HEATER OF THE DAY: Topic Ft. Crooked I “Posted On The Corner”

[ahh_audio src=/8-6-12/TopicFtCrookedI-PostedOnTheCorner.mp3]

  • So Lexy

    I remember Topic on the Coast Guard.. He’s one of the hardest MCs out here but so underrated… SMH

    • you feel me! people sleepin on em

      • theBLAKagency

        They gonna wake up when he drop freedom aint free tho.. He’s a real lyricist and it’s about time the game recognizes him. I salute Topic. REAL RAPS

      • theBLAKagency

        REAL RAPS since start of a legacy .. what you know about that first mixtape??

      • awready, been fuckin with topic for a few years. the homie put me on when bru dropped the appetizer then i went back n copped the coast guard. FAF gone take the west by storm. already heard a few leaks. BANGERS!

      • So Lexy

        Coast Guard was a straight CLASSIC ~ Not even on the West Coast .. but Period. I’m born & bred from the Bronx and still ride out to that joint. It’s one of my favorite albums (yep, album — all original production)!

  • S/o to the WEST!! blw moven! SALUTE!

  • SoWestRadio DjCritic

    Topic go hard

  • Hot shit my nigg…SB Saprano

  • they going in topic got bars and we already know crooked i is a beast West up!!!

  • Ra Je


  • camisha williams

    That’s was up!

  • Topic fell off to late for him Kendrick Lamar and Dom Kennedy are here for the West plus Scipio aka X.O. way better then Topic he reps West Co lmao the police department is harder then any gang there