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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Tony Yayo Lick A Shot At 50 Cent?


Now, Tony Yayo has bee the most loyal person that 50 Cent has ever been exposed to, but he JUST sent out a tweet that suggests all is not sweet with the pair.

First and foremost, 50 Cent has recently said some oddly disparaging things about both Banks and Yayo, two founding members of G-Unit. Earlier this year, 50 said: “fuck Banks, fuck Yayo, fuck the group.” That was on April 1 so I really didn’t acknowledge it. But, in an interview with radio host Big Boy, 50 said much more.

”People have habits they refuse to change…I’ve enabled them to a point that they don’t feel like they have to do anything. [I] end up doing their job too…they don’t have managers”.

“Yayo had to do a lot more…he just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do. I don’t think [G-Unit] actually over, they just need to get themselves together”.

“Ya’ came back from jail, he was different…his energy was different.”

And Tony Yayo just posted the following.

As far as I know, Yayo has never said such a greasy statement at the boss!

  • therealest1

    New beef shit?


    • toreal

      How the hell you know what happen in the beginning? You wasn’t there.

      • Sean Peterson

        thats what im sayin,,,how nigguhs know anything about whats going on in that camp?? personal shitt it seems to me.

      • toreal

        I know.

  • Sosa_Limone

    they should put g-unit back together without 50 cent… banks, yayo, game, buck, bang em smurf… after alll jada kiss wasnt lying when he told 50 “out of ya whole camp, ya flow is the weakest”… that would be a good look for hip-hop

    • Knowledge is power

      Never thought of it like that, that would be dope!

    • hoeyuno

      Too much bad blood there holmes. Its a nice thought but I think fif doesn’t have the confidence in anyone anymore. And he’s tired of watching records with his logo on them flop.

      • Sosa_Limone

        feel you… aafter game and buck left it was down hill for gunit… they were really the two nicest on the team.. game sells consistantly… buck wouldve kept selling bc he from the south and them southern niggas support their people lyrically, banks is a monster, hs metaphors are ridiculous, but he dont sell records like that… and i feel lke yayo is only on bc he is 50s boy bc he is straight trash…

    • brotha_man

      whether fif can rap or not is irrelevant he is in Forbes for one reason and thats business moves, even Hov understood that. Rap only takes you so far…ask Nas

  • TruthSerum

    Say what you want about Yayo but dude has been 50’s most loyal artist & friend through all of it. He’s been Fif’s hypeman on tour as far back as I can remember also.

    What’s happening with G Unit is that Fif is realizing he barely has enough star power left to sustain himself so he’s getting rid of the cats he doesnt feel can do anything for him, which is why he replaces Banks & Yayo with Southern Artists like Kidd Kidd & Shawty Lo….. He probably thinks “Who needs Banks, nobody buys lyrical rap anymore, I’ma concentrate on this Pauly D’s record and some ignorant trap music”

    Nice way to treat your friends, but after watching how he destroyed Buck’s life, anybody who expects loyalty out of Curtis Jackson deserves whatever they get.

    I got a stack says that as soon as his contract expires he disses Em

    • Carl Weston


      • true but what you expect him to do ?? knowingly let them run Gunit into the dirt or try to build the label by signing “working artist” and if it fails after that oh well @least he tried … yall gotta remember 50 started out as a solo artist … Gunit was formed when the oppurtunity came to start a label

      • TruthSerum

        I agree that its not his job to carry dead weight for the rest of his life but there are more appropriate ways or letting them know then insulting them in public. These are not just random artists he picked up along the way, Fif grew up with these 2, its not as if they’ve been bashing him in interviews or nothing, fif came out the blue with this.

      • immackulate

        working artists … man c’mon KEV he aint signed working artists he signed a bunch of jokes PAULY D, KID KID, SHAWTY LO – nobody wanna sign to 50cent thats why DIDDY and JAY always win the bidding wars cuz 50cent only knows how to support 50cent – no gunit was started win 50 was on his way back from getting shot while he was trying to capitalize on that frenzy with murder inc – however yayo been around since before THE POWER OF A DOLLAR – i compare it to how jay treats bleek regardless of bleek not being able to acheive the goals set forth for him “bleek can be one hit away his whole career but as long as im alive he’s a millionaire” – jay still got’em in his back – and jay has never publicly humiliated bleek for his lack of success either
        50 AINT A LEADER like that –

    • Angry Man

      the funny thing is b4 all this bang’em been said this…and that was supposed to be 50s man from way back just like them


    F#$K 50 CENT

  • TruthHurtsDontIt

    50’s interview remarks have been uncalled for in my opinion.

