Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: The Mufasa of the 2012 Election?

Editor’s Note: It’s 2012 Election season, folks! Get ready for the editorials, cartoons, and mudslinging commercials to fly!

This little ditty comes from well-known Hip-Hop cartoonist and illustrator, Andre LeRoy Davis and, well, you get the picture. It’s the  “Circle of Life”… political style!



















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  • dominicancoke

    Romney is a mormon nuff said lol mormons never like nonwhites yet they travel the world fornicating with any one. Romney was born super wealthy just like george demon bush they cant relate to some one who cant afford a buggatti or a mansion they both gone start wars they gonna keep us in recession though obama has not done much I dread what captain dick head born rich will do at a days end you aint my vote regardless I dont believe in voting the puppet masters choose the outcome no matter what we vote for and some people will vote for obama just cause hes black or vote against him for the same reason times is hard as fruck obama did nada for me it was hard as fruck to get a job he had 4 years to pick it up a bit and failed so umm no vote for either

    • Kevin Farley

      theres black and mexican mormons i know for a fact

      • dominicancoke

        I know idiots mormons did not fully accrpted blacks till the 70s

      • Kevin Farley

        so if they dont like nonwhites why would they have blacks and spanish in thier ranks?

      • dominicancoke

        Times changed do your homework kid. They use to say blacks were curse and could only be saved if they turned mormon they change this in the 70s still a garbage religion though I hate religion in general

  • hoeyuno

    Mitt romney is wack. The dude went to england thinking people would bow down to him just cause he’s american and came out looking like a arrogant fool. And to my american homies don’t let these slime ball politicians let you think for one second that universal health care is anything less then a right every person on this planet should have. I am canadian and I will tell you first hand our health care is great. Obama is trying to leave his people with something they should have had 50 years ago.