously bad history associated with it, but so did the torch relay, and so does the many words we use today and we later justify the usage of them.
        I can name one specifically, but not gonna take it there.

        And yeap, my black people do have a tendency to turn a blind eye to things that we should not, that are way more important then this.

        But that’s another subject.
        So, If you are still clueless as to what I am talking about, my only suggestion to you would be:

        (that is a joke not an insult)

        All I’m sayin is lay off it, or congratulate
        The end.

      • yahlah

        Okay, I can’t ignore that last comment.

        “The 2 were giving a salute to Human Rights, but their gesture was mistaken as a Black (Panther) Power gesture. ”

        Are you for real? You really are clueless?
        Human Rights?
        I agree human rights, but it too had connections with the black power movement.
        Maybe not necessarily the PANTHER movement, as you suggest.
        But it was for African Americans.

        Everybody knows that! Not only did Smith and Carlos get there medals stripped; Peter Norman ( an Australian competitor) was disciplined as well (his medal was not stripped though) for supporting them in wearing the “human rights badge”

        But don’t sit here and make it seem like it was just about “human rights!” It was about that and the liberation of blacks in America. That’s why the IOC got mad.

        Anything associated with anything Black is deemed Wrong when we represent it.
        So, I’m trying to defend myself after you try to call me out as bein a sell out. Though you did not state that, you sure a hell were trying to push on it by sayin I’m worse then white folk.

        So, once again, it got taken far again! Hahahahahahahaha
        Bringin it back again.

        CONGRATS SERENA!!!!!!!!

      • H. U. S.

        Are you seriously saying that Dr. Martin L. King, and many other leaders were associated with the Black Panther Party? Come on bruh, don’t go there with me. The Human Rights Movement was for equality between blacks & whites, and that gesture given was misconstrued by the ignorance of the media…the same way this ordeal with Serena is!

        I never called you a ”Sell Out”, I said that you’re more ignorant than ”others” for your views on your own race! Hopefully it changes, seriously! Not everyone has the same views, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. and if a woman came on here categorizing all men, then she’d be wrong. You can speak for the anomalies, but not for some or many. I’m out…

      • yahlah

        Dude, CAN YOU READ?

        Once again I did not say ALL black folk I said some!
        Also, I did not associate them with the black panthers I said “black power movement”

        That’s not black panther fool
        Also, stop actin ignorant your damn self with quotes like,
        ” The Human Rights Movement was for equality between blacks & whites…..”

        The whites had their human rights in America, African Americans did not.
        Fool, are you dumb?
        Firstly, you don’t listen,
        Then you start quotin Black power crap and human rights stuff.
        Then, you make it out to be about black history.
        And then you got the nerve to call someone ignorant.

        You’re ignorant if you think the “the human rights movement”
        which, I am sorry I have NEVER heard of before-was for blacks and whites.
        And please, leave Martin Luther out of this conversation and quit trying to flip the script and confuse folks.

        This message board is about whether you like or dislike Serena Williams C-Walk.

        Gettin back on track again……..
        Serena congrats.
        So, gonna C-walk my way out of this conversation for good now, got no time to conversate with adolescents (skip, skip, skip, skip, skip)

      • Power To The People salute.

    • johnblacksad

      *uh… i do not like watermelon, but i promise everything else black about me…

    • Celz

      Yea but the C-Walk isn’t a celebration dance.. I seen parties get shot up and dudes get stomped out behind it.. It’s only purpose is to promote your hood and let everyone around know that you and your peoples are ready to catch all fades.. If you’re C-Walkin and not actively bangin a set you had better not be around any real gang members.. It’s a fail from a crip perspective not a black culture one.. I’ve never heard her bang any hood, if she’s not bangin a hood she shouldn’t be C-Walkin period.. And it’s stuff like this that make gang culture mainstream especially among young blacks.. I got plenty of friends that used to bang I dont condone it but I dont knock it either. And Im pretty sure most if not all of the OGs I know from Compton wouldn’t be “happy” or “proud” of her for doing it.

      • yahlah

        Thanks for bringing perspective.
        You are right, it would not be a good idea to be doing the C-walk in front of real gang members.

        That is too true

  • didnt her sister die from gang violence???

    • Shot by a crip.

    • Negro Peligro

      man THAT WAS TOO REAL.

  • Im sure Serena is a crip….get the F#^% out of here. 1 word STUPID

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    Serena better chill out, before some bloods, roll up on her and spark the sh*t out of her for nothing. Eh I know, I know “IT’S NOT THAT DEEP”

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Bloods do the same dance just under a different name.

      • CaptainSpauldingNephew

        Yes called the blood bounce.

  • yahlah

    I wouldn’t say it was an indiscretion.

