Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Is Nicki Minaj Signing Foxy Brown?

Last night at the Roseland in NYC, Nicki Minaj made good on her promise and held a free concert in NYC. This concert was to make up for her Summer Jam no-show. As expected, Nicki had a gang of special guests, including the ill nana, Foxy Brown. If you remember, Nicki partied with Foxy the night she sh*tted on Hot 97 and Summer Jam 2012.

Anyway, it looks like Nicki Minaj has inspired Foxy to step back into the booth and record new music. Check out what she yelled on stage when Nicki brought her out:

I’m coming back,” Brown said. “My sister’s making sure. I’m coming back.”
So is Nicki starting her own label and signing Foxy? Or is she bringing Foxy over to YMCMB? Nicki could just be helping her with her music. Who knows, but its good to see Foxy coming back – I hope she brings some heat. Are you excited to see Foxy Brown come back to the rap game?
  • dy


  • shayleshay

    I love foxy’s titties.

    • TupacLives

      she got them torpedo titties.

      • yeah its like she be aiming them things at her feet tho… saggin titties like lil wayne be saggin his skinny jeans lmao

    • RLG

      Cosign like a muthafucka

    • Me too

    • Young Goku

      hell yea!!!

  • dominicancoke

    Hell yeah 1 they both from trinidad 2 they both new yorkers and 3 it would piss lil kim off

  • TupacLives

    i was listenin to nicki the other day and it caught me how much she took from foxy.. so this shit makes sense. foxy needs the boost and nicki is obviously a fan.

  • Joseph Thomas

    i dont care if foxy is rapping or not…..long as she shows off that chest…..grab’em a few times… good…hell she can even rub on nicki for all i care

    • Young Goku

      That would be a dope porno if they did that!

  • $18916246

    I don’t hate Foxy…she came along with the traditional label made imagery…and ghostwriting. Not to say she can’t really write…I am saying like some of the dudes in the music biz, she will need to get control of the Foxy brand then sweep away the shackles created by the label to hold you down and out. The chew you up spit you out policies of the music industry are well documented and have ravaged many careers in music entertainment. Good Luck!

  • Sosa_Limone

    i always thougth foxy was much better than kim… all kim did was degrade herself with sexual lyrics… foxy did that too, but foxy spit that gangsta ish too.. she murdered every track on the firm CD

    • nah lil kim had better rhymes better flow, i wouldnt be surprised to hear that foxy never wrote a bar in her life.. lol..

      • Sosa_Limone

        to keep it a hunnid, i never really thought any of the female artists wrote their own stuff… but i heard jay say in an interview that foxy wrote her verse for “aint no nigga” in like 20 minutes when she was only 16 or 17… i believed it bc its jay-z, but at the same time i was skeptical bc maybe he was just having his girls back… i never though lil kim wrote her own lyrics either, but watching NOTORIOUS, in the movie she wrote her own rhymes… so idk… i heard pple say jay and nas wrote for foxy and that big, styles and jada wrote for kim…. this ghost writing shit be blowing mines though (no homo)… i understand getting a hook writer, but if you cant write your own lyrcs, you dont deserve to be a rapper… this aint pop music.. u feel me cuz?

      • dude i agree i cant respect any MC that has a host writter. i can understand singers who dont write cause writting a song like that takes actual musical talant about notes and ish like that, but if the MC cant write his bars its total disrespect to the listener and any hip hop head.

      • atle fjeldstad

        So this isn`t pop music? Coulda fooled me. There is even proof that biggie has written for Kim.. Look it up. I know 50 wrote one of her later hits.. Maybe she was only alowed to write on the album fillers? hehe

  • Soulgasm

    From my understanding, Jay Z ghost wrote about 90% of Foxy’s ish. If that was truly the case, we’ll have to see how she holds her own.

  • I’m ecstatic to see them working together, the top two illest female emcees. Waiting in anticipation for their joint projects to come. An in mode to fully support. #teamfox & #teamminaj

  • Apollo Showtime

    All she gotta do is hit some crunches. She’s not that old, I mean Nicki Minaj is 31 Foxy is tipping on 34 so she still has 2-3 albums in her before her looks go to hell. I love the Ill Na Na!!!

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  • lol @foxy brown.. she doo doo… and how can nicki sign anyone that be like bow wow saying he gonna sign soulja boy lmfao.. u dont have the authority

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Hell yes, a Foxy Brown come back would be great for Hip-Hop….Maybe Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown can really do a Thelma and Louise album…..I don’t understand why people are still bringing up Lil Kim’s name no one asked about her.

    All this back and forth about Lil Kim and Foxy, and Nicki…..Just stop
    it, say what you want about Nicki Minaj but she went down on her knee’s
    to pay homage to Foxy….That says a lot about both women…..Nicki
    Minaj is on top of the world right now, and she didn’t have to do
    anything with Foxy Brown, but she did….This will go down in Hip-Hop

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  • Andrew Martone

    Nicki is def just using Foxy to piss Kim off.

  • disqus_Ihj4nowEsa

    i’m pretty sure fox can write her own her she was found in a talent contest rappin and her and jay-z been apart since 1997 and foxy been on multiple tracks and dropd an whole album without him which was my fav album of hers outta all of em