Chris Brown and Drake

Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Or Won’t The Drake / Chris Brown Fight Happen?

For a hot second September 22 was the date for the Drake / Chris Brown fight in Las Vegas with NBA star Tony Parker as referee.
Here’s the press release that was issued:
“After several offers, both hip hop Stars Drake and Chris Brown have just came to an agreement to duke it out in the ring for charity as both men have accepted the five million dollar purse from Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman and the boxing match which will be 3 one-minute rounds with 24 OZ Boxing Gloves will be the Grudge match from their Nightclub Brawl that injured several people including NBA star and the man who has agreed to referee the match Tony Parker who will be the third man in the ring. There will be several other matches involved here with the charity [and] awareness [for] Hands Up Guns Down will benefit and raise awareness to keep the violence off the streets. Both stars will wear headgear also.”
Part of the press release even reflected statements from Drake and CB reps:
Brown’s rep Frankie Moreno says this is going to be a great event for charity, as well as Drake’s rep Tony Davis says it will be a battle and Drake will end it in two rounds. Both Brown and Drake have signed the contract through their reps and this will be the Celeb Fight of the Century, [said Feldman].”

They maintain its all false. Representatives for both stars issued a statement saying that there’s no truth to the rumors and that the promoters are just looking for publicity.

Sh*t just got un-real!!!


Email me who you think WOULD win a fight with these two.!


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  • Only when things get real then these artists, run for cover…….Brown and Drake are nothing but actors, who pretend to be thugs.

  • Actors that pretend to be rappers

  • timwest1000

    Are either of these guys even relevant? Once we get rid of these 2, music can be reborn.

  • $17637591

    These Butter soft a$$ ni99as need to be having a pillow fight. Both got goons around them so they posers.

  • Y’all hatin ass internet thugs no dam well chris brown scared of drizzy first its yea den its no den yea dam nigga make yo mind up y u tryna stop da money imma tell my brother drake 2 go easy on da lil nigga ITS DAT EMPIRE KNOWN AS YMCMB

    • timwest1000

      Let me hit whatever you smoking on, shit got you delusional. Must be some fiyah!

    • Yesssir? Yadig? Spammin ass enikkah

  • Three one minute rounds?
    24oz Pillows?

    Dudes were throwing bottles in club for 10 min melee?
    8oz gloves 3 X 2min rds

    Fugg around it would be 3 x 3MIN rds, 2 min break, with 4oz, finger-less gell packs / ufc gloves, no holds barred, no biting, eye gouging or fish hooks, but Yoke A Dokes , chokes & headlocks are allowed & encouraged.

    A MoFo hit you in grill will a 4oz Gell Pack, um, yeah, time to go for the take down, & get it in.

    My $$$ is on Breezy though. Drake is bigger? but is a butter cup.
    Then again, if they show up in skinny jeans, etc., expect a technical medical draw:

  • There’s no chance in hell that either of these artists would risk ruining their careers through the risk of a public ass whupping. These kids are actually making hits. They should holla at Scrap and Stevie J or somebody like that.

  • I’d rather watch Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim. Battle of the bitches.

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  • Drakes sweater man… uuuuggggh!!!!

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  • Slaughtr

    Where I come from we were raised to go with the hands, only later on when crack hit DC did the gunplay get involved.With that being said fck all the body guard crew sht and bang it out one on one but if this sht is over industry hoe rhianna than both you niggaz pussy.Save that energy for hit records.

  • Ci Sam

    Don’t do it Drake.. Please don’t do it…