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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay Electronica Nas’ Ghost Writer?

We all know that Jay Electronica worked on Nas’ Untitled (N-word) album and they created some phenomenal work together, but what if I told you that Jay Elect was Nas’ ghost writer on that project? WMJ’s from Rappers I Know wrote an editorial called “Nas Lost (Ghostwriters)”, where he flashes back to 2007 and recalls a phone call he got from Jay Elect claiming to be Nas’ ghost writer. Check out an excerpt from his editorial below:

Is Nas just lazy? When it’s public knowledge that the ‘greatest lyricist’ of our era, has ghost writers, what does that mean? Like, he has the ability to write crazy raps, but it’s like doping in the Olympics, how can we ever trust the good results again? This ain’t pop music, so it matters if you write your own raps or not. For at least 6 albums, that was the only currency Nas had; his lyrics. How long has he been using ghost writers?

That was deep. You can read the rest of the article here. Hip-Hop journalist Dream Hampton also confirmed Nas’ use of Jay Electronica rhymes in a tweet below:

Is this a letdown for you? Does this change how you feel about Nas as an MC?

  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    WTF….talk about being bamboozled by the Nasty One…if this true Nas just Lost on a major level…spitting bars some other nigga wrote and passing them off as your own is a major crime in hiphop…if u outta words to say sit ya ass down til you find the words, ya own words though…Nas a sucker for that…jive turkey ass nigga…what a letdown…so now I have to look at the new project sideways

    • Baby_Bluez

      Calm down.

  • dagmarlena

    Not enough evidence. Right now it’s just hearsay.

  • brotha_man

    so the brotha had writers block for one album that he was prob pressured into releasing.

  • Damn homie!! He ethered himself if this is true….

  • brotha_man

    the real question would be did anyone ghost write Illimatic,stillmatic, it was written, I am…,the lost tapes or Life is good? if the answer is yes, i would be up in arms. till then….

  • thaGOD83

    SOOOOOOOO what if he wrote the whole album…if its nice..ITS music….dont let them keep doing this to OUR culture….from dividing hip hop into gangsta, conscious, back pack, pimp music….to regionally dividing Us ” the south is the best, the east is the best, the south or west killed hip hop etc….” any and every genre has artists that are merely performers “beyonce, etc” and actual artists whom arrange, write, produce, etc….michael jackson wrote, but he also had great writers….why cant rap create the same…like when raekwon would write a rap and have ghostface rap part of that…is that WACK….hell naw its BRILLIANT…just as brilliant as NAS/electronica coming together to make music…guest what….jay z has had ghostwriters FOREVER, kanye,ti…..along with snoop, bad ass wrote Krazy FOR PAC…yet makaveli is a great album…
    maybe more of these wack ass rappers from t.i. to good music, to cash money needs to hire electronica or any1 to write for them….hip hop has to mature, and they are keeping it dumb because THEY know is has influenced more people in diff walks of life that any genre ever….so keeping the regions beefing, creating a label for every kind of hip hop, is the way they hold hip hop now you take credit away from good/great artist because they colab with other artist and make MUSIC…OKAAAAAAAAAY….makes no sense at all…all of the GREATS in any genre had WRITERS..morris day wrote early hits for prince, just like jimmy/terry lewis did…but prince still gets credit….shout out to nas and whomeva makes music with substance regardless of whom wrote it…

  • $18592567

    This rumor has legs because one person (not Stic or Jay Elec) says Nas has writers??? C’mon now… I could only entertain this one coming from Nas, Jay Elec or Stic… #NotEnoughPeopleWitU

  • Baby_Bluez

    I don’t believe it!

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  • One_truth

    Nas already said, in an interview w/ big boy, that he does not have ghost writers. He writes from inspiration from the street, street dialogue, and what he reads from books. case closed. Stick with facts people.

  • Jahb1911

    Yeah right..

  • essHwhy

    i dont believe you, you need more people….

    • Ismail Adib

      What’s so funny about all of this is… She quotes someone as saying: Jay Eletronica called them and said he’s Nas’ ghostwriter. And NOBODY connected thought enough of it when the call came in, to give it any validity. But here we are 4 years later and “ALL OF A SUDDEN” she is given this golden nugget of information??? At a time when he (Nas) is likely to get 5 Mics, for the universally HOTTT “Life is good.” She’s doing a Carmen Bryan and trying to ride Nas’ coat tails into history. She wasn’t there! And all 3 MC’s are saying they did vibe and contribute to a very solid album; but that Nas’ words were his own. She’s gone so far as to say: the 3 of them are circling together to protect their lie. WOW!!! Wouldn’t Jay and Stick man want that credit, if they wrote his album? Wouldn’t Nas want to deflect some of the blame from himself, for the flack the album recieved because of the hardcore themes & imagery? Deflect criticism because it wasn’t his best. He could easily say: I experimented with rhyming from someone elses perspective; the way Public Enemy did, when Chuck D. let Paris (Black Panther of hip-hop) write & produce there 2006 album. I don’t believe Ms. Hampton. Her name is dream for a reason; she needs to wake the F**K up and join us in reality!!!

  • Qadir Muhammad

    if Nas ever used a Ghost writer even just once then he should be banned from rap and all his works should be discredited

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  • thaGOD83

    rap is soooo wack…wtf difference does it make….like eddie griffin said about religion…people say jesus, buddha, muhammed, is the real messenger..question is did you get the message…i dont think nas had a ghostwriter..but lets say life is good had a ghostwriter for the whole album..are you not gonna listen to it…its still a good album…so what difference does it make……no matter who wrote it…daughters still has a message to it…so i just take the message…all the other shit takes away from the concept of ART/MUSIC….i read the inside of the cd contents to see who wrote the song…when i see there was a few artist/writers on a excited that talented people get together to make things happen…if yall are so obsessed with originality..throw…dre/timbaland..pharrell,jay z,wayne, ti., snoop, kanye, shit in the trash and about 85% of all music you listen too….the new shit jay/kanye do is so wack im hope they have a ghostwriter….no way dudes could really spit, yet today then suck ass…rap music will never grow being put in boxes

  • Southcidal

    I don’t understand why established artists would trust unkown artist’s judgement. The same was said about Drake wrting for Weezy. These dudes have made great careers off of their own lyrics, but all of a sudden their sold on using the lyrics of somebody who has no track record of success? I’ve heard Jay Electronica rap, he’s nice, but just as I said about Drake, he must be giving all of his top shiit to Nas and neglecting his own material. Coming up with concepts and beats is not ghostwriting for somebody. I think Nas is too competitive and prideful to accept somebody else’s poetry and admit its better than what he could come up with. And JE and Stic Man got production credit for two beats and all of a sudden the whole album was “largely written” by them according to Dream Hampton. I guess DJ Toomp did a little writing too huh? Dream, who largely wrote the Hip Hop is Dead album? Please let us know.

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