    If a white girl had of done what Serena did. Everyone would have been like,
    “She representin, you go girl!”
    As if Black Americans need to be represented or acknowledged by people other then our race.

    Now, I am not saying by Serena Williams dancing the C-Walk is a representation to all Black/African Americans.
    I’m just sayin, look at yourself. Especially to those posting.

    Stop making a big deal out of nothing. I am sure she did not mean to pay “Hommage” to gangsters. It’s just a dance.
    But seeing that it is just a dance, it leads me to think about me saying,
    “It’s just a dance!”

    And most people from Southern California and the west coast do the dance without a second thought. Hell, even the Bloods do the C-Walk.
    Come off it already.

    So people; quit jumpin on the “Bamboozled” band wagon that is circulated by the media and learn to think for yourselves! COME ON BLACK FOLK!

  • H. U. S.

    Damn, it’s quite obvious that no one actually saw what she did. I don’t know why anyone called what she did a ”Crip” or ”Blood”-Walk, it was a quick couple of hops with her hands threw up in celebration.

    She wasn’t throwing up signs or spelling things with her feet…journalists’ deserve the epic fail!

    • God Body

      See now. I never knew that’s what an actual real c walk could be about ‘spelling out’ your intentions. You learn something new everyday. C walk is a war dance celebration, but it doesn’t mean Serena is a gangsta or highlighting gangsta lifestyle, it’s a spill over from where she grew up and the bottom line is Crips and Bloods are in the place where she grew up. illseed should get some perspective in context.

    • yahlah

      Hey H.U.S.
      Yo, I took it to another level. Seein your post now. Now I get where you are comin from. Anyway, hope you got where I am comin from….

  • ODB63

    Regular people c-walking went out of style years ago. What she did was corny she should only did the Victor Cruz salsa dance only and she would have been cool.

    • johnblacksad

      Vic Cruz is from Puerto Rico.
      Serena is from Compton. She still cool.
      There you have it.

  • Keith Brickz

    anything involving this btich is an epic fail…she looks like ben wallace

    • yahlah

      hahahahaha, I am not in agreement with your comment at all about Serena……….but that was funny. Ben Wallace though? Really? LOL
      Get outta here hahahahaha

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  • Larry Carter

    If I’m faced with death, looked upon as if I don’t belong, talked about and pointed at for being great..I WOULD CRIP WALK AS WELL.
    for those who don’t watch the sport and hear the boo’s and the comments about the William sisters wouldn’t understand. “Look at whats she’s wearing”, “She’s so much bigger then the other girls”, “I don’t think she will last much longer”…they bet on these girls to lose at every tournament…
    So if that’s me with the animosity that’s always given and I was in the hospital not that long ago with a clot in my lungs, I WOULD CRIP WALK TOO…
    A dance that’s hood related has nothing to do with it. Dancing is how some ppl celebrate. Right after that she did a lil cha cha…how come that wasn’t mentioned….BECAUSE BULLSHIT GETS MORE ATTENTION…SHE WON A GOLD MEDAL. PUT THAT IN THE HEADLINES ILLSEED!!!

    • johnblacksad

      SORRY BUT I CAN’T HOLD IT IN… ILLSEED IS A BIG TIME B!TCH FOR THIS ONE FOR REAL…. fcuk what anybody thinks, i like how she represented ME there… hell fcukin to the yeah… i feel represented… WIMBLEDON COURT (illseed prolly don’t know what it means to tennis players) she won a fcukin gold medal in front of all these condescending muffins… damn, she can’t even celebrate how she wants??!! wtf?! N!ggas score touchdowns and come up with all kinds of stupid celebrations, why can’t she dumb it down for 10 seconds… it’s not even like we know Serena to be ghetto 100% of the time…

      I really can’t see where illseed’s ‘problem’ with this celebration is? why do you even fuckin care? whiny girl sh!t…

      do you actually wanted her to fit in? try as much as she can to behave like all these white girls? and this is coming from a HIP-HOP site…. ?! that’s everything but hip-hop!!!

      ‘We’ might know about c-walk but none of these muffins over there know about no damn Cees & Bees… so to them it was just a dance! I’m pretty sure, one of these mofos said to his wife :”look honey, she has got rhythm just like the rest of them”.

      Since Illseed not-even-sure-azz still wonderin if it’s a win or fail… i’ma give you all the answerz : You are the epic fail for viewing this epic win as an epic fail!

      • Larry Carter


  • her sister was killed due to gang violence and she goes and does this, embarrassing n i g g e r

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  • EB

    She won the gold at the Olympics. That means she’s the best in in the world in her sport at that time. She can do whatever she wants. So in my Martin voice–You Go Girl!!!

  • johnblacksad


    Now c-walk to this!

