Hip-Hop Rumors: Hold Up – Jay-Z Only Owns Less Than 1 Percent Of The Brooklyn Nets?

Although Jay-Z has influenced the Brooklyn Nets on everything from the team’s logo to the uniforms, and even on what music to play in the arena, according to a new article in the New York Times, Jigga’s only owns less than one percent of the team. The actual amount of his percentage is one fifteenth of one percent. So how much is this in dollars and cents? The team itself is worth $300 million, so what’s one fifteenth of one percent? Well, one percent of $300 million is $3 million, so you get the picture…it’s not really that much when you figure Jay-Z is on the cusp of being a Billionaire. But does it really matter? Jay-Z has a remarkable amount of pull and control of the team.


So with this new revelation, do you think Jay-Z should stop saying that he “owns the Nets” in his music, since he definitely doesn’t? You can read the full New York Times article here.

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118 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Hold Up – Jay-Z Only Owns Less Than 1 Percent Of The Brooklyn Nets?”

    • SouthStack Frost

      actually u dont divide it be 15.. u multiply $300million by 0.15 to get 15%.. exapmle: to get 10% of 100 multiply by 0.10.. Jigga’z share is around 4,500,000..

      • M-11

        Naw dog they said one fifteenth of that 1% not 15% of 1 percent so if you divide that 3 mil into 15 pieces what do you get? $200,000

      • Chris

        “of” means to multiply. so 1/15 “of” 1 means 1/15 * 1 which still equals 1/15. Multiply that by 3,000,000 and you get 200,000. M-11 is correct.

      • NOLADahling

        Am guessing math isn’t your (or SouthStack Frost’s) strong suit because 1/15 of 1% is 0.0666667% (or what people in finance call a “rounding error”).

  1. Austin Barimo

    Yeah, it’s been known for quite awhile that he was minority owner, and I think most of those of us who are what some would call “die-hard” NBA fans knew that minority, in this case, meant an extremely small %, not just “less than half”. He’s basically the same thing that Magic Johnson is for the Dodgers: Doesn’t own much of the team, is just there to be the celebrity “figurehead” of the ownership group. Or for a basketball-tp-basketball comparison, Magic owned 4.5% of the Lakers up until he sold those shares a couple of years ago. Like Jigga, Magic basically had no say in roster & management decisions. He was just there to be the “celebrity owner”. Another example would be Nolan Ryan with the Texas Rangers.

      • Celz

        Jay makes decisions, I doubt with the personnel; but with teams in major markets marketing is just as vital and Jay seems to be in charge of a large portion of that. He has to make NY and the world as a whole love the New Jersey Nets which he is doing a damn good job if you ask me.

      • Celz

        Why you takin my posts out of context Jay makes decisions in the same capacity that Nolan Ryan does if not larger.

        If you decide something and it gets approved by your higher up then you made a decision. Especially when you are even a small stake owner. Steve Jobs had to get his ideas approved too. Look what happened when the CEO of HP decided they would pull out of the consumer sector he was gone before his “decision” could even be implemented. I never said he has the final say and Jay has a marketing firm that the Nets use and he has a much larger share than 1%

    • Sexy_Sabe

      all im sayin is he made them move a sports team to Brooklyn which we all knw is the damn hood.. HE designed the logo, the uniforms an helped them with the ideas for the arena. Plus through his club an shit in there. I dont give a damn how much he owns, shit its not like it matters when he got pull an can make decisions or influence decision like tht. Looks like he is unning shit to me, if he isnt they sure making it look like he is. Usher would b js a celebrity figurehead an nelly too, they have no control over the bobcats. Totally diff from wht Jay is to the Nets

  2. You missed the point

    I would think that its more his connection to the public not his small stake in the team that in turn the team owners let him to to all that stuff.

  3. Chris

    I thought people already knew this. And why do people think Jay-Z is close to billionaire status? Diddy is closer than he is and Diddy is still a long way off.

    • Heretic380

      Yeah even though he’s worth somethin like 400 mil thats a longggggggg way from a billion. But hell id be happy with anything in the millions.

