Jean Grae

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy) A Comedian Now?

Hey, I got an exclusive for you all! If you went to, you would know this already. Anyway, I think think may be well known in the NYC area, but Jean Grae is reportedly a COMEDIAN NOW! Yeah! She’s been doing dates in New York on the low low. If you follow Jean Grae on twitter, you know she’s crazy funny! I don’t know much more but I think its hella cool!

Check out this deep interview with her that just dropped today.

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  • therealest1

    Not really relevant shit.

  • Q.

    Interesting interview. …Had nothing to do with comedy.

  • 4-12

    She look like she 54

    • You are just gay that is all!

    • Pierre Elliott

      she do look beat now….Ridin that G train at 4am will do a number on ya.

  • King Cold

    thats wasup. get doe by all means. this lady has bars for days too. probably give nicki a run for her money

    • I speak Truth…do you

      a run for her money??? NIKKI IS GARBAGE!! what do i expect, you probably just turned 17

      • King Cold

        thats y i said she would give nicki a run for her doe and no im 21. read carefully next time

      • Sinbk Legend

        run for her money??? i dont support ppl getting hurt but u thinking nicki on jean’s level? or on a level of competition…u need to get fukked up

      • King Cold

        yall misunderstood the statement…..jean grae is light years ahead of nicki minaj period….no competiton

  • Rayo Chelios

    I shouldn’t be surprised by her present in the interview, knowing how she raps, but man I gotta say that she’s definitely real to herself in both interviews and lyrics. I wonder if her comedy is the same?

  • Pierre Elliott

    Jean Greasy look 40…See thats what you get when you think you hot…
    All that crap you put out with 9th like you invented hip hop.
    Acting like you and 9th were gods, see it aint done nothing for you…

    Now I see why my mans said you had an attitude…
    Nggas kill me, they act like they the sh*t, but dont make beats, dont even lay basslines or samples, but think they gonna be around forever……

    Wow when real heads hit the scene, everything will be dead.
    I already called it, a new generation or real hip hop is coming back.

    No lame beats, no big trash talking.
    Just making hot bangers without the sh*t talking.

    Back to a time when all you could say was:

    DAMN I CANT STOP LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • its here shadow huntaz..

      • Pierre Elliott

        il def check you….im sick of NY nggas making down south beats.
        Im sick of dudes being wack on the beats, and dues all saying the same sh*t when they rhyme.

  • Glasscut

    She look 40 yeah either you guys are gay or pedophiles simply put.. Of course its easier to put people down but your the ones sending negative comments.. I am 30 and look like i am 21.. but whatever..

  • Glasscut

    Sounding comfortable enough that you articulate and enunciate your words.. – Jean grae. Maybe all these New york rappers with cut out the garbage dirty south trend. pathetic what people do for money.. Making themselves literally sound ignorant on record.. people the listen to hiphop trash deserve everything it brings their way and to their family..

  • Apollo Showtime

    WTF did she do to her face? Why did she tat it up and get those sleeves? She was so pretty at one point. SMh