    When it comes to Yayo,, the dude is supposed to be one of your closest and most loyal friends. He don’t make music that gets the public’s attention so putting an album budget together for him rightfully never happens, there’s no need to even bring his name up in a shady way during an interview. If you done with him being a hanger-on that simply break it to him respectfully face to face.

    And we all know Banks always seemed to laid back and void of motivation, but he is one of the best lyrically in the game and the only real piece of the Unit that pure hip hop fans have any respect for.

    I understand trying to push the people around you but is it smart to push them away from you at the same time??

    The new roster is filled with a bunch of never haves and never will-bees. As the supposed head of a record label, it would’ve been smarter putting time and resources behind Banks last album and future projects rather than to focus on dead weight.

    How does this attitude from a label-head make new artists making names for themselves believe it’s a good idea to sign with someone like that??

    50 will always be one of my favorite rap personalities of all time but when it comes to running a record label without the momentum of your personal success pushing it already, dude ain’t done a very good job.

    • hoeyuno

      I agree with what your saying on yay being one of fifs closest friend. And I think without at least yayo fif is just another rich dude who use to live in a tough neighborhood. But on the flip side people do grow up and sometimes you need to separate yourself from the people you use to be.

    • Yall keep using the word “friend” this is a business. 50 don’t go out of his way to diss them. He often gets questions about them & he answers honestly. I find that refreshing rather than saying it’s aint ah problem when it is a problem. People looking at 50 as a bad guy for doing what he’s supposed to do & that’s be a CEO of a record company. 50 already made them rich but they’re not returning the favor. For the record Smurf was 50’s homey, Banks & Yayo was his little dudes.

      • Kayode Olumide Odusanya

        “bank and yayo was his little dudes?” Yayo is 6 years older than 50 cent.

      • scullyson

        Age cant define a persons motivation , hustle or wisdom. Some folks live their life just surviving and leaching all the while talkin that ying yang about what they gonna do or what little they have done. Dont Talk about it be about it. >>>> Old Jive talkin “Old Fool”…

      • lol yayo is fifs old dude lol jk jk jk jk i kid i kid i kid i kid lol 😉

      • When I say little dude i’m not talking about age. 50 was a heavy dude in his hood, Smurf was his right hand, Yayo was just apart of the crew that looked up to 50! Banks wasn’t even in the crew, he just was a very good rapper from the block. Altogether they was a part of a rap group called 134th Allstarz! 50 took the best Mc’s from the group & created G-Unit. It was always business, 50 didn’t hang with them outside of business. 50 owes them nothing, he made them rich. They owe him! 50 trying to get them to grind like he did 00-02, how Wayne did before tha Carter 3, how Rick Ross is currently grinding & right now he do see that in them.

      • Kevin Farley

        didnt yayo take that case for 50 when they got pulled over in philly and had guns in the car?

      • immackulate

        and look how he did SMURF – the same niggah that “really” put the work in while 50 was laid up in the hospital

    • thats so true man but sadly fif belongs to such a big group even if they tried to keep behind closed doors the media would nit pick @ it until someone spoke or rumors started to fly …. and with the contreversy behind buck and game you know the media will have thier nose deep in it …. so imo im guessing fif is looking @ its better to come from my mouth before they out there making him look like the bad guy … altho either way @ the end of the day fif comes out the bad guy

  • hoeyuno

    Yea yayo has been a loyal dude. I was surprised with the fif comment but he got a pretty long run for a average gimmicky rapper. G unit ran its course and like every other click we have fanned for the last 30 years, they will have to move on.

  • Carl Weston

    Yayo and Banks should do a track together and let jay-z talk slick about 50 at the end of the song like 50 did on the Beanie Sigel jayz diss track….LOL

  • I guess it is safe to say that G-Unit was the last Hip-Hop supergroup…..It goes to show that after most rappers hit a certain stardom point in their career they become less willing to deal with, and communicate with each other….Which is why I always say that rappers are not in it for the craft of creating music anymore, they are in it for the money…Once they get a certain amount of money then they loose the passion and the hunger….The great thing for Hip-Hop is that their is now a clear lane open for another Hip-Hop power group, because everyone seem to be going solo.