      • Celz

        They aren’t divorced though… And Beyonce has more money than Jay anyway so I doubt he’d be paying alot.. At least she had more last time I saw somthin on the two..

      • Sexy_Sabe

        lmao no the hell she dosent! He owns his shit, made money off other artists,clothes (her shit aint really sell) cologne,shoes,movies an he has been doin it way longer. She js got into the real money the last 6 yrs or so, an she has to pay ehr label, he signs his own checks.She paid bt not like him, not yet

      • Sexy_Sabe

        naw they say he only has to pay her 10mill if they split, he aint no fool. An its true the both of them combined are @ like 700 mill not too far frm a bill an the way they make bread they can get it in 10 yrs or less

    • jondoe

      well shid if he’s making 150million off concert tours & shit & he’s already worth 400mil, if he goes on tour like 3 more times, plus the money from other ventures, I say he can POSSIBLY reach a billion in about 7yrs, & Jay not a big spender any more from my understanding

    • Celz

      More number one albulms than anyone except the Beatles.. More classic Hip-Hop songs than MOST rappers.. You don’t have to like Jay but you can’t deny it. I can’t stand KRS but I’m not a hater he is Hip-Hop and he influenced rappers world wide and even though I don’t like him the general consensus is that he has classic albums. Those are facts not opinions I have plenty of opinions of KRS but that doesn’t change facts.

      • Sexy_Sabe

        thank u, its too many haters on this site. Niggas are a damn lie if they say this man isnt the biggest force in hiphop an has been for 15yrs.. HE is the richest, the most talented, an numbers an stats dont lie. You aint gota like him but a real person is gona keep it 100 an you cant deny tht kinda power an influence he has. He made a generation of ppl change their fashion sense with one damn song! Niggas were sellin an throwing away their $300 throwbks cuz Jay said so. He might not have the smartest or cutest bitch but other than the late whitney an mariah or Janet he def has the richest one. He is winning all across the board an noone else is on his level.. diddy close though moneywise bt thts it

  4. $17637591

    Dont believe everything you read. As sharp a business man as he is do you really think Jay Z is becoming the public face of the Nets but would have less than one percent ownership? That doesnt make sense to me.

      • $17637591

        It makes perfect sense for the team but not for Jay z. i just cant see Jay Z getting pimped like that being he is a good business man. Gotta be a provision for his ownership steak to increase depending on the appreciation of the teams value.What jay is doing is increasing the value of the team and he aint stupid enough to be doing that for less that 1% owenreship. I bet his stake is gonna increase in the near future.

  5. Mike Little

    It’s actually makes sense that he wouldn’t buy a majority share up
    front. Easier to pull out if shit tanks. When he bought shares the nets
    wern’t that great of an organization and the move to Brooklyn wasn’t final. He helped liaison
    the move with his influence in pop culture and his obvious ties to
    Brooklyn and friendships with High profile athletes. He’s actually very involved in the decision making ans designed a few boxes from what I’ve read in reports. Not to mention he
    can sell out the arena for a concert anytime he wants to and probably
    get first dips on dates for him to spend more money on “drapes.” lol
    When Michael Jordan first bought in with Bobcats he was a minority owner
    until a few years later Bob from BET sold him the majority shares.
    Smart move by Hov. He’s getting tons of bigger checks for buying in so
    little. More importantly he’s getting tons of respect from the major
    power money guys we don’t know about. May not be important to us but for him if he’s playing this game it’s important to get the trust of the higher ups for future investments. He’s was able to look past the money up front and see the
    benefits from it. At this point i’m sure he can buy more shares but why
    take all the risk when you can just take the cash? He’s a true huslta
    and it is his team, even if he doesn’t own most of it. Salute.

    • Tony G.

      exactly…and as i stated above…he’s calling all the shots as far as the arena, basketball and otherwise..and he has ties to a lot of businesses connected to the arena and the team..so he’s winning all the way with this…people need to recognize

      • Negro Peligro

        What are you talking about homes. READ A BOOK DOG. Who does math like that. 1 PERCENT OF 300,000,000 MILLION = 3 MILLION. 15% OF 3 MILLION IS 450,000.

