Juvenile and B.G.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Juvenile Reacts To B.G. Sentence – Says “The Drugs Block Out The Person That You Really Are”

Juvenile and B.G. are two of Cash Money’s original artists and spent a lot of time together as part of the group the Hot Boys. Juve recently commented on B.G.’s 14 year sentence for drug trafficking. Check out what he told XXL Mag below:

“I mean 14 years was unexpected – I knew he was gon’ get some time …. I ain’t know it was gon’ be 14 years. It hit me like everybody else. Like, ‘Man, d*mn. Did it get that bad?’ He was on paper; he was on probation, and he had like a little drug charge or something that he got caught with. And, all that just fell in on him at one time ’cause he had like three open charges when they caught him.”

Juve also shed some light on B.G.’s public battle with drugs.

“People in his situation and I’m not saying he no junkie or nothing like that, but sometimes man, the drugs block out the person that you really are and it stops you from being the person that you really are.”

“I think B.G. got so caught up into the drug thing, he forgot who he was. He forgot, ‘I’m a cool dude. I don’t need to carry no gun. I ain’t beefing with nobody.’ And, I think he just got caught up into the life. You know cats put him on a pedestal ’cause he B.G. B.G. means Baby Gangster. He feel like he had to fulfill those shoes.”

A couple weeks ago, Lil Wayne also commented on B.G.’s long jail sentence. Check out what he told HOT 107.9 below:

“Ah man, it’s terrible, it’s unfortunate. He’s a man, he’s a real man, he’s a soldier, he’s been through things like that before. So if anybody can handle it, he can.”

B.G. said that he will hopefully only have to serve 10 out of the 14 years he was sentenced because of legal technicalities. Good luck to B.G.

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  • what happen to all the $$$

    • That Ca$h Money?
      Spent it all trying to look like more than you really got, instead of investing it in low cost, multi unit, rentals that would tripled his long paper by now, and would be continuing to do so, even while in jail. Still, he did manage to convince at least 1 person that it was never going to end, unfortunately for him, he was that person.

      • untouchablethegod

        Um sooo tired of nigguz givin out investment advice abouts savin money t.o. got some apartments and still broke. Stop trying to do what white folks and just rap and enjoy life….when you get fancy with that paper that’s how u end up broke.

      • Obviously you have been given so much financial advice, your tired of getting it, and obviously you still need it.

        A rental apartment, in a high income area, that T.O.’s rents, isn’t the same as buying a low income, low cost, multi unit that T.O. could rent & earn income…..instead of spending it.

        Rappers go broke every month thinking like ya’ dum a$$.

  • rap game to the crack game! now the state has ur ass playn connect 4 n jail

  • Mongo Slade

    THAT’S A DAMN SHAME! Dudes gotta move smarter and when u got bread bcuz u made it out how bout go register your gun legally or if u can’t due to some past felony bullshit hire a dude or get one of your main guys that be with u to legally carry and pop that pistol for u if need be… once u make it out u a target so u gotta move different

  • gerald bransol

    Pain Killers are a hell of a drug especially when your already half retardo

  • Joseph Thomas

    so turk is bout to get out and bg is bout to go in……damn…

  • dominicancoke

    When keeping it real goes wrong rap lesson 32`000 and six dont weezy look like a burnt roach in that pic?

  • digitallife

    Take a 9 year old dump him in a world of crime, music and drugs and this is the result..could’ve been way worse if you ask me. The dude indeed by 21 had lived more than most people will in a lifetime but the fact his moms dropped him off with baby for a check and was like “Oh well, make us rich”..where else do ya’ll think he was going to end up. Loved dudes music but damn, sitting on ten years and being like “Cool”..well something is mighty wrong in your life bro.

  • scullyson

    Juve Couldnt Put it any simplier. Hopefully BG learns something from this. Its unfortunate he had to bite the bullet like this because he definitely has talent.

    • Juve was mad Beech asz, IMHO. The North Star said it better.

      >>Scroll Up

      He should have been on some, TNS type ‘ish, and started an organization to help victim-less criminal.

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ


  • immackulate

    i said the same thang A FEW post ups ago – got caught up in being THE HEART OF THE STREETS

    • Heart of the streets don’t get caught up in it, or exposed to the dangers of it.

      CMB’s heart ? Yeah.
      Heart is always banging, trying to get out, only food & water trying to get into the body/ streets.
      Streets ate him up.

  • kstaxx

    Damn this is messed up first Mac gets 30 to life, then C.Murder gets Life without parole, Turk gets 10 years , Mystikal get hit with 6 years, Lil Boosie gets hit wih 8 years, and now BG gets hit with 14 years, I thought the damn Hip Hop police was only in LA and NY they aint playin they clampin down on gangsta rappers in the south. BG was the realest out of Cash Money bar none he is a true downsouth legend 14 independent and mainstream albums deep in the game, although hel’l only do between 8-10 years his presence in the rap game will be missed for a while.

    • mademan3000

      My dude u said only 8-10 like that’s 12 to 18 months. Shit that’s a long ass time, sure it’s better than doing the whole bid…but still a long as time considering the world still turns in the free world! A lot of shit can happen in 10yrs not to mention all his seeds will be full grown…raised without a father like so many of our young black males! Don’t know how he was raised but maybe he didn’t have a father growing up to teach him how to stir himself clear of all that bullshit & if so maybe he wouldn’t be getting ready to do that dime & four pennies!!!