    • what supergroups is todays trend ???? MMG, YMCMB, ODD FUTURE, ASAP MOBB, PRO ERA etc …… and coming soon THE MONEY TEAM dont count the home fif out 😉

      • oh yeah an ironically The Game has a supergroup called THE MONEY GANG lol 😉

  • In the end 50 is gonna be out of real friends

    • Sean Peterson

      in the end im sure fif dont give a phuck,lol

      • $18592567

        I know right…

      • Yes, he does. He acts like he won’t.

      • YoungGizzle


      • fif cares man im sure he wishes his associates had the same work ethic and drive so they all can be out there wit floyd about to take ish to another level

      • Sean Peterson


    • friends how many of us have them ?? lol friends are subjective … fam is the ones who are there for the long run …. friends come and go as you grow … extra especially if you grow …. life is what you make it … friendships shouldnt hold you back either … but @ the sametime you shouldnt have to dump on your friends but sometimes it comes to that point ….. it goes so deep alot of folks end up being killed by friend ……….. #lifeisabeotch!!!!

      • bisolabliss

        u just type a bunch of gibberish that contradicts themselves…

    • brotha_man

      im sure fif squad is more than banks and yayo. they are not at the conference table negotiating deals….they probably parking the car and smoking cigs in the lobby.

  • Sean Peterson

    funny thing is,we all looking from the outside in,,we dont know whats going on with them nigguhs ,fif got his reason for saying what he said im sure ,,,and for the guy that said g unit without fif,,, banks aint hot no more,yayo never was, buck cant get his life right,and game man this nigguh would rather run around like a stupid asss kid jump nigguhs and record it with his cell phone than get that rap money..

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Before I read I must say these g unit niggas r the biggest pussies ever. They wouldn’t know loyal or fake if it hit em in they face. One min they suckin each otha off the next it’s “aww he not my friend no more” blahhhh

    • if you think about it they lasted alot longer than other groups … but whats going on man even Mobb Deep is having issues …. who would of expected to see Rocafella Break up …… man who would of thought Dre would leave death row …….. NWA broke up !!!! even Dipset broke up for a hot minute and they are Family for real …….. its hard man this industry aint based on friendships … its based on work ethic and pulling your weight …. and if you doing most of the pulling your only going to drag cats along for so long … @ the end of the day WE ARE MEN NOW it was cool when we were kids BUT WE ARE GROWN ASS MEN ……! looking @ the past its like we can expect to see some kind of major break off in that YMCMB group … shoot just look @ the original Cash Money only artist there becides the ceo is WAYNE !!!! thats IT !!!! crazy when you think about it right …… so expect to see alot drama in the coming years with MMG, YMCMB etc………………. its destiny based on the past ………….

  • scullyson

    Who cant rap…you thats who…rflmao…he aint neva lied…LOL

    • Young Goku

      That shit had me dying fam lmaoo

      • scullyson

        hell yeah…LOL

      • I thought it was kinda messed up….but it was funny as ‘Chet!

      • Jay AR


    • Angry Man

      that was just hurtful lol

  • is anyone out there gullible enough to believe this ploy!!!!

  • The part people isn’t understanding is it’s business never personal. 50 sitting & watching Nicki & Drake bringing Wayne money while Banks & Yayo isn’t bringing him anything. Banks has 2 consecutive flops, Yayo haven’t generated any buzz in 10 years in the business. 50’s wave sold Yayo, Banks, Buck, Game & G-Unit first album. 50 didn’t become a boss to do the homeboy sht. He got in to make money & if he feels like Banks & Yayo isn’t doing the work then he’ll replace them. It’s business!

    • dominicancoke

      You right but its the airing them out part that leaves a sour taste hes a bitch for what he did to buck leaking the

      • JaffarR

        Banks’ album, Rotten Apple sold almost 400,000 copies and shouldn’t be considered a flop. The last one, HFM 2, bombed on the charts because of EMI Records. They undershipped the album heavily. Many, many stores weren’t even carrying it.
        And Yayo had buzz back in 2005. He had an international hit single in “So Seductive” and his album went PLATINUM. But yeah after that, he couldn’t bring it back.