      • Chris

        -The article says that he owns “one fifteenth of 1%”.
        -The Nets are worth $300,000,000.
        -1% of $300,000,000 is $3,000,000.
        -One fifteenth of $3,000,000 is $200,000.

        M11 is correct. You are not. Sorry, bruh.

      • M-11

        Thanks for acknowledging that,I’m not being funny or tryn to argue with y’all just correcting the article. Shout out to Jigga cuz he got cake no matter how much his stake is in it!

      • Chris

        No doubt. I definitely understand. I’m just a little upset that the Algebra skills of my fellow brothers are not up to par.

      • Christopher Ramsey

        he said one fifteenth of one percent, what the hell is “one fifteenth of one percent.” I’m a programmer so I’m not that stupid. 3000000*0.15=450000

      • Chris

        Google “one fifteenth”. The first thing that pops up is .066666. Now multiply that by 3,000,000. You can’t be a programmer with weak Algebra skills like that.

    • Ronnell Brown

      Damn, it’s funny how Willie Hutch tried to say “you guys couldn’t multiply…” then he did the math wrong! Willie Hutch, you shouldn’t multiply the 3 million by .15 because that .15 is 15 out of 100 (which can also be written as 15% because of that “point”). So Willie actually just gave Jay 15% out of 100% of the 3million which breaks down to about 1/6th or 1/7th of the 3million. Even without looking at Willie’s wrong answer of 450,000, I can tell you it’s gonna be wrong because he doesn’t know how to plug numbers in correctly. See, Willie, the article said Jay gets 1/15th of the 3million so your equation is bad bad math. You can’t do my taxes bro! Willie Hutch, if you just read the comments, you’ll see the correct answer of $200,000 given a couple different times. FAIL for big Willie Hutch today! Does this point to a bigger problem in society? Get your math skills up, son!

    • Ronnell Brown

      Willie Hutch… just think of it in simple terms like this: 1% of 300,000,000 is 3million right? So let’s take that 3 million and split it into 15 even pieces… each piece would have to be $200,000… it’s quite simple really. You’re overthinking it and you’re putting the wrong type of figures in the equation. And I have been a teacher and tutor!

  6. Sean Power

    what percent of basketball team do you own ? is that 0% if that right shout the hell up and stop the hate, im sure jay-z is make sure he get’s paid for everything he does
    the man not stupid
    40/40 club in the area cash goes to him
    ace spade on sale cash goes to him

    his going make a lot more cash of the job titles he has with team and sell his stuff out there and not have to use to pay ball player let majority owner spend his money he get the benefits

  7. Tony G.

    What poor little Sydney..desperate to make a story out of anything doesnt mention is its always been known that his part is small..the Russian guy is majority owner..hence the word MINORITY for Jay…but ..they made him the executive decision guy over the arena….he gets a free suite there…the arena serves liquor that Jay has a monetary interest in…the arena will have a small 40/40 club and Rocawear store right outside of it…and Jay is half owner of the advertising agency that markets the Nets now…so yea he may own a small stake of the team as far as the investment goes..but his footprints are all over the franchise

  8. kstaxx

    Jay Z need to stop faking like he owns half of the Brooklyn Nets, when his owning percentage is that small, he talkin bout niggas aint messin with his daughters’ room, well Mr. Jigga you not messin with them white folks money, Jay Z money long but t only stretches pass the Hip Hop community, its not on the real NBA owners level like a Mark Cuban for instance.

  9. digitallife

    Folks keep putting faith in Forbes like Forbes even bothers to actually take into account inflation and whatnot..they are the same ones who said Young Joc earned $20 million with one hit single that barely went gold…Listen more power to people who come from the hood coming up in the world and getting money but none of those figures we read are even close to being right. Folks read “He got $100 million out of that deal” and forget the tax man, the manager, the agent, the handler, and by the time it’s all said and done that $100 million turns into $27 million easily. Assumed wealth is what got this country in the shape it’s in..i’ll go out on a limb and say whatever forbes reports for a celebrity, slash it in half and you are now in a realistic realm of possibly being right. Personally I think the only entertainer they’ve gotten right is diddy because of that liquor company of his. Even with $500 million he wouldn’t be able to own majority stake in a team, dude that owned B.E.T had that kind of money and the NBA wouldn’t let him become owner without others guaranteeing at least ten years of team payroll. Oh yeah and never do business with Russians..you think you’re a gangster? Them dudes are on a whole other level…

  10. Siflan

    He still owns the Nets. Money doesn’t always make ownership. He’s the reason they moved and design, etc. Influence is richer than money.

