Romeo aka “Maserati Rome’s” New Mixtape “Inception”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Romeo is planning a new mixtape titled Inception, under the name Maserati Rome.

The new mixtape is being offered by Maserati Rome, who for the past several years, has served as the president of No Limit Forever.

The independent label is the successor to the legendary No Limit imprint founded by Maserati Rome’s father, Master P.

Inception is a mixtape but has the feel of a multi-platinum album,” Maserati Rome told in a statement. “We’re in a generation where everything is real and raw. Fans are going to love the versatility in this record.

The 16-track album features No Limit label mates like Miss Chee, T.E.C, Valentino and Master P.

The first singles from Inception are titled “Money Right” and “On The Bubble” featuring Master P.

Inception is due to be released on August 19.

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    These kids really think that being related to a successful rapper will be the reason why they will succeed as well…If you don’t have a story to tell us about you’re struggle to become a rapper then no one cares…..We all know that anything Romeo, Jojo and Diggy Simmons present to us in their music will be a bunch of lies and or scenarios that they watched on T.V.

  2. Gucciboi

    i got mad respect for romeo for educating his self at USC and still being able to come back the ENT game real boss shit. This cat got some real talent.

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