  • Bumpy Johnson

    yo worldstar dude on some real shit , F*** u, u dont know the pain people go through, let her C Walk all she wants. She is from Compton and she won a damn golden medal through dedication, skills and hard work. Its the LOVE most yall dont understand, its f***in love..

    • johnblacksad

      like jeezy, i tried to tell’em…

      She is from fcukin Compton… now she whoopin azz on wimbledon courts & sh!t… sheiit why wouldn’t she dance all she wants?

      If everythin had went the way ‘they’ wanted, ‘we’ would have neva seen a tennis racket let alone see what the inside of wimbledon’s like… matter fact how many black folks was in the crowd? You know they don’t want us there in the first place… especially winning…

      Love is love tho… she out there breakin barriers for ya’ll… some of ya’ll just don’t see it

  • Im ok with her c walk.. it is her moment, but I can say that it wasnt a very classy thing to do after a victory, and she cant expect for people who already dont like her to become a fan after this. The dance is fine.. After all its just a dance, but to dance right after she whoped that girls azz on the court just wasnt professional and mature generally speaking

  • mike malarkey

    id rather see her turn around and bounce that big ass!!

    • There has to be a reverse angle! Would be if I were on that side!

  • Smashit

    Okay so rappers can become millions because people waste they money buying their music when all they do is glorify drugs, killings and talk badly about our sisters, daughters and mothers – but we LOVE it – Serena works her ass off her whole life and is making history but we make her out to be terrible because she got excited and bounced from side to side for 3 seconds and some looked at it as a gang dance… you can’t be serious!

    • johnblacksad

      You would have saved me a lot of time tryin to explain sh!t to ninjaz if you had posted this earlier!

      “and some looked at it as a gang dance” …closure!

  • Serena = Epic Win!

    That ‘chet was fly!

    • johnblacksad

      Had she been on Sepulveda or Wilshire doin this, it wouldn’t have been as fly…. but that right there, ‘in front’ of the Queen of England and her people… yes, that right there was fly like L.A.X.!

  • johnblacksad

    She only threw a step dance… that happens to be known by Ltd illseed as “c-walk” or “crip-walkin”… that’s all… ninjaz need to think outside of the ‘box’ once in a while…

  • doneking

    TO ALL MY NEEE GGGGGAAA ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!111111111111


  • johnblacksad

    Ok, let me get this straight….

    She is black
    She is from the hood…
    She is as hip hop as Common Sense & Drake (not sure about Drake/hip hop, but you know what i mean)
    She won a gold medal… not silver, not bronze,… at the Olympics… not Roland garros which is every year, not wimbledon which is every year, not U.S. open which is every year, no…. at the fcukin Olympics… which is every 4 (FOUR) YEARS!
    She celebrates with a dance that’s popular where she grew up…

    and you fcukin ninjaz who never won no copper nor even wooden medal at your local hood tournament COME ON A HIP HOP SITE TO TALK SH!T??!!! Damn, seriously, look what hip hop has become! I thought it was all about going against the grain, not tryin to fit in, representin who you are and where you from and being proud, not changing for anyone… etc…

    I really must have missed an episode… i can see Fox News shooting her down, tryin to clown her… but this??!!! Just wow…

    #ThingsDoneChanged word to Big Poppa!

    • yahlah

      That’s cause illseed is a white dude bloggin on this post! And we fell right into his trap (hahahaha) me included!

      Congratulations Serena

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  • Ever since Snoop Dogg brought it into the mainstream no one really associates the c-walk with gangs for real anymore. I mean really! There was time you didn’t even do that unless you were a crip or be prepared to get hurt or killed. Now, no one cares. In fact, no one really does that anymore. That’s like doing the smurf now to some of these young people. Absolutely no relevance!!!

    She was happy and if that is what she wants to do then let her and stfu!!! Everyone is spending too much time being picking about these wonderful ladies making history. They want to dis Gabby over her hair like it’s a hair show and now everyone wants to tell Serena she is wrong for celebrating. People even going so far as to make it seem like she’s disrespecting her sister. Really? You really believe this?

    How simple minded can we get?

  • Q.

    More than half of the events in the modern Olympics are elitist, exclusionary sports, largely inaccessible to aspiring athletes in greater society (re: POOR FOLKS, BROWN FOLKS). The fact that two little dark-skinned girls with braids from the American ghetto of COMPTON, CA could dominate such a bourgeoisie sport, winning multiple tournaments and gold medals in its motherland with style and determination, is an historic triumph of epic proportions. HATERS, BOW.

    Serena, by all means, C.elebrate-walk until your soles fall off. Tiger, take notes.

  • Slaughtr


  • AnnaRenee

    EPIC WIN!!!

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