  11. bossflossy

    he put in a million 9 years ago. he made that back in revenue over the years. russian came in and bought majority. jigga got cashed back his million again but kept that small stake. he also owns a half percentage of the arena and the housing that surrounds it. sounds small untill you really think that an investment he been made his money one could bring him a couple million a year. factor in he will have 2 stores in there and half the market agency and you are talking about a significant amount of yearly revenue with very little risk.

    • Celz

      Seriously.. Now if Dr. Dre had $200,000 in the Nets he couldn’t say he owns it, but Jay is a boss there. Jay can afford to own more so either he doesn’t want to or the bigger bosses aren’t letting him. His opportunity for profit is much higher than what would typically come with such a small investment.

      To sum it up the Nets are either TOO PROFITABLE for Jay to buy a piece or NOT PROFITABLE ENOUGH so he has his money invested elsewhere. Don’t know and don’t really care which one it is.

  12. Sosa_Limone

    this is old news… when he bought the team i read in the NY post that he bought a 1 percent stake… i thnk its hard to beleive that jay only invested 200k, but either way, its been a known fact from the beginning that he only 1 percent. that 1 percent is still more than all of us… technically he is an owner of the team though

  13. Tony G.

    wow..they pulled previous comment becuz I called Sydney out..WTF happened to freedom of speech…I wasn’t disrespectful and didnt even curse….just stated the obvious…..ur a sad addition to this site….smh

    • phillip martin

      this is a private site, you only have the freedom they give. so stop crying about your damn post or start your own site.

      • Tony G.

        yo fam…first off nobody’s crying..just stating fact…secondly i have two sites nucca…im not with the online gangsta stuff so fall back tough guy

  14. Sosa_Limone

    more than anything though he is the face of the organization. there are way too many knicks fans in NY… we are prolly the most loyal fan base in the NBA bc we been trash for the past 10 years but still sell out every single game. gettin jayz on board was a marketing tactic to help steal some ny fans from the knicks. and also to help get more pple from brooklyn behind the team…. whether you like him or not, Jajy is the perfect example of the american dream… from the projects to having wealth in the hundreds of millions, owns his own record label, he owned his own liquor for a while (armadale), clothing company, sneaker line, and now part owener of the nets.. whether you like him or not, he deserves to be applauded for not only his musical skills and longevity in the game, but also for his accomplishments


    So basically if you never paid attention in math class you run the risk of sounding or looking completely stupid when talking about finance or money!?! #duh J’s salary is over $4 million/season as director of operations for the arena. Everything else is pretty irrelevant! A .0000000000001% investment is still an investment & if he’s a part of the ownership team, then he’s an owner too! Stop trying to outsmart yourself, because you have to actually be smart to play the part! #MajorAuthorFAIL

  16. tbirdandkoolaid

    He invested 1 million 9 years ago which means he own some shares. Not half.

    His marketing company tht he half own with Steve has the marketing contract for the team. His 40/40 club will be on site. That alone will have him eating ok for 20 years.

    I don’t see your point. He’s mking moves while your still eating ramen. Web though they’re good.

    We hate our own kind. Crabs in a barrel.

    • Chris

      No one is saying that they hate JayZ for getting his money. We’re just analysing and critiquing fact vs. fiction. That’s a sign of intelligence, not hate.

  17. tbirdandkoolaid

    When you own stocks shares of a company in theory you own the company. If own some Ge stock I would be an ‘owner’.

  18. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    I like to see when the brothers are working it out intellectually, i mean yall actually broke out the built in windows digital calculators and some old school with pen and paper to figure out (15% or is it 1/15) of 1% of the total stake.

