Eshon Burgundy

VIDEO: Philadelphia’s Eshon Burgundy Takes Off With “I Don’t Want You”

After more than 30 guest appearances on other artists’ albums and mixtapes, including “Run That Back” off of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 2006 Return of the Magnificent album, Eshon Burgundy has released his debut album. Bld Rshn To My Head is the first offering by the Philly native, who has rocked stages in the U.S., Canada, and the UK with Mos Def, Roy Ayers, The Roots, Alicia Keys, Talib Kweli, Jazmine Sullivan, and more.

In 2008, after years of performing, Eshon decided to re-focus the vision of his music and concentrate on sharing hope and truth. With his faith at the helm, he began to release thought-provoking music, full of deep imagery, spiritual truths, and wit.

The lead single, “I Don’t Want You”, is accompanied by a black and white music video shot in his hometown of Philly. Check it below:

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  • Now this is my dude Eshon goes in hard this video is crazy “STRAIGHT MINISTRY HEAT CERTIFIED “

  • Dude is legit! Dope MC, great brother. This is the Breath of fresh air the game needs! Check out all his music…..C R A Z Y. Salute!

  • M I

    You already know that E Burg is the future of Hip-Hop…..and that’s not just because he sampled my voice on a track! Show love to one of my Philly Capetans! EYAH! HUSHA!

  • Nick Jacob


  • Veedo Andolini

    Yo Eshon Burg is next tho….Ill put him up against any rapper you name. Real Music/Positive ILL Hip Hop

  • Man this track is crazy!!! shout out to Eshon Burg!!! You on one… and you know what that is.

  • Wow!!! Nice arrival to the games!!! man I cant wait to hear whats next. This is #epic. Shout out to Eshon and Good Look for this one. Thats all I can say.

  • The boy burg aint nothing to play with. Thats what happen when the truth combines w real hip hop—>dopeness!!!!

  • David Parvey

    Eshon Burgundy’s songs should be dissected as any great poem should. Take any two verses and write them out- study them- apply them to your own experience. Only then will you be able to fully comprehend the lyrical genius that graces every word he chooses. Burg is a lyrical engineer whose foundations are fortified with love and conviction. The beauty in the structures he erects with his words is that they ultimately tower above us as great skyscrapers do, yet his reach higher than the human eye can
    conceive, connecting mankind with a divinity that only prophets before us have been able to accomplish. Salute Eshon!

    • Rchelle

      wow- awesome commentary here! Blessed word

  • Great music video. Happy to see you get this look Eshon. That new album is great.

  • BroEdwin

    feeling this album. Eshon is one of the most lyrical artists I’ve ever heard. After I heard his “100 Bars” it was a wrap for me. That solidified him on my radar. This song is just a tip of the iceberg of the quality music on this album. Hopefully he drops a vid for Tell you Why, Comprende, DBA, and Dearly Beloved

  • Mr.Gray

    Just wait till y’all hear what he’s working on with Humble beast