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Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Janet Jackson Broke?

News broke today that Michael Jackson’s estate has put in a request to pay a portion of Janet Jackson’s mortgage on her Las Vegas condo. So is Janet Jackson broke or what? Sources have confirmed to TMZ that Katherine Jackson is claiming that she stays at the condo and wants the estate to pay a pro-rate share of Janet’s mortgage. There sounds like there’s some funny business going on with Michael’s money. But not sure if this means that Janet is broke or not. She’s had a more than 30-year career for Pete’s sake!

Janet’s image has taken a huge hit lately. Just a few weeks ago, she was accused of allegedly conspiring with her brothers and sisters to “kidnap” their mother, Katherine. Around the same time, Janet was also accused of being an evil aunt by Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, and was seen on video snatching the cell phone out of the little girl’s hand.

What’s going on with Janet Jackson?

Sidenote – I’m sure Jermaine Dupri has tons of insight on that. J.D., holla at us!

  • Its sad that all their family business has to be made public like this. Janet Jackson definitely has more money than myself and anyone reading this.

  • I never understood why wealthy people still pay mortgages…..Does anyone own anything anymore?

    • Negro Peligro

      Cause they don’t care about bad credit.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I say this all the time. Why would you commit to paying a 30 year debt when you have enough money to buy it outright? Who has 30 years of the same income level?

      And as far as Janet being an evil aunt. Come on. Paris was blasting all the family business on Twitter. She even “confirmed” that her grandma was missing, which wasn’t true. If a woman’s children try to take her away to safety and peace, that’s not kidnapping. I’d do the same thing is someone was stressing my moms out.

      PS. Janet is dating some Middle Eastern billionaire so I doubt she is “broke”.

      • highcourt

        don’t know why it’s a big deal she’s dating a MId east billionaire– that’s his money– not hers.
        Janet paid off her ex-hubby renee elizondo wh wanted a huge pay off.. or else he treatened to expose all her dirt.. so she may gotten rather poor from this divorce.

      • How do you know?

      • highcourt

        oh this was well known but nipped immediately– they had a very acrimonious divorce. Renee wanted a huge settlement– in double digits miils– remember he was working with her & was even directed some of her more famous videos. I’d say he got around 20-30 mils..if not more,

      • highcourt

        ps:Renee played hardball with her with threat if she didn’t pay up he’ll go public with her d irt.. that’s when it all got quiet.. she paid up

    • highcourt

      I say the same thing– why pay a motgage.Mjpaid cash for Neverland but he ened up barrowing agains it– why he got into debt.

    • Wealthy people as well as day to day paycheck to paycheck, will continue to make payments, seeing as how they have been tricked out of lawful ownership of their home, by having filed a document called a “deed” with the county they reside in.

      Black Law’s Dictionary 5th Edition

      Title – Real Property Law – Title is the means whereby the owner of lands has the just possession of his property. The union of all the elements which constitute ownership. Full independent and free ownership. The right to or ownership in land; also, the evidence of such ownership. One who holds vested rights in property is said to have title whether he holds them for his own benefit or for the benefit of another. Restatement, Second, Trusts, § 2, Comment d.

      Deed – A conveyance of realty; a writing signed by grantor, whereby title to realty is transferred from one to another. National Fire Ins. Co. v. Patterson, 1 70 Okl. 593, 41 P.2d 645, 647. A written instrument, signed, and delivered, by which one person conveys land, tenements, or hereditaments to another.

      FYI: So as you see, a deed is a document that allows you to transfer title of a home over to another, as where title of or to a thing, denotes ownership. So by having you file a deed, is how they get you to convey or transfer title such as ownership of property, over to another. So when you deed your property over, you just transfered it over to the State. When you filed your deed with the County Recorder’s Office in your respective county, you filed your deed with an agent of the State you reside in, because the County is an agent for the State, just as the city is an agent for the County, and the State is an agent for the Federal Government. The county you reside in is an agent for the State you reside in, so when you deed your house to the county via the County Recorder’s Office, you turned your house over to the State. Not only did you transfer your house over to the State, you actually gifted the house to the State, because the State via the County gave you absolutely nothing in return for the house, so technically, you gave your house as a gift to the State. The State has everything set up for its benefit and at the expense of your detriment. On top of having gifted your house over to the State, your house (State’s) house sits on land owned by the State and its principal, the federal government of the United States, via the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