  19. Keith Brickz

    what is new about this? this has been well established since the very beginning…only idiots that take rappers statements for face value didnt know this already

  20. DeSToN_622

    in 99 problems Jay says ”
    Rap mags try and use my black ass
    So advertisers can give em more cash for ads…fuckers
    I don’t know what you take me as
    or understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has ”

    Looks like the Nets got his ass. 200k and they are dam near making him the FACE of the team. dam Jay you could have at least got a milli out of it….

    • johnblacksad

      are you out on a negro demonstration or something?

      200k is not what he got out of it…. it’s what he invested… and yes over years, he’s definitely gonna make some millis out of that chump change!

      You sayin they damn near makin him the face of the sh!t… and his Subscription Right (google finance…) was only 200k? I don’t how they add where you at, but this looks more like a win… a lot of people have 200k… a lot of people cant buy shares of the Nets…

      Fuggin ninjaz… wanna hate so damn much they purposely become stupid… cut that sh!t out!

      • johnblacksad

        and i don’t even believe he only put 200k into that sh!t…. sheiiiit, i could put 200k into an nba team right now if that’s the case…

  21. LetsBeRealpeople

    By the way, cash ain’t been real money since the late 1920’s when it was backed by gold certification. You do good stacking that paper to buy back gold son, let alone making that Forbes list. Russia be balling on that list, all day son, all day. Puffy making some money, but why you think he mad pushing that liquor brand like a wh#re on rent day. They got that ma’fa locked in. He ain’t free money making. He is sponsored money. They will pull that plug anyday on him and them Carter types.

  22. brotha_man

    in the end it all comes down to marketing. them white folks dont care about jay, they only using him as a prop and he turned his back on the team that believed in him when no one else did. #uncletomshit

  23. Nemesis_Enforcer

    Ummmmm this is not new information. Sydney should have started this story with “I just found out”.

    That’s why Kanye instantly looked stupid with that “should have had Jay drop him from the team” comment.

  24. Mr Smith

    You guys are missing the bigger picture. Jay isn’t too concerned with the team. His money will come from the Arena. He is using his position with the team, along with his celebrity, to push his millions of fans and followers into seats, and to the concession stands at the arena. Who cares what his percentage of ownership is? When you buy into the surrounding real estate, and sell it at an inflated price when you convince your “team” to move to Brooklyn, you win! When you get a percentage of sales at the arena, percentage of the condominiums above and around the arena, percentage of everything moving in downtown Brooklyn, why would you need more than 1/15 percent of the team?

    • bisolabliss

      Jay’s stans would make up any shite story just to paint him in good light but whatever, dude should stop saying he owns the Net, period. Stupid Kanye even alluded he could get Chris traded (cuz of hoe Kim) off of Jay owning below 1%… niguuuhh please!!!

  25. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao at the mathematical swordfight…I absolutely suck at math on every level beyond the basics…anyway Jigga super rich so it’s all irrelevant…he owns a piece of a share so he has ownership…RIGHT….RIIIIGHT!!!!

  26. mkultra

    he paid $1 million for shares in 2003 when the team was worth $244million. In 2010 the team was worth $312 million. He got a discount on his shares and they were worth $4million when he got them. correct me if im wrong but if the value of the team price went up from 2003 could his initial steak actually go up? For Jay z’s stock to be worth one fifth of one percent the team would have to be worth $15 billion today.
    Yeah the team is no where close to being worth $15 billion. The Russian investor bought an 80% steak for $293 million back in 2010. Anyways none of Jay-z’s actual steak in the team has ever been disclosed so it would be impossible for the NY times or any other publication to get an actual figure of how much of the team he actually owns. You can only assume what its worth from what the team was worth when he bought it, what he invested, and how much the team is worth today. You also have to consider the fact that celebrities get deep discounts on stock prices so its rumored that he got a steak worth $4 million for only $1 million

  27. $18916246

    Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter Black Man Entrepreneur!(PERIOD!) Ni**az what yall want? Let alone what yall have? (Amounts to this here = “0” ) Ni**az are hopeless crabs in a barrel, shameless parasites,All ni**az do is look to pull down productive black people…..BLACK ZOMBIES?…deniggafy yourself, love your global black self.

