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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chad Johnson’s 911 Call Released, VH1 Cancels “Chad & Ev”

Former Miami Dolphin football star Chad Johnson a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco has had the worst week ever. Earlier this week, he was arrested for domestic violence against his new wife of three weeks, “Basketball Wives” star, Evelyn Lozado. According to the police report, the two got into an argument after Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car. According to her account, when she confronted Chad about it, he became really aggressive and head butted her on her forehead leaving a 3-inch gash. However, according to Chad’s account, Evelyn was the one who flew off of the handle and head butted him.

Well, the good people over at TMZ have already gotten their hands on the 911 call Evelyn’s neighbor made for her on her behalf. You can hear Evelyn in the background giving the neighbor the requested information. Take a listen to the call below:

Chad was immediately arrested and booked – he ended up spending the night in jail. The following morning when he was released, he went directly to meet with the Miami Dolphins front office team. That meeting must not have gone well, because later in the day, it was announced that the Dolphins had dropped Chad from the team. OUCH!

The couple had just come back from a lavish wedding and honeymoon in the Islands. The wedding was filmed by VH1 for a wedding special that was originally going to air before their new reality show “Chad And Ev”. VH1 has announced that both the wedding special and their reality show are now cancelled, in light of the domestic violence accusations.

Wow, they almost had it all. Was it Ev who head butted Chad, or the other way around? We’ve all seen “Basketball Wives”, and we know Ev has a hell of a temper, but Chad has also been accused of domestic violence numerous times in the past, dating back to his college years. Who do you believe?

Wow, they almost had it all.

  • johnblacksad

    All these millions and he ain’t even got his pimp in check! hold up, pimp in check!
    I would have expected the b!tch to tacitly know the rules… did she really think she was so special he was gonna give up every other puzzy for the rest of his/or her life?
    wheredafcukdotheystilldodatat?! This happily ever after sh!t been other with (don’t talk to me about your grandparents staying 50 years together… you know that’s not what i’m talkin about)
    B!tch got the nerve to confront him about condoms…. oh… so what? you want him to hit them raw or sumthin?

    B!tches, ya’ll need to cut that sh!t out… ya know we be fcukin! Why can’t ya’ll just play dumb along even tho we both know what’s goin on?! why you always gotta go and try to confront a n!gga and sh!t….

    I don’t take no confrontation… i tried that faithful sh!t but that’s really not where my mind is at right now… i let them know ahead… you stayin or you leavin, it’s very simple… do what you want… i just don’t wanna hear sh!t

    Don’t follow no ho… follow the money and let the hoes follow you.

    At the same time tho, i got to commend her for ‘integrity’… cause i really thought she went there for the money and was gonna let him play with the birds all he wants… i don’t mean ravens, falcons, eagles, cardinals, seahawks etc…

    For the last time… ninjaz, don’t marry no ho that don’t love you… don’t marry no trophy-b!tch, that’s what 85 five out of a hundred do, fcuk looks…. look at what the eyes can’t see…

    • EB

      Ochocinco por ciento

      • johnblacksad

        didn’t even catch that myself… his nickname says it all… Peace!

  • johnblacksad

    I miss Russell Jones,
    I miss Chad Butler
    I miss Keith Elam,

    Those my big brothers right there… R.I.P.

  • brotha_man

    You know you done fucked up, don’t you? You know it, don’t you? You know you done fucked up.

  • Finny Sikell

    99% of the time the women throws the first hit when a woman accuses a man of cheating the police should look into that and charge her as well

  • This is what happens when you turn a whore into a housewife….Wiz Khalifah, Kanye West, Tyga and all black athletes all do the same thing….Serves him right, these women have one objective and thats to get whatever they can get, while destroying the man that created it….When will these dudes learn? It’s bad enough his best friend Tyrell Owens pretty much through his entire career in the dumpster now it’s happening to Chad….Black men with money can be such assholes sometimes.


      It got nothing to do with being Black… It is all about education… A DUMB GUY WITH A LOT OF MONEY IS STILL A DUMB GUY… And I think Woman like her are the right complement to a guy like him… That way She will think twice about gold digging and he will think twice about hitting a woman…

    • Sexy_Sabe

      i agree with this, well 95% of it. He ws a dumb sellout dude chasing after a non black chick so he can use her as his trophy instead of marryin his BM, but how did she destroy him?? He knew she ws a hoe, she knew he wasnt shit niether of them were blind. He did this to himself, he the one who got busted attempting to cheat an headbutt her, he destroyed himself.

  • Romia Blue

    lol…he was in the same jail cell as my homegirl’s cousin. He said they was giving his ass 5 star treatment. smh…
    12 years ago he slapped a chick. We have upgraded to headbutting now? That’s what the media is now trying to base that on? I think this was an accidental meeting of foreheads in a small ass car. If this was a big car like a Bentley, a Rolls…something to where you got headroom, she should’ve saw that assault coming…that’s why I don’t believe it. Accidental headbutt; she got blood and said, “Hey, lemme go run and hide and make it seem as if I’m afraid for my life.” If dude was an aggressive abusive type, she should saw that in the “getting to know you” phase.
    priorities phucked up on both parts…take boff they asses off tv
    Broward County all day, baby!

  • Sean Peterson

    now her husband ,is he white black or latin???what a phukin question,,,does it matter…?

  • King Cold

    smh damn shame. hate to see brothas get caught up in stuff like this. the media is just eatin this shit up

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