Game Sued Over Canceled Shows In The Middle East

(AllHipHop News) Compton, California Game is the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit, over two canceled concerts in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Crystal Group filed a lawsuit against Game in Manhattan Federal Court, claiming they wired the rap star $30,000 for a July 2011 performance.

According to the lawsuit, The Crystal Group suffered massive damages when Game canceled at the last minute.

As a result of the cancellation, The Crystal Group lost money on promotions, hotel and travel expenses, ticket sales and refunds.

To make matters worse, The Crystal Group claims they agreed to reschedule the canceled show, only to have Game skip out on a second, make-up date, in Dubai.

The Crystal Group is suing Game, born Jayceon Taylor and his touring company, BWS Touring, for breach of contract.

18 Responses to “Game Sued Over Canceled Shows In The Middle East”

  1. Antiblog

    $250k on show cancelled. $100k on beat hijack. $100 on marriage cancel. Total of $450. Pus Attorney fees Another $100. ok 550k. This guy didnt even work 2mil

    • immackulate

      i dont think this is a matter of struggling lol maybe just a matter of an I.O.U. for not showing up, performing, and collecting the rest of his show money – the concert promotion team lost out for the show being cancelled while the rapper lost out on collecting his other 1/2 of money

  2. immackulate

    typical I DONT WANNA FLY 20+ HOURS TO PERFORM – i’d rather sit around, smoke, and watch the olympics, and spend time with the wife i almost married at home type shyt
    be a man of your word cuz your fans and these shows is whats keeping you afloat
    at least issue out a statement for a make up show date
    unprofessional shyt

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