    • johnblacksad

      “if you put crabs in the barrel to ensure your survival you gon end up pullind down n!ggaz who look just like you…. ”

      This JayHova n!gga is a walkin bible (blasphemy or no blasphemy… take it how you want) …he said it all already!

  28. Charlie Kelly

    jay is the mascot. lol.. wouldnt be surprised if we see a stuffed jay z dunking the ball off of a trampoline next season lmao.. the bench players get paid more then jayzs stake in the team.. lol..

  29. CRISIS

    Come on ALLHIPHOP? For Real… This chick is coming off like the only hater! The HOLE WORLD KNEW Jay-Z only owned a very small percentage… The year he bought in to the Nets… WoW! SMH!

  30. brotha_man

    This is marketing 101 the nets wanted to move to Brooklyn and jazz was the face of that. The sad thing is he believes that them WP care about him, so much that he turned his back on the ones that believed him and put him on when no one else would. #uncletomshit

    • johnblacksad

      “The sad thing is he believes that them WP care about him”… ahem… *cough*cough* I could tell you what’s really sad if you want…

  31. mars_manfrom

    why do people bash this women so much? damn she has freedom of speech too. let her write whatever the hell she wants. if you don’t like it, don’t read it! it sounds like a bunch of bitter, hating ass niggas are on this site everyday bitching about the topics she chooses to write about.

    • johnblacksad

      You really don’t get it… bashin Sydney is nothin personal, it’s just a sport… you didn’t even need your cape for this.

      Now with that said, she really should have started this rumor with “i just found out”

      Ol Sydney-lookin-at-your-fingers-while-you-point-the-moon-azz!

      Is Hov owning less than 1 percent of an actual NBA team really something to laugh at or brush off like it’s insignificant? Check into a mirror and give yourself the shaq face for that!

      • mars_manfrom

        lol you sound like a damn fool. WHO GIVES A F%%$ WHAT SHE WRITES ABOUT!
        gossip is gossip. people are probably just bashing her because she’s a
        women. until you get a job writing articles for a well known site, all
        you are is some fool hating and talking bs for no reason behind a computer
        screen. and FOR WHAT?! argue with yourself because i’m done with your
        dumbass and anyone else who comments on my opinion. you all can go f%$#
        yourselves as far as i’m concerned. oh and PS you can take my cape and
        shove it up your a$$ you dumb f%$#.

      • johnblacksad

        are you sayin illseed is a woman too?

        “WHO GIVES A F%%$ WHAT SHE WRITES ABOUT!” exactly!! that’s why i said it’s nothin personal… it’s just a sport… like i said you really don’t get it… takin sh!t too serious and sh!t… why you gettin mad at me for exposin your cape azz? I ain’t told you to wear no big bright red cape in for Sydney.

        This the internet, what else you wanna do besides talk bs behind your computer… unless you think your comments are a huge contribution to the world…

        I ain’t mad at you tho… i know you’ll come back to better senses once you through with that period your goin thru… you’ll be aight

        and as far as your cape, oh… how about i shove into your momma’s azz instead? Young fcuk! …i’mma need like five or six capes for that actually

  32. Tony G.

    it doesnt matter the percentage…if u own a percentage, ur an owner…and he’s become the face of the franchise….its like having stock in the company..everybody knows the russian guy is the majority owner…but Jay still owns a percentage…how is his saying that trying to appear bigger than what he is..he’s a major part of the reason they’re in BK…he’s one of the major execs for the arena…he designed the logo…has a 40/40 club in the arena and a roc store outside of it…and he’s 50% owner for the ad agency that markets the team…he is the face of the franchise..more so than any player they have…so why spend a bunch of money getting more shares of the team when ur going to make mad money from everything that the team does and that happens at the venue..not to mention the fact that his liquor gets sold there too

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Tell em, cuz they obviously dont realize lol smh ppl are so simple. Everything he does is big, I love his music an movement bt even if i didnt u cant deny wht he does. He a businessman an a damn good one

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