      • kstaxx

        BG father was killed when he was young like 12 years old.

      • mademan3000

        Good looking out fam, I didn’t know that!

      • kstaxx

        No problem homie, I dont know if you know Juvenile father was killed as well as Lil Wayne Stepfather I dont know about Turk, its crucial growing up in New Orleans.

  • 14 yrs for a victimless crime LAME

    • Brah! You the only one who hit the nail on the head! The rest is superficial.

    • hoeyuno

      you said it. unfortunately trouble seems to follow dude. Hopefully he can be a good boy in there and get that early release.

    • untouchablethegod

      its victimless until its your momma suckin dick for base. Idiot.

  • Thought BG got caught w/ guns?

    • Yeah, that was one of them little charges Juve spoke about, the other was drugs, the other was witness tampering, for asking the dude with the clean record to take the rap, witness tampering, which probably netted him 9 of the 14 yrs, the other 5 was the hammer ( record comes into play with both ) & the drug charge that started it all ( smoking a blunt while driving? ) , was probably dismissed.

      ( Can’t say the didn’t cut him any slack. )

  • ccwaterbound32

    sydney your still at it huh? using the old copy and paste technique right? as for B.G im jammin press one… “greetings hot girl what’s happenin on yo end?/ as me over here… you know a n*gga chillin/ besides that sweetie im just keepin it real/puttin up with these c*ackers and it’s hot in this field/” yall know the rest…. im in messed up situation, im in a f*cked up location, the whole world can relate/ you know somebody upstate….

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    This keeping it real shyt…this keep it gangster shyt is devouding young black men…trying to prove too much to people who dont matter is the root of this evil…BG keep it real with yourself and your family, get thru this storm, come home and sit ya ass down…another bid and you’ll rot in hell

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  • johnblacksad

    I never owned nor wore a Fubu shirt… no disrespect, just fact

  • atle fjeldstad

    It`s not like he a junkie? He is a junkie!
    Morfine is the same as heroin if you didn`t know it..

    • EB

      Exact same except the pharma companies paying politicians who often have stock in them. Why you think these terrible highly addictive drugs continue to get a pass.

      • atle fjeldstad

        Yeah and that they are effective in severe pain..
        I know a couple of people that ended up on heroin because of perscription drugs..

  • and you still still think TI only did 1 year cause he was famous,,lol

    • Celz

      Different state, different charges, and he did a year of house arrest, a year community service, and a year of prison time.. Most importantly it was different circumstances. T.I. was caught buying illegal guns AFTER his LEGAL protection failed to protect him and he almost got killed, someone in the car with him did get killed. Way different situation.. And T.I. ain’t rich enough to stop paperwork if he snitched it would be on smokinggun dot com by now..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        T.I. ain’t rich enough to stop paperwork if he snitched it would be on smokinggun dot com by now`

        Its called making a deal with the FEDS…easy as telling them i will tell but make sure im not on smoking guns….u think every snitch is on smoking guns, then u must be smoking crack.
        TI was on 222 tips…he took the stand and all types of b!tch n!gga sh!t..thats what he is mos def

    • Alf Capone

      i dont know anything about the state laws like celz said and all tha but……bg isnt ti rich………and in america…….u get as much justice as u can afford

      • Bumpy Johnson

        dont be ignorant…if that was true, 75% of mobsters would have never got locked up.

      • The mobsters did get off…all those old school al capone, and gotti dudes got binged for tax evasion

      • Bumpy Johnson

        There was not enough evidence to charge them…TI was guilty not innocent till proven guilty…it would have been different if he did not admit to the crime and all that and beat the case but he got caught red handed bro…you ain paying nothing for a reduced sentenced….I talked to mad nigg@s who faced fed time the first thing they tell you when they get you is “HELP US, HELP YOU” and what they need Help with is names.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Damn T.I was caught with guns that couldve sent his ass up the creek for 30 yrs and B.G. get caught up for something that wasnt near what T.I did and he gets 14 yrs.damn where is the love in all of this??

  • toreal

    White men molest kids and get about 3 years in jail.

  • King Cold

    damn thats all bad

  • What happen 2 the soul of cash money? After awhile you have to bury the hatchett and say i started this with a certain group of people and reach out and back and grab them or save them, becuz now money isn’t the problem it’s saving the soul.


  • Mos High

    Bad situation for BG, but come on. Lets be real if your a big man and a well known face you cant be getting into these street crimes that keep on getting you in trouble. I really dont get it when people say “free” so and so. Why? you all maybe should be saying ” lower his sentence”. So for the crimes he did minus (smoking and driving) you can expect to just get off scott free. Im not a gangsta so maybe you out there can tell me, since when to “real” gangstas ask some one with no charges to take the charge for you. I thought you have to keep it real. Like Juve said Drugs and we know that surley had a play in all of this.

  • hoeyuno

    I personally think bg is dope. He was the best hot boy and if someone took homie under there wing after the cash money ish this coulda all been avoided. I remember baby kicked him out of cm when his addictions went public. I mean dude was like 16 or something, baby coulda steered him to a NA meeting or something.

  • Ok, you Give B.G 14 years from drugs, yet you give these pedophiles and rapist 2 and 3 years? That’s just shows us what the “laws real purpose is. To lock black people up. Period,