        Bottom line is, if 50 Cent actually WANTED or CARED about the music G-Unit made together, they’d be getting paid. But he’s making millions through many other ventures so he doesn’t need to give a shit about the group and music any more and hence the falling out…

      • KingChandler

        Did Yayo’s album actually go platinum? I thought that So Seductive only went plat as a single, you gotta hit me wit the link that shows that shit. I coulda swore the last dude to go plat in the unit was Game, besides Fif. I definately could be wrong because I’m not checkin for Yayo like that but if so I gotta give Yayo some more credit, never knew that shit.

      • Platinum isn’t platinum if it isn’t done in 12 months of the album release. It sold $700,000 & 50 Cent was featured on So Seductive which is my point that they rode 50’s momentum instead of creating their own. When 50 cooled off Banks & Yayo haven’t been worth sht! By the way anything sold under platinum by a platinum artist is a flop.

      • ddsdavey

        No Buck is a bitch for CRYING DOWN A PHONE TO A GROWN MAN!

      • dominicancoke

        Ok say no more! Yet you airing sime one you had a personal or business relationship is a ho move people dont cry? 50 foul nuff said

      • hoeyuno

        Maybe but fif was wrong for recording personal conversations with his so calf friends. I think buck coulda actually sued him for that.

      • People kill me with that! He recorded him to expose him to guys like you who would have just said 50 was in the wrong for kicking him out of G-Unit just like you was saying about Game. He wanted to show Yayo & Banks & the world the type of person Buck really is. If you hate 50 just say you hate 50 but using the fact that he recorded someone trying to ruin his reputation & business is just reaching.

      • immackulate

        thats sucker shyt – and thats the reason why his label crumbling
        50 still living off past accomplishments and brokered deals which aint bad but i guarentee you w/o eminem, iovine, and dre HE WOULDNT HAVE BEEN SHYT -and even at one time he was throwing them under the bus too – same way he did his gunit counterparts and thats the reason why his label looks like a GRAVEYARD for ENTERTAINERS
        kid kid
        dj pauly d
        like for real for real – this is a what have you done lately type of industry and 50 aint did shyt in years but ride MAYWEATHER’s nutsack

      • hoeyuno

        First of all I think game is the wakest act to hip hop since vanilla ice and second I like fif. Dude has brought mad entertainment since he came through. And why are you so sensitive on the topic of 50.

      • immackulate

        if you equate crying with being a bitch … you obviously aint lived a long enough life yet

      • Ever since 2002 have you known 50 Cent to be anything short of honest? He don’t evades questions & he was asked about Banks & Yayo so he told you the truth. What you wanted him to say…No comment? If he said that it would have left room for speculation. He made it clear that he don’t like Banks & Yayo work ethic.

    • Sean Peterson

      exactly ,,50 about making money……banks created a slight buzz for himself again with beamerz benz and bentlly,after that though there was nothing…lol

  • kstaxx

    Well The Game did predict it he said Llyod Banks would be the next to go!! Yayo gonna work it out with 50 though Yayo is the one that really needs him he doesnt have any talent but being 50’s hypeman, Lloyd Banks actually has a fanbase and is respected somewhat as a good lyricist so he can get signed somewhere else if 50 decide to let him go, which more than likely he wont.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    thats what seperated tupac from all these other niggas, he did it for the love. Stayed true to his homies except for the ones who played him

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Yall think 50 played yay…look at Bang’em Smurf…he actually made me feel bad as shit (even though now he does some weird weakstuff with face tatts)

  • King Cold

    man if i was 50 id do the same shit. yall grind aint there no more. yayo got his own label and banks was supposed to start his but fucked everything off…so thats why fif signin new acts….cant hate him for that

  • best_believe

    He could just be joking. They just said he’s a co founder so he’s not lying right?

  • Lmfao @ “Who cant rap… you thats who”

    • RBG4Life

      That ish had me rolling like a MF too!!!!!!

  • digitallife

    After the bang em smurf situation..nothing surprises me in this camp.

  • AK

    I feel 50 on where he coming from those dudes depend on him too much, at the same time he dont need to put out in public it makes him look bad AT THE SAME DAMN TIME lol..

    i bet after he did buck like that they didnt look at 50 at the same tho

  • If you stand up to 50 Cent and say “FUCC YOU” he will hate you and kick you out!!!

    If you become 50’s turn coat bitch he will not respect you, say “FUCC YOU” and he will kick you out!!!


    50 told Buck “don’t outshine the master” and now he is telling Banks & Yayo “yall aint doing sh!t”

    Them n!ggas are scared and confused “AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!” (Future’s voice)

    • he didnt say that … he just said you cant be 50 cent … well with the game he felt the game wanted to 50 …. you gotta be the game … play your part …. but that didnt mean be my little toy soldier for life ……..

  • 50 aint done sh!t himself!!!

  • Eugene_Whatley

    I respect 50 as a business man but friends are friends. I came from the gutter, mom being incarcerated 10 years, no dad around, no money, staying with friends, wearing friends clothing but I kept my head high and finish school and made something of myself. Now I’m an engineer who have been designing bridges for over 5 years now and never lost contact with my real friends. Not all of them are doing good so I try to help only if they’re trying to help themselves but I never expose one of them. I say all that to say friends are friends and money should never come between that. You don’t have to agree to do everything together or make bad decisions with ur friends because that will be dumb but friends never expose each other publicly. 50 could avoid answering those questions in interviews by simply not replying but he can’t because he arrogant. My grandmother always told me and she just turned 95 years old, that “think about when u get old, will u have friends there sitting beside you in a wheelchair??” My point is that friends are friends and friends fight among each other but a real friend never expose another to others and real friends will be there until death… Forget the money and I understand the business portion of it but real friends will be there until the wheels fall off.. Be careful 50 because u could be the richest man alive but be miserable without real friends as an old man because the aftermath of turning ur back to a real friend is that u never know who u could trust after u break real friendship. That’s the downfall! Therefore u will be alone and living miserably with money and groupies but no trust. Just like the Bible stripture, “If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weaknesses.” (2Corinthians 11:30)

    • i agree with you 100% man but its a difference when you an artist in rap … public property … banks and yayo have the same access to the media that fif has … what if fif keep’d quiet and banks or yayo all of the sudden got on some Game ish ???? then fif would be looking super stupid … i think the game situation messed fif up it forced him to be 100 about everything because if it dont it could come bite him in the you know where …. your living a life below the media radar … you could expose your friend to all of your palls that you build bridges with and its a great chance word would never get back to them ……………. its a damn if you / damn if you dont situation ……… altho the sad part about it yayo and banks are fifs real friends and his attidude were changed by his new friends Game & Buck …………….. in light of that maybe he should say F it let me give it a chance …………….

      • dominicancoke

        Wrong! Look son im from nyc ive been listening to 50 since he was rapping in onyx videos yayo been down with son since the 90s & banks since the late 90s when 50 cent was 50 who?? He crossed his real friends the ones who probably ate chinese take out with him the ones that fought with jas crew same ones who were there when he got shot who he got now? Nothing just groupirs and money base friendships lets see if floyd wouuld of been tight wuth 50 if he still was booboo from jamaica queens

      • bisolabliss

        Look dude, stop defending the indefensible, everybody agrees he should disagree with them if he feels and wants to but WHY IN THE MEDIA? That’s the bitch move we all disagree with… period

  • BTV Global, LLC


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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Yayo has been 50’s right hand man before the music he was 1 of 50’s street soldiers when 50 had the whole hood working for him there is a interview with bang em smurf on youtube and he said Yayo help start this shit back in the streets Yayo got him into it

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  • daveofthematthews

    I wouldn’t be so quick to believe all of this,there are a lot of these kinda of in house falling out’s that are staged for marketing purposes (After all beef sells)…. Apparently! Remember Cam getting upset when Jimmy asked him if they could start beefing? End of the day who knows I’ll believe it when i see them dudes throwing down on you tube!

  • sad thing is Bang em Smurf claims to have started gunit 😉 ???????????

  • Eli Pinilla

    you can only be a friend in business for so long b4 the friendship moves stop and the business moves take over… at one point, they will bump heads…as a friend, 50 helped them boys make millions and who knows how much fringe benefits came with that…yayo used to be a crack head.. if it was in yayos hands, g unit would be some drugged up old lady pocket book snachin click outta queens. 50 shouldn’t air out shit like that in public, out of respect for the friendship. but its obvious why u would go into business with maywether as apposed to yayo. and i do believe that 50 wishes yayo or banks were strong enough to be able to hold down the label on they’re own…at least game and buck had visions of doin they own thing with black wall street and ten a key records. what lloyd or yayo ever try to do for they selves?!?!?!

    • bisolabliss

      too bad 50’s corny ass had to out the 2 members with grind in them rite?

  • Yayo started G unit that is an actual fact I remember back from when I first entered high school. I want a unit reunion with no 50

  • dis the same shit jay was doin wit bleek and beans…. nigga go make some money and quit tryna eat off his….

  • thuglifefukdapolice


  • thuglifefukdapolice


  • brotha_man

    I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, “Ok so, make another Hov” Niggas wasn’t playing they day role. So we parted ways like Ben and J-lo.

    Take notes

    • scullyson

      LOL… …..those few lyrics said a mouthful…word up..and the n**** said its not a diss song, its just a real song…smh..

  • thaGOD83

    bottom line…blame the coach..thats how it goes…if you win 3 rings in a row…the coach should get the credit for putting together a well balanced team…if the team finisshes in last place 5 years in a have to let the coach go/and give him the blame…50 is trying to ease out of that coach seat…when this subpar team had the machine behind them, 50 talked all kinds of shit…remember he bragged on how much his team made vs. dipset and every other crew he dissed for no reason, now HE made them the money and so forth…im happy to see overrated, disrespectful dudes like 50 bump his head….
    im tired of all these rappers, entertainers whom release NO music, quality music at that, yet embrace every website…thats why i gave NAS credit because he lets music talk for him…i never thought i would see hardcore so called rappers, blogging, tweeting, writing books, when the booth used to handle all of those and sum…bottom line these dudes dont have IT anymore, and they know it..they are trying to buy more and more time with these rants but it aint working…these dudes are one dimensional…meaning they cant sing, play instruments, arrange, produce, only RAP or sing….so when that falls away, they do to..50 been done musically since he released that album the same day and kanye..jay, ye, wayne, ti, etc all have nothing left to give….only excuses, and more musicless news stories….MAKE Music…bottom line…jay/ye doing a wake song 12x..come on yall…CB4 shit at its finest..

  • kstaxx

    Damn the Ny groups of old such as Wu Tang Clan, Ruff Ryders, Dipset, G-Unit, Terror Squad, Mobb Deep etc all have broken up or on the verge of collapse and where has The Lox been? NY rap groups of old has offically died and their is no ressurection in sight. They had a nice lil run while it lasted but all that is over and done with now. The only ones left now and somewhat relevant is A$AP Mob, and Coke Boys.

    • johnblacksad

      Please don’t say anything bad about the Wu-Tang Clan.

      Last warning.

  • lethal5

    Tony’s nut huggin’ ass would never diss his master 50….unless 50 cut him off.

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  • 50’s real downfall was trying to sign every artist under the sun….Every label tryed it and failed, now YMCMB is trying to do the same thing….50 cent allowed these dudes to work for him and him only, they did’nt have the option to work they way they wanted too…It’s silly to tell you’re staff of artists to be independent when you have them locked into a contract……..It’s all business but 50 himself is being blocked from doing what he wants to do musically by Interscope and he did the same thing to Banks and Yayo.

  • Sean Peterson

    man i done seen a lot of silly assssss comments in this section,fif aint did shitt,fif washed up,fif is corny.nigguhs like fif dont need rap no more,and nigguhs like banks and yayo wouldnt need it either if they put in the same work the boss put in,fif making million dollar deals,and regardless if u like his new music or not the nigguh still grinding,working with flloyd,vita water ,headphones,feeding africans,lol,, all that shittt…u cant build and keep an empire worrying about some lazzy nigguhs…………..

  • Angry Man

    i dont get it thou everybody going at 50 but what about Jay…if nething these 2 were way washed up before rocafella was

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Bottom line…they shouldhave always remained a group…none of them ain’t shyt without each other…think back to what made them a force in the first place …the GUNIT movement…it should have always been a group thing but Fif branched of from that and did the solo thing and basically cancelled his dudes out with the interest his first smash album created so he really has himself to blame for their inability to shine on their own projects…

  • immackulate

    bout time he stickin’ up for himself BUT truth be told 50 need to sign more buzz worthy artists – nobody really had faith in YAYO ever not even back when GUNIT was doing they thang … BANKS always thought he was better than what he really was – and with the resurrgance of FAB’s career over the last few years – lukewarm niggahs like BANKS and SANTANA ended up falling the phuck back/off

    he need to get out here and sign some real talent – cuz his childhood homies wasnt never the BUSINESS they was just riding the GRODT wave

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