      So, when you are paying property taxes on your paid off home, the tax is not on the home alone or exclusively, but also and more so on the land the home sits on. Understand that, your ability to pay on the house on credit (mortgage) constitutes a privilege and you must remember that only privileges can be taxed not a right. This is how the State lawfully gets away with property taxes. The house is property of the State via the deed you filed with the County Recorder’s office and so the State is also granting you the privilege to live or dwell in its house (even though you are the one paying the monthly house note or home mortgage on the house) that also sits on its land. So the privilege you are receiving comes from being able to stay in a house that is not yours but that belongs to the State (even while you are paying the bank or mortgage company) and also to be able to stay in a house that sits on land belonging to the State. So the privilege is two-fold. People are working and literally killing themselves, just to pay off their mortgages when the truth of the matter is that, the State owns the house and the land. They just give the people the belief or the appearance that the house they paid for is theirs. When you understand this, it should now make sense why you can’t dig for diamonds or drill for oil in your own backyard. It’s because it’s not your property. It’s the State’s property and therefore the State can tell you what to do and not do with its property (via government regulations) that it is allowing you to use despite the fact you are paying for the thing being used. The Zip code is another way your property is connected to the federal government.

  • johnblacksad

    why is this non hip hop Syd? Janet is family!

    …jus fuggin witcha… do your thang Sydney girl…

  • brotha_man

    er”body know that Michael was the hand that feed. He is gone mama jack has “control” of the funds, all the jackson are gonna go broke without MJ around,

    • highcourt

      not exactly–MJ made sure via Katherine the siblings stil g et some $$$$’sas Katherines gets 40% of the income coming from MJ’s estate after all the expenses..MJ knew very well.. his mother will parcel out t o his siblings whatever miney she gets from his estate.. it when K dies when the siblings are in troubl–as that’s when the gravy train from MJ ill totally stop.. as K’s 40% will revert to his kids..
      that’s what MJJ instructed in his Trust. and what his executors are following.

    • highcourt

      ps: MJ wrote very exact instructions in his MICHAEL JACKSON FAMILY TRUST ( it means his kids not the Jackson clan) he did include a few Jacksons– Tito’s 3 sons.. they are mentioned in the trust so.. they’ll be getting funds from MJ.. same with a Le Von Jackson.. and another niece.. must b e Jackie’s kids.. & Jackie serves as an Estate consultant per MJ’s request.. that’s being followed by the executors.. but the ones Mj really shut out are Jermaine,Randy, Rebbie, Janet.. oops.. they were the ones who wants the executors kicked out, wonder why??

  • johnblacksad

    “I beat a bitch like Ike every chance I get, I beat a nigga like Joe beat Mike” -Birdman (1996)

    lol… Baby did spit a few interesting bars in the past… now tho… ahem.. *cough*cough…

  • King Cold

    nah doubt she broke

  • als1005

    We all should know by now that TMZ is bullshit flat out lies… Janet Jackson should have sued them for the first dumb shit they made up….Janet Jackson own sooo many places from NYC, Fla, Atl, CA come on now… Shes not broke… get you stories right

    • GraphicImage

      TMZ just took down the new article about this mortgage lie. LOL

      • highcourt

        TMZ got carried away.. but indeed there’s something pending with probte court about estate paying JJ for when the mother stays at her Vegas condo. JJ wants to be paid for Katherine’s stay.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Janet to you but to Michael Jackson Daughter. She’s Auntie The Test Tube Baby Ass Whooping Wicked Bitch of West Gary.

    • highcourt

      and that test tube baby is richer than all of them put together. right now Paris is worth $300 mil net.. lol

  • timothy3

    Katherine was not reported to ask for anything to the Estate. If that money-grubber is broke or not it’s not what matters, she would try to steal money in any case. But now TMZ removed this story so it’s unclear what’s going on.

  • GraphicImage

    Stop riding TMZ’s dyck! They backtracked once again and removed this story from their website! #POW

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  • big pun

    janet ain’t broke she got more money than any of the Jacksons including the MJ’s kids. AND….. damn son her boyfriend is #RICH!!

    • highcourt

      he’s an Arab– they don’t gie their $$$ away easily.. he maybe bonking her. so what if he’s rich..

  • Stop believing what the news media is feeding you..DAMN!

  • Bone Straight

    Well the source for all of this BS TMZ has pulled the article! You might want